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Spirit Ch. 06


Jul 12, 2010

Fragmented Pieces Book I Spirit Chapter Six "Highway Murders"

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Copyright protected on June 2010.

The persons, places, entities, and events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, places, entities, or events is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Warning Some stories may contain adult language, explicate violence, adult situations, and some sexual content. These stories are intended for a mature audience.

Fragmented Pieces Book I Spirit

Written by Stacy James Meadows

With Concepts Created by Stacy James Meadows, Larry William Van Hoorebeke, and Donald Edward Van Hoorebeke.

Previously on Fragmented Pieces Book I Spirit...We were introduced to Steven "Shadow" MacGraw who is a government agent and pagan, and we saw how he celebrated a pagan holiday, and enjoyed a night off from his work. We were also introduced to Jason Chambers who was imprisoned for murders (which he in fact did commit), but because of lack of evidence is under a form of house arrest now instead. Then we were taken to New Mexico, USA, where an evil spirit has finally been freed and took command of a swarm of deadly black widow spiders and went on a killing spree at Sitting Bull Falls.

Chapter Six

"Highway Murders"

It was dark out after Tommy left the college and traveled home. The moon was full and the stars were bright as he drove down the highway. His headlights lighting up the two-lane highway as he drove. The college was thirty miles away from his home, and he drove this same route everyday that he went to school. The car was on cruise control.

Tommy's right hand was on the steering wheel, while his left elbow rested on the door rest with a lite-menthol cigarette, about half way burnt down, between his fingers. The wind howled through his cracked window, as he flicked some ashes out, and then took a puff of the cigarette.

His mind raced off to somewhere else, as his cd player played some rap music. He thought about some problems and writings he had to do for class and work he needed to get done when he got home. He had been very busy at school today. Even though it was summer, he was still taking a few classes so he could graduate a little earlier than if he didn't take them. In his first class, he had taken a math quiz, that he hadn't really been prepared for, and had probably failed. Then he had to wait two hours for his next class, so he had gone to the library to do some research for a research paper that was due for his next class in two weeks, but failed in his search for exactly the right material he needed for what he wanted to write about, though he did get a lot of information arguing against what he wanted to say, and took some of it in case he would have to switch and write the other side because of the lack of information he could find. When he finally got to the class that he was doing the research for, they went over notes on chapters seven and eight in the class's text book, but mostly he drew pictures on the paper, while the teacher droned on and on. However, for both of those classes he did have homework in, and he went over the list in his mind. As he thought, his eyes watched the yellow line dashes in the road fly by.

Occasionally cars passed by, but they were few and far between. This late at night not very many vehicles used this particular highway anymore, preferring the new four-lane highway a few miles to the east, but for Tommy this was faster to get to his house.

Ahead on the side of the road, even from this distance, Tommy could see a car pulled over with its blinkers on. Tommy snapped out of his day dreaming, tossed his cigarette butt out the window, and slightly pressed the brakes to disengage the cruise control. At first, Tommy thought it was probably abandoned, but as he got closer he realized there was someone in the driver's seat. He slowed down a little bit, and he thought momentarily of pulling over and offering some assistance, but quickly decided against it. You never could tell about strangers in this day and age, and there was no reason to endanger himself unnecessarily. As he passed the car, he gave a quick glance at the driver in the car.

Was the guy wearing a mask? No, he couldn't have been. Suddenly, a nervous feeling came over him. Was that a woman's body in a dress on the side of the road just in front of the car? No, it couldn't have been. It must have been a bag of some sort. His mind had to be playing tricks on him. He tried to shake the nerviness out of his mind.

His nervous feeling though, was intensified as the car shut off the blinkers, turned on the headlights, and began to follow him, running over the bag or whatever it was in the process. Something in the back of his mind warned him he was in danger, as he watched this in his rear view mirrors, but his outer mind convinced himself that everything was cool.

