tagNonHumanSouth Mountain Pack Ch. 06

South Mountain Pack Ch. 06


I would like to thank hcsd1719 for his help in editing and offering encouragement. Again, there are no actual sex scenes, since the main characters are underage. All italics indicate communication through the mental bond.

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"MINE," shouted Alberto as he ran towards Maria knocking Vincent, Dominic, Enzo and Gino to the floor so hard they skidded before hitting and knocking over several tables and chairs . His twin brother Angelo tried to move out of the way but wasn't fast enough and pitchers of soda and ice water flew through the air, raining down over everyone before splashing on the floor. His older brother Marco who was carrying a tray with ice filled red plastic tumblers was knocked out of the way, the cups flying through the air, pelting everyone in the face with ice and plastic cups. His sister Gabby, seeing what was going on dove out of the way with her tray of rolled flatware and melamine dinner plates, adding to the confusion and mess.

Seconds later he reached Maria, picking her up and carrying her twenty feet to the back of the restaurant pinning her to the wall. He began sniffing her neck and hair and growled loudly, the sound reverberating throughout the restaurant.

"OH FUCK," shouted Joe as he leapt over the table to get to his daughter.

"OH SHIT," said Frank knocking his chair over to rescue his niece.

"ALBERTO PUT THAT LITTLE GIRL DOWN," shouted Carmelo waving his hands as he ran towards his son.

The boys were speechless, but ran to rescue Maria from Alberto. Sophia, Rose, Annie and Gabby stood together and watched as the spectacle unfolded, all four of them had grins on their faces.

"Alberto, let go of her, you're crushing her" "Alberto, have you lost your mind?" "Maria, are you ok? Answer me" "Alberto get the fuck off my sister" "Let her breathe" "Let her go Damn it" "Fuck, he's strong" "Maria, tell him to let you go" "His arms are like steel, I can't get them to budge" was heard as the men tried to get Alberto to let go of Maria.

Finally, after several long tense moments, Alberto lowered Maria to the floor, although the men still could not see her, once everyone stopped shouting they could hear her giggling. "Are you alright Maria?" asked Joe looking as if he was about ready to kill Alberto. Frank seeing the look on his face moved closer to him.

"I'm fine Daddy," she said giggling. "Alberto, could you please let my Daddy and family see me so they know that I'm fine."

"I'm sorry Gattina," said Alberto as he turned around, pulling Maria into his side so her family could see her and then he saw the look on Joe's face. "I don't know what came over me, I tried to let go Mr. JC, honestly, but I just couldn't, I just felt like if I let go of her I would lose her forever, I had to keep scenting her, I couldn't stop myself, I knew I couldn't let her go, but I should have, I'm sorry to have worried everybody, I want to hold her forever and never let her go, I'm really sorry Mr. JC, but I can't seem to let her go, she smells so good to me, like spice cake with cream cheese frosting and I love cream cheese frosting, its my favorite, I can eat a whole can of it, I can't get enough of how good she smells, is this what Anthony is going through, no wonder he is acting like an idiot, I think I'm acting like an idiot too but I can't seem to help it."

"Oh great, another intended mate who rambles and makes no sense," said Damian laughing. "You would think that at least one of them could talk with some sense."

Joe was taking slow deep breaths to try and calm down, his hands clenching and unclenching, then finally he looked at Alberto and said, "If you hurt her, I will kill you and they will never find your body."

"Hurt her? I could never hurt her Mr. JC. Please let me have her, I promise I'll be good. I don't mean have her, as in have her, she's not old enough for me to have her like that, but I still want her, just you know, can I keep her? I'll take good care of her," said Alberto still rambling and Maria started giggling again.

"Son, she's not a pet at the shelter that you're adopting," said Carmelo trying to reason with his son. At his remark everyone started laughing, even Joe. "Why don't we get this mess cleaned up then we can sit down, I'll bring out some Antipasto and freshly baked bread. Angelo, put the CLOSED sign over the door until we are done talking."

Everyone helped to clean up then took their seats and the wait staff started bringing out platters of antipasto and appetizers. Maria quietly told Alberto of the secret crush she had for him; he told her he had been watching her at cheerleading practice since he noticed how beautiful she looked at Sophia's birthday party and Lorenzo, Vin and Dom had caught him a couple of times.

