tagBDSMSpanked by my Neighbor

Spanked by my Neighbor


I was living my dream life, a husband who adored me, two wonderful children, even our house in the suburbs had always been my dream. Yet I couldn't get over the feeling that something was missing in my life. Harry treated me like a queen giving me anything I asked for yet even though I loved him, I found that each time we made love it was less satisfying that the last. I cursed myself for being such a spoiled brat, as I couldn't understand what was missing in our relationship.

All my confusion became understanding the day I went with a cake to greet our new neighbors, Mark and Elaine. I was shocked to see Elaine open the door dressed only in her bra and panties. I could easily see that she was embarrassed and I apologized for disturbing her, saying I would come back later. Then Mark came to the door and insisted I come on in and have coffee with them. Mark and I sat at the kitchen table while Elaine served us but once we had our coffee instead of sitting with us, she knelt beside Mark. While I stared in disbelief, mark talked to me as if this was all normal behavior, Elaine said nothing, and her only contribution was to jump up to refill our coffee cups. It all appeared to me as if Elaine was more servant than wife and it made me feel uncomfortable. As soon as I could, I made an excuse to leave and got out of that strange household.

Back at home, my new neighbor's relationship kept running through my mind along with the contented look on Elaine's face. Later as I sat in my bath, a fantasy ran through my head as I let my fingers wander between my legs. I was a captured slave made to do my captor's bidding no matter how degrading and as I dreamed of being made to answer the door in just my bra and panties my eyes shot open. Was that what I had just witnessed at my new neighbors house, was Mark Elaine's master and she his slave? I erupted in an orgasm as powerful as any I'd ever had. That night I dreamed of pirate ships and maidens in distress as my husband lay clueless beside me.

The next day Elaine returned my cake plate and as we sat drinking coffee, she tried to explain herself.

"Helen, I'm sorry for the way I acted yesterday but Mark and I were in the middle of a session and he won't let me break character without permission."

"Elaine, can I ask you about that, it looked almost like you were your husband's slave."

"Oh it was so hot to act out in front of you, we've never done that before; I've never been so embarrassed and yet so turned on."

"But you answered the door in your underwear, what if I'd been a salesman or something."

"I know, that's what is so embarrassing, but Mark likes to make me do things like that, it turns him on."

I was thinking, 'and me too,' but I didn't say anything. After Elaine, left I couldn't get the couple out of my mind and finally I was so aroused I had to go masturbate to try to ease some of the tension building in my body. That night after we went to bed I tried to hint to Harry that I wanted him to take me but of course, he didn't understand. I knew if I had to tell him what to do it wouldn't be the same so I just turned over and tried to go to sleep.

The following day I found myself drawn to the neighbor's house, I had to find out more, not only about them but also of their lifestyle. I was almost disappointed when Elaine opened the door fully dressed. After going to her kitchen for coffee, I found I had to ask,

"Elaine, I'm sorry but I can't get you two out of my mind. I've never known anyone like you and Mark and I feel myself drawn to your lifestyle."

I saw her look up, and when I turned around, I saw Mark standing in the doorway. My face turned bright red, as I knew he had heard what I'd said. He smiled and walked over to the table where we sat. He put his strong hands on my shoulders massaging them from behind and I could just feel myself melting to his touch.

"Elaine, take off your dress,"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing but watched her stand, unbutton her dress, then pull it off.

"Does that turn you on Helen, watching my wife obey me?"

I found I couldn't speak and merely nodded my head,

"Don't just wag your head; answer me when I talk to you."

"Yes... sir, I find it very erotic."

I couldn't believe what I'd just said, not that it wasn't true, but that I was admitting it to a virtual stranger.

"Is that so, well then why don't you stand up and take your dress off as well?"

I stood and unzipped my dress as the only thought in my head was wondering what bra and panty set I was wearing.

"Good girl, now I want you to go help Elaine take off her underwear, start with her bra."

I looked at Elaine but saw nothing but a look of lust in her eyes so I did as instructed. Then Mark ordered me to pull her panties down and as I knelt to pull them off I could see how soaked they were.

What I witnessed next almost made me orgasm as Mark sat down he pulled Elaine over his lap and began to spank her like a naughty schoolgirl. I watched the cheeks of here butt redden with the hand prints of her husband. I saw the tears run down her face but most of all I felt the lust growing in my center and I wished it were me that was across his knees. I was almost trance-like and I had no idea whether her punishment lasted seconds or hours. When Mark finished with her, I almost came when she thanked him. In a voice I didn't recognize as my own, I said,

"Please sir, I've been naughty too."

Mark said nothing but gave me an evil smile and merely crooked his finger at me. I walked to his side, then he instructed Elaine to remove my panties and then to hand them to him. I watched in mortification as he put them to his nose for I knew they were soaked with my juices. He then dropped them to the floor and then took my hand to place me across his knees.

I think I heard the noise before I felt the first slap and then came another and another. Soon my ass burned as the pain grew but as soon as I thought I could not take any more, he would stop and almost lovingly rub my burning cheeks. Then he would start anew, whap, whap, the noise rang in my ears as I tried not to cry out but soon I heard myself,

"Please, please, no more I can't take anymore."

It was when I realized my cries were useless and that I was at his mercy, that I had my first orgasm. The mixture of the pain along with the pleasure of my climax was a feeling I'd never had.

I was much later, at home that I finally understood what had been missing from my life. It was a need to submit, to have no control over my body was what I needed for completion. That night I made love to Harry and as he lovingly kissed me while he gently made love to me; I pushed my sore ass into the bed. The slight pain and the memories of the day made me cum as hard as I ever had with him.

My life at home went on much as it had for years, I took care of my kids, and my husband and he took care of me. However, ever so often, my craving for submission would rise until I'd meekly go next door and beg to be punished. I would never know if Mark would give me what I needed, I guess just to show me that he was in control. We four have become good friends and often have weekend barbecues. I remember one time when I burnt the rice as we all sat around talking. Mark told Harry that if I was his wife he would have given me a spanking for such misbehavior. Harry was shocked at what Mark said so Mark laughed and said he was joking.

I love my husband, I truly do, and I can't help it if he's not man enough to discipline his wife. It was not Harry that changed it was I and I can't blame him for my own transgressions. Although Mark likes to violate me with his thumb to see how wet I get, we have never had intercourse. Still I feel as if I'm cheating on my husband and yet I don't feel guilty about it. As you may guess, we four are living in a strange dynamic but I feel we all benefit from it, even Harry as he is getting the best sex of his married life. I do realize these arrangements cannot go on forever but I don't dwell on it, I guess I'm just living in the present and will continue to do so for as long as I am able.

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