tagBDSMSpicing Slice of Sexual Life Ch. 03

Spicing Slice of Sexual Life Ch. 03


Chapter 3

Tie me up, blindfold me, and make me blow you.

"Let me show you what else, I bought," said Linda.

Unable to concentrate on what Linda bought at the mall, he was still reeling over Phil seeing his wife topless in his bedroom and naked out by the pool. His erection grew bigger with the thought of Phil seeing his 45-year-old wife in her most sexy lingerie. He thought about his neighbor seeing her in her sheer panties with her ass crack and the dark shadow that her pubic hair made. He thought about him seeing her topless and seeing her tits, her areolas, and her nipples. Then he thought about him seeing all of her naked body, while she skinny dipped in the pool.

Forget about watching football and getting drunk in front of the television, he couldn't wait for some hot sexual action with lots of erotic pillow talk later tonight. He needed to ask her about Phil barging in the bedroom, when he was topless. He needed to know how she felt, when Phil saw her topless. He needed her to whisper in his ear that it turned her on for him to see her big boobs.

As always, he was looking forward to some hot pillow talk. She's already confessed her attraction for Phil, several months ago, when they were in the throes of having hot sex, and he's already confessed his attraction to her for Julie. She told him that she'd suck Phil's cock, if ever she had the chance and he told her that he'd fuck Julie, if ever he had the chance. With the stage already set, they treated their pillow talk as just pillow talk, something that aroused them. Yet, now they both suspected that their innocent pillow talk was more than that, a prelude to swinging, perhaps. Maybe it was just sexy talk behind closed doors between a husband and his wife. Nothing like that ever happens, next door neighbors swapping their partners for some hot sex with someone else. Right?

They had lots of pillow talk that they never acted upon. They talked about her exposing herself to the pizza delivery man, while he hid in the closet and watched her expose herself to him. That was a hot scenario to imagine. As they discussed, she'd answer the front door wearing something totally see-through and without wearing any underwear, or she opens the door wearing a small bath towel that she loses, when she accepts the pizza and gives him the money. Even though she'd never actually do something like that, they even talked about her giving the pizza delivery man a blowjob.

Once, when he asked her, which one of his friends she'd do, she picked Phil, of course. Yet, then she'd do, she floored him, when she confessed her sexual attraction to his sister. She went so far, as to tell him about the time her and her own sister fooled around, when they were both drunk and horny, so long ago. Damn, imagining Linda with her sister, that was such hot pillow talk.

Suddenly, now that he thought more about it, he remembered her always standing in the light of the patio towel, while drying her naked body, after her moonlit naked swim. If she knew Phil was peeking over the fence, looking, and staring, then, it appears that she was purposely giving him a show. That would explain why they always had passionate sex, after they went skinny dipping. Knowing that he was there looking, she must have been turned on before, during, and after showing her naked body to Phil. Maybe, just as Phil is an obvious voyeur, she's a closet exhibitionist.

Suddenly, the reality of her trying on shoes, while wearing a short skirt and flashing her panties or, even more daring, her pussy was becoming more of a reality. Maybe, after a little pillow talk with Phil as the main focus, he'd make her horny enough to do more than just show her panties in a shoe store. He wondered, if she'd flash her tits to truckers on the way to the mall and on the way home from the mall. He wondered if she thinks about having sex with Phil in the way that he thinks about having sex with Julie. He wondered if Phil and Julie think about having sex with them. He wondered, if they were having hot pillow talk about swapping partners, too. He wondered if Julie thinks about sucking his cock, in the way that his wife thinks about sucking Phil's cock. Damn, maybe his wife is a slut and he never knew it. Hot damn. Double hot damn.

"So, what's the occasion?" He watched her go through the pile of bags that littered the bed. "It isn't our anniversary, is it?"

"No, you goof; you missed our anniversary already, last month. Remember?"

"I did?" Now, he felt like a real shit heel. He should have bought her flowers and an anniversary card, maybe even taken her out to dinner. "I'm sorry, Honey, I'll make it up to you."

"Don't worry about it, Sweetie, you already have."

"I have?" He looked at her with confusion. "How did I do that?"

"I charged all of this lingerie on your credit card," she smiled that smile she smiles, when she buys three pairs of shoes and a handbag, after making up from an argument that was, as usual, his fault. Now, he wondered, if she started a fight just to go shopping. "And it was expensive."

"I don't want to know what it all cost. I'll find out soon enough when I get the bill. Where did you get it?"

"The Internet."

"Geez, you can buy everything on the Internet," he said turning to leave the bedroom to go downstairs for a beer.

"Wait, where you going?"

"My back hurts, I have a headache, and I need a brewski. I just want to flop in front of the TV, while channel surfing."

"Well, hurry back with your beer. Don't turn on the TV, yet, because I have more to show you."

When he turned to leave, she hit him in the ass with something.

"Hey, what the—" He turned to look and she was laughing, while holding a pink, feathered whip. "You've got to be kidding me."

