Spiked Ch. 06-10


Both vampires could scarcely believe their good fortune. They both kept looking at her with disbelieving but blissful faces. It was starting to make Willow nervous. Why were they just standing there staring at her? "Uh, maybe this wasn't such a good idea."

The captive vampire scowled at his counterpart. "Kiss her, you dolt. What? We're you a bleedin' priest before you were turned?"

Spike didn't even have a snappy comeback. "Kiss her." He murmured softly as he reached out a tentative finger and placed it against her lips. She placed a small kiss on his fingertip and Spike sighed. He was going to be so gentle with her that she would never want to leave him. He leaned over and leisurely explored her mouth.

The captive vampire was impatient, eager to participate. Spike 2 offered up his bound hands to them. "Unchain me."

She lay her head against Spike's chest and bit her lip. "I don't know, I might like bondage." He scowled. She looked at him skeptically. "You won't try to-"

"I could never hurt you, pet. Tonight is about you and bringing you pleasure." He looked at his 'good' twin. "Besides, you're knight in tarnished armor will be there."

" If you try to hurt her, I'll make you a big pile dust. Handsome face and all."

"See?" The other vampire said triumphantly. Willow slid the key out of her skirt pocket and unlocked the vampire's chains, pulling them from his bound hands and arms. He lifted his arms and stretched luxuriously. "Ahh, that feels better." With devilment in his eyes he swaggered over to her and bent to her whisper against her mouth. "And this will feel even better." This Spike's kiss was just as mind melting as the other's but this was had a darker tinge to it. It was hungry and demanding. As he ended his foray in her mouth for the moment, Spike stared into her eyes, a hint of yellow in his eyes. He looked ravenous. . .yet he was maintaining control so he wouldn't frighten her. Her knees wobbled as she stepped back to let him get out of the tub.

Then, both vampires closed in on her. Her Spike . . .and he was going to be hers. . . in back and the other Spike in front. "Willow, luv," Spike whispered in her ear as he slid a sensuous hand down her back. "Relax, let us do all the work."

Willow shivered as the other vampire spoke up."Not here, mate. We need a bed."

"Upstairs." Spike directed. Quickly, they picked her up by her shoulders and feet and rushed her up Giles' stairs to the bedroom.

They set her down on the foot of the bed gently, and she moved to a sitting position. She was in the middle of one of those defining moments in her life. Predictable, 'old reliable' Willow was about to have sex with two lustful vampires on a Watcher's bed. She couldn't even contain the sinful grin that spread over her face. She had a dark side alright and this seemed to be feeding into it.

With a wicked glint in her eyes, she smiled at both of them and pointed to the tips of her shoes. They were baffled, watching to see what would happen. Slowly, a circling bolt of energy climbed her leg, melting without pain all the clothing it touched. Her shoes and socks were gone, leaving on her silver toe ring. The energy bolt then claimed her skirt, making it disappear in stages. It slowly unraveled, going from a below the knee to a micro mini to nothingness. Both Spikes visibly gulped, eyes riveted on the show. Still clad in her blue satin underwear, Willow watched the beam melt her t-shirt, leaving her in a matching bra. Then the beam hovered at her neck and then began a downward descent exposing her breasts. Both Spikes sucked in an unnecessary gulp of air. It made short work of her panties as well, exposing the thatch of cinnamon curls. Spike 2 hissed as his demon flared, anxious to stake its claim. Spike felt much the same way but was able to mask his demon's desire from the redhead.

When they were about to lunge for her, Willow put up a halting hand. "Strip." They both reached for their shirts automatically pulling them up and off. Anything to get closer to her. Two pale, well-muscled chests were revealed. They reached for their pants then, unzipping them and pulling them down and off. Willow's eyes widened, it had been so long since she'd been with a man. She'd forgotten the lean, hard lines of their bodies. Their shafts were engorged with blood, heavy in their arousal. They leaned away from their bodies as if they were reaching out for her, starving for contact. This time it was Willow that gulped, floundering for something to say. "You both don't wear underwear?"

"Get's in the way." Spike 2 said with a truly evil grin. His demon howled inside, wanting to taste the redhead. He pounced. Willow was pushed further up the bed with a happy-looking vampire between her legs. He pulled her legs over his shoulders and buried his nose in the sweet smelling curls. She gave a startled gasp. Tara had done this to her before but not Oz. She wondered if a man's tongue would feel different. Willow shook her head, freeing it of thoughts of her lesbian lover. She'd deal with that later. Sensing her distraction, Spike 2 got her attention back with a cool sweep of his tongue between her nether lips. She bit her lips and let out a small gasp. "No, mental holidays, luv. The only thing I want you to think about is this." With that he began to lick her in earnest. Ooh. . .his tongue was different, bolder and a little rougher.

