tagBDSMSpanked for Uniform Infractions

Spanked for Uniform Infractions

bysarah thorne©

The house was quiet...too quiet. A good thing, really. It meant she could concentrate on her work for a spell before everyone got home and began to tear through the house.

Her mind wandered, however. Where was he today? She really did have the itch to get frisky and be spanked, as it had been several weeks. Amid juggling two very hectic schedules, kids' soccer practices, orthodontists, and simply just family time, it was difficult at best to find time for their favorite (or next to favorite) activity. She had thought he had said that he was taking the day off, but he was nowhere to be found.

The tip of her pencil broke.

"Damn!" she swore under her breath, pushed back her chair and got up. She made her way out of the dining room down the long hallway to his study to use the pencil sharpener. She stopped when she saw him behind the desk.

"Oh! There you are!" she said in surprise.

He looked up, expression one she couldn't quite make out. "Young lady!" he boomed and she jumped slightly, astonished.

"What?" she asked, confused.

"What?? What?? Is that how you are to address me, Ms. Rayna?"

She stood there dumbfounded, not exactly sure what he was doing. Was he drunk? She backed away when he got up and made his way toward her authoritatively.

"Young lady, uniform infractions will not be tolerated at this school! Your parents pay good money for you to dress and act like a proper lady! Do you have an explanation why you are, once more, out of uniform??"

Still in shock, she looked down at herself and the way she was dressed, clad in an oversized t-shirt and cut off shorts, hair haphazardly pulled up in a clip.

"I...I..." she stuttered, thrown completely off guard.

"SPEAK UP GIRL!" he boomed. "This is not the first time! I suggest you return to your dorm and put on the proper attire, fix your hair appropriately, and then return for your punishment!"

"But I have work to do..." she said as the wife to her husband.

"It will wait, young lady. Now do as you are told!"

Crazy. He was crazy, this was crazy. She hadn't time for games. "Kyle..."

He moved so swiftly that she barely had time to grasp what was happening as he turned her around and bent her over the desk, delivering several very hard blows to the outside of her cotton shorts. "Owww....Kyle...."

"Young lady!! Do you dare be so insubordinate as to disrespectfully call me by my first name??" Still smacking her bottom, her legs raising from the knee down, one at a time.

Okay, she finally caught on. Obviously, he was in the mood for this and she would not get any peace until his need was satisfied. Besides, wasn't she just thinking that she wanted to be spanked. Not exactly like this...maybe because she was taken aback by it, but it was a spanking all the same. And it had been a long time since they'd done any ageplay.

"Yes sir...sorry sir, so sorry, sir!" the tears that welled up were almost real. He was always so good at reducing her to a young girl with the authority in his voice. A gift, if you could call it that, to be able to do such. He allowed her up and she scurried away as he smiled at her back.

Rayna, however, was a nervous wreck. She rifled through the closet for the short, pleated solid navy skirt that she knew was there specifically for this type of thing. It had been so long...where the hell was it? It was in the back. the very back, the white button up uniform shirt hanging alongside of it. She sighed and began to undress. She wasn't totally in the mood for this, as work was still weighing on her mind, and hoped her supposed infraction was not a serious one. She really needed to finish her work...

Rayna undressed and pulled the skirt up over her womanly hips. It was a bit shorter than she remembered. The shirt next after she discarded the old t-shirt. Her breasts were not so full that she required a bra at all times, so she wore none at this time. Quickly, she fashioned her hair in pigtails and hurried back down to Kyle's study. Cautiously, she approached the door and pushed it open, shyly peering inside.

He looked up from behind his desk.

"Well, young lady...a good fifteen minutes you took! Can you explain what took you so long?"

Meekly, she stood before his desk. "Sorry, sir. I had trouble finding my...my....skirt..."

"I see," he stood and slowly made his way around the desk to stand in front of her. "Let it be known that you will get one swat for every minute you took and furthermore, your skirt, young lady, violates code. You know full well that it is to touch your knees!"

Damn! He was the one who had bought the skirt, purposefully short, so that there was always an excuse to spank her for uniform violations.

"Please sir..."

"Let's see if I have a ruler around here to measure," as he turned away from her to look for one, she frantically began to tug at the skirt to bring it down as far as she could. It did little good. He sifted through his desk, "Ah-ha!" came up with the metal ruler and walked back toward her. "Kneel, young lady!" And she did. He bent, putting the ruler up against the side of her leg from the knee to measure exactly how many inches above her knees the skirt was. "Seven inches! You know the rule is one swat per inch!"

Gads! Up to twenty-two swats so far and they hadn't even discussed the transgression of being out of uniform entirely.

"Oh sir, please! I've grown and just haven't gotten new uniforms yet, sir!"

He pulled her to stand. "No excuse, Rayna, dear. It is your responsibility to make sure your parents know when you outgrow your clothing. That's seven swats for the skirt and fifteen for not being expedient with your time." He turned and wrote it on a legal pad that was lying on the desk. "Now, to discuss the serious issue of going to class without your uniform to begin with. That was why you were sent to my office, yes?"