Carmelo told Joe that Alberto was already familiar with Pack rules regarding dating as he had gone to the meeting when his older brother Marco made his declaration with Anna Bellucci two years ago, but he could probably do with a reminder.

Joe said to Alberto, "You know this would have been so much easier if you would have made your declaration at the birthday party, this way we wouldn't have to have another meeting about rules for dating a Carlucci, we could have just combined it with Anthony's." Alberto looked at Mr. JC and said, "I will do whatever you tell me sir, and I really do want to be able to keep her." This made Joe smile at him for the first time.

Joe invited the Moretti's over to his house on Sunday after the boys training and told them he would have Frank and his sons there as well as Carlo and Anthony since they were also involved in Maria's protection.

Everyone sat and quietly talked while they ate, the men mostly preoccupied with eating since they were famished. Maria's brothers and cousins watched Alberto as he hovered over her, making sure she had enough to eat and drink.

Enzo quietly said to Dom, "So, is the party off tonight then, since Al can't go, or are we still going? Do you guys know who is having it?"

Before any of the boys could comment, Maria said, "A party? I would love to go, oh please, Alberto can we go? It would be our first time out together, oh please? I just bought a couple of dresses that would be perfect for a party. Is it a birthday party, do we need to buy a gift? If my brothers and cousins are going, then we would have enough chaperones." Maria looked at Alberto with a pleading puppy dog look on her face and put her hand on his arm, just like she had been taught.

Alberto looked at Maria with horror, thinking of bringing his newly found intended mate to what was basically going to be a sex party. He didn't want to refuse the first request she made of him, but there was no way he would ever bring her to that kind of party. The thought of it was enough to make him start to hyperventilate, he felt light-headed like he was going to pass out or throw up. He couldn't decide which he wanted to do first.

He looked to Vin and Dom for help, but all of the Carlucci boys had their heads down staring at their plates laughing quietly, waiting for Al to answer his intended mate's request, knowing the fact he wanted to make her happy, but knowing he could NEVER grant this request.

"Alberto, you're going to take Maria to a party tonight? Oh, I think that's nice for your first date, and Maria said the boys were going already so that's perfect," said Annie with a smile on her face.

Joe and Frank looked at their sons, then at Alberto and thought back to the talk from last night. Joe shouted, "THERE WILL BE NO PARTY TONIGHT." Frank laughed at the relieved look on Alberto's face, while Joe looked like he was going to kill Alberto first then his sons and nephews.

"Gattina, your father is right; we are coming over to your house on Sunday night to discuss the rules. I don't want to get your father upset with me by breaking one by mistake," said Alberto. "Nice recovery," said Dominic as all the boys laughed.

Maria wondered what had gone wrong, and asked Sophia through the bond, "What went wrong? I asked him in a pleading voice, gave him the puppy dog eyes and stroked his arm. Maybe it was because I didn't tear up?" Sophia replied, "Maybe it's because you didn't let him scent you to reassure him, he might be jealous of the other people there. Next time, let him scent you like we were told, see if that helps."

"Daddy, would it be okay if Alberto took me to dance class on Monday?" asked Maria.

Before Joe could respond, Alberto jumped up, knocked over his chair and said in a jealous tone, "Dance class, what kind of dance class? What do you wear to this class? Who is going to be there? Are there going to be boys there? It's bad enough other boys are going to be looking at you while you're cheerleading, and I want your cheerleading skirt longer."

Damian started banging his head on the corner of the table and said, "Not again, I can't take two whiny intended mates, somebody just kill me now." The Carlucci's were laughing as this was basically the same reaction that Anthony had, it was like a bad case of déjà vu.

"Relax bud; it's the same classes Gabby takes, or have you forgotten you've seen Maria there a hundred times. It's the same group of guys every week and it never bothered you before," said Vincent laughing at his friend.

"I know I've seen her there, but now I don't want anybody else to see her there. That was before, and now it's all different, maybe the other guys could look somewhere else," said Alberto, as he paused a thought came to him, "We could read, yeah that's what we'll do, I'll talk it over with Ant and all the guys will read books instead of watching them.... I'm losing my mind, aren't I?" The male members of the Clan nodded their heads as they started laughing.

