Spice Ch. 05


Jodie looked around the half-empty restaurant, pushed a potato around her plate, then looked back up at Fred.

How on Earth had she ended up in this situation?

He smiled back at her. Fred's was a slightly crooked smile, but it was nice enough, especially with that fine jaw of his. His friendly eyes twinkled a little, but the conversation was a little stilted.

Which is why she found herself staring at her sauce streaked plate more often than at his face. It was also why her mind kept replaying the sequence of events that had bought her here.

She shifted in her seat, tugging her stupidly short dress down, then looked back up at him. He said something so inane she didn't know how to respond, and simply smiled weakly. That seemed to please him enough.

It was getting harder to ignore her feelings of guilt, but it was also getting more awkward to extricate herself from this mess. Another wave of shame swept over her as she remembered David's face when he tore open the wrapper of his DS.

Jodie couldn't help giggling along with him as he yanked open the box and dove in to retrieve it. A few years ago, he used to do a little dance when he got a present that excited him, but she thought his laugh was more endearing even than that.

He'd lost his last one somewhere in the mad rush to hospital during one of the most scary of all his attacks. That meant he'd been nearly two months without it. She'd bought it to give to him when he came home, but on the way back he mentioned he was excited to wait until his birthday for a new one.

The whole thing had terrified her, which is why Jake's surprise present was even more ridiculous.

Jodie heard the box mewing as he carried it in and handed it to his son with a broad grin on his face. David crinkled his brow in confusion, and opened the lid with some trepidation. But the tiny kitten inside made his eyes bulge, and he clapped his hands in excitement.

David wasn't at all confident handling the tiny cat, but he immediately took a shine to it, and sat with it on his lap while he tapped away at his new game. It was an adorable sight, but she could already see David sniffing a little at the fur.

Not wishing to argue in front of him on his birthday, she stroked her husband's chest seductively and whispered sweetly in his ear that she wanted to spend some time alone with him in the kitchen.

He followed her out, giving her butt a firm slap and squeeze on the way.

It was actually hard to resist as he turned her round and pushed her into the counter, nuzzling wetly in to the crook of her neck. Already his hands had snaked up from her hips and under her top, quickly finding the soft curves of her tits, and she sighed a little as his thumbs found each nipple through her bra and massaged them roughly, just as his teeth began to nibble at her skin.

Her breathing sounded loud as it mingled with the tiny puckered noises coming from his mouth while his lips danced on her skin. Her body was betraying her mood, and she silently cursed its betrayal as her hand stroked into his hair and cradled his head tighter to her.

She felt the fat flesh of his tongue glide across her throat as he moved to focus his attention on the other side. And when his hand slipped between her abdomen and the waist band of her jeans, she momentarily forgot why she'd bought him out here. Instead she luxuriated in the feeling of his hot palm gliding into her panties and snaking through her soft hair. His middle finger expertly found her clit, before gliding over it and curling into her lips, penetrating her so smoothly she knew she was dripping wet.

It was only when she heard David coughing a little in the next room that she yanked Jake's hand free and pushed him away. His look told her he thought it was part of the fun, and when he tried to feed her his wet finger, she took it, but nipped into his flesh with more than a little spite.

"Owww," he yelped, "What the fu--?"

"A kitten?" she almost hissed, before readjusting her bra. She immediately regretted how much the inelegant move undermined her anger.

"He loves cats. So do you."

"What about his allergies?" she shook her head and began tidying some dishes away.

"Well," he slumped on to a stool at the counter and looked hurt, "I read on the net that if you expose kids to things, they you know, build up their, what's it called? Immunity."

"Don't be so ridiculous," she said while deliberately clattering the plates, but immediately felt bad because she remembered it was her who had shown him the blog about it.

"Sorry," he pouted, thankfully not remembering.

"Well, we'll just have to keep a close eye on it, and hope that he doesn't get too attached to it if we have to get rid of it."

At that moment David bounced into the room, the kitten sitting precariously on his shoulder. It let out a terrified mew, and nearly fell off when David giggled.

"Can we call her Coochie?"

Jodie nearly spat out a laugh and had to turn her back to hide her mirth. Jake missed why she was laughing and asked, "As in Coochie coo?"


"Sure, why not?"

David laughed again, and scooped the kitten from his shoulder and flew her back in to the den like a petrified mewing airplane.

"We can't call her Coochie."

"Why not?" Jake's brow crinkled up like his son's.

"It'll get shortened to Cooch."


"Cooch means," she tried to think of a suitable synonym, "it means ... pussy."

"Even better," Jake shook his head without comprehension.

"No, pussy as in vagina."

"Ohhhhh," he exhaled, before smiling.

They spent the next few minutes giggling about all the dirty puns that would crop up, and then decided it was too funny to not do it.

Thus, there was a new member of the family; Coochie.