Suddenly, she got excited like the way she used to get so long ago and she made smile, when she started pulling more things out of the Internet shopping bag. Seeing her like that again, excited and happy, made him realize why they were still relatively happy together and not divorced, as were so many of their friends. He really loved her and seeing her like this again, sexy and adventurous, made him wonder, if they were just a mere step away from exploring more of his sexual fantasies of swinging. Her flashing her panty in the shoe store, having sex with Phil, doing the pizza delivery man, and having sex with his sister and her sister, may be not just pillow talk but a soon to be reality.

"Look, Honey, I bought a pink feathered blindfold and pink feathered wrist and ankle ties, too," she said with a wink and a sexy smile. "Do you want to tie me up and have your wicked way with me?" Then, she pulled out this huge dildo that, when she hit the switch, the curved head slowly circled and pulsated.

"Oh, my God, what the Hell is that? It appears alive" he said with a laugh.

"It's my big, blue dildo, Bruno," she said sticking it between her legs, before taking it in her mouth.

"Blindfold? Wrist ties? Ankle ties? Dildos?" Looking much like a woman from Edith Wharton's Age of Innocence with her tits spilling out over her top, he looked at her thinking about Phil jerking off over the vision of seeing his wife topless and naked. Unable to erase the image of Phil entering his bedroom and seeing Linda topless, he couldn't stop thinking about him walking behind Linda to help her tie her corset, while she stood there in her transparent panties. Consumed by thoughts of Julie buying a corset, too, he wondered if Phil would allow him to see Julie topless, in the way that he had seen Linda. "Have you been watching Jerry Springer, again, Linda?"

"No, don't be silly. I don't watch trash TV," she said lying. "I've been reading some erotic literature on one of those sexy web sites, Literotica, and I wanted to try something new." She looked at him with a mischievous smile.

"Something new? What do you mean? Whipped cream?"

"No, actually, I thought we try something much more daring than dessert topping. I want you to tie me up, blindfold me, tease me with these feathers, whip me, but not too hard, slap my ass, squeeze my tits, pinch and pull my nipples, and make me do dirty, nasty things to your body. And," she said with a wicked smile, if you were to invite someone else in the room, when I was tied, blindfolded, and naked, I wouldn't mind. It would be our little secret," she said with wickedness.

Blindfold? Wrist ties? Ankle ties? Dildos? Invite another man to see her tied, blindfolded, and naked? He looked at her looking much like he perceived the woman, Ellen Olenska, who Michele Pfeiffer played in Martin Scorsese' movie, The Age of Innocence, written by Edith Wharton.

She wants to do dirty, nasty things to his body? He was floored. Suddenly, she has an entire laundry list of sexual things that she wants to try, when he could barely get her to give him a hand job from before. Maybe she's been reading one too many romance stories, now called erotic literature. He's known this woman for almost 30 years and he realized that he doesn't know who she is anymore. He thought hard trying to think of something new that he wanted to try and all that he could come up with was the same old stuff, a blowjob, where he cums in her mouth, and she swallows.

Actually, now that he thought more about it, now that she's turning into the sex crazed animal that he's always been, he'd love for her to be more sexually adventurous. Hung up on all that the fun they could have at the mall, he thought about her trying on shoes, while wearing a short skirt with a young shoe salesman helping her. Now, with more of a realistic hope that she'd do some of these sexy things, he thought about her exposing her body to men, maybe showing her tits to truckers on the highway, as he drove beside them or flashing her semi-naked body to husbands and boyfriends waiting for their wives and girlfriends outside of department store dressing rooms. He thought about her answering the door in a sheer nightgown or just a towel to tease the pizza delivery man, the mailman, the UPS man, and/or the Fedex man.

Yet, what he thought most about was her having sex with Phil, while he watched. Maybe he'll invite him over, when Linda is tied to the bed, naked, and blindfolded. He thought about Phil having sex with Linda, while he had sex with Julie. He thought about both couples agreeing to swap partners. Only, out of fear of being embarrassed, rejected, and being thought the pervert that he obviously was, he didn't voice his fantasies of exhibitionism and voyeurism, just yet. For fear of awakening her from her sudden sexual dream, he didn't say any of those things. It was enough sexual excitement just for him to think about them.

"Linda, I don't know what to say. What has gotten into you? Have you been drinking?"

"Drinking? No, but I've been a bad girl, a very bad girl," she smiled a sexy smile, "and I need you to discipline me. She bent at the waist and stuck out her ass and lightly began hitting herself with the pink feathered whip. "Maybe, you can take me over your knee, pull down my panties, and spank my naked ass in front of Phil, until it is red and until my desire for you is heated to a slow boil." She smiled, "If you were to take control of me, if you were to be my master and make me your sexual slave, I'd have to do whatever you wanted me to do. I'd even blow Phil, if you ordered me to blow him."

So, that's it. She's all hot and bothered thinking about sucking Phil's cock. The shoe store, department store, pizza delivery man, his next door neighbor, lesbian sex, and group sex, suddenly flashed through his mind with the speed of an XXX rated movie on fast forward or a speeding express train going through a dark tunnel, before emerging into Orgy Land. Orgy Land, a place where every man wants to go, but few have dared set foot. Orgy Land, the land where sex and sexual fantasies are encouraged and satisfied. Orgy Land, if there was even such a place, was his my dream destination and his imagined vacation spot.

