Spoils of War


In the ancient days of Greece, before that great nation had become a single unified whole, the land was wracked with war upon war as succession of local lords and kings tried to claim the country as his own. Combat was brutal, the losers could expect no mercy, and to the victors went all the spoils...

Perhaps no other warrior or leader of men at this time had enjoyed more of the spoils of war than King Themistocles, lord of all the Argos. It was his soldiers who had just smashed through yet another city that had refused to pay him homage, destroyed yet another walled citadel in which its citizens foolishly thought they would find protection, slaughtered and enslaved yet another unwilling population. If the people would not serve him willingly, Themistocles believed, than he would force them to serve his needs.

But Themistocles was no effete silk and luxury king; he led from the front, fought side by side with his men, slaughtered as did they, and shared in all the travails of a soldier. He was a mighty warrior, endowed with great strength, endurance, and rage, and could wield spear and sword better than any other man in his army. By the end of any battle, he was as covered with sweat, grime, and blood as even the lowliest recruit, having hacked his way through all the same dangers his men did. Themistocles' men loved him not just because he brought them victory, but because he did it fighting right alongside of them.

He was now walking briskly back to his tent, having just overseen the destruction and looting of the Temple of Apollo. The sun god, as arrogant as his priests and other servants, always had plenty of gold hidden away in his temples. Themistocles felt that after having destroyed a people who were supposedly under Apollo's protection he was then free to help himself to that gold, having earned it fairly through right of conquest.

As he walked back to this tent thinking of how nice his wine would soon taste, Patroclus, his chief general, joined him.

"My lord," Patroclus said, with the tone of a long loyal friend rather than a mindless servant.

"Patroclus, the men fought well today, as always," Themistocles said with a slap on his friend's shoulder. "Make sure the men get an equal amount of the gold from the temple, as well as other goods from the city. Oh, and make sure there are enough women to go around so one woman is not shared by more than three men."

"Yes, my lord, I will do so. And what of you, sir? Have you not taken any prizes?"

Themistocles stopped just within the opening of his tent, and turned back to look at the smoldering city. "Prize? This is my prize," he said, sweeping his arm towards the city. "All of this is mine. The men can have some measure of what is already mine, my friend."

"Well, sire, the men wanted you to have something," Patroclus said as they now stepped into the dark tent.

"Oh?" Themistocles said. "And what was that?" Patroclus gestured towards the center of the tent. Themistocles turned; as his eyes adjusted to the dark, he could make out a figure tied to the center support of his tent. He took a step forward to view his prize better; the figure suddenly flinched, and in so doing revealed the face of a beautiful woman, with long, black hair flowing down over her shoulders.

Themistocles looked at Patroclus, and smiled.

"The men found her hiding in the temple," Patroclus said. "They thought you would find her...entertaining."

The king's smile grew until it looked like a silent snarl. He drank some wine deeply, his gaze now fixed hungrily on the woman before him.

"Please tell the men that they were right," he said to Patroclus, "and that their king loves them and deeply appreciates their thoughtfulness."

Patroclus saluted and quickly left the tent.

Themistocles sipped his wine, and then stripped out of his blood-soaked linen armor. He washed the filth of battle off his face and his muscular, chiseled upper body, then slowly walking around the woman to get a good look at her. She was young, most likely not older than 19 years old, and had a lovely face that was now half-hidden behind the lockets of curly hair hanging in front of it. She was dirty, smeared with soot and grime, but the exquisite beauty of her face shone through all that nonetheless. The king was certain that earlier in the day her hair had been well-coifed and tightly bound up, but after the exertions of her day it was now a tangled mass, some hanging in her face, some trailing behind.

As lovely as she was, Themistocles rather thought he preferred to see his vanquished looking so very defeated.

Her equally exquisite body was only partially hidden by her now-ripped, sheer white gown she wore. Themistocles could clearly see her left breast and her entire right hip and leg, and these parts of her body were smooth and well built. But what actually intrigued him the most was the robe itself, because this indicated she was a servant of the god Apollo, and was therefore a virgin. Themosticles licked his lips like a hungry beast as he circled his prize, much like a tiger just before he pounces on his prey.