Tommy continued to watch the car closely in his rear view mirror, but the car seemed to stay back some little ways behind him on the road. The two of them traveled in this fashion for a couple of miles. In spite of himself, Tommy began to feel a tightening knot in his stomach warning himself of danger. Something about the car and the driver unnerved him. Why doesn't he turn off the road and leave me alone? Should I stop and let him pass me? No, I would lose valuable time if it was nothing, and he could get me if it was something. I could turn off, but where would I go? Oh, I hate this!

Tommy looked back in the mirror for his periodic check to see how far back the car was, and was terrified to realize that the car was beginning to catch up with him. The sinister car's headlights were beginning to grow closer.

Maybe I should speed up and try to get away. No, if I'm wrong I could get a speeding ticket, and right now, I just can't afford one. Hopefully, I can just let him pass, and that will be the end of it.

The sinister car began to get within ten to fifteen feet behind him now. The cars headlights were beginning to blind Tommy through his own car mirrors. Tommy began to adjust his center car mirror up, so he could still see behind him, but the lights wouldn't blind him, and scooted over a little from the driver's side door to keep the light from blinding him there. Still the car seemed to stay that distance back, as if it seemed to refuse to pass him by.

Just pass by already, you stupid jerk. The lanes are clear to pass, what are you waiting for? Suddenly Tommy could hear the engine of the other car reeve way up. For a brief second Tommy thought his worries were about to be over. Good, he's finally going to pass me by.

Instead of passing by, however, the car sped forward, and rammed into Tommy's car in the rear end. Tommy's car jerked with the hit and his body shook with the shock. What the hell is going on?

As the sinister car backed up from the hit, it began to speed up again, but this time it did go around as if to pass by Tommy's car. Tommy was beginning to really panic now, and began to speed up his own car to try and escape this lunatic, but to no avail. The other car just sped up beside him, and now they were side by side. The other car's passenger side window was even with Tommy's driver side window. To Tommy's horror he looked over and peered inside the other car to the driver just to realize that his worst fear was true. The driver was muscle bound and was wearing some sort of wrestling mask. For a brief second both drivers' eyes met. A chill ran down Tommy's spine as he truly realized the trouble he was in.

Tommy looked on in horror as he saw the other driver suddenly turn his steering wheel towards him, and both cars collided together. Tommy's senses seemed to slow down time making everything seem clear, but not being able to react fast enough to do anything about it. He's trying to force me off of the road! Tommy tried to fight for control with his steering wheel to try and stay on the road, but it was useless to try because both cars were now connected by the now entangled bumpers.

Tommy looked over at the other driver, but to his surprise a beautiful blond haired woman's face popped up next to the passenger's side window, and she appeared to be laughing her head off at him.

Was she the one in the dress I saw laying on the ground? Was this all some elaborate joke to scare me out of my wits? Do I actually know these people? Tommy's mind raced with these questions as his car was going off the side of the road. In his mind's eye he flashed back to the woman laying on the side of the road. Now he could see clearly the blood running from her chest. With sudden clarity he realized, No, she had a darker colored hair! They killed her! They are now going to kill me also!

Suddenly, Tommy noticed that his headlights were just beginning to hit one of the few rare trees on the side of the road. He hit his brakes with everything he had. Panic filled him as both of his feet pressed down as hard as he could push on the brake pedal. With a sudden metallic ripping sound the other car sped forward and began to go into a spin, as Tommy's car continued straight forward towards the tree.

Tommy's car had slowed down considerably, but he still rammed into the tree going at least twenty or thirty miles an hour. His hood caved in slightly, and body jerked forward, causing his head to smash into the steering wheel. The seatbelt jerked his body back into his seat. As pain flooded his body, he wished he had gotten a newer car with the inflatable air bags. When he recovered from the shocking impact of the crash, he looked around to see what happened to the other car. Blood began running into his eyes as he noticed that the other car had flipped over on its driver's side farther down the road.

Maybe they are dead, but I can't take any chances. Now is my time to make a run for it!