And the mirth had somewhat placated the impasse about the kitten, so the rest of the day passed pleasantly.

Libby needed to have the name explained to her when she popped in, which also made Jodie feel a little better. If someone as free-spirited as her neighbour couldn't make the dirty connection, then maybe it would end up being a fun private joke.

So all in all it'd been a good day, Jodie concluded as she perched on the corner of the bed running a brush through her hair. David had passed out like a light when his head hit the pillow, his new toy still in his hand, and Coochie curled up in his half-open sock drawer.

No doubt there'd be some mess to clean up in the morning, but for now, the soothing strokes of the brush were making her sleepy and content. She looked up when the door opened slowly and saw the engorged bulge in Jake's jeans before she saw him.

His cock was straining hard against the denim, and she couldn't take her eyes off of the shape as he strode towards her. When he came to a halt, she caught a waft of the heat from his crotch, and the scent of his arousal tickled her nose as she watched him unbuttoning his fly purposefully. His hands snaked in and pulled it out, the tip swollen, every single vein beneath the skin pumped full with his hardness.

She let him take the brush from her hand, and loved the way his fingers snaked into her hair and pulled it tight behind her head, urging her face towards his rock hard cock. She stuck out her tongue and pushed the flesh into the soft vein on the underside, letting him guide her head up the length, tasting him greedily as his heat coursed through it.

He manoeuvred her mouth to the tip, and she engulfed it with her lips, making it wet as she swished her tongue around and over it. Then she let the pressure of his hands push her down the shaft, feeling it glide over her tongue and stretch her cheeks. Still he insisted, guiding her head down further, until her lower lip was tickling against his hairy balls.

"Play with your tits," he instructed with a husky whisper, and she readily obliged, taking each one in her hands and massaging them, paying attention to her engorged nipples as her breaths gasped over his cock.

Then she felt what she'd been waiting for, as his fingers gripped her head and his hips began to thrust, pulling his prick out and pushing it back in with wet slurping strokes. She loved the way he fucked her mouth, and moaned her approval, sending the vibrations through his shaft that she knew made his balls swell.

As his pace and forcefulness gathered pace, she knew the gripping fingers in her hair meant she was about to get her creamy prize. His cock grew even bigger against her tongue and his rasping breathe above her announced the moment, just as his prick twitched and sent a thick stream of hot spunk into the back of her throat.

His hands held her head in place, as he twitched a few more ribbons into her mouth, and she gladly swallowed them back as he released his grip. She slipped her mouth off his length with a loud plopping slurp. It'd been a while since he'd done that, and she was incredibly ready for the follow up.

After he'd fucked her face, she loved how he threw her legs over his shoulders and knelt down at her pussy with a hungry tongue, licking and probing until she came. She let her weight fall back on to the bed, and propped herself on her elbows, looking up at him expectantly.

Jake blew her a kiss, and spun on his heels before disappearing into the bathroom. She swore to herself when she heard him step in to the shower, and kicked off her clothes angrily.

She was still steaming when he fell into bed beside her and immediately rolled on to his side to sleep. The buttons on her Kindle clicked loudly, and she hoped it would keep him awake, but soon his snoring was drowning out their noise.

Her dreams were odd and unnerving, as they always were when she slept on anger. But as she came to, she felt him spoon up beside her, his warm embrace a pleasant surprise. The tiny kisses he planted on her shoulder were nice too, but it didn't exactly make up for his antics.

And when he whispered his revelation in to her ear, she was so dumbfounded she merely kicked the covers away and stormed in to the bathroom. Her hands dialled down the hot water; she needed to cool down.

How could he?

A conference? That weekend of all weekends?

"Conference my ass," Fred had typed.

She knew what he was inferring, but she was still too incensed that he'd be away for their tenth anniversary to even contemplate he might be lying.

The air had been frosty in the house for three days, not that Jake had even noticed. He just carried on like nothing had happened, and the more she left the argument festering inside, the more vitriolic her rehearsals of it became.

And all the while Fred was whispering in her ear, poking the embers and keeping her angry fires burning. She knew why of course; whenever he mentioned it, she wanted to take her mind off of it, and that meant the camera came on and his cock came out.

There was something hypnotic about watching him play that really did temporarily make her forget, and if she was honest with herself, really made her quite wet.

Which is why she let him say these things about Jake. She knew he was doing it to get his rocks off, but she liked seeing it. And there was an element of truth in his accusations. She was sure of it.

Why else would he sneak away on their anniversary?

"Tell you what," Fred typed one afternoon as he gripped his thick shaft in one hand, "why don't we have dinner whilst he's away?"

It felt spiteful to even consider it, and she resented Jake for even putting her in this position. It didn't seem right though, but for some reason she couldn't decide either way.

She decided, as always when she felt like this, to leave it to fate.

Heads, she'd go. Tails, she'd refuse.

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