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Spanks for the Memories


I sat there looking at the advertisement for what must be the 100th time. I don’t know why I bothered reading it because I knew it off by heart.

“Spanking Services for Ladies only by mature, experienced. caring and understanding Auntie/Domme. First timers especially welcome. Make your fantasies come true. Contact Elizabeth and the phone number.

God! I was so frustrated. There I was, a University graduate, successful businesswoman in charge of my own department and I was so nervous about making one phone call. A phone call that could change my life, a phone call that may result in me receiving the spanking that I had needed, desired, wanted, fantasised and masturbated over for so many years.

After all, if I wasn’t happy with the conversation all I had to do was hang up. I had checked out Elizabeth’s reputation with the editor of the contact magazine in which I read the advert and he gave Elizabeth a very good report. Also there were those letters in the magazine from ladies who had been to Elizabeth and had “such a great time” that they were going back – surely all those couldn’t be fake?

It was after 5.30 and all the office had gone home, I was by myself and I finally plucked up the courage to make the call. I used my mobile phone and dialled the number.

“Elizabeth speaking, can I help you?” Elizabeth answered in a cheerful voice.

I was frozen, words wouldn’t come, and I didn’t know what to say!

“Hello, hello are you there? You must be I can hear you breathing, come on say something or I’ll have to hang up.”

Finally words came, “I, I, I’m ringing about your advert,” I spluttered out, so much for the calm, successful businesswoman.

Elizabeth was great, “ Is this your first call about spanking?” She asked.

“Yes it is,” was all I could say.

“You sound so nervous, there’s no need to be but I know what you’re going through. Take some deep breaths, breath in and fill up your lungs and tummy, yes that’s right, now let it all out, go on, keep going, let it all out. Great, now do it again and three more times, there’s no hurry.”

She listened while I did as she instructed, then inquired, “There that’s better, do you feel more relaxed?”

“Yes I do”, I replied truthfully, “I think I can actually put a few coherent words together now.”

Elizabeth laughed, her mood was infectious, and I felt as if I could really talk to the lady at the other end of the phone. “O.K., now how can I help you? What’s your first name?’ she asked.

“Oh, my name is Maria, I seen your advert many times and I’ve finally decided to call you about your spanking services. You see I’ve had this, this um”

“Need?” asked Elizabeth.

“Yes that’s the word, this need for so long, years and years, and I’m just so frustrated that I haven’t had anyone to talk to about it, let alone anyone to actually spank me. I’ve dropped a few hints to a couple of girlfriends who I thought were broadminded and they just laughed at me, so I’ve finally decided to ring you.” Now I was talking Elizabeth couldn’t get a word in edgeways, I was on a roll and not stopping until it all came out. “I’ve searched the Internet looking at various sites of Mistresses and most of them seem so awful. I’m not interested in torture or brown showers, I don’t want to be put down, humiliated or degraded, I just want, no, I just need some gentle domination with a good over the knee spanking.” There I had finally said it, what would Elizabeth say?

“Sounds familiar to me”, She said, “ I’ve spanked lots of ladies whose desires and fantasies were just the same as yours. You don’t have to worry; I’m not into showers, torture or humiliation. My main service is over the knee spanking, clothed or unclothed, it’s your choice.”

“You do it clothed?’ I blurted out, that had one of my worries, baring my bum to a complete stranger, even another woman.

Again that comforting laugh, “Yes, some clients don’t want the embarrassment of baring their bottom so they wear thin, tight shorts, or panties, or some prefer a g-string which allows me to spank them on the bare while they retain some modesty. It’s your choice Maria, nothing happens to you at my place that you don’t want to happen. I want you to leave happy and satisfied with my services so that you want to come back again. Of course I do earn my living from my services so there is a charge.”

Elizabeth went on to explain the charges and we talked some more. We spoke about fear, of wants, of fantasies, of some of her experiences with novices. She offered to meet me at a coffee shop if that would make things easier for me, we could talk things over and if I didn’t like her we could leave and go our separate ways. I was tempted to take the easy way out but instead asked when could she see me?

“Well as a matter of fact I have a vacancy tonight because of a cancellation. My regular lady for tonight had to go interstate because of her job so if you want her time it’s yours. Maybe this cancellation happened for a reason Maria, I don’t believe in accidents, the time is available for you, tonight, if you really want to face your fear.”

It was up to me, there was silence as my mind raced, thinking about everything Elizabeth had said, she sounded so nice, so trustworthy.