Maria got up and stepped into Alberto's side and let him scent her, just like Sophia had suggested and he started calming down immediately. She said, "Anthony brings Sophia to class, and you can bring me and my brothers when you take Gabby. I've been taking dance classes with Sophia since we were three and it's something I really enjoy, and I'd like it if you could share it with me. Please?"

Alberto looked at his intended mate and swallowed noisily and said in a raspy voice, "Anything you want, Gattina, what time should I pick you up?" The Carlucci boys all looked at each other while rolling their eyes and laughing at how quickly their friend had caved.

"Don't even think Dad will let her near your Harley, if he finds out she was on it, you won't be prepared for the level of ballistic he reaches," said Lorenzo with a serious expression on his face. Joe glanced down the table and raised his eyebrow at Alberto and shook his head no.

"I guess I'll talk to my Dad about getting a truck then, because I want Maria with me when we go to dance class, practice and school," said Alberto. Carmelo said, "I will call Vinnie at the Ford dealership tomorrow Alberto."

Damian looked at the two of them still standing together and said, "I have to be the first one to say this. Do the two of you realize how ridiculous you look together? Seriously, Luna picked the two of you as mates?"

"Dude, look at the two of you in the mirror over there," continued Damian. "Maria is 5'5" and 115 pounds. And you, well you're 6'5" or 6'6" and about 330 pounds. Maria has straight black hair she uses head bands and bow things or whatever they are called, you have a Mohawk dyed platinum blonde with the ends dyed Kool-Aid red. Maria is a cute perky petite cheerleader who is scared of butterflies, and you are a brawny son of a bitch linebacker who instills fear in every opponent we face. Talk about your opposites attracting."

"Yeah," continued Vincent, "Maria is more Vogue, you are more Bikers and Babes Weekly. Maria is more KEDS and ballet slippers; you're more, shit-kicker boots. Maria is dance recitals; you're biker bars and wet t-shirt contests. She is color coordinated outfits and matching accessories, you're ripped jeans and t-shirts with beer slogans and Harley logos."

Maria said in a huff to her brothers and cousins with her eyes narrowed in such a way they knew they would be in trouble later, "I think we look good together, what do you think Alberto?" He looked at her adoringly and said, "I think we look perfect together, but anything you want me to change I will."

Maria leaned into him so he could scent her again and she whispered to him, "I like you just the way you are. I think our differences are fine, now we just need to find out what we have in common and proceed from there." He nodded his head in agreement; at this point he would agree with anything she said, he wanted her to be happy since he disappointed her about the party.

"Vin, do you think he'll smother her when they, uhm, uhm well you know," Victor said in a voice barely above a whisper with a worried look on his face for his twin.

"When he had her pinned up against the wall, we couldn't even see her, and he'll probably crush her if he lies on top of her or maybe break her in half" added Salvatore echoing Victor's concern as he also whispered quietly to Vin.

"Girls are tough, especially Weres, but this isn't something we should be talking about here, the two of you will ride home with Dom and I and we'll have a talk. Okay?" said Vincent whispering just as quietly as both boys nodded their heads still looking at Maria and Alberto with concern. "Don't let Dad or Uncle Joe hear things like that about the girls, okay? If you have questions, you come to Dom or me."

Sophia glanced at the clock and her eyes opened in terror as she jumped up from her seat knocking over the chair and let out an ear-piercing scream, making the men jump up from their chairs ready to face whatever threat was about to descend on them. In a matter of seconds, the women were pushed against the wall with the men forming a protective perimeter around them. Every male there had their claws extended, amber eyes glowing, ready to shift.

They looked around the restaurant wondering where the threat was coming from and seeing nothing except the kitchen staff also prepared to fight, one of them had his hand on the button to lower the steel over the windows.

Frank hollered at Sophia, "What is it? Where is the threat? I don't see or smell anything out of the ordinary. What are you sensing? Is it your wolf? Did she sense something?" The men never let up from their protective stance; all of them had their noses in the air, sniffing for a hidden threat and detecting nothing.

"Daddy, do you see what time it is? It's 5:30, and I have to be at Anthony's by 7:30," she said in a whining tone. "I'll never have time to get ready."

"OH, FOR THE LOVE OF LUNA," shouted Frank. "Stand down everyone."

