tagBDSMSpanking the Schoolgirl

Spanking the Schoolgirl


"Well, Miss Brock, you were caught smoking in the girls' locker room today. You know, don't you, the penalty for that violation of the rules is expulsion, even though you are just a few months from graduation?"

The high school principal looked sternly at the nervous young woman standing in front of him. That was hard to do, because she was such a hotty, and he was much more inclined to look at her lustfully. Jennifer Brock was a tall girl with long blonde hair that she wore in thick braids, a pretty face with a creamy complexion and light blue eyes. She had big breasts and a slender waist, and her hips and ass seemed to flare out nicely from that waist. As he looked at the young miscreant, he had secret thoughts of her being naked and leaning over his desk while he fucked her from behind.

Jennifer very much didn't want to be expelled from the high school, especially over something as dumb as smoking in school. "Please, Mr. Dixon. I really don't want to be expelled, and I never smoked in school before. Honest. It was just that one time. Can't we do something else instead? I'll do anything. Anything you want me to do."

Benjamin Dixon didn't really want to expel the pretty girl either. He looked at her record, saw she was 18 years old and noted her record was quite clear, with only a few minor infractions. There was something he would have much preferred doing with her, and he wondered if she really meant it when she told him she would do "anything," especially when she repeated it. He decided to look into the possibility.

"What do you suggest?" he asked her.

"How about corporal punishment?"

He thought about that for a few seconds. Spanking young students was strictly against the law but, since the girl in question was 18 years old, if she signed a statement giving consent to that form of punishment, he would probably be covered, at least as far as the law was concerned. He doubted he would be fired, even if the school board or anybody else even found out about it, which was unlikely. Jennifer would be smart enough not to tell anybody, just keeping her violation of the rules and subsequent punishment between the two of them.

"You know, Miss Brock, it's against the law to inflict any corporal punishment on a minor but, since you are 18 years old, old enough to give consent, would you be willing to sign a statement that you accept being spanked with a ruler in lieu of expulsion?" As he spoke, Ben took a thick wooden ruler out of his desk drawer and slapped it against his hand.

Jennifer looked at the ruler, but with desire, not fear. She enjoyed having her ass spanked by her boyfriend as a preliminary to fucking, and thought the flat piece of wood would be not much different from his hand, and might even feel better and give her more sexual thrills. She also wondered if a man as old as the principal would be up to fucking her after the spanking, because Jennifer knew she would be extremely sexually aroused. The longer and harder he spanked her, the more excited she would get, especially if he gave it to her on her bare ass the way she liked.

"Yes Mr. Dixon," she answered. "I'll sign your paper and let you spank me."

Ben was smiling inside, but still trying to be stern with the attractive young woman. "Very well," he said, and took out a pen and paper, wrote a few words and handed it to Jennifer.

"I, Jennifer Brock, hereby consent to being spanked by High School Principal Benjamin Dixon in lieu of being expelled from school as punishment for violating the rule against smoking on the school grounds," she read out loud. "Alright," she said, and signed the paper and handed it back to the principal.

The first thing Ben did after that was place the signed paper in the personal drawer in his desk and lock it safely away. He didn't really think he would ever need to use it to defend his action, but he wanted to be prepared. The second thing was go to the door and make sure it was locked too, because he didn't want anybody walking in on him as he was meting out the errant student's punishment, especially if it led to what he hoped it would. He returned to his desk and cleared a space where the beautiful blonde would be leaning over while presenting her ass for her punishment.

"Step up against the desk and lean across it with your feet together," he told her, placing the ruler on the desk next to her and watching while she did as she was told.

Jennifer scuffed out of her shoes and bent at the hips to lean across the desk, presenting her ass for his purposes. She was wearing the uniform of senior girls in the school, a black and white and gray plaid skirt and a white blouse with white bobby sox and flat heeled shoes. He walked up behind her and patted her ass as she leaned across over his desk. She felt good to his hand back there, soft but not flabby, and the girl expressed no objections.

He lifted the hem of her skirt over her waist, smoothed it on her back, and reached under her to push the front part of the garment between her body and the desk, making sure her skirt would not get in the way of the spanking and what he hoped would follow. He was glad to see the girl was cooperating with her punishment and had raised her body up from the desk to help him tuck her skirt out of the way.