I took a deep breath and said, “I’ll come tonight Elizabeth, what time and where?”

“Very good Maria, I’m proud of you for making what is not an easy decision.” After giving me her address and instructions of how to find her house she said, “I’ll see you at 7.30 Maria, don’t be late or else! Bye for now.”

The phone went dead. God, what had I let myself in for? My mind started to race, would I go or not? After all she didn’t know my number. No Maria, I said to myself, stop these damn negative thoughts and do it!

I rushed to my nearby apartment, showered and dressed. I decided to wear a g-string, I wanted it on the bare but wasn’t sure if I wanted Elizabeth to see my privates. I tried to eat something but I was too nervous so I went to the downstairs car park, got my car and drove out to the suburbs. Elizabeth’s instructions were excellent, I later found that giving instructions were one of Elizabeth’s strengths, and arrived about ten minutes early.

I sat outside trembling nervously, butterflies rushing about in my stomach, but still very determined to go through with it. After all, Elizabeth had said I could leave at any time and we had agreed on ‘Mercy’ as a code word. I checked once again that I had put the right amount of money in the envelope for Elizabeth and at 7.28 drove into her driveway to my appointment with destiny.

As Elizabeth had said, high fences and hedges gave me privacy as I walked nervously up to the front door. Without hesitation I rang the bell, giving myself a private pat on the back for my bravery.

Elizabeth answered the door almost immediately. She was smiling as she ushered me into the hallway. I liked her straight away. She reminded me of one of my aunts as she welcomed me and asked me to put the envelope on the hall table.

As she guided me into the comfortable lounge room she said, “Congratulations Maria, it takes courage to face ones fears, I’m very proud of you.”

“Proud of me?” I asked.

“Yes, and I want you to be proud of your spanking needs Maria. I don’t mean you have to rush out and tell everyone you know about what happens here tonight. But your needs are your needs, it’s a very personal thing for you and there is nothing for you to be ashamed about, O.K.?”

I nodded, feeling good about facing my demons but also suddenly a bit nervous about the actual spanking.

“Would you like a coffee or tea?” Elizabeth inquired, “Or perhaps something a bit stronger for the nerves, a glass of wine perhaps?"”

“Wine would be wonderful,” I replied.

“Great, I’ve a nice bottle of wine open, Australian Porphry Pearl. I’ll join you, please take a seat, I’ll be back in a minute.”

Elizabeth was soon back with the glasses and I gratefully sipped while we talked a bit more about her experiences. I noted that she never mentioned any names and that pleased me, as my privacy was very important to me. Suddenly the glasses were empty and it was time.

“Ready Maria, ready for your first spanking?

I nodded, suddenly lost for words but determined to go through with it, I was as confident as I could be at that stage that Elizabeth was the person for the job at hand and I was ready.

“Take off your shoes Maria and stand up,” Elizabeth ordered.

I did as I was told and Elizabeth moved into the centre of the couch. “OK Maria, come and lay across my knees,” she instructed.

I lay across Elizabeth’s thighs and shivered as one of her hands pressed firmly into my back. The other hand gently stroked my bottom in a circular motion over my dress. Inwardly I screamed to Elizabeth, ‘Get on with it for fuck’s sake’ but I remained silent, waiting impatiently for my spanking to start.

The stroking finally ceased and Elizabeth’s hand moved down to the bottom of my loose skirt where it gathered the hem and ever so slowly raised the skirt upwards, leaving my sheer silk petticoat behind.

As Elizabeth placed the skirt over my back, above my waist she exclaimed, “Beautiful, a silk petticoat, I don’t see many of these, they are so sexy and lovely to touch.” Again the firm hand moved down my legs and raised the petticoat up, baring my bottom to her gaze. I felt the coolness of the room on my cheeks, while unknown to Elizabeth my face blushed bright red.

“A g-string, I’m glad you wore it Maria, they are the best thing to wear for spankings, are you ready to start now? Last chance to pull out!”

“Please just get on with it!” I pleaded.

Elizabeth’s hand roamed in circles over my bare bum “Patience brings it’s own rewards, Maria, and a little wait never hurt anyone.”

The rubbing hand withdrew, the atmosphere was electric as I tensed my buttocks and waited for the first hit.