Tommy opened his car door and removed his seatbelt. Mentally checking his body, and despite everything hurting, he realized other than his head nothing was seriously damaged. Woozily he stepped out of his car and began to run away from the road. He ran looking back at the other car, and he noticed a woman's hand reach out of the passenger side door window, which was up in the air. "That was fun darling! Let's do it again!" She howled. Her laughter began to fill the air around him. He looked to where he was running to, and a loud crashing sound of glass shattering could be heard behind him.

As Tommy ran, another quick glance behind him told him that the man in the mask had broke out through the front windshield, and the girl had climbed out through the passenger side window, and that they both were in hot pursuit of him.

"Look at him run, just like a stuck piggy!" The blond haired woman continued to taunt him. "Go get him boy! Go sick that stuck piggy!"

Tommy's head throbbed with pain, as the blood in his eyes began to blind him. He tried to wipe at his eyes while he continued to run into the beginning of a small forested area of trees, but for some reason wiping at it only made it worse. He could still hear the haunting laughter of the blond woman behind him as he ran on.

"Here piggy, piggy!" She continued to taunt.

The thing that sounded funny to Tommy the most though was that he could just hear the woman running behind him. Too quickly he realized why, as the masked man popped out in front of him in the woods. She had been the distraction while the masked man had circled around incredibly fast to get him. Tommy was unable to react in time as the glistening knife quickly homed in on its target. Tommy stayed conscious just long enough to see the blond woman loom over him still laughing, and exclaiming, "Ah, look at the cute little dead stuck piggy!"

* * * *

Crystal Lewiston had been very busy today. She had gone to two of her summer college classes this morning, went to summer cheerleading practice this afternoon (Which amounted to a gossip exchange with her friends while they worked out with light weights and aerobics for a couple of hours, but she had to be there because this is what earned her scholarship for college, but, at least, they weren't getting ready for the big college football game this coming Saturday because it was off season, though the football players had to stay in shape too in the off season.), and this evening she had gone to hang out with her friends who lived close to the college, and they had gone to the mall and shopped (or rather, window shopped) for new clothes such as dresses, skirts, blouses, shoes, and even make-up.

Now she was speeding towards home in her boyfriend's slick red convertible sports car, hoping to get home in time to spend a little bit of quality time with her boyfriend before retiring for the night. Her boyfriend, Josh, always let her drive his sports car, while he actually preferred to drive his sports motorcycle around everywhere. Besides they were engaged to be married, though they hadn't actually set a particular date yet, and she needed reliable transportation to drive around in.

She had called Josh on her cell phone a little earlier today, and told him what she was up to. He had been a little bit upset with her, but more disappointed that he couldn't spend time with her, but he understood her wanting to hang out with her friends, and was happy to hear she would be home soon. She sighed as she thought to herself, Sometimes it's tough to be a nineteen year old freshman in college.

She rested her left elbow on the driver's side door, and ran her hand through her shoulder length sandy blond hair. Her favorite boy band cd played in the cd player as she briefly remembered that she had homework to do for her classes, before she was brought back from her thoughts by the light pounding of rain drops beginning to hit her front windshield. At first, a few drops fell, and then suddenly a down pour, and she was forced to activate her windshield wipers so that she could even see the road ahead of her.

A little ways down the road, through the darkness of the night and the pouring streams of rain, she could make out a couple of sets of lights. She wondered what they were as the lights began to get closer, and briefly thought that their positioning was rather odd. It appeared to her to be tail lights of cars, but they weren't moving as they began to get closer. She began to slow down now as it appeared that one of the cars was right in the road in front of her. Is there a traffic jam here? As she began to slow down she suddenly realized that the car in the road in front of her was on it's side, and as she came to a complete stop in the road, she realized that the other car had wrecked into a tree on the side of the road, and worst of all she recognized the car rammed into the tree.

"My god! Am I the first one to come upon this wreck? Oh, my god! That's Tommy's car! I hope he's all right, and not dead, or all bloodied up! Should I call 911! Shit there wouldn't be any service out here! What to do, oh, what to do? I guess I should go check on things!" She screamed aloud to herself, as she hurriedly got out of her car after activating her hazard lights, and ran through the pouring rain over to Tommy's car to look into the driver's side window. To her relief and surprise no one was there, though blood was on the steering wheel.