He smiled upon seeing the lacy black panties she was wearing, and how they contrasted so nicely with the creamy white skin of her ass cheeks and upper thighs. Thinking of how he would turn that whole area bright red made him smile even more. He hooked his fingers in the waistband of the skimpy garment and pulled it down over her succulent ass and reached around her body again to pull down the front of the panties. When he pulled them down to her thighs and let go, they slid down her legs to the floor, and she lifted one foot through the waistband so her panties were around only one of her ankles.

Her ass was fully exposed to him and ready to be spanked, but he took his time to admire the view. As he suspected while she was still covered with the clunky uniform skirt, Jennifer's ass was truly a thing of beauty. Her hips flared from her waist and sloped down to merge with her legs, while her buttocks arced out from her back, forming a pair of perfect, creamy-white hemispheres before curving around and under to join her legs. When his hands caressed the lovely bottoms of those hemispheres, the skin was soft and the flesh was firm. Best of all, fondling her in an intimate way, such as he was doing, did not evoke any complaint, which made him think his true goal of fucking the sexy schoolgirl would very likely be achieved.

Jennifer hoped it would too, although she had no way of knowing what the man behind her was thinking. She knew her ass was alluring and loved having boys and men stroke and fondle her there, especially if their touching was a prelude to a good, hard spanking, and a good fucking after that. Wanting to encourage the principal to continue what he was doing, she bowed her back, raising her ass and making it an even better target for his hands and the ruler he would be using for her punishment.

The gesture was not lost on Ben Dixon, and he picked up the ruler, pulled back his right arm and swung it hard, striking the blonde on the succulent right cheek of her ass. She cried out slightly from the sudden pain, but made no reflexive effort to escape the blow. The next swing put a second red mark an inch above the first, and he knew it must be painful, but Jennifer gave no indication of any distress, except a soft grunt, which could have indicated either pleasure or pain.

It was both, but the hotsy wouldn't tell the principal, at least not yet. The wooden ruler striking the tender flesh of her ass was quite painful, but the pain immediately evolved into pure pleasure. The ruler hurt more than her boyfriends' open hands, which means it gave Jennifer more pleasure. The third blow was to her left buttock, and she cooed in delight, and her ass started squirming.

The blows continued, hard and at intervals of about twenty seconds. This gave enough time for the pleasure to reverberate through her body from every swat, so Jennifer derived equal joy every time the ruler struck her upper thighs or ass. As the spanking continued, the blonde's sexual excitement mounted, and she could feel herself drawing closer to a climax. She resisted reaching under her body and playing with her clit, because she fervently hoped the man doing the spanking would do that for her during the fucking she hoped would follow.

Seeing her movements and hearing her sounds of pleasure, Ben realized the hotsy was having as much fun as he, which was a great deal. Sometimes he swung a hard forehand and smacked her on her right cheek. Sometimes he moved to his right and swung backhandedly, leaving a bright red streak on her formerly creamy left buttock. Sometimes he stepped closer and the ruler cracked hard against both her cheeks at once. Whatever kind of swing he used, Ben was almost certain the punishment would be followed by his cock driving in and out of the young woman's pussy from behind, as in his earlier fantasy. His cock hoped so too, for it had become so hard it felt to him as though it were trying to punch a hole in his pants.

As the punishment, which had become strictly pleasure for both participants, continued, Jennifer's hips were swiveling, thrusting her feet, one at a time, against the floor in what appeared to be a dance of lust. Ben unzipped his pants and freed his cock, which bounced up and down as he continued applying the ruler to her gorgeous ass. As he had promised himself he was going to do, both her cheeks had been turned bright red from their soft curvy bottoms to the top of her cleft. Jennifer's whole body was writhing in bliss, and her legs had slowly spread wider during her movements.

Ben could see and smell the juices as they trickled from her pussy down her legs, and he knew it was time for the spanking to end and the fucking to begin. Ever since he was a teenager, he had carried a condom in his wallet, and he removed it, unwrapped it and rolled it onto his cock, letting his pants and boxer shorts drop to the floor as he did. He stepped up behind her, set the ruler on the desk, placed a hand on either of her hips and pressed his cock against her dripping pussy.