The king had enjoyed many such prizes on his conquests. He had taken hundreds of women as his personal slaves, even selected a few to be legal concubines, but this...this woman was going to be something special. Not only was it rare to find a virgin of this age, but he felt a special thrill race through his body at the thought of defiling a servant of Apollo. The god had not protected his people when Themistocles' army arrived at their city, nor had he protected his temple from being sacked, nor had he prevented her being captured, nor would he now intervene as Themistocles took the god's servant and made her do his wicked will.

Themistocles paid little notice of the gods and took what -- and whom -- he wanted when he wanted. Having circled the woman twice now as he savored his wine and being thoroughly convinced that she may be the most altogether delicious looking female he had even seen, Themistocles said, "Do you know who I am?"

The woman merely looked at the king with a mixture of fear, anger, and hatred in her eyes.

Themistocles slapped her hard across the face. "Don't ever deny me something when asked for, slave," he said calmly, a man accustomed to being in complete control, "and always answer me when I speak. Now, do you know who I am?"

"Yes," the woman said softly, the look of angry hatred replaced with fearful despair. "You are King Themistocles, lord of Argos."

"And conqueror of your people, it would appear. Now...do you have a name?"


"Ah, Cassandra. One of the temple virgins, I see."

Cassandra nodded her drooping head, as she began to cry softly. "Yes...I serve the Eternal Flame of Apollo."

"Yes...of course you did," Themistocles said dismissively. He walked up to Cassandra and roughly ripped the remains of her sheer temple gown down the middle, exposing the rest of her perfect body to the king.

This elicited an immediate response from Cassandra as she began to thrash and scream, attempting to get away or strike Themistocles. "NO! NO! I am a servant of the lord Apollo! I have dedicated my body to him! You must not touch me!!"

Themistocles was hoping for just such a response and delighted in her screams, and felt his already engorged cock now become rock hard as she struggled and attempted to get free. He slapped her again, far harder than the first time, which was more than enough to knock the sense out of Cassandra for a moment. The king held her face tightly and turned her towards him, then said, "You now only serve me, Cassandra. You now serve my needs, and I need your body."

"But the god will strike you dead for defiling one of his servants!!"

Themistocles grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. "I very much doubt that, little girl. I have destroyed the city under his protection, I have destroyed his temple and killed his priests. Still the god does nothing to me. The gods fear me. Why, then, should they care what I do to one little temple virgin?"

Cassandra looked at him in shocked outrage, in part because of his blasphemous words, but also in part because she feared he was right. Apollo had not shot arrows of plague into the invading army as the priests said he would, nor had he stricken any of the soldiers who had looted the temple -- how much less would he do for one of his virgins? Cassandra looked at Themistocles' well muscled, powerful body, then his large and very hard cock, and knew she was totally on her own.

The king slashed at the rough ropes that had bound her body to the center post with his dagger but not those that restrained Cassandra's hands behind her. Themistocles pulled her to him roughly, kissing her on the mouth fully yet harshly, crudely pushing his tongue deep inside her mouth. Despite her best efforts to pull away or to make him stop the king continued to kiss Cassandra, forcing his way into her mouth. The king clutched her hair tightly behind her head, making Cassandra his to do with as he wished.

He held Cassandra there tightly to him for some time, kissing her brutally yet passionately, until the king grew tired of this and wanted more. Throwing her on the thick pile of animal skins and furs that acted as his campaigning bed, Themistocles rolled Cassandra over until she lay on her belly then roughly pulled her ass up until she lay on all fours. With her hands still tied behind her back Cassandra had no way to support herself; her face was pushed into the furs and her back arched cruelly so Themistocles could easily access her ass. The king grabbed her once coifed hair and pulled back hard, arching her back even further as he placed the tip of his cock just against the lips of her pussy.

"Now," Themistocles said, pushing slightly, "let's see what the god has been keeping all to himself, shall we?"

