tagFetishSpace Girl at Halloween Party

Space Girl at Halloween Party


I walked into my friend Kiki's house and watched all the familiar faces in funny and unusual costumes wander around drinks in hand. She had decorated the house with spider webs, goblins, and skeletons. My friend, Chuck, walked up to me smiling and handed me a cup of red liquor. He whistled and said, "Damn, Lauren, you look hot."

I giggled, "I was going for 1960s Sci-Fi chic. Thanks."

He shook his head and winked cruising back into the party and waved me to follow him. I soon found my friends hanging out around the dining room table towards the back of the house next to the kitchen. The sliding glass door was open to the large backyard and pool area. The lights had all been changed out to black and orange lights providing the Halloween ambiance.

My friends Cindy, Chrissie, Frank, Rose, Chuck and Stephanie were commenting on each other's costumes. Cindy and Chrissie were dressed as zombie cheerleaders, Frank was a pirate, Rose dressed as a fairy with cute wings, Chuck had fangs and a black suit claiming to be a suave vampire, and Stephanie wore a black cat costume. The smiles up at me and looked over my costume. I wore a silver dress with cheesy "futuristic" cut similar to the Jetsons. I had a blond wig on with a bob cut and silver thigh high boots. On the stomach of the costume was a light pad that changed color with the music. They all had nice things to say with Frank just spanking me on the ass as he went to get another beer.

I finished the fruity red drink and already felt a slight buzz. I blinked and wrinkled my nose as I turned to Chuck and asked,

"What'd you put in this drink? It's yummy, but definitively has a kick."

He laughed, "Whatever they have in that bowl."

He pointed over to the kitchen in the next room to a large clear bowl filled with ominous red liquid. I looked down at my empty drink and offered it to Chuck pouting my lips at him. He retorted with his empty cup and pouted back. I sighed and took his drink and he gave me a pat on the ass sending me off to get him a drink. I was starting to rethink wearing such a short skirt, but quickly forgot about it as I headed into the crowd of people in the kitchen and found my way to the line leading to the punch bowl. There was a couple making out on the counter next to the punch bowl. I didn't know either of them.

The guy was dressed as a priest and the girl as a catholic school girl. He had his hands on her thighs as they groped each other and made out. I couldn't help but watch as the line moved towards the bowl. People were dancing in the living room and moved in and out of the kitchen grabbing beers, mingling, and laughing. The music flowed through the room with a rhythmic beat that made my heart pound. As I got closer to the punch bowl, I realized that the girl had a hand between her legs and was stroking the guy's exposed cock as he opened his black robe slightly. They did a good job concealing it and I could only see because of my angle as I approached the punch bowl. I watched as he slid one of his hands down between her legs and slid it into her pussy as she slid red panties to the side. She moaned quietly as he closed his eyes feeling her hands pumping his penis up and down. I was jolted back from my voyeurism moment by the guy dishing out red punch.

He looked at me and said,"Hey, you hear me? I said, one or two."

I blinked at him and smiled, "Two please."

He looked me up and down as he filled my drinks and handed them back to me.

"Be careful with these, they will sneak up on you" he commented pointing to the drinks. I got one final glimpse of the beautiful cock being stroked before heading back towards the dining room. I smirked as I noticed other people in the line staring at the couple drunk with passion practically fucking in the kitchen.

I stopped as I heard the music stop momentarily and heard a strange sound from the living room. I swung around to see foam starting to fill up to shoulder level to the people in the room.

The DJ announced loudly, "Foam party" before cranking up the music again.

More people rushed into the living room and I felt myself be swept into the room with the crowd and my friends who echoed the DJs announcement. I had never danced in foam and it was pretty neat as the lighted changed colors with the music and the people moved with the beat. The room was pretty crowded and I was just below the top of the foam seeing only hints of shapes and foam all around me. I soon felt a large body press behind me and grind against me.

I pushed back and danced with him holding my punch filled cups up and screaming, "Woo!" I looked over my shoulder to see who it was, but only was foam and a brown shirt and pants every time he bumped his crotch against my ass. I took a big gulp of my drink and realized I still had the second so decided to finish off the first so

I had a free hand. I really got into the music and sipped my drink as I ground against the body pressed against me. I felt him run his hands along my thighs and hold me close. I put my free hand up behind his neck to run my hands through his hair. His head was leaning against mine as we dipped down and back up. He soon moved his hands up under my skirt. I sucked in air for a second, but was feeling good and didn't push him away just yet. The music continued on and I heard all the people laughing and dancing the night away happily.