Jennifer recognized the hard presence and pleaded with the man behind her. "Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Stick that big cock all the way into my cunt and really give it to me." She reached her hands between her legs and spread her pussy lips to expedite what she wanted him to do.

Ben guided his cock to where it was wanted and rubbed the tip in her ocean of wetness. When the lubrication was spread, he centered it between the soft, pink edges of the hole that was his target and thrust forward. He delighted in the sensation of his cock squeezing through those edges, but didn't want to plunge it into the hotsy too quickly. Entry by degrees and a long, slow fuck was his goal, bringing the sexy schoolgirl and himself to tremendous simultaneous orgasms.

Jennifer wanted to fuck and she wanted to cum quickly. The head of the cock wedging into her pussy was a start, but she wanted more. To encourage the principal, she started pushing back against him and wiggling her hips. His second thrust felt as if he had driven most of his shaft into her, but she wanted it all. Her hands were no longer needed to hold her lips open, so Jennifer reached across the desk and gripped the opposite edge, preparing to fuck back to meet his cock once he started thrusting it in and out of her.

Placing his hands on Jennifer's hips and giving another thrust, Ben felt his cock slide all the way into the dripping pussy in front of him. She was tight, but so wet his shaft drove all the way into her until he could feel his pubic hair brushing against her sensitive skin, and he stayed in that position, letting the muscles in her pussy massage him and looking down to see her body writhing on top of the desk.

"Oooo, yeah, that feels good. Now, really fuck me," she begged him.

Ben ignored her for another half a minute, leaving his cock embedded all the way inside Jennifer's pussy and letting the same muscles ripple all over its length, before drawing back and plunging his entire shaft into her again. The young blonde murmured happily and fucked back to meet his thrust. Her hips were swiveling in front of him and her feet were driving into the carpet again. Twice more he pulled back and plunged his cock into her, and Jennifer's movements became even more pronounced.

"I need to cum, Mr. Dixon. Please play with my clit."

He reached around her hip to find the soggy mass that was her pussy and felt for her swollen clit. When he found it, Ben gently squeezed it between two folds of her inner lips and started stroking it at the same pace as he was driving his cock in and out of her. Her body thrashed from side to side and her hands held tightly to the opposite edge of the desk while her pussy thrust back to hungrily impale itself on his cock as he drove it in and out of her.

"Oh, my god," the hotsy cried out as she started cumming.

Jennifer's whole upper body rose and fell at the same tempo as the cock that was driving into her pussy, while her hips and every part of her body, or so it seemed, was in motion. Her dance of lust continued, but her feet stamped harder on the floor, while she warbled joyfully of what the cock was doing for her. Fearing the girl might completely lose control and fall over, Ben kept one arm around her waist while he stroked her clit and pressed his body tightly against her.

Those were the three best things he could have done for her. His hand stroking her swollen clit and his cock pounding in and out of her pussy would have been enough, but his body pressed against her painful red ass helped bring Jennifer to a tremendous climax. She cried out in ecstasy; all her muscles clenched and she rammed her pussy back against the man who had done it for her. After that great orgasm, she slumped forward against the desk, and Ben kept driving his cock slowly in and out. He was still quite a way from cumming, and he wanted to bring the sexy blonde to another orgasm.

That was what she wanted too. After less than a minute, she turned her head toward him and murmured "Oh, my god, did I ever cum. I wanna do it again."

"I want you to do it again, and I want to cum too." The horny principal kept his hands on the student's succulent hips and continued slowly plunging his cock into her even wetter pussy.

She started fucking back to meet his strokes. After cumming the way she did, Jennifer was so relaxed, and her pussy was so wet, his cock kept plunging all the way in, so his pubic hair was plastered against her with every thrust. This provided tremendous pleasure to the blonde hotsy in two ways. First, his long, thick shaft was filling her pussy and caressing every hot spot except her clit, and that would be attended to later. Maybe more important, every time Ben Dixon's body pressed against her ass, which was still bright red from the long spanking he had given her, it sent more and stronger waves of pain throbbing through her. They immediately evolved into pleasure, inundating Jennifer's body and helping drive her steadily to another orgasm.