Pulling her head back even as he pushed his hips forward, Themistocles tried in vain to slide his cock into Cassandra's unopened pussy. The king could not recall the last time he fucked a girl with such a tight pussy and was surprised to meet such resistance. Cassandra gritted her teeth, trying hard not to utter a sound and so not to give Themistocles yet another victory.

"Mmm...," he now nearly growled at her, pleased by the game her pussy was making of this, "now if only your countrymen had given me such resistance perhaps you would still have a country."

Themistocles pulled Cassandra back toward him again as he pushed in with more sustained force this time and now he felt her hymen give way slowly, finally allowing him into her pussy. Despite her attempt to remain quiet Cassandra could not restrain herself from crying out as the king's thick cock penetrated her pussy, and she screamed into the furs. The pain was far more than she ever thought it would be, and although she had heard her sisters talk about the intense pleasures of sex, Cassandra did not understand how any woman could find this enjoyable.

Themistocles eased his way in slowly, not because of any desire to be gentle to Cassandra but rather because he feared hurting his cock if he tried to fuck such a tight pussy too quickly. He pushed the length of his cock into Cassandra's pussy slowly and deeply, reaching the farthest depth of her cunt; he let out a long, soft moan as he did so, the tight pressure of her now-moist pussy walls clamping tightly around his cock. The king had never had a pussy so pristine, so fresh, so tight, and he feared he might pass out from the intense pleasure of feeling it wrap so tightly around his cock.

Once the king had hit bottom he paused for a long while, allowing Cassandra's pussy to stretch slightly and to moisten further, as well as to drink in the intense sensation of sliding into a pussy so tight. He then slowly eased his cock back out, then again slowly inserted it all the way in. Cassandra continued to grit her teeth sharply, trying to keep in the shrieks of pain she was feeling; the pain remained intense, but it was at least diminishing somewhat now as her pussy stretched to accommodate the king's cock.

"Oh, my yes, little virgin," the king said lustfully. "I can see why Apollo would want to keep this all for himself."

Themistocles slid his cock deeply into Cassandra's pussy, pulling her ass towards him to get in as deeply as possible, but now began to increase the rate at which he fucked her. Having let go of her hair the king grabbed her still-bound hands and yanked on them like the reins on a horse, pulling her towards him and delighting in the complete control he had over her. Themistocles made no pretense of caring whether Cassandra enjoyed herself or not -- in fact, he rather hoped she hated this, enjoying the complete victory he achieved over her people through her pain -- and simply slammed into her pussy like a piston. Having opened up her pussy and wetting her, Themistocles was now able easily to fuck her as hard as he wanted, and the king fucked like he pursued war: violently, intensely, and aggressively.

Themistocles slammed his cock into her as fast as possible until he quickly came with a loud, animal-like roar that trailed off into a low guttural growl as he filled her pussy with stream after stream of his hot cum. After the king had finished cumming, he finally released her hips and allowed her to slump forward on the furs as he lay down next to her, panting loudly.

The pair lay there together for several minutes, Themistocles catching his breath and Cassandra sobbing softly. The pain had diminished now, replaced with a warm, wet feeling. She was, however, mortified that her oath to Apollo had been broken. She had dedicated her life to serving the god, but now that she had been defiled there was no way she could perform her temple duties any further. As she lay there, grieving the loss of her religious function, the only solace Cassandra could claim was that her torment was at least now over.

Or so she thought.

The king had gotten up and put on a loose, light robe, then sat down to drink some wine. He sat there looking at her, beautiful in her nakedness. He found her even more beautiful given the look of complete defeat in her crumpled form, a thin trickle of his cum oozing out of her pussy. Themistocles drank his wine and popped a few nuts and dates into his mouth as he looked over her lovely, crushed form, and could already feel himself getting aroused again.

The king viewed himself first and foremost as a soldier. He may be the highest ranking soldier, and he may en joy certain luxuries the other soldiers didn't, but he was a soldier first. One of the fundamental norms of being a good soldier is that one shares with his comrades freely of whatever he has. Whether weapons, armor, food, or drink, Themistocles believed soldiers shared what they had with one another.