"So, where are you and the Mrs. vacationing this year?" He imagined asking a co-worker.

"Oh, we might drive to Yellowstone National Park or take the kids to Disney World."

"What about you? What are your vacation plans?" He imagined his co-worker asking him.

"We're going to Orgy Land," he said with a big smile.

"Orgy Land! No way!" He imagined his co-working looking at him in total disbelief and jealousy. "I mentioned Orgy Land to the wife and she mentioned divorce court. Wow! Orgy Land. You're such a lucky bastard to have a wife, who's willing to go with you to Orgy Land."

"Everyone off the train, here we are at Orgy Land. Watch your step. There are slimy condoms everywhere," he imagined the conductor of a fantasy train, much like the train, The Hogwarts Express, in Harry Potter, while helping his wife down the steps and helping himself to ample feels of her big tits.

Erotic literature? Literotica? She's getting off reading dirty stories. If he knew all it took was for her to read dirty stories, he would have read dirty stories to her years ago.

As if a faucet, she went from cold to hot overnight. Suddenly, he was afraid much like the time she dented his car hood with a baseball bat, after he locked himself in the car because she was in a raging moment of menopause that lasted six months. She screamed at him, while denting his car, that he doesn't talk to her anymore.

"Yeah, they have all these hot, sexy stories. I'll show you later," she said with the excitement that she usually reserves for finding a new recipe. "Maybe, you can get some ideas of things that we can try."

"All aboard for Orgy Land!" Again the express train to Orgy Land appeared waiting for them to climb aboard the train to swinging and sexual fantasy land.

"You're not going through the change of life again, are you?"

"No," she said vehemently shaking her head, while smiling and giving him a sexy look, as if he was a giant piece of dark chocolate.

He looked at her hard trying to see any evidence of the lunacy that he's have already seen, after having been through her menopause with her before.

"Because if you are having another menopause moment," he said making the sign of the cross, "I'm going to visit my brother in Missouri for a while." He looked around the room. "Where's my football helmet? I need to start wearing that around the house again, along with my earplugs."

"Football helmet? Earplugs?" She looked at me like him as if he was the crazy one.

"Yeah, I need the football helmet, when you get moody and throw stuff at me. Also, I need the earplugs, so that I can't hear you yelling at me that I don't talk to you and crying, when I don't answer you."

"Don't be a fool, Freddie," she said with her hands on her hips. "I'm just trying to put some sexual excitement into our sex life or lack thereof." She suddenly looked sad. "We're still young and I want us to be a vibrant, sexual couple again. I want to experience the way that it was before, when we couldn't keep our hands off one another." She shook her hips like she was dancing. "I want to get down and dirty. I want to be kinky, baby." She stepped towards him, placed her arms around his neck, and kissed him. "I want to be your bad girl, your dirty girl, and your sexy woman."

He still didn't believe that this was really happening and that this was all about sex. He figured she had gotten into the wine, again. She does that every time she makes Italian sauce.

"Tell me this, then," he said taking a step back, while looking in her eyes to see if she was inebriated, "we're not having pasta, by chance, tonight, are we?"

"Pasta? No, I bought lobster and champagne."

"Lobster and champagne? You haven't sampled the champagne, yet, have you?"

"No, why?"

"Nothing, just wondering."

"Listen, you don't have to worry because there's only one change of life and I've already been through that. I'm done with all of the hot flashes, emotional traumas, and angry episodes. Besides, I'm on hormones and finally, they're working their magic with my libido."

Hormones? What kind of hormones? Suddenly, he thought of her turning into a green, hulking monster and swinging a bat like Barry Bonds. It was apparent to him that he needed to carry his football helmet around with him at all times. He could make a run for it but she'd catch him, before he made the bedroom door.

"Thank God, Linda, because that period of our married life was horrible," he said with a forced smile.

"Now, that the kids are gone, I thought we could have a bit of sexual excitement," she said stepping closer to him and reaching down to feel his cock through his pants. Then, as if they were dating and sitting in the car on the pretense of watching a drive-in movie, she stuck her tongue in his ear that sent shivers all over his body. He loved it, when she does that, he thought. "So, go get your beer and hurry back because I want to show you what I bought you to wear tonight."

"What do you mean? You bought me something to wear?"

He looked at her wondering if he should call the therapist that she saw last year, when he prescribed something to make her sleep, after she was crying all the time over nothing. He looked at her wondering if she had taken herself off the doctor's medication without his consent. People usually go crazy when they do that and, gulp, kill people.

"Don't worry; you're going to love it."

"Tell me, Linda, you didn't buy me one of those leather outfits that they had on that movie, Pulp Fiction, that we watched last month."

I could tell by her sexy, sly smile that she did. Suddenly, banjo twanging music from the movie Deliverance, with Burt Reynolds, where he and his friends are hunting in the woods and are overtaken by hillbilly men, who are intent on having gay sex, filled his brain with misadventures of anal sex.

"God help me," he said turning to leave the bedroom, again. "I need something stronger than beer. I'm going to have a shot of Jack."

To be continued...

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