I scratched my hand down to his leg as he slipped one of his fingers to the edge of my panties slowly pushing down as he edged his fingers beneath. I looked down and felt my heart skip a beat. For a moment I looked around the room to see if anyone was seeing what was going on. I bit my lips as I took another gulp of my drink. I was really feeling buzzed now edging toward my limit and figured I would stop him if he went too far, but had never had this happen before so I would see where it went. I closed my eyes as I felt his finger slid inside my pussy. He whispered in my ear, "Wow, you feel so wet and warm."

I didn't respond and just kept grinding. I started to feel a bulge grow in his pants as he got turned on by fingering me. I felt him slip a second finger into me and start plunging in and out gently. I spread my legs a little bit and let him continue. He kept going as my heart started to race. I felt wetness run down my leg to the tops of my silver thigh high heels. I gripped his leg tightly and finished the last of my drink. I dropped the cup on the floor. He started a constant rhythm on my pussy. I felt him get harder and moved my hand to rub his cock on the outside of his pants. He did not respond and kept stroking my clit until I started to shake and pant.

He whispered in my ear again, "Are you going to cum?"

I nodded as I panted and responded, "Yes. Oh my god yes. Please keep going."

His hands did not falter and then I felt a wet spot form in his pants as his cock throbbed against my hand. I immediately felt myself cum so hard and squeezed my legs together as he plunged two fingers deep inside me until I finished cumming. I tried to gain my composure and turned to see who my companion had been, but he had already vanished into the foam. I blinked feeling so horny after that and realized I was just standing in the crowd of people dumbfounded.

My friend Cindy found me and laughed," Oh my god, Lauren, you look so wasted. Are you ok?"

I looked at her and licked my lips and nodded slowly. She led my upstairs into the bathroom and closed the door.

"What happened to you?" She asked in the sisterly way she always had.

I shook my head not wanting her to know what a slut I had been to let a stranger finger me while I stroked his penis through his pants. She told me to sit down and looked at me probingly. "You sure you are ok?" She asked again not quite convinced.

I nodded again smiling stupidly and wrinkled my nose giggling a bit.

Cindy rolled her eyes and said, "Listen, Chuck is taking me home so ride home with Rose and Frank, ok?"

I giggled again and drunkenly nodded to her. She sighed and said, "Maybe I should go find them."

I nodded and she headed back out the party closing the door behind her calling back for me to lock the door until she got back.

I stared at the lock on the door and then drifted to the mirror and sink. I blinked at myself in the mirror and blew myself a kiss.

I then squinted at the mirror and frowned yelling, "Slut" at the mirror. I laughed and lost my balance falling into the bathtub behind me. I sat there for a few minutes and heard someone banging on the door. I thought about saying something, but instead just slid myself long ways into the tub and closed the curtains. I stared at the ceiling then at the old fashioned knobs on the tub. I heard the door shake and then someone turn the knob and enter. A blast of music entered the room for a moment until the door shut again and locked. I heard steps walk past the tub and to the toilet. I felt myself get annoyed with the thought that someone was going to pee on my seat and just grinned at the silliness of the thought.

I heard a zipper slid down, a male sigh of relief, and the sound of a waterfall pouring into the toilet bowl. I listened quietly as I looked at my dress and then my heels. I really liked my thigh high heels. I had never owned a pair and I wondered why people don't wear them all the time.

I laughed and covered my mouth realizing I had made a sound.

I heard the pee stop and a booming slurred voice call out, "Someone in here?"

I pulled myself up to my knees, put my hands on the edge of the tub and started to pull myself up as the curtain slid open. I bonked my face against a large penis and caught a glimpse of a bright orange inmate costume. I recognized it from walking through the living room. He was dancing with a girl in a toga.

I laughed looking up at him and said, "Your penis bonked me."