So why should he selfishly keep Cassandra all to himself? Having been first, why not now share her with his men as he would any other prize?

Themistocles called for his runner and instructed him to summon his generals. As the powerful men arrived, Cassandra thought nothing of it, assuming they were going to have a council of war, or that the king was merely going to show her off like a prize steed. She did not realize what was about to happen until the king began to speak.

"So, gentlemen," he said to the half-dozen generals. "Who would like to enjoy a taste of my latest whore? You may all enjoy yourselves with her as many times as you'd like, for as long as you'd like."

The generals stood dumfounded for a moment, surprised by the king's generosity despite his penchant for sharing with this army. Patroclus was finally the first one to move, quickly stripping down to nothing, followed by the other generals.

Cassandra felt almost paralyzed by fear when she heard Themistocles so callously offer up her sex to his generals, lying on the bed of skins like a terrified animal trying to remain hidden by remaining perfectly still. The magnitude of what was about to happen to her didn't become reality until she felt one general with a steely-strong hand twist her hair and yank her head to suck his cock while another lifted her ass, fucking her from behind as the king had. She was now being simultaneously fucked by one general while another fucked her mouth as the remaining generals rubbed her body, pinched, pulled, and slapped whatever parts of her they could.

Though a virgin, Cassandra had sucked men's cock before, but she had never been so completely used before. The general fucking her from behind was, like his king, fucking her with animalistic intensity, slamming his cock into her with all his force. This pushed her harshly into the general gagging her with his cock even as he, in turn, forced his cock further down her throat. She made a choking sound with every thrust as his cock literally was forced into her throat. Cassandra feared that she body would simply burst from the pressure of having two large cocks forced into her at the same time in such a rough fashion, or that her back would snap from the pounding her was getting.

She felt the general making her suck his cock pull her hair more and more tightly as her face fucked her with more force, and could actually feel his already hard cock grow even harder and larger in her mouth. He then let loose a thick stream of cum into her mouth; Cassandra didn't want to swallow any of these men's cum, so she tried to spit it out. The cock being forced into her mouth at the same time made that difficult, so the cum instead simply oozed down her chin and slid slowly down her breasts, eliciting quite an enthusiastic response from the remaining generals. At about that same time the man taking her from behind also came, again filling her cunt with a large load of hot thick cum.

As soon as these two generals finished another two jumped on her and began fucking her as well, the only difference being that the general pounding her pussy rolled her over on her back. He had cut the ropes still restraining her hands together and ordered her to stroke the cocks of the last two generals who had not yet had a chance to fuck her. Cassandra now lay there in the king's tent, being fucked by one man as another fucker her face while she simultaneously stroked the cocks of two other men. The general face fucking her pulled out his cock just at the moment of orgasm and splattered his hot cum all over her lovely face, while the general between her legs also pulled out and shot his equally large load all over her tits.

The final two generals pounced on her at once, nearly rabid from having to wait while they watched their higher-ranking comrades have her first and also from being stroked by Cassandra. Neither took long to cum; the general fucking her face came in her mouth and Cassandra, now no longer caring, swallowed every drop of the man's cum. The general fucking her pussy thought that looked like fun and finished by cumming in her mouth as well, making her swallow his load also.

The next several hours became a blur to Cassandra. Man after man, including the king, fucked her and forced her to suck his cock. She was never taken by less than two men at a time; the generals had also opened up her ass by now in an equally brutal manner as her pussy had been, so she very often satisfied the needs of three lust-filled men at once. Hour after hour passed in the king's tent, with scarcely a full minute going by without a cock being rammed into her mouth, cunt, or asshole. Cassandra had been filled several times over with copious amounts of cum, so much so that it oozed now in a constant stream out of both her ass and her pussy, pooling into a small puddle where she lay. She had by this point swallowed more cum than she had even thought possible.

It amazed Cassandra that when the day had started she was a temple virgin; by day's end she was the army's whore.

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