tagFetishSpanking Kenny's Wife Ch. 02

Spanking Kenny's Wife Ch. 02


Author's Note: Thank You to everyone who took the time to make comments and make suggestions after chapter 1. As this is my first attempt at posting one of my stories, I am listening to all the comments and making adjustments as necessary. Thank you. Please keep the feedback coming.

(Continued from part 1)

Luckily, I didn't hear from Kenny that evening. If Jan told him that I took her panties, made her show me her pussy and then masturbate for me, I knew he was going to be mad as hell. I began to wonder if the excitement from our visit was worth the risk of losing a good friend. Too late to worry now, I guess.

On Sunday, it happened. Kenny called my cell phone.

He didn't sound mad, but, I was taken aback when he asked me "what the hell did you do to my wife?" I played dumb. I mean, after all, was I supposed to confess the fact that I asked her to show me her pussy and then play with it?

"When I got back with the kids," he started, "she was doing some laundry, cleaning up the kitchen and getting ready to start dinner. She didn't seem any different than when I left. After the kids turned on the TV and started watching a movie, she asked me if I could talk to her up in the bedroom."

My ears perked up and I knew I was about to get the blow my blow description of what she told him.

"When I got up there," he said, "she closed the door and told me she wanted to suck my cock, and she wanted to suck it now. First of all, she never does that when the kids are up. Second of all, when she started to suck me off, she gave me the best knob job she has ever given me. Hell, she sucked me deep, then around the head and I could tell she was really into it. She closed her eyes and was moaning, I swear her mouth felt like a hot, warm pussy. When I came, she sucked it all down and then told me that she wanted to be 'fucked hard' that night. Fuck, man, she's a different woman now. What the fuck did you say to her?"

"Well," I asked him, "what did she tell you what we talked about?"

"She hasn't said a thing and I didn't ask." He told me. "All I asked was if you had your meeting, and did things go okay, and did she want you to spank her. She told me that the meeting went fine, that you answered all her questions and told her what was going to happen during the spanking. She asked me to tell you she wants to do it, so, uh, I think it's a 'go'."

"Kenny," I said, "we need to talk about this before you make any decisions. There's some things you need to know before you agree to this."

"Like what?" he asked.

"For instance," I continued, "you have to realize that at some point she's going to be naked in front of me and I'll do things that will embarrass and humiliate her. I'll make her say things that are embarrassing and humiliating, too. She could cry. And, you can't interfere at all, I mean that, too, you can't interfere at all."

"Are you going to fuck her, or anything like that?" he asked.

"No," I told him, "you have my word that I won't start any actions to put my cock in her mouth, pussy or her butt. I'll leave those things to you, buddy. But, I will be touching her, feeling her and she'll be in some very exposed positions. It might be traumatic for her, but, I'll give her a safe word to use if she wants to stop everything."

"What else will happen?" he asked me.

"Well, she'll cum a lot, that's for sure." But, I continued speaking saying, "There will be ups and downs during her session – times of pleasure between the actual swats. By the way, I will only use my hand to spank her and I'll do it in such a way that it will sound bad and sting a little, but, she will not experience any pain and not be hurt in any way, I can promise you that."

"Oh, man. Let's go for it." he groaned.

"Okay, then, here's the rules. Make sure you explain these to her and if you want to do it, just let me know and we can set it up." I began to list the rules which I wanted to put in place, emphasizing the fact that he could not interfere at all, which meant that he had to observe quietly. He could move around the room to see better, but he could not distract her. He shouldn't talk much, or, do anything to her unless he was asked by either she, or I. I told him that before the actual spanking, I would take her into her bedroom where we would talk for about 30 to 45 minutes and I would get her ready for her spanking. I told him the whole session would last about two hours and that they both had to agree that she would be under my care and under my command during that time. He couldn't react to anything we did, no laughing or expressions – he could only watch.