The first ‘smack’ was very gentle and did not sting at all. Elizabeth spanked me softly all over both cheeks, making sure that she covered all of my bare skin, “Just a light warm up,” she explained, “I find that first timers like to be warmed up gradually.”

A slight pause then ‘wack’ her hand landed with a bit more force. I felt a bit of a sting each time Elizabeth’s practised hand came down on my skin, but it wasn’t painful – yet.

The pressure of each spank gradually increased, now I was feeling them and I realised with pleasure I was enjoying it – my first spanking was all I hoped it would be.

“Your bottom has turned a lovely shade of pink Maria, are you going OK?” Elizabeth asked. I nodded my reply and she continued, “It’s going to get harder now so if it gets too much you know the code word.”

Again I nodded and as I did ‘whack’ Elizabeth’s hand came down with quite a bit of force.

“Ow.” I cried, “That stings!”

“And there’s a lot more where that one came from,” laughed Elizabeth as she continued to spank me.

All the blows were really stinging now and I was wriggling around on Elizabeth’s thighs.

“Ouch, ooooh, aaahhh, Oh God,” I exclaimed, “Oh Elizabeth this is really good, please keep going.” Was this me speaking? My fantasies of many years were now a reality and I thought privately why had I waited so long?

‘Whack, smack, whap’ the spanking continued and I suddenly realised that I was getting very wet between my legs.

“Your arse is bright red now Maria, it looks really great, I wish I could take a photo it looks so good,” Elizabeth said.

Every smack was really stinging and causing me quite a bit of discomfort. Tears were forming in my eyes and I thought of using the code word after each blow, but as Elizabeth paused between each spank I knew that I wanted more!

Suddenly the spanking stopped and Elizabeth said, “Stand up Maria!”

Not wanting it to finish just yet I replied, “Please keep going Elizabeth, I want some more!”

“Stand up Maria and do as you’re told,” Elizabeth’s voice was suddenly very stern.

I struggled to my feet and stood in front of Elizabeth looking at her through my tears.

“Maria take off your skirt,” Elizabeth ordered in a quiet but firm voice that wasn’t to be argued with. I realised in that split second that I didn’t want to disobey and did as I was told.

“Now your petticoat, Maria.”

Again I obeyed thinking that this would be as far as she wanted me to go, Elizabeth was showing that she was in charge here and that she would brook no nonsense. I slipped my petticoat down over my legs and stood there, now almost naked from the waist down.

“Now Maria, take off your blouse and your bra!”

I froze, stripping off hadn’t come into my mind and I felt a wave of panic come over me.

Elizabeth’s next words were suddenly reassuring, “Maria, you remember I said I want you to be proud of your spanking needs?” I nodded and she continued, “Well I want you to be proud of your body as well as your needs, I want you to be completely unashamed while you are with me, you’re a beautiful lady and I want to spank you completely undressed, do you understand?”

Again I nodded and felt safe once again. I unbuttoned my blouse and dropped it on the floor with my skirt and petticoat. Without a pause I reached back and unclipped my bra, my breasts fell free, I looked down and saw how hard my nipples were, all I had left on was my G-string.

“Beautiful, just beautiful Maria, put your hands on your head,” Elizabeth said as she rose and stood in front of me. “I’m getting too warm”. She explained as she unbuttoned and slipped out of her jacket. She was not wearing a bra under the sheer white blouse and I could see her large dark nipples through the material.

I complied with her instruction and stood with my hands on my head as Elizabeth took a nipple of each breast between a thumb and forefinger of each hand. Gently she squeezed and ordered, “Count slowly to twenty Maria.”

God I was so turned on and did as she ordered. “1, 2, 3, 4” as I counted Elizabeth squeezed my nipples tighter and tighter. By the time I got to fifteen tears were forming in my eyes again and by the time I sobbed “18, 19, 20” the tears were rolling down my cheeks. As soon as I said “20” Elizabeth released my nipples and her hands went to my G-string, she bent and lowered my panties to the floor.

“Very good Maria, are you ready to complete the spanking?” Elizabeth said as she once again sat on the couch with her eyes roaming my body.

I nodded at Elizabeth through the tears and resumed my position over her knees, I knew she could now see all my arse and pussy but I didn’t care, I was on fire inside and wanted my bottom to be on fire too.

There was to be no gentle resumption of the spanking as the first smack landed with a stinging ‘whack’.

“Owwww,” I yelled as the hard smacks continued without let up. Once again I was wriggling around on Elizabeth’s lap.

