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Spank Me, Fuck Me, Make Me Yours


I was so scared. As I approached the apartment building, on the nondescript street, I began to question myself. Did I really want this? How did I know that this was the Dom I was looking for? Was submitting myself to her really going to be what finally got me off?

I had found Ali through a friend, a fellow sub - is that what I was now? She had introduced us over the phone, and we had spoken quite a few times. She was everything I wanted in a Mistress and a lover, but that was on the phone. What was I getting myself into going to her apartment? I had never even met her in person, and now I was supposed to bend to her will. As twilight waned, I rang the doorbell to the penthouse.

"Yes?" Ali said, in a low sensual voice.

"It's me, Rose." My voice was trembling.

"I'll buzz you up."

The door buzzed, and within 2 minutes I was in her apartment, looking into the eyes of the sexiest woman I had ever seen. She was about 5'8, and built like a dancer. She had long limbs, full lips, and billows of long, black hair, and best of all, bright green eyes, that were undressing me in seconds.

"Welcome Rose." She stated. "Please sit."

I did as she said, settling on the large, cream sofa that she gestured at.

"We have spoken many times, Rose, and I have made my wishes and intentions clear. I will outline my expectations for you once more, and if you agree to them, we will begin."

I sat silently waiting for her to begin, staring into her eyes, and feeling the wetness begin to pool in my panties.

"You will call me Ma'am, and if I choose to collar you, you may call me Mistress, but that is only if you please me. If you disobey, you will be punished, and if you are too disobedient, you will leave me. You will make eye contact with me, unless I state otherwise. The caution word is yellow, and the safe word is red. I do not take these lightly, and expect you to accept the pleasure and pain that I give you as the gift that it is. Do you agree to these terms?

"Yes ma'am."

"Then lets begin. Remove your clothing and let me inspect you."

I took off my light summer dress and dropped it at her feet, I slid out of my heels, and finally, I removed the white lace thong I was wearing. Ali scanned her eyes up and down my body, taking in my 5'1 frame, pale skin, and blond hair. I have a thin frame, but there is definition to my muscle. She felt that as she ran her hands down my back, and squeezed my ass cheeks, hard.

"Rose, go into the bedroom, the door on the left. Open the French doors and kneel on the floor, in front of the balcony."

I did as she said, kneeling on a small throw rug on her wooden floor. The cool night breeze played on my skin. She approached me from the other room, removing her light silk robe, and revealing her matching silk teddy.

She looked at me for a long minute, taking in the fear in my eyes, as my naked body was on display for neighboring buildings to see.

"On all fours, Rose."

I did as I was told, and she stood behind me.

"You are a naughty slut, look how wet your pussy is for me, and I haven't even touched you yet." She ran a finger from my clit to the bottom of my soaked pussy. She took her wet finger and smelled it. "I am going to taste you, you had best hope you please me."

She knelt behind me, and smelled my pussy, skimming her lips against mine. She then dipped her tongue into my wet lips. I moaned, I couldn't help it. This woman, with her huge tits, and commanding demeanor was licking my pussy.

"Rose, I didn't ask for any commentary."

She slapped my ass, hard. I moaned again, flinching slightly.

"Do you have anything to say to me?"

"I am sorry ma'am, thank you for correcting me."

"Lets make sure you remember to keep quiet, shall we?"

She walked out of my view and grabbed something. Then I felt a sharp sting across my ass, grazing my pussy. I bit my lip, trying to be still and silent. Again and again she slapped my ass and legs with her belt, heating the skin, and making me wetter and wetter.

After 20 blows, she stopped to admire her work. "I am very partial to the color of your ass when I spank it." She purred. "Do you like that my neighbors can hear me slapping your ass, and you moaning like a slut? Beg me for more!"

"Please ma'am, please spank my ass, make me your slut." I moaned, loud enough for others to hear, outside on the street below. I didn't care, this had made me hotter than anything in my life. I wanted her to completely make me hers. I was rewarded with a slap on my pussy. The wetness making a satisfying "smack" as she hit me again and again. I was moaning uncontrollably now, and I didn't care.

I felt her lips on my ear. "People can hear you, you know, and you are putting on quite a show for the party across the street."

I inhaled sharply, embarrassed, my cheeks staining crimson.

"Good, now your cheeks match your ass. I think I am ready to cum, and if I like you, you will too, but not until I say."

She walked to a large bed, and laid on her back, head against the pillow, spreading her legs, revealing her beautiful, wet, lips.

"I want you to lick me, suck my clit and make me cum. If you do it well, I'll fuck you with a dildo until you squirt. What do you say?"

I was now kneeling on the bed, my face before her slick, wet, bare folds. I looked her in the eyes and said; "thank you ma'am, your pussy is gorgeous, and I want to please you." I slid my tongue between her lips and lapped at her clit. She moaned and grabbed a fistful of my hair. The pain drove me, and I started suckling at her clit, moaning, and rubbing my face in her wetness, wanting to be covered with her scent. I slid two of my fingers into her pussy and she arched her back and yanked my face from between her legs, grasping my hair tightly.

"Did I tell you to finger me?" She asked calmly.

"No ma'am." I said

"Lucky I like it, keep it up, and if I cum, you'll get your reward."

She loosened her grasp, and I returned to my task, burying my face once again against her. I fucked her with my fingers, putting pressure on her g-spot, and licked and sucked her clit for all I was worth. She started moaning, and clenching on my small fingers. I slipped one more into her, and that was all it took, she started bucking against my mouth, and spasaming around my fingers. I was rewarded by a gush of warm, salty, cum flowing out of her pussy onto my waiting tongue. I cleaned her gently with my tongue as she came down from her climax, removing all traces of her juices, and then I removed my fingers from her, and sucked greedily at them, cleaning them as well, all while she started at me with heavily lidded eyes.

"You did well. Lay on your back."

Again I obeyed without a word, laying on my back I n the center of her bed. She pulled my wrists behind my head and handcuffed me to the metal bars of her headboard.

She then picked up a dildo off the bedside table. It was huge, larger than any I had ever used. My eyes widened, looking between it and her.

"Scared of a little toy? I want to see how much you can take." She kneeled between my legs, forcing them apart. I was soaked for her, and she spread my juices on the mammoth cock. Raising an eyebrow, she started sliding the cock into my swollen lips. It was tight. She got about an inch in, and then slid it out, slowly fucking me with it. She then withdrew it, and pressed it to my lips, and I licked my juice off of it. Returning it to my pussy, she pushed it harder against my opening. I moaned, pleasure and pain mingling. She slid about 6 inched into my pussy and began fucking me faster and faster. She leaned into my lips, and whispered "fucking moan for me."

I did, I moaned into her mouth and she nipped at my bottom lip. As she kept fucking me, harder and faster than anyone had ever done, she started rubbing my clit with her free hand. I moaned and bucked my hips. She slapped my clit, reminding me that she was my Mistress, and I needed to submit to her will.

"Rose, cum for me." She moaned.

I did, my orgasm exploding, and my pussy clenching her toy. She slowed her pace and slid the monster out of me.

"It looks like my neighbors liked you." She said with a menacing smile on her face. "Lucky for you, I do as well. Come to the shower with me, and we can discuss your collar."

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