I continued on with the rules saying "Make sure both of you understand that during this time I will be touching her butt, her pussy and her tits. I might put my finger in her ass. You guys have to accept the fact that to do this right, you need to give me permission to do whatever I feel is necessary and be able to live with it. The last thing is this, and I hope this isn't going to cause a problem, but, when I leave, I get to take her panties with me. That will be the way you can say 'Thank You' to me, that's my payment."

"Wow," he said, "I can't believe we're really talking about doing this. I trust you, man, but, will you give me your word that you'll never breathe a word about this to anyone. We wouldn't want this to get around, you know."

"Kenny," I assured him, "This is between the two of you and me only. I don't want you to say anything either."

"Okay," he was relieved, "So, I need to talk to her, cover all the rules and make sure we really want to do this?"

"That's right. Just let me know and if you decide to do it, we can set up a time before she changes her mind."

He told me he was going to have a long talk with her that night and would get back to me. I could tell from his tone of voice that he was excited about the prospect of watching his wife be exposed and spanked in front of him. When we hung up, I did the happy dance because I was now sure that Jan hadn't told him what we had done in their bedroom.

The next day, Monday, Kenny called my cell phone as I was driving home.

"Hey Dude," he started, "Man, we're good to go. We had a long talk about everything and we're okay with the rules. And, she really wants to do this. It's been her fantasy for a long time and she wants to live it out at least once. When do you want to do it?"

Thinking out loud, I asked him about this next Friday night. He told me he would check to see what they had going on and if they could make arrangements for their kids so they wouldn't be there while their mother was being spanked. I had to laugh at that. I asked him if they had a vibrator or a dildo. He told me they had a vibrator and an old dildo that was looking pretty grungy. I told him to see what he could do about Friday and to pick up a bottle of Astroglide lube at the store. I volunteered to pick up a new dildo for them and maybe something sexy for her to wear. We hung up the phone and I began to think about what was going to happen.

Kenny called me the next day. "Hey man," he said, "we're all set for Friday. I'm going to take the kids to her mother's place to spend the night Friday and Saturday, so she can recuperate all day Saturday in case she goes wild on us, or something." He laughed and then told me that they were both looking forward to it. We arranged for me to be there at 7:00 PM and made plans to be done about 9:00 or 9:30.

On Thursday, I stopped in at an Adult Novelty store and looked around for some play things. I happened to see a package containing a "School Girl" outfit which contained a tiny tartan skirt and a white stretchy pull over top that was very thin – just perfect for what I had in mind. I picked up some tension style nipple rings that would clamp onto her nipples, each with a little colored jewel that hung down from the ring. I also found some white, thigh high stockings, which I figured would come just about to the bottom of the skirt. What an absolutely perfect outfit for a spanking!

Before I left the store, I browsed the section where all the vibrators and dildos were on display. I found the perfect one for her, and I was especially proud of myself for selecting this one as it was just about the exact size and shape of my own cock when it is hard.

I spent the entire rest of that evening, sniffing the panties I took from her and jacking off thinking about her cute little behind laying across my lap as I touched and spanked her.

The next day at work seemed to drag on and on for me. I kept watching the clock but it was moving way too slow for me. Kenny called me at about 3:00 PM to tell me that he was going to take the kids to her mother's about 4:30 and would be back by 6 o'clock. He told me he would call me if anything changed, but, I should plan on being there at 7:00 and then it would be up to me from there on.

I arrived at 7:00 PM sharp and as I got up to the door about ready to knock, the door opened and Kenny invited me in. "She's a little nervous," he whispered as he let me in, "but, she still wants to do it."

I nodded my head and sat the bag containing the outfit, nipple rings and stockings down. Jan appeared almost immediately and she seemed very at ease, pleasant and I didn't detect any nervousness or stress.

"Can I get you something to drink?" she asked, "A beer maybe?"

"No, not for me," I answered, "maybe a soft drink, though."

We followed her into the kitchen and stood there chatting away while she got a glass, filled it with ice and started to pour the dink.

"I was a little nervous earlier," she said, not looking at us, "but," turning around now to hand me my drink, smiled and said, "I think that's passed now."

"Good," I said, "you're going to do just fine. Really, I know you will."