“Ouch, ohhhh, oh God, stop, pleeeeease stop,” I cried, not meaning what I was saying and of course Elizabeth didn’t let up as I had not used the code word. The spanks were getting harder and Elizabeth paused more between each hit. My poor arse was now on fire as each time Elizabeth seemed to smack just that little bit harder. Oh how it was stinging and once again the tears were running down my cheeks. But still I wanted more, I was so excited now, the smell of a very turned on woman pervaded the room, after all these years I was in ecstasy from the agony!

The hard spanks continued “whack, whack, whack! Until finally the pain got too much and I sobbed out, “Mercy Elizabeth, mercy please!

Elizabeth stopped immediately as I knew she would, I collapsed across her knees feeling a great sense of release as an orgasm shuddered through my body. Very gently Elizabeth eased both her strong arms under my now limp body and turned me over, holding me in her arms as she would a child.

“It’s OK to cry Maria,” Elizabeth said kindly, “Just let go of all the stress and tension that you have been holding in for all these years, just let it out. Here baby, suck on these.”

I opened my eyes to see Elizabeth unbutton her blouse and release her large breasts. I automatically opened my mouth as Elizabeth guided my head to the left nipple. I closed my eyes and sucked hard, continuing to sob as Elizabeth used some tissues to wipe away the tears. Sucking her nipples seemed so natural and comforting to me as she whispered consoling words. She was holding me so my poor sore bum wasn’t touching anything. I was lying in her arms not feeling ashamed at all of my nudity or my tears. I actually felt proud that I had finally faced my fears and had the spanking that I had fantasised about for so long.

After the tears and the sobbing had subsided I looked Elizabeth in the eyes and smiled at her.

Elizabeth smiled back at me as she buttoned her blouse, “Your eyes are so clear Maria, I think the spanking has been very good for you. I have some other clients that get stress relief from spanking too. When you feel up to it you can stand, I have something I want to show you.”

A few minutes later I stood up; my hands went to my arse, which was still very warm. Elizabeth led me a corner of the room where a full-length mirror stood. Her strong hands directed me to stand with my back to the mirror. From a drawer she took a hand mirror, which she gave me, “Look at your bottom in the reflection Maria.”

I did as I was told and gazed in awe at my rosie red arse that was still stinging. “God it’s so red Elizabeth, is your hand sore?”

Elizabeth laughed, “There’s no need to me concerned for me Maria, if my hand gets too sore I have some implements that I can use, but I rarely use them in a first session, would you like to see them?”

I nodded and Elizabeth led me to the passage down the centre of the house, her hand patting my warm arse as we walked. “I have three other rooms that I can use for punishment and other services Maria, this one is the school room for naughty young ladies.”

Elizabeth opened the door and I gazed at the blackboard, the student’s desks and an assortment of rulers, straps and canes lying on top of the teacher’s desk. “Perhaps you would like to relive some of your chalk dust fantasies sometime in the future Maria?”

I was amazed at the detail of the room and before I could answer Elizabeth guided me down the passage to the next door which she opened for me to view.

“This is the dungeon Maria, this is the place for stronger punishment.” I didn’t know what to say as I looked at the cross with its straps against the wall, the rings hanging from chains attached to the ceiling, leg spreaders, a gynecologist's examination chair with stirrups, a cage, many coils of rope hanging against the wall and a huge assortment of canes, whips, straps.

I was a bit dumbstruck and didn’t resist as Elizabeth led me across the room to the chair with the stirrups. She placed a soft cushion on the seat and then lifted me onto the cushion saying as she did, “Don’t worry Maria, no pain for you now, just pleasure, I think you need a bit more relief.”

Gently Elizabeth placed my legs in the stirrups and knelt down in front of my wide-open and very wet pussy, I was soooo turned on, the fire inside me matched the fire slowly fading on my arse. To my amazement I didn’t feel any embarrassment at all, all I knew was that I wanted Elizabeth’s tongue up my cunt. To my relief she didn’t keep me waiting, using fingers from both hands she spread my lips wide and licked around the outside of my labia. I was on fire as the tip of Elizabeth’s tongue tickled my clitoris and my back arched as the first orgasm flooded through my body.

“Fuck my cunt Elizabeth, make me come again!” I cried as I pushed Elizabeth’s head up against my groin. Elizabeth was unable to answer and kept licking and licking me, I was in heaven as her obviously well practiced tongue once again brought me over the top.

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