He just looked down at me and said, "You're cute" as he put his hand on the back of my head and pulled my mouth towards his penis. Still feeling horny and drunk, I thought to myself, "fuck it" and took in his nice hard cock. I grabbed the back of his legs and worked my head back and forth on his huge length. I sucked hard as it exited my mouth and twirled my tongue on it as it entered my mouth again. He moaned loudly as he tilted his head up and put both his hands on the back of my head.

I kept bobbing until I heard a knock on the door, "Lauren, its Cindy, Rose and Frank are downstairs waiting for you to take you home."

I tried to respond with the prisoner guy's cock still in my mouth mumbling incoherently.

The guy boomed back to Cindy, "Someone's in here." Cindy responded, "Is there a girl in a space costume in there anywhere?"

He looked down at me smiling. I looked up at him slowly sucking on his cock cupping his balls in my hands.

"No, there's no one in here but me." He said to Cindy. There was silence outside the door once more and I bobbed my head faster. He moved his pelvis back and forth fucking my mouth and then finally blew his load into my mouth without warning. I gagged as he shoved his cock deep in my mouth unloading all his cum down my throat. My eyes watered up and I finally pushed him off of me falling back into the tub. The sour taste in my mouth was nasty.

I was still left so horny. I pulled myself up and looked around, but he was gone. I sighed and pulled myself out of the tub and walked up to the sink to get a drink of water. I cleaned up my makeup that had run as a result of having a cock shoved down my throat and headed for the door to the bathroom. I opened the door to a couple of girls that rushed in closing the door behind them. I snarled at people dressed as M&Ms and moved downstairs again looking for my friends.

The foam had settled on the floor by now and it looks slippery. I carefully moved towards the front of the house to get to the dining room again.

I finally found Chrissie who shook her head looking worried at me, "Lauren, what the fuck? We were looking all over for you. I figured you had left with some guy or something. Rose and her stupid boyfriend already left. Have you seen Cindy?"

I blinked several times confused. I know Cindy had said something to me and I just sighed and said, "I think she left."

Chrissie rolled her eyes at me and I rolled my eyes back at her mockingly. She then gave me a stern look and pulled me back towards our safe corner of the dining room. Other people had occupied some of the chairs and were playing strip poker thought it appeared to be fixed as there were 2 fully clothed guys playing against a French maid with just white panties, a black garter, black thigh highs and heels, and a school teacher with a white buttoned down shirt and heels on. I looked back at Chrissie and followed her to the patio where we sat down on some chairs.

She looked at me sternly again which I mocked back and said "stay here." She pointed a finger at me and I snapped at it smiling at her. She pursed her lips and headed back inside. People were swimming naked in the pool and it looked like the couple that had been making out in the kitchen had passed out after fucking on the lawn.

I saw a priest resting his head on a bare breasted school girl who still gripped his cock. A couple of guys stood over them taking pictures. They prodded at the couple and laughed when they did not respond to them lightly kicking them. I looked around towards the open patio door and saw that the party was weaning out a bit too a few people dancing and others making out or getting ready to leave.

I turned back to the pool as the nude swimmers were getting out. Shriveled penises followed 3 girls who moved towards the side of the house where there were towels and their clothes. I was left alone outside in the dark with the passed out couple and the two guys amused by the situation. One of them now had swung his head under the girls arm to get a picture with him holding her exposed tits and pointed with his free hand at the girl's priest who had passed out. I sighed and wondered what was taking Chrissie so long. I laid my head on the table and just looked across the pool.

I sat there for a while listening to the music slowing its rhyme in time with the party until I heard one of the guys playing the with couple say, "Dude, what are you doing?"

I perked up and sniffed as I turned my head the other way towards the grassy area. One of the boys had rolled the girl on her back and pushed her legs apart. Her skirt was pushed up and he slid her red panties down to the top of her knee high white socks. She wore black Mary Janes. Her white buttoned shirt was wide open. I watched as the guy pulled his furry bear pants down to his knees and exposed a rock hard cock.

His friend looked down at him as he moved towards the girl, "Dude, seriously, not cool." The friend wore a pig costume and had left the head on the pool patio near the diving board. He looked around and saw me though I probably looked asleep because he looked back at his friend and said, "I am out dude. Come one."

The bear, as I will call him, looked at his friend and laughed, "Look at that sweet pussy waiting to be fucked. I can't help it that her boy here was too drunk."