He turned and stared at his daughter, "Sophia Rosella Carlucci if you EVER scream like that again without a viable threat, you will wish hell hounds were after you instead of me!!!"

Upon seeing his daughters pout and her eyes tearing up, he looked at her and said sternly, "Do not start with the histrionics; I am not in the mood. You were taught better, more then that, YOU KNOW better than to scream like that. Now go and apologize."

"Yes Daddy," said Sophia with her head bowed down. She went up to Mr. Moretti and apologized and by the time she had apologized to everyone, it was almost 6:00. Frank and Joe told their families to get in the vehicles and they would be outside in a moment. Maria and Alberto quietly said their goodbyes and exchanged cell phone numbers so Alberto could call when he got off work, and he scented her before she got in the truck. He then stood outside and talked to her and her family through the window. There was absolute silence in the truck containing Rose, Sophia, Gianni and Marcus.

"Well Frank and Joe, when your families come in, there's always excitement, but nothing like this," said Carmelo with a laugh. "A declaration, a possible threat, which actually was a good drill for everybody involved, I think we all had a pretty good response time. You've taught everybody well, though maybe next time we can do it somewhere other then my restaurant." Frank and Joe slapped him on the back and both laughed quietly.

"My apologies again, old friend. We'd better get going, I feel it's going to be a long ride home for one little lady," said Frank with a grimace.

The first ten minutes it was deathly quiet in Frank's truck. Finally, he looked in the rearview mirror at Sophia, who had her head bowed down. He said to her, "Well young lady, do you have anything to say to your mother and me?"

"But Daddy," was as far as she got before Frank interrupted her.

"I don't want to hear anything coming out of your mouth that starts with 'but Daddy'," said Frank in a near shout as he pounded his palm on the steering wheel. "If you noticed it was getting late and you wanted to go home to get ready, that's all you had to say. NOT scream and act like a child. We were ready to tear apart anybody who would have come into the restaurant because of you."

Everyone was quiet again, Gianni and Marcus shooting glances at each other over Sophia's head. They hadn't seen their father this mad in a long time but they completely understood his reaction, their wolves were still pacing and agitated.

"I would like to cancel your dinner date tonight, but I won't out of respect for the Rossi's. I know they went to a lot of trouble, so the three of you will go over as scheduled, but will only stay for 30 minutes after dinner is over. This is your punishment Sophia. Normally you would have been allowed to stay later, enough time to talk and watch a movie, but not tonight," said Frank with a firm tone in his voice. "You will learn that thoughtless actions have consequences. Be thankful I do not take away all visitations with Anthony."

Sophia sat quietly with her head bowed, she knew she was wrong, and the worst part was she knew her Father was right in being mad at her. If she had done something similar with Anthony and her brothers, they would have reacted in the same way, to protect her and the women at all costs. She was ashamed at what she had done and disappointed in herself for causing her Father to get this upset.

The rest of the trip was completed in silence. When they got home, Sophia hugged her father as she cried quietly and said, "I'm sorry Daddy, I never want you to be upset or disappointed with me again."

He looked at his little girl, who was almost an exact replica of his Great-Aunt Sophia who had died in the Were War and said to her with his voice cracking with emotion, "Disappointed? Little one, I was never disappointed. I was afraid, terrified and angry there was a possible threat to my family, especially to you. The thought of something happening to my family and not being able to protect them terrifies me. You know this is why Alpha Carlo insists Uncle Joe and I train the Pack the way we do and why the rules are in place for our protection. You know the history of this Pack and what the last Were War cost us not only as a Pack but as a family. We will not let what happened last time, happen ever again."

He pulled her into his chest and hugged her tightly, wanting her always to stay safe and protected. "I love you little one, and would lay down my life to keep you safe, my life would not be worth living without you. Now, I think you have a date to get ready for," he said as he kissed her forehead. She smiled at him through her tears as she ran into the house.

While Sophia was getting ready, Frank went into his study and pulled out his grandparent's photo album and found the picture of his Great-Aunt Sophia. He remembered the stories his grandparents had told him about her, especially the story of her changing her name from Sofia to Sophia when she reached the age of 16. She had developed an obsession with Greek mythology specifically, Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom insisting everyone write her name that way and Frank honored her memory when naming his daughter.

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