Spoils of War


The war had ended, forcing the town into a frenzy of partying and cheer. The weather remained warm and the streets were packed with people. The smell of expensive tobacco and cheap perfume permeated the Captain's nose. He smiled.

Warriors filled every alleyway and the drinking pubs had spilled their patrons from outside of their doors, onto the streets, due to the large crowds. Scantily clad spoils of wars accompanied many soldiers. The women stood on the side lines, as their new owners drank and gambled their money away.

Captain Rax had pushed through the crowds of celebrators and made his way to the door of his first in command. He knocked and waited.

"What's up, Sir?" Lieutenant Kreg had asked when he opened the door.

"Up for some drinking and a game of poker?"

'Tired of your spoils already, Captain?" he laughed.

"Yeah. I'm not really thrilled with any that I brought home. Gave them all away, actually. They were good for one use, but I must have chosen every combative women there was left in that damn village. I'm looking to go to the poker game tonight, take in some cash, and find a sweet girl to lick my balls while I do it."

"