The other Spike rolled his eyes and laid down beside her, immediately capturing her rosebud mouth. He knew it sounded foolish, but he wanted to kiss her for hours. Spike wanted to mold her mouth with his own until she couldn't think of another's lips. He wanted to ravish her with his lips until she cried out, begging him to take her and make her his.

Willow was pretty sure she was dead and experiencing some kind of hellmouthy version of heaven. Surely, heaving sex with two sinfully attractive vampires didn't happen in a normal heaven, right? Not that she was looking for an afterlife with harps, clouds, and angels. Mmm. . .Angel. . .oooh. . .two Spikes, a Willow and Angel. . .bad Willow! Two Spikes were bad enough. Yes. . .uhhh. . .Spikes. And Spike 2 did look like an angel, she thought as she looked down her body to see him laboring between her thighs. He was one of those depraved fallen ones with tilted halos and 'take me to bed' blue eyes. Yes, he was very. . .uh. . .very. . . .very. . . uhhhh. . . .bad. Willow came with a sort of shattered sigh. Spike released her mouth to suck on her neck, gently nipping her exposed throat. He moved to her left breast, taking a pouting crest into his mouth. She looked down to see a tousled haired Spike lay his head against her belly and regard with her interest. She was still coming, she realized. Little aftershocks that sizzled her senses. "How was it, pet?"

"I've never felt like that before." He raised an eyebrow, his lips twisting in a knowing leer.

Her Spike looked down at his counterpart. "I'm taking her first."

Spike 2 scowled. "Over my dead body."

"We're already dead, you stupid git. Now move your arse off of her before I kick it."

"Uh, hello? Do I get some say in this?" Willow interjected. "Please stop the 'being dead' talk too, because that is. . .eww. 'Kay?" They nodded reluctantly. Spike 2's fingers were clutching her hips, unwilling to give up his hold. She tried to gently explain it to him. "I want this Spike to be with me first. I think I might. . .I have some feelings for. . .I just want-"

Spike almost felt tears come to his eyes. "I feel the same way, pet."

She hugged him to her. "Really?" A delighted smile broke on her face. He nodded and then claimed her mouth again. She was his! He was hers! They both thought. Things quickly turned explosive. She pulled her mouth away, sucking in breath. "Take me."

Spike 2 reluctantly released his hold on Willow to crawl up beside her. Despite himself, he was moved by their touching scene. He wanted to be loved like that. Willow's eyes were full of devotion, he wished someone would look at him that way. This world's Spike pressed between her splayed thighs.

Spike hissed as he lowered himself into her tight, hot depths. She was exquisite, felt like she was made just for him. He plunged deep and once he did, he knew that no one would take her from him. He didn't move, wanting to appreciate this moment. She felt like she was a part of him, she was his now. Forever.

Willow felt the same way. This demon had somehow claimed her body, heart, mind, and soul in this one act of possession. She'd never felt this complete before. Never felt so connected to someone. Oz and Tara had just been time fillers until she could be with Spike. She smiled up at him, running a hand over his beatific face. Looking over, she saw Spike 2's expression. He was bewildered by this turn of events. "I'm his." She said quietly. His face fell. "But you are also Spike. I want you too." She slid a hand down his cool chest to cup his aching rod. He shuddered, burying his face in her sweet smelling neck. She began to stroke him in earnest.

Spike caught her gaze. "Take him in your mouth." He thrust against her one time, causing them both to cry out. She looked at him once more, a question in her eyes. "I want you to be full of me. He is the only man, I'd share you with. " Spike 2, hearing this, eagerly moved his hips up the bed so that she could suck him.

Spike began to pound into her. Willow moved her hips against him, moaning around the other vampire's erection. Spike 2 groaned in low in his throat as her warm little mouth settled on him, up and down. He moved his hands between their bodies and stroked her engorged clit. She was slick and hot with dew, coating his fingers. Willow came first, lifting her hips off the bed. Spike came then, shot his seed deep inside her, morphing as he did so. "Mine!" he roared to himself as well as the other vampire and sank his fangs into her breast. No pain. Spike 2 got the message, there would be no blood play for him with the redhead.