Rayna lowered her eyes and trembled slightly, "Yes sir..." she whispered.

"That's twenty with the paddle, over your skirt unless..." he took her chin and lifted her head, forcing her to look at him. "...you want to take half of that on the bare?"

She thought about that. The skirt infraction was seven, over panties, with a ruler no doubt, not that they offered much protection and the fifteen...he hadn't said how that would be given. The skirt also offered very little protection from that wooden paddle...but to take it bare? Even ten swats would really hurt. But twenty would be nearly intolerable, being how it was quite a thick paddle

"Half on the bare.....sir....." she said softly, desperately hoping to have made the right choice. It was no doubt going to hurt no matter what she chose. He nodded.

"Then it is." he said. He pointed to the desk. "You know the routine. Bend as far over it as you can, bottom out as far as you can push it and hold on to the other side of the desk."

Very slowly Rayna followed his orders, feeling her skirt ride up so much higher until it was nearly showing her panties, the hem of it gently caressing her lower curves. He moved behind her and lifted her skirt, tucking the hem under her waistband and running his large hand firmly over her upturned bottom. She shivered in anticipation and he proudly noted the goosebumps that raced over her flesh. Lifting his arm high did he give her capsized lower half a resounding smack. It startled her, as she was not expecting this deviance from protocol, the spanking she was to receive already spelled out for her. Again he raised his arm and smacked her bottom hard over her panties.

"Sir! Please!"

"A warm up, Rayna dear, and then the ruler over panties for your skirt, then the ruler on the bare for the fifteen you earned and then we shall get to the paddle."

The ruler on the bare too! "No, sir...please! I can't take all of that on the bare!"

He laid a reign of sharp smacks all over her backside while she squirmed, all the while having her tell him whose decision it was to spank how and where and why. By the time the hand spanking was finished, Rayna's bottom throbbed with an intense heat, tears already filling her eyes though not falling, knowing that she still had much worse to endure. Kyle pulled her up to stand. "Now, my dear, go retrieve my wooden ruler from the cabinet in the corner." And she did so, opening it up and seeing the long, semi-thick paddle hanging inside as well and remembering the last time it was used on the bare, how it ended up bruising her quite a bit and rendered her unable to sit comfortably for several days, even after the markings faded. She chose to turn her gaze away from it as she picked up the wooden ruler and turned to present it to her headmaster.

"Please, sir, not on the bare," she pleaded again but he merely sat on the armless chair facing his desk and pulled her to him, bending her over his lap, scooting her up so far over his lap that her head was nearly touching the carpeted floor. Her skirt had already been tucked under her waistband and a lovely slight red was peeking out from her white cotton panties.

"How many for the skirt infraction, Rayna?" he asked while rubbing the ruler all over her warmed backside.

"Seven, sir...one for each inch above the knee,"

"Correct dear...and I am going to administer them swiftly now....here we go," and he raised his arm and brought the ruler down seven times rapidly over her white panties. She barely had time to cry out but the quick succession of spanks stung something awful on cheeks that were already glowing. After the seven quick swats, Kyle edged Rayna's panties down a bit past her thighs, not missing the aroma that wafted through the air and connected with his own aroused senses. He could see distinct markings where the ruler had struck and smiled inwardly that they were going to become even more defined on her cute, round bottom. He began to lecture her about the importance of being on time and time efficiency and 'blah blah blah', which is what she heard, as she was too busy focusing on the blaze in her rear, thinking that now there was absolutely no protection between her skin and anything that may come in contact with her bottom, and she still had that damn paddle to endure as well.

"How many do you get with the ruler on your bare naughty fanny?" he asked her, enjoying the embarrassed blush that flamed over her face at being talked to like a child while in the position of a disobedient little girl.

"Fifteen, sir...please, sir! That's too many!"

He gave her five sharp slaps with the ruler as she winced from the sting. "My dear, we just went over this. All that little outburst cost you were those five extra swats as they are not part of your fifteen. Anymore sassiness from you, child, and I'll increase your paddling to twenty. Is that understood?"

She sniffed, trying her best to hold back tears. "Yes, sir." she barely managed and that's when he started. Using the ruler in sets of three, giving three very swift and very firm smacks with the ruler, a five-second rest and then three more in quick succession. By the time he was finished he noted that now the ruler markings were very set apart indeed, with a backdrop of a lighter shade of red, which made for a very beautiful sight. Kyle couldn't resist using a single finger to trace the red bottom, the distinct ruler markings, down to her thighs, up to the spot where thighs touched and were so extremely sensitive that it caused a few wiggles in the woman over his lap, something that did not escape his own hardness as her hips brushed up against it. He had plans for the naughty little bottom of hers. His fingers traced up and down once more, more firmly this time and wiggled between her tightly clamped thighs as she drew in a breath. The wiggling fingers found their way past her wetness, up to that mysterious pearl that held the secrets of causing such intense and electric sensations, of rendering a heat so penetrating that she nearly boiled with a frenzied rapture. The finger was an expert in it's wickedness. Bringing her up, up, up until she felt she would combust from deep within, her mind off in space somewhere, riding the cloud of awareness and unawareness all at once.