Ben continued fucking the schoolgirl, using long, slow strokes and ending every one with his body pressed against her. He could feel the heat radiating from where he had turned her ass red, and he knew she was deriving pleasure from that and from his cock. Ben was glad about that, because her happiness made the sex even better for him. For a long time he continued, while his climax slowly mounted and Jennifer's movements grew wilder and her repeated expressions of joy became louder.

The man fucking her was also far from silent. His hands clung to her hips and he grunted and sighed happily every time he drove his cock in and out of her pussy. He was elated at the way Jennifer was enjoying the session as much as he was, because her writhing and the movements of her hips made her pussy caress his cock differently with every stroke.

He was also glad the instrument of her punishment had been his special ruler. It wasn't much of a measuring device or a straightedge, because it was thick, and its edges were beveled on both sides. Instead, the ruler had been designed for spanking and could deliver painful blows without cutting or inflicting any actual injury. He had turned Jennifer's white ass into a painful red mass, but it was a matter of covering her with a multitude of wide red streaks, with no breaking of her skin or even leaving welts. By the next morning, the color of her ass would once again be the previous creamy hue, but the pain might continue for another day.

He knew the ruler was continuing to do its job, and Jennifer's ass was still painful, especially when he pressed his body against her, as he did with every thrust of his cock into her pussy. She kept fucking back against him, and it was almost as much to feel the lingering pain from the spanking as to take his shaft in as deeply as possible. He could also tell she was getting ready to cum, from her increasingly wilder movements and her moans and whimpers of bliss.

"I'm almost ready to cum," the sexy blonde murmured back over her shoulder. "Really give it to me now. And play with my clit! Please."

He had felt his own climax steadily mounting, much as a volcano builds up pressure under the surface before erupting, so Ben was more than ready to do what she wanted. He changed the position of his feet slightly and started really giving it to her, driving his cock harder and faster into her pussy. Once again, he reached around her hip and wrapped her swollen clit between folds of her inner lips and stroked her in the same tempo as his cock driving in and out of her. She responded by tossing her upper body about on the desk and moaning louder and matching his increased pace.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" Jennifer grunted in time to the cock pounding into her pussy. "Oh Yes!" she cried out abruptly, and the principal knew she was starting to cum again.

Her body thrashed all over the desk, and her arms swung wildly knocking a few things to the floor. Ben hoped they weren't fragile or valuable, but he was too involved in the fucking and her orgasm and his own imminent eruption to care about such minor things. He continued ramming his cock into her pussy, and she fucked back just as hard and fast, until she cried out in ecstasy as her climax overwhelmed her.

After her great orgasm, the satisfied blonde slumped across the desk, but the man who had brought it about kept driving his cock in and out of her pussy. Ben did not slow down, and after fewer than two dozen more strokes, his own climax erupted, and he shot a big gob of semen into his condom. He slowed down slightly, but did not stop until he had ejaculated twice more and, when he was through, he sprawled across the body of the young blonde. They lay like that for a few more minutes, until Jennifer broke the silence.

"That was wonderful, Mr. Dixon, and I hope you enjoyed it too. You aren't going to expel me now, are you? We can get together for some more fun, if you want. I give really good head too."

"Expel you? Why should I want to expel you? You're a good girl, and I certainly think you deserve another chance. Yes, we can get together some more, and I like getting head too."

"You're mistaken. I'm not a good girl; I'm really a very naughty girl, and I deserve to get spanked or whipped for all the bad things I'm always doing. I hope you keep your ruler handy, but sometimes a belt works better."

After making those tentative arrangements, Ben carefully removed his cock from her pussy, and they cleaned themselves off with some paper towels. The happy pair put their clothing back on and Jennifer left the office to go to her next class, smiling in anticipation of the fun she would be having for the rest of the school year. She was also happily thinking of how deliciously painful it would be for her to sit on hard wooden chairs for the rest of the school day and feel the burning and throbbing radiating out from her ass and thighs and spreading through her body.

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