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South Beach Cop


I sat naked on the bed and watched as my beautiful naked wife took the cop's uniform off revealing his taught muscular body and his enormous semi hard cock.

Janice and I were on vacation in southern Florida and we had gotten carried away on the second floor balcony of our hotel. It was a warm night and we had been sitting outside in our bathing suits looking out at the empty beach. We had both been drinking and we started kissing in the moonlight. On thing led to another and soon we were both naked. Janice bent over the railing and I entered her from behind. We had been fucking for about 5 minutes when the cop knocked at the door. We stopped fucking ducked inside and stayed silent hoping he would go away. Two minutes later as we sat quietly on the bed the cop opened the door with the help of a master key.

Janice and I were still naked when he entered and we knew we were in trouble. Officer Tomkins explained that he had seen us fucking from the beach. He told us we were going to be arrested and charged with public indecency and lewd and lascivious behavior.

Janice and I were both terrified and that is when she did something that changed our lives forever.

''Isn't there anything we can do,'' she asked softly as she played with her long blonde hair. Janice stood up giving the cop a great view of her spectacular body as she slowly walked over to him.

Janice has always kept herself in great shape despite being the mother of two. She has nice firm 36b tits, a flat stomach, full hips and a great round ass.

She stepped up next to the cop and ran her hand up his chest and grazed her fingernails along his earlobe. Her fingers trailed to the cop's uniform shirt. She slowly unbuttoned it and dropped it to the floor. Janice fell to her knees and unfastened his pants as the cop unbuckled his belt. She pulled his pants off and took his rapidly rising cock into her small hand.

I looked on as my sexy wife started licking the cop's enormous cock like a Popsicle. His dick was about 9 inches long and very thick.

''Don't just stand there,'' the cop said to me. ''Get over here and help your wife out.''

It was not a request but rather an order and I didn't know what to do. I had never in my life entertained a homosexual thought but it was clear that the cop expected me to submit to his disgusting desire.

Janice looked up at me and nodded as she continued to lick the cop's big dick. I stood up slowly as I considered my options. I didn't want to go to jail and certainly not for a sex crime.

''Come on boy,'' the big cop said in a deep baritone, ''stop hesitating and start fellating.'' He chuckled and pointed to the floor beside my wife.

I finished my walk of shame and quietly knelt beside my beautiful wife. She pointed his big dick at my mouth as a lust filled expression overtook her pretty face. I never imagined that Janice would want to see such a depraved act but it was evident she was excited.

''Do it baby,'' she said. Her voice was thick with lust as she stared at the cop's cock just inches from my mouth.

''You heard the lady,'' the cop chided, ''she obviously wants to see you with a dick in your mouth.''

He was right her desire was visible and for some unknown reason it was contagious because as I looked at her pretty lust filled face I wanted to try it.

I tentatively reached out and touched the cop's big hard cock with my hand as my wife groaned her approval. It was warm in my hand and it throbbed as blood coursed through it.

A drop of precum drooled from the big purple head and I wondered what it tasted like.

My wife put her hand on the back of my head and gently pushed forward guiding my mouth to the big throbbing rod. I stuck my tongue out and licked the precum from the head as my wife moaned loudly.

''It sounds like you're wife is enjoying the show,'' the cop teased.

''Mmmmm hmmm,'' Janice moaned excitedly.

I looked over at my pretty wife as she furiously rubbed her slick wet pussy. My lips parted and I accepted the cop's dick in my mouth. My tongue ran along the ridge of his spongy head as precum continued to leak steadily from the big flesh torpedo.

His cum tasted surprisingly good and I found myself enjoying the feel of his dick in my mouth. It was oddly comforting and empowering.

I began to enjoy myself as my head bobbed over his big cock. My lips were stretched wide and my hand was wrapped tightly around the slippery shaft.

''You like it don't you baby,'' Janice whispered as she noticed the enthusiasm with which I was fellating the cop. ''You like having a cock in your sexy mouth don't you baby.'' She wrapped her fingers around my hard dick and stroked it as I continued to blow the cop's big dick.

My head bobbed over the cop's dick and my hand pumped his granite shaft as I worked furiously to make him cum. I wanted more of his cream and he knew it.

''You're husband is quite a cock sucker,'' the cop said to Janice and all she could do is moan. Her lust had overwhelmed her as she furiously rubbed her engorged clit with her left hand while her right hand stroked and squeezed my cock.

''I'm getting close,'' the cop grunted as I massaged his balls with my free hand. ''You want to drink my seed don't you?''

I moaned around his cock as my hand pumped his dick faster. I did want his seed. I wanted him to fill my mouth with his delicious cream. I was wanton with desire as I sucked his magnificent cock.

His balls tightened in my hand and I forced his giant cock down my throat as he started to spurt. My eyes watered as I deep throated his spurting dick. His thick creamy goo slid down my throat as I gulped and swallowed as fast as I could.

He came hard and shot copious amounts of cum into my mouth and down my throat. It filled my mouth and ran down my chin despite my efforts to swallow it all.

He pushed me off his sensitive softening dick and walked to the bathroom without saying a word. Janice straddled my hard cock and rode me hard to a body shaking climax. Her tits bounced and she screamed out in ecstasy as her pussy contracted around my spasming dick. Janice collapsed on top of me as her climax subsided. My cum covered cock softened inside her as we lay on the floor.

The cop was dressed in his uniform when I looked up from my beautiful wife.

''Thanks for a good time. If you want more cock here is my card,'' he said with a smile as tossed a business card on the table and walked out the door.

I did want more.

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