Two sharp slaps with his hand jolted her out of her enjoyment of the tickling. "In the corner with you," he said and lifted her up off his lap and on to wobbly legs. She wavered slightly, still lost and floating. As she reached to pull up her panties over her blazing rear he caught her hands. "No ma'am! Panties down. Go to the corner until I call for you." and he sent her to the corner with a slap to her bottom.

Nervously she stood there, knowing not to rub but wanting desperately to do so. The paddle, the paddle....on the bare, after all of that. It might not have been so bad had he not really given her a good hand spanking first. While it warmed her up, it also had gotten the fire started. She groaned inwardly knowing that she still had work to do, work that needed to be done sitting down, at the table, in a hard chair. Whether it be a composition on time management or lines, she had yet to find out, but had enough experience to know that she would be sitting on one very, very hot bottom in an uncomfortable chair. Sometimes it was the wicker, other times the leather seat, but always highly unpleasant.

She heard him milling around behind her, pulling a chair out across the carpeted floor. It didn't make much of a sound but she knew what it was. When he finally allowed her to turn, she noticed that he had arranged a simple hard back, hard seated chair at the drawing table in the corner of the room. She didn't get a good look at the chair itself, for if she had she would have seen the heating pad placed on the seat, in the 'ON' position, on 'HIGH' at that. When she looked at him, he had that damn paddle already in hand and motioned for her to assume the position over his desk. She did so without question, leaning as far over as possible, holding on to the edge of the other side.

"Legs spread, Rayna," he ordered, using the paddle to wedge between her legs a bit and push them apart. She spread them but apparently not enough as he demanded more. She spread as far as she could in that position, feeling all of her charms instantly hit by the cool air which meant they were fully exposed. And that they were, Kyle noted, beautifully exposed and so extremely vulnerable. He discreetly decided that something small, maybe a ruler or a wooden spoon, would be most enjoyable to slip in between spread thighs and her naughty girl parts smacked a few times as a clincher to the lesson he was giving this most wanton student of his. His large hand reached out once more and massaged a glowing orb, kneading firmly while she tried hard to remain still.

"Sir! Please! This is most improper!" Rayna cried and was answered with 5 very sharp slaps to that same cheek.

"The only impropriety that has come about is one of promiscuous and immodest means," he told her rather gruffly. "You are already dripping wet, my dear, and we must make sure to properly take care of young ladies who cannot control themselves during punishment. Furthermore, young ladies who dress to show off their bodies will get exactly the attention they seek. Is that clear?"

"Yes, sir," Rayna said meekly, knowing already that no matter what she did, her fate was sealed.

"Now, my dear, push that pretty little bottom of yours out as far as you can...." she did. "....come on, now...more. That's it. Don't move, young lady. If you reach back or stand, your punishment starts over. Here we go. Now count."

Count! She hated that more than anything, as she was usually reduced to a puddle of tears by the third or fourth stroke with that paddle and hardly had any bearings to think, much less speak or count. But nary a second did she have when she heard the swooshing of the paddle and then the tremendous SMACK! as it connected, and then a searing pain that covered both cheeks. She cried out; she couldn't help it and then said, "One! Sir!" Right as another came crashing down in nearly the exact same spot. The pain was incredible and she bit her lip hard, tasting blood and thought, "I've got 8 more to go!" Her breathing very labored already as she managed a "Two, sir!" A few heaving breaths and then another with a resounding SMACK! and she couldn't contain her voice this time and let out an "AAAHH!", her knuckles turning white so tightly was she gripping on to the edge of the desk. "Three!" she nearly yelled. The fourth landed and by the sixth, she was crying openly, forgetting the numbers, getting them wrong, but he was merciful in that arena and finished the ten without requiring her to count and then was behind her in a flash, hardness released and rammed into her sopping sex over and over, her burning hot fire the most exquisite feeling on his abdomen. Quickly he turned her sobs into sultry moans, her laments of pain turning into those of ecstasy as his pelvis continued to hit her crimson bottom, his manhood driving deeper and deeper, her whole being lost in where he was taking her, climbing higher and higher until she finally hit that awesome peak and tumbled down, hard, fast and furious as he released his own nectar into her, his growl rising and muffled by virtually a mouth-full of her long, soft hair.

It felt like hours that they both lay there motionless, spent and satiated. He kissed a tear stained cheek of the love of his life, knowing that this was the way she always liked it. The pain experienced beforehand needed to be intense to make it something incredibly awesome for her. And he knew when she smiled and said, "Thank you," that he had not overdone it, that she was happy, content and relaxed. Given that, he decided to forgo the heating pad...this time.

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