We chatted for just another minute or so before she took a deep breath, looked at us, turned to me and said "I'm ready."

That was my cue to take control, and that's just what I did, saying "Very well, then, Jan, please go into your bedroom and wait for me there. I'll be up shortly, I just want to talk to your husband for a few minutes." I was careful not to use his name now.

She walked over to him and I was touched by the tender kiss they shared and the way she told him that she loved him, cradling his head in her hands as she looked up onto his eyes. He told her that he loved her, too. She then turned, walked out of the kitchen, up the stairs, and toward their bedroom.

I started to give Kenny some instructions, telling him to find us a blanket, in case we needed to lay it out on the floor later. Walking into their living room, I motioned to the furniture and told him how I wanted things moved here and there to make some open space in the middle of the room. I asked him for a large plastic cup and the Astroglide. Handing me the cup and the lube, I told him not to come upstairs while we were up there, warning him not to sneak up to listen at the door of their bedroom.

"So," he asked, "can I, uh, you know, jack off during this?"

I told him I didn't care if he was buck-naked, but, I warned him about making a disturbance or distracting us. He understood.

"Can I take pictures?" he asked.

"Did you talk to her about this?" I replied.

"We'll yes," he answered, "and she said she wasn't sure what you would say about it."

"Let me have your camera for now," I told him, "and I'll talk to her about it. If she brings it down, then the answer is YES. If she doesn't bring it down, then the answer is NO and that's final. Okay?"

He nodded, but, I was sure he wasn't completely pleased with me taking his camera away from him. Before I went up the stairs, I gave him his last instructions saying "When this is all over, I'll send her up to the bedroom and then I will leave. After I'm gone, I want you to go to her and see if she needs comforting. If she does, you need to comfort her better than you ever have. If she needs fucking, you make sure you let her cum first and let her take the lead. This is her fantasy night and you should let her live it out anyway she wants. Check her bottom just to make sure she's not in any pain, and if she is, put some aloe lotion on her. Do you have some?" He nodded.

Finally, I asked him if he had any questions, and he said he didn't.

As I turned to go up the stairs, I stopped and said "Don't forget, for the next two hours, she is mine. Don't forget the rules and what you agreed to." I didn't wait for his response. I just climbed the stairs toward their bedroom.

When I entered their bedroom, she was standing in the middle of the floor wringing her hands. I closed the door behind me and walked to her. I put my arms around her and she came to me. I asked her if she was ready to start and she told me she was. I asked her if she was ready to submit herself to me and she nodded that she was. I asked if she was scared and she nodded her head.

"What are you scared about. Tell me what it is?" I asked her.

"I'm scared that you're going to make me do things in front of him and he's going to take pictures..... he wants to play with him self looking at them later, I'm sure." she answered.

"Well," I said, "that's true, I am going to make you do things. But, you're going to enjoy it in the long run and I know he's going to enjoy it, too. If you get to the point that you just can't handle it, you can use your safe word and it will all be over. Okay?"

She nodded, then I smiled at her and added "Don't worry about the pictures, I took the camera from him. If you decide you want pictures, you can take the camera down with you and hand it to him. Right now, we'll just put it down in here and it will stay here unless you decide otherwise."

She hugged me tightly and I hugged her back saying "I told you I would make sure you weren't hurt and would have no reason to regret what you were doing. I meant that and I will look out for your best interests during your session. You have my word on that."

I gave her the word "RED" as her safe word. I told her to only use it only if she was ready to call a halt to the evening. She told me she understood.

"Okay now," I looked at her, "I need you to strip for me."

She nodded and as I watched her, she began to undress. First the top came off, over her head and she shook her beautiful hair back into place. Her tiny breasts, held back by her bra, captivated my gaze. She had a delicate diamond necklace with a huge stone in it around her neck and held it out to me saying, "This too? Kenny gave it to me this morning."

"No," I told her, "I think that's fine to keep on. Everything else has to come off, though."