Tommy had been a friend of hers since early childhood, and even now they still were good friends and shared several classes together in college. She didn't know what she would do if she found him mortally wounded or even already dead. She would probably freak out even worse than she already was.

"How odd." She said aloud. "He must be wounded somewhere around here, because police wouldn't have left the vehicles just blocking incoming traffic. Leaving the vehicles here like this could cause even more of an accident to happen. Unless another vehicle picked him up to go call for help, but he should have, at least, let some flares burn to warn oncoming traffic of the danger. Tommy? Are you here?"

The rain was beginning to flatten her hair to her skull and soak through her skimpy blouse and short skirt. The slight wind in the air gave her the chills somewhat, as she walked over to the car in the road on its side. To her relief, there was no one there either, though the front windshield of the car laid shattered all over the road. Suddenly, the thought to look for signs of blood occurred to her, however, she found none by the car in the middle of the road, and decided to check Tommy's car again. Could Tommy and the people in the other car been victims of a hostage situation?

Through the help of her boyfriend's red convertible sports car's headlights she could make out the darker puddles of blood on the ground, and a trail leading towards the forest, though the rain was just beginning to wash these signs away. Suddenly, in the distance, a strange maniacal female laughing could be heard. A sudden chill ran down her spine, and it wasn't from the cold rain or the wind. She jogged back to her car and opened the driver side door.

Instead of jumping in and taking off, however, she reached under the seat to grab the tire iron that she and her boyfriend always kept there for situations of possible danger. The tire iron, they decided, was the best weapon to carry around simply because if pulled over by the police, they would just say that it was a tool for changing the tires, and in this day and age one couldn't be to careful. She wasn't about to abandon Tommy if he needed help just because she was spooked out a little, she could never forgive herself if that was the case. After all it could be more of a cry of pain from someone hurt than sinister laughing, and she could be the person that could make the difference in saving their life. Besides, if she left this scene, the law could go after her for abandoning someone in serious need of help. On the other hand, she wasn't going to take any chances either.

The laughter seemed to get closer, and Crystal yelled out, "Who's there? Are you hurt?"

Her hand tightened around the tire iron, which was beginning to get slick from the rain, as footsteps seemed to get closer from the darkness. The laughing began to get louder, but oddly it was in another direction from the footsteps that were closing in on her. The laughing made her extremely uneasy, and she was glad that as a child she had taken several martial arts classes, and was wielding the tire iron. Though the footsteps getting closer to her could be Tommy wondering around hurt, she was prepared to defend herself.

She yelled out, "Tommy? Tommy is that you? Are you hurt? Tommy, let me help you!"

Suddenly, a huge muscular shape of someone or something appeared in the darkness, causing Crystal to gasp a little in surprise. Could that be a bear? Could it have ate the people in the wreck? She cautiously moved around to the front of her boyfriend's car to draw the figure into the shining headlights, so that she could see who or what it was. As the figure approached the light, she began to realize it was a man wearing a wrestling mask. Behind her she heard the lady getting closer. May not be a bear, but I don't feel any safer now knowing that.

Beginning to panic now, she decided to take no chances with such a huge man, and stepped toward him swinging the tire iron with all of her might. If he didn't mean to harm her, she would say apologize later, but better safe than sorry, and besides he looked like he could take out any bear she thought was there earlier. To her surprise and dismay, however, the huge man caught the swing with one hand, and didn't even look like he flinched. The sudden stop to the swinging tire iron caused her to slip and slide in the mud, and fall on her ass.

For the first time, she now noticed the glistening, though already bloodied, steel blade of the knife in his hand as he came in and gutted her like a fish. As she laid on the ground with her body quivering and shaking in death spasms, the last thing she would ever hear in this lifetime, was the huge man telling the lady, "Look, she left us with a nice red convertible sports car! Wasn't that nice of her?"

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