Willow sucked harder on Spike's thick member scraping her teeth slightly under his head. She cupped his sack in her hand. He gasped, shooting himself in her hot mouth. She swallowed his seed willingly, loving the taste of him. When it was over, he pulled himself from her mouth and bent to kiss her. She was delicious, tasting of himself and blood from where she'd bitten her cheek when he'd made her come earlier. Spike still suckled at her breast, taking deep mouthfuls of her potent blood. When he couldn't risk taking anymore. He rolled over and spooned up against her back. Spike 2 released her mouth and spooned her front. Willow sighed, so many things were going to change. For the better. All three of them fell into an exhausted slumber. *********Willow 2 woke up with a start. She was still in Spike 2's bed, still clothed in a nightgown. The two Spikes appeared to be arguing furiously. The other Willow was pacing, she stopped when she saw her twin had woken up. "Are you okay?" She asked with concern, walking over to sit on the bed.

"Yes, I-I'm fine. But what's going on?"

"Are you familiar with the term 'Hellmouth'?"

"Yes, Mr. Giles explained it to me."

"Good. Did you work with Buffy, too?" Willow asked curious about her other self. Maybe she could take a few short cuts in explaining things if that was the case.

"No." She thought a moment. "Giles said she was a Slayer, though. Did you know her?"

"We were the best of friends." Willow said, sadness in her voice. She sighed. "But, back to the matter at hand. Good, so you know what a Hellmouth is. Strange things happen on it."

"Like vampires and demons?" She looked meaningfully at the two Spikes were still arguing.

"Yes." Willow said dryly. "Well, we -- the other Spike and myself, are from another Sunnydale."

"Oh, another Sunnydale." Willow 2 frowned. "And you are. . .together?"

"Yes, we are."

"But he's a demon." Willow 2 said in a hushed voice.

Willow patted the other's girl hand and smiled fondly, lost in a memory. "Yes, he is."

Willow 2 scowled. "What's wrong with you?"


"Trust me on this." Spike blew a ring of smoke. "Kidnaping never works when it comes to human women."

"It doesn't?" Spike 2 looked disappointed. " Humans have no sense of romance?"

"Fraid not." He bent forward and spoke in a conspiratorial. "They don't even like to be tortured."

"They're missing a lot of fun if you ask me."

Spike shrugged. "They have strange ways." He looked at Willow. "But sometimes they're not all that bad."

"Well, I think it my plan was working justfine until you showed up!"

"No, it wasn't, mate. Trust me on that. You know I kidnapped my Willow once , too."

"See? It does work. She's with you now."

"No, it doesn't work. I nearly ate her."

"Stupid sod."

" I know."

"How did you two know what I was doing anyway?"

"Willow and I were watchin' you two in a glass orb of hers and she got right mad. You're lucky she didn't turn you into a toad or something." Spike winced.

Spike 2 smiled slyly. "Tell you what, mate. Why don't you go on home and work things out with both Willows."

"Over my dead body!"

Spike 2 grinned. "Bit late for that, mate."

Spike scowled. "Hands off my Willow." He cast a speculative look at the bed where the two Willows were talking. " But I say its high time you shared with me, I shared my Willow with you."

"Never gonna happen, mate."


"I think you're crazy." Willow 2 insisted. " I don't care how good he is at. . .at. . .things." She gulped. Who knew what would've happened if their counterparts hadn't shown up? What would it have felt like to. . .back to business. "Did you know he has Giles downstairs?"

"Goddess! I forgot about Giles." Willow exclaimed.

"Yes, he tried to make an escape attempt and Spike 'stopped' him."

Willow got to her feet and stomped over to Spike 2 angrily. Without thinking she delivered a stinging slap to his cheek. "You are such a. . .Errrr! I can't think of something awful enough to call you! You're just. . .just. . a bad, bad, bad vampire." she finished lamely.

"Ooh foreplay! Knew you missed me." Spike 2 quirked an eyebrow at her and patted his leg. "Sit on my lap and give me a proper kiss hello, pet."

"Stop that!" Spike shouted angrily.

Willow rolled her eyes. tugged on Spike 2's hand. "Let's go, you're coming with me."

The vampire chuckled. "Want me all to yourself, eh? You're an eager little thing."

Willow had reached the limit of her patience. She picked him up off his feet by magick, letting him hover two feet in the air. " No, what I am is starting to get cranky. And believe me, you don't want that ."

"Of course not, pet." Spike 2 said, relaxing when she lowered him to his feet.

"Let's go get Giles."

He dutifully obeyed her. Sure is beautiful when she's angry. Spike 2 cast a look at Willow 2 before he left. "I'll be right back, luv." He glared at the other Spike. "You keep your hands to yourself." The two of them exited the room.