She continued to her belt, undoing it and kicking off her shoes at the same time. Once her shoes were off, she looked at me, forced a little smile, unhooked her pants and slid them off her hips, down her legs and laid them on her bed.

I considered her situation – her husband was down stairs and she was in her bedroom undressing in front of me, soon to be completely naked. She was standing in her bra and panties, her nipples poking out prominently through her thin bra. Her chest was flushed and I could see the beginning of a blush coming upon her.

She reached behind to undo her bra but I stopped her.

In a very soft voice I looked at her and said "It's important that you be naked in front of me before we do this, and, it's very important that you undress yourself without my help. If I undressed you, that would give you the feeling that something was happening to you that you couldn't control, but, if you undress yourself, that reinforces in your mind that you are doing this of your own accord, thus, you are inviting me to see you naked of your own free will. It's normal if you feel embarrassed, so, don't worry if you feel that way. It's all part of the excitement you will experience tonight. Please continue."

She reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. As the straps came down her shoulders, she held the bra against her breasts for an instant and then let it fall free. She tossed the bra over to her bed and started to reach for the waistband of her panties but I stopped her again.

I moved closer to her so I could look at her breasts. I did not touch them, but, inspecting them, I noticed that they were the most wonderful looking petite breast I had ever seen. The tiny orbs, not larger than an apple, were beyond what I can describe here. They juggled a little as she shifted her weight. The nipples were symmetrical and I could see that some goose bumps were staring to appear on them. The sexual blush on her chest was growing and her nipples were sticking out. Two kids and 28 years had been kind to her. She looked like a school girl.

I spoke to her again saying "When I tell you to, I want you to pull your panties down to your knees, spread your legs a little, and leave them there while I look at you. As you pull them down, think about the fact that you are exposing your pussy to a man that is not your husband, but, with your husband's full permission. As you stand naked in front of me, you should know that I am going to be looking at your pussy completely exposed, open and wet tonight. I will touch you there before we leave this room, and then a lot in front of your husband. Imagine what it will feel like when my fingers penetrate you. Imagine what your husband will feel when he sees me slip my hand down between your legs and sees my fingers enter you. I know he's got a hard on right now thinking about me doing things to you. Go ahead, lower your panties for me."

Her hands found the waistband of the panties and she did as I instructed, moving them to her knees and then she stood up again and looked at me. I was elated to see that she had shaved her pussy hair completely. I could clearly see the nub of her clit peeking through at the top of her lips.

The shape of her vagina was beautiful. Her lips were somewhat meaty and extended up toward her belly button. Unlike some women who's pussy lips are set deeply between their legs, her pussy lips were easily seen and perfectly presented to me. Fuck, I almost came in my pants. She could have passed as a school girl, for sure.

"Jan," I looked into her eyes to get her attention, "I can't tell you how beautiful you are naked. Standing like this, exposing yourself to me, you look so cute and feminine, I'm almost speechless."

She smiled a little and I asked her "Does he know you shaved your pussy for me?"

"Not yet," she said. "He's been trying to get me to do this for years and I never would shave it all the way. But you are right about what you said, I do feel more naked and more exposed like this."

"Well, you don't have any idea how naked and exposed you're going to feel before we're done tonight. Do you like it?"

She looked down, away from my stare and nodded adding "It feels good. I thought I was gong to be nervous letting you see me with no hair, but, I'm okay. I like it, I, uh, I want you to be able to see all of me."

"Well then," I continued, "you better tell him you shaved it just for him. And I encourage you to keep yourself like that. You'll get much more excitement when you expose yourself if you stay shaved like that". I turned her toward the full length mirror on the wall and told her to look at herself.

"Look," I told her, "look at how beautiful you are. There's no magazine model or movie star on this planet that is sexier than you are. You are a beautiful woman, Jan, and your body is absolutely perfect. I really think you need to give some thought to being naked more and becoming at ease with showing your body off. You know, having a Mazerati in your garage doesn't mean a thing if you don't take it out to drive it once in a while. Do you understand what I mean?

She smiled a warm smile for me saying "Yes, I know what you mean."

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