With that, he plunged his cock into the girl's pussy. He thrust back and forth inside of her and turned only towards me to watch his friend walk inside. I didn't move my head, but heard his friend mumble a complaint past me and head inside. I sat glued still wasted drunk watching this guy fuck some passed out girl. I thought to myself what a strange party as I slid my fingers between my legs and start playing with myself as the bear fucked the school girl. He pounded away at her proudly while she still lightly held onto the passed out priest's cock. Finally with a loud howl the bear's ass tightened and he exploded his cum deep inside the girl figuring she would think it was the priest's sweet juice inside her. He sat in front of his work for a few minutes before pulling up his pants and walking towards me. I quickly stopped masturbating as he stumbled past me. He stopped for a moment and looked at me.

He mumbled to himself as he moved close to me, "Man, I should have fucked this chick. What a hot little body she has."

He moved closer shuffling drunkenly over to me. I felt one of his hands reach down my top and squeeze one of my tits. He moved his other hand down to the back of my dress and pulled it up to look at my ass, "Man, I should fuck this too."

He pulled his hand off my ass and kept playing with my tits with the other. I heard him reach into his pants and start playing with himself again.

Just then, I heard the voice of Chrissie shout, "What the fuck do you think you are doing, Asshole?"

The bear just mumbled back, "Just checking on your friend, bitch. Sorry."

With that he brushed by Chrissie slapping her ass as he went inside. Chrissie came over to me hearing me giggling.

"Are you ok? Did he do anything to you?" She asked concerned.

I shook my head, "Nope."

I pushed myself off the chair and stood up as Chrissie caught me. I laughed again and she giggled back.

I looked at her and exclaimed in a good slur, "You're drunk, missy."

She laughed and responded, "Not as drunk as you, Lauren. Come on, let's get you home."

I sighed and allowed her to help me inside. Only a few people were inside and my long lost host friend, Kiki rushed passed us throwing cups and bottles in a garbage bag she clung to.

I pushed away from Chrissie and exclaimed, "Kiki!"

To which Kiki stopped what she was doing and looked at Lauren and Chrissie smiling, "Looks like you two had a fun at my party tonight."

"Do you like my zombie cheerleader costume, Kiki?" Chrissie asked giving her a twirl.

Kiki chuckled and said, "You both look like total drunken sluts and neither of you is driving home in that condition. You are staying here my friends." Not allowing us to resist she dropped the bag of garbage and lead us upstairs. She pointed to a room down the hall, "Chrissie, go to bed. There is a bottle of water in there with your name on it."

Chrissie's eyes brightened and she gave Kiki a sloppy hug before dashing down the hall to a wonderful sleep. I swayed a bit staring at the ceiling and then downstairs listening to the light chatter as the last of the people left. I sighed and nodded at Chrissie who seemed to be speaking to me and pointing towards a door. I gave a Cheshire grin as I headed towards the room. I opened the door to the room and closed it behind me heading towards the bathroom seeking water and to pee.

The bathroom was a hallway with two connecting doors. One led out to the party where I had come once before early in the evening and the other to my bedroom. I looked at the sink and grabbed the bottle of water as I finished peeing. I stood up and washed my hands being sure to clean the glitter and makeup from my face. I drank all the water in a single gulp. I stood staring in the mirror for a bit making sure my skin was clean and then heard snoring. I blinked for a second and turned around realizing that the curtain was closed. I quietly laughed at a funny thought I had and pulled the curtain to reveal the piggy friend of the bear. He was sound asleep in the tub with no clothes on and his cock shriveled staring at me. I poked at it and sat down on the tile floor of the bathroom and stared back at it.

After a few moments, I started to play with it and stroke it to see if I could wake the little beast without rousing its master. The little soldier started to stand to attention with each gentle stroke. I looked at the piggy sound asleep and then opened my mouth and gently started sucking on his penis. I soon felt it filling my mouth with its mass and pulled it out to inspect my progress. I stopped and looked at the piggy and his handsome cock ready for a rider and thought about his friend, the bear, fucking that unconscious girl. I slid my panties onto the floor and pulled the dress over my head. I unbuttoned my bra and tossed it on the floor.

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