Willow 2 sat huddled on the bed looking forlorn. It tore at Spike, stirring his protective instincts. "How are you holding up, pet?"

"I'm okay I guess." She sighed. "This day just can't get any weirder."

"I wouldn't say that if I were you. When you do, it usually does get much weirder."

Willow 2 chuckled, disarmed by his humor. " Can I ask you some questions?" Spike nodded. "You and the other me are really together?"

"Absolutely." Spike got to his feet and sat at the end of her bed. She tensed but she didn't move away. "I'm in love with her."

"I thought demons couldn't love."

"Most of 'em can't. Me and the other Spike are special blokes though." Spike wanted the two of them get together. He knew how much he loved Willow, he wanted the other Spike to feel that kind of love. "Why don't you give him a chance? "

"Because he kills people? He probably wants to kill me, make me into another demon."

Spike laughed, he really doubted Spike 2 wanted another encounter with Vamp Willow. "No, I don't think he wants to make you a vampire, pet."

She tilted her head to the side. "Do you kill people still?"

"Can't. Have a chip." She frowned. "Long story, pet. Let's just say that it prevents me from killing."

" Willow is okay with the fact that you used to kill?"

"You might say I'm doing penance for my many sins, fighting the good fight and that rot. " Spike said gruffly. It was obvious to her that he enjoyed what he was doing but couldn't admit it.

"And you really love her?"

"More than unlife itself."

"Hmmm, the other you fell in love with the other me when he visited you." Willow took a deep breath. Say that five times fast! "He must want a replacement."

"No, luv, he doesn't'." Spike reached over and cupped her chin. "He loves you, Willow Rosenberg, in all your forms. Its your soul that Spike finds so attractive."

"Are you saying that you love me too?"

Spike winked at the blushing girl."What's not to love?"


"I'm so sorry, Giles." Willow breathed as she untied him and gingerly checked over his wounds. Thankfully, they were minor.

"Quite alright." Giles said with quiet self-control. He rose to his feet and rubbed his wrists, they were raw from the ropes he'd been bound with. He looked at this girl. She wasn't the same person, somehow he knew that. This one had power. She was able to get Spike to release him, he almost seemed fearful of her. "Where do you come from, my dear? I'd like the whole story."

"I'll tell you all about it, I promise." She turned to glare at Spike 2 who was still furious about all the dust on his carpet. She'd dusted all of Spike's minions with a fireball. "Serves you right, you undead bully."

"Did you have to dust them all?"

"I left one." Willow pointed to Xander, who stood quaking by the glass doors.

"That git doesn't count, he's pretty much useless."

"Your lucky I left you that much. " She regarded her old friend. "I just couldn't dust Xander." Then she turned to look at Spike 2. "Actually it had nothing to do with you."

"Don't push me, little girl."

"Thicken!" The air around the vampire solidified. Willow had created a force field, leaving him blocked in a cube of space. "Wanna finish that threat, Mr. Big and Bad?"

Spike 2 growled. "No! Now will you let me out?" She did so and he trudged upstairs behind her and the Watcher.

That evening, the Watcher returned home very confused by the encounter but with a great deal of material for entries in his Watcher's diary. He had left Willow 2 in the company of her other self and the two vampires. He'd seen what the girl could do and knew she would defend herself against Spike 2 if need be. Giles knew the other Spike was 'chipped' and therefore harmless.


"You have to woo a lady." Spike said to his counterpart. They were in a large room in the Crawford St. mansion. The two Willows were quietly comparing notes on their lives when the two vampires had exited the room.

"Wooing? You really are housebroken, aren't you?"

"Be quiet, you stupid sod. Just remember who is sleeping with Willow and who is sleeping alone!"

"Fine." He was about willing to do anything if it would win him her heart. "What should I do?"

"Listen carefully, you've got to have a plan."

As Spike began to talk his twin began to smile, she would soon belong to him.


Willow was jealous. "You actually went to Oxford?"

"Yes, I've been studying there for two years."

"Wow!" She scooted closer to the other girl. "Do you have tea time? Have you gone to see Big Ben? Do you know what 'bangers and mash' are?"

Willow 2 laughed. "Yes to all three! Willow, it's so much fun there! I'm surprised you didn't go, I really have enjoyed England. But what about you? Where did you decide to go? I'm sure you had lots of offers, too. Was it Harvard? Yale?" She wondered what her life would be like if she'd gone there.

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