tagErotic CouplingsSpanking the Houseguest Ch. 02

Spanking the Houseguest Ch. 02


Chapter 2.0 Rev 0 090713

Molly and Dave were just about to have sex, when Dave had a fit of responsibility. (Fear of Pregnancy)

They run to his bedroom where he checks his birth control stash. "No condoms? Shit, Shit Shit! Steve who you been fucking with my condoms?" Dave said.

His current sex partners, Laura and Ann both have an IUD.

"Where'd those condoms go? Oh fuck, Yes! There's a brand new tube of spermicidal gel," Supplies are left over from another partner with a diaphragm. "The applicator is used but clean." he said.

Molly whispers "Hurry..." she flops onto his bed with her legs spread, her fingertip tapping on her clit. "I need you right here," she says seductively.

Quickly, Dave fills the applicator with a dose of spermicidal jelly. Kneeling, he teases Molly's clit with the applicator, warming her vagina with a finger then slides the goo injector in. A flick of the plunger gels her deep. Then, leaving the applicator in her for a moment whiles the goo melts he kneels between her legs diddling her clit. Wiggling the applicator he gets her squirming.

Then pulling the goo shooter, he starts in with his dick tip.

Up and down her lips. Flicking her clit, just popping the head between her lips. Molly is wiggling horny now. "PUT IT IN. DAMN IT!" she cried out.

He parts her wet, wet lips with his fat mushroom head forcing his way past the initial squeeze to reach her inner embrace. The feeling is exquisite for them both. Pressing onward they both sigh as he slides the full length of his dick into her channel. Hovering over her on extended arms the flesh does what it was meant to do. Just fundamental animal joining.

"AHHHH" they sighed in unison.

Sensitive skin on skin, right to the root. Slow deep fuck 10 times. Her face is flushed with a full on grin. She silently takes the path to a higher plane.

Quick rabbit pumps shallow, just the head. She is rolling her head in joy.

10 Deep and fast. Her sex is sloppy wet with her juice and the spermicidal. Squishing defines their joining. They are breathing deeply.

Dave pulls all the way out, real slow. His dick head leaves her lips like a parting kiss.

Molly sighs "NO!" and digs her heals into his ass.

Dave puts it back in slow. They can feel every bit of the skin sliding. Heart beats pounding. The next 9 just as slow. Then he began the cycle again. No hurry.

Molly doesn't say much except to whisper "oh fuck," when he pounds her hard. Her flush is building. Her shoulders are pink. This time there is no stopping. A look of wonder is on her face when her head locks back her chin thrusting up. Molly's body locks in a spasm. Her breath is a rasping pant. Her cunt clamps around his dick. Her heels clamp down on Dave's butt.

Dave pounds his dick into her pussy. Molly cums hard and long.

He watches his shaft measure her depth, as she orgasms. Her inner lips hold tight disappearing on in stroke, sliding out they squeeze along his shaft. If Molly wasn't so wet her tight clamping pussy would have stripped the skin off his dick.

Her breasts slide up and down her chest, soft sexy cones shaking on her with the pounding motion of their sex. Finally she takes a breath.

Her release has taken him over the edge.

He pumps in deep as his orgasm jets. She can feel his cock shoot cum deep into her. Stroke, jet, stroke, jet. His balls feel like they have imploded. Her quiet post-orgasmic coos are punctuated by his pounding dick.

He may have tried to fuck his dick off with Laura just a few hours ago, but... Strange New Pussy is especially exciting. His orgasm seems to be so strong it drains fluid from his eyeballs.

"I can feel it," says Molly, "so deep, so good," He collapses onto her. Molly won't let Dave move off top of her. She just hangs on. They lay flat. She makes little milking strokes with her hips and Dave gets full hard again. Molly hums in pleasure.

"Now you get on top and fuck me. Put your legs together and let's roll over," Dave instructs.

Now on top, Molly raises her knees to the side, sits up and slides the boner in as deep as it will go. She bends her back, tilts her pelvis and wiggles. Her clit rubs on Dave's pubic bone.

Molly giggles, "This feels so good. I didn't know how much I needed you. You are a good lover."

Dave cups her tits and tweaks her nipples. Molly puts her knees down and leans forward. Her tits swing in counter rotating circles and slap together. Giggling, she lowers herself down and grazes her swinging nipples against Dave's chest.

The slap, slap is working. The stimulation on her nipples helps her. She finds the angle to grind her clit and takes command of her come. Her shoulders and neck turn pink. The angle is bending Dave's dick. The bend is uncomfortable enough to slow his second orgasm.

Molly gets her cum started and settles in to make it last, deep fucking Dave with a steady stroke. It is so good; she clamps and releases her kegles. Her orgasm slides into another juice jetting release. Just as she thinks she will collapse...

Dave comes again. Hot lancing pulses shoot from his balls to her center.

Each shot is like a punch to Dave. A punch of pleasure that drains his breath. Makes him blind. His hips hump up as he stabs cock deep into his new little lover. His hands hold her hips as he pounds up into her splashing their spend all over themselves.

They are done. Miss doable is done. Molly lies on his chest and hums a cooing song of pleasure. Little cunt kegles tease his dick. She slides her hands under his back locking herself to him. They sleep.

The next day:

Dave wakes early and thinks about the woman sleeping with her hand wrapped around his dick. This is fun, but Molly is fragile. I sure don't want to be tied to a crazy clingy cunt. Been there, done that. This is just spring break sex without the beach. Good fucking sex, but... What do I want?

I sure don't want her as a long term girl friend. That would mess up my thing with Laura and Susan and Ann and all that's too good to fuck with.

I need to get her out of here before Laura's back. That gives me a week max.

She needs a job and somewhere else to live. Fuck'n Bonnie she's like having no family at all. If I don't help who will? That's wrong.

Still, it would be a good deed. It could be fun. Her hand squeezes his dick as she sleeps. That makes up his mind. Not to hard to decide. Not with his dick, cum and gel crusted from last night, puffy hard in her hand.

She is a sexy little fun fuck. Maybe we can be fuck buddies like with Ann. I wonder if she likes girls.

She seems a little naïve, no birth control. Her cunt worked fine once she got going. Shit, I should 'a worn a rubber. Damn you Steve, I better not get the clap from her. FUCK, better get her to the clinic, check her for VD, and get her on the pill. Better get busy. If I need something I can get treated before Laura and Susan get back.

Dave plays with Molly's hair while he thinks. Molly has no money. Her clothes are crap. The ones I washed are clean but way shabby and the wrong size. Nothing that she can wear to get a job waiting tables. That's what she knows how to do. I guess we need to go shopping. Wonder what she'll think of that? Seems like her life has been for shit lately.

Dave isn't rich but his handyman work and painting contracts help him with in extra cash. School its self is covered by a research assistant job which is mostly on break too. The jobs are why he stayed in town instead of ditching to Florida over break.

Dave plays with Molly's hair flicking an end on her nose until she wakes. They are still naked. Molly has a leg thrown over one of Dave's. His arm is under her neck.

Molly feels his morning hard-on in her hand, gives it a conscious squeeze.

"Good morning," he says.

"MMMMmmm," she groans, stretching like a cat, boobs thrust forward, captured between her down thrust arms beside her body. It makes a sexy picture. Dave is watching everything.

Molly says "Good Morning, Let me up, I need to pee. Don't go anywhere. When I get back, I need this thing stuffed up inside of me," She squeezes his dick once again then releases it.

Dave follows Molly to pee. Planning ahead, he washes the spermicidal applicator.

Back in the room he fills it with another dose of gel then teases her with it.

"Where did you come from?" Molly asks. "Why did it take so long to meet you?" (Warning. Warning. Danger. Dave thinks. This might be harder to do than I thought.)

Dave says nothing and rolls her onto her stomach. He gets behind and pulls her hips up off the bed. He slots his cock into her channel and dives deep in one stroke.


Molly arches her back. Dave grabs her hips and starts to pump.

Molly's hip tilt bends Dave's cock down so the base of his cock and his balls press against her clit. They are off to the races. Molly slams back against him as hard as Dave rams. Pure lustful fucking at its wildest.

After a few minutes Molly says. "I need to turn over. I need you in front."

Dave lets go of her hips and she scrambles to flip over. Done in seconds she gets a pillow under

her butt and says. "Ram me. Fuck me hard, right fucking here," pointing to her open cunt.

Dave aims it and presses home. Molly is squishy wet and there is slurping noise as she throws cunt around cock. Molly gets a rocking motion in her hips and flexes Dave's cock brutally. His cock noses her cervix. She feels him in her toes. Molly's tits gyrate and her heels kick his thighs. Her hands claw his arms. Dave grabs her hands and pins her to the bed. Deep fucking pounding animal sex.

Molly cums first clamping her pussy on his cock. She screams little "ahha ahha ahhas."

Dave cums with an "ooofff" pumping until he can stand it no longer. He collapses onto Molly with little spastic shakes of his muscles. They pant and lie sweaty in each others arms.

Dave strongly takes Molly's head in his hands and centers her eyes looking right at his.

He kisses her. He pumps his softening dick in and out one more time.

"Now that we got that out of our system, what say we clean up together and figure out what we want to do for the rest of the day? Sound like a plan?"

They take turns bathing each other pressed together in the small claw foot tub. Somehow they manage to keep it almost non-sexual.

Dave asks, "What do you want to do after breakfast?" Molly has no answer.

Dave says, "Let's go shopping."

"Shopping?" Molly asks.

"Yeah, to buy you some clothes." Dave says.

"I don't have any money." Molly says.

"I've got enough and I want to buy you something nice." Dave says enthusiastically.

"Really?" says Molly, surprised.

"Really," Molly's naked kisses cover Dave.

"Another thing. We should get you to the clinic to get you some birth control. This gel is supposed to be used with a diaphragm. I don't want to get you pregnant. Fucking is too much fun to mess up. OK?"

"OK," she replies.

"I'll make a call and check the hours."

"OK," she smiles.

The day is set. It's just the local deep discount department store. The variety is huge, but you have to check each item very carefully. Some stuff is flawed. It's like mining; you have to dig a lot to find a gem. But it's worth it.

Clothes including buying a bra. Not sure of her new size, Molly gets help from a nice clerk who shows her the right way to fit a bra. Sticking her face out the dressing room curtain, Molly asks him to check out the new bra. He peeks into the dressing room. The basic white bra fits, but is nothing special.

He asks the clerk to find her something in a black lacy bra. In a flash, the clerk is back with something nice, she tightens the straps and mere tits become décolletage. He picks some lacy black panties to send into the dressing room. With the clerks help he sends black and white tank tops, a short jeans skirt, tight black jeans, and a flannel shirt into the room. Molly tries sizes and models clothes at the door. Now she has a couple of a basic campus outfits. Out of the dressing room, she tries on sneakers, while he picks several packages of socks. Then on the way out he sees her look at a display of sexy bandana halter tops.

He stops the cart in front of the display and says, "Pick one, my treat. Actually it will be a treat to see you in it."

Molly can't stop blushing as the clerk rings up her new clothes. She hugs him from behind, burying her face against his shoulder as the new underwear is wrapped up. He smiles at the motherly clerk as he pays for the clothes. Picking up the bags he takes her by the hand and leads her out to the car.

Crossing the busy parking lot with Molly in tow, he unlocks and opens the car door for her.

One of his hands is full of the store bags, the other holds the door. Standing in the open doorway of the car she pulls him into a full on body slam deep tongue kiss of thanks. Her tears flow as she cries and hugs him refusing to let him go. He hugs her back holding the bags with one hand and the keys with the other.

These are just discount store clothes, a few hours of painting money. She is so happy. It's as if they were the finest of New York fashion. Standing in the bright morning sunlight of the parking lot he begins to feel sadness for how poorly Molly has been treated. His tears flow in sympathy.

In minutes they are back to the apartment. Molly strips to try on each of the garments. As she does her fashion show, he clips the tags and complements her good looks. Dressed in her new skirt and tank top she hugs and kisses him in appreciation.

"You are too good to me. You bought me clothes; you are a good lover, my best guy ever. You make me cum so well. I have never felt so loved." He takes her gratitude in his arms while silently wondering at the cruelty of her world. He saddens, fearing he will only inflict more pain.

What happened to a hard dick knows no shame?

Wearing her new clothes, Molly feels good. The funky depressed little girl of yesterday is replaced with an effervescent ball of energy. Together they make lunch. She rubs her tits against him as they work to build sandwiches. When the food is ready she takes his hands leading him to the table.

Pulling out the chair she pats it and says, "Sit here, and let me feed you." He sits and she pushes his knees together mounting his lap facing him. Her legs straddle him wide pushing her pussy mound against his blooming cock. Slowly she fed him his PB&J sandwich.

Then it is time for the clinic. It's not far away, so Molly walks to the clinic to see the doctor for birth control.

While waiting, Molly reads the brochure and thinks about the pill, but that takes time. You have to take it every day and it costs money she doesn't have.

Dave has given her money to pay for the visit so she decides on an IUD instead.

The clinic puts it in. It is effective right now.

Molly has a dreamy walk home.

In the alley, she finds Dave bent over the engine of her car.

It needed two quarts of oil. He could only vacuum off most of the external gunk on the air filter but it is a good start without spending anything on parts.

He worked his way through the vacuum hoses finding and fixing air leaks. Trimming off the end of the hose worked on one, he has the right bit of new hose to replace another and electrical tape fixes a third. Dave cleaned and reset the old burned spark plugs, then files the burn off the distributor points. It isn't pretty, but it's cheap. Now the car will hold an idle. Dave sprays carburetor cleaner into the jets and on the linkage to clean off built up gunk. Slowly, the car begins to smooth right out.

By the time Molly arrives the car is idling smoothly, a little smoky but it runs.

Dave says, "Well it's OK for now. It needs new tune up parts; filters, points and plugs but it will work for a while."

Tears well up in Molly's eyes. She cannot speak.

All of the care she has received in the past day cracked through the shell of her pain and depression.

She feels loved. It feels so strange to her.

She hugs Dave from behind as he bends over to adjust the carburetor idle.

"Stop, I'm all sweaty and greasy. You'll get those new clothes dirty! Just let me go."

Molly is full on sobbing now. Her head lies on Dave's back, her arms around his waist.

"Molly, please, let me go, just look at these hands." Dave turns and holds his hands above his head. They are black with grime to his elbows.

"Let's go inside and we can talk."

Dave shuts the hood and turns off the car. Taking the keys and tool box he leads into the kitchen where he cleans his hands with DL cleaner. (He gets a woodie every time he cleans up with DL, remembering another sexy time)

Molly perches on a kitchen stool and tells him what a wonderful nice guy he is.

"I'm going to tell you a little bit about me. I want to have children. No don't worry. I'm not going to get pregnant. At least right away. It's just something I know. It's important. So nice juice shooting dicks are important to me. But it's a problem."

"Here is why. I like girls. I dated guys in high school, but they never gave me the thrills other girls talked about. No story book romance. I like guys. Some are lots of fun too. But, looking at girls make me wet more often than looking at guys. My first big romance was my freshman year with my roommate. I like making love, with women and men. But the best orgasms were always with women. Guys were too quick or too rough or like that bastard they hit me. None of my women lovers ever hit me. It's just that my family couldn't handle me being a lesbian. When I told my mother she freaked and told me I'm dead to her. She wanted grand children and said I would never have children. They cut me off. That really hurt. That's why I never see them."

"But I felt guilty and I tried to quit girls. If I wanted children, I figured I needed to date guys. So I did. Picking guys was too easy and too hard. In the restaurant where I worked, I was always getting hit on. So I started saying yes. Too many yeses. Most all of them turned out to be assholes. My gay-dar might work; I can spot a willing woman easy. But my guy-dar is all broke. Assholes all fucking assholes. I didn't believe that any guy could be any good. Until you."

"Yeah, I could get off on a dick if it stays hard long enough, but too many times they just shoot and wilt. Not you. You got me off more times than I can count. Steve said you have two girlfriends and fuck around a lot. Now I understand."

"Well it's easy to understand," he said. "I like girls too. Guys never did it for me. Molly, Listen, I'm not a nice guy, and I'm just using you for sex. Really. I Am."

"No you're not. You treat me better than my old boy friend and he said he loved me."

"Sorry to burst your bubble. I'm just in it for the wet dick. As it is the trade is going just fine."

"You're just saying that. I know you are a nice guy."

"OK, you will see. Let's change the subject. So how did it go at the clinic? What did they say?"

"I'm healthy; I took a clap test over a week ago. If you're clean I'm good."

"I'm good." he said.

"It was my choice on birth control and I took the IUD. I got it in and it's good now.

I want to try it out real soon."

"Sounds good. Just hold that thought for a few minutes," He said.

"You can clean up the kitchen from lunch; I've got something to do."

Innocently Molly thinks he's headed to the bath room. She's only half right. He does use the throne, but he also assembles his tools. Steve has a "Whal" hair clipper with a set of combs. That will do for her pubes. I've got a bunch of new disposable Trac II razors. Steve left a can of foamy shaving gel. I've got some baby oil and powder. We're set. I'll use the old towels and put out fresh later.

Time to get her naked in the bathroom.

While working on her car, Dave had an idea about where Molly should live. He thinks she should meet his sexually omnivorous friend Gloria. After their conversation about girls, he is certain they will get along. Gloria will want Molly shaved to take a body cast. Gloria body casts almost everyone she meets. She dominates most sex partners either by force of will or lustful sexual manipulation. Body casts mean clippers and shaving off body hair. Licking. Oil. Dave has had the full on treatment. Shaving, casting, reward. Damn, what a blast. Gloria took a mold of his dick in plaster of Paris. She has a shelf full of rubber Dicks and a wall covered with fiberglass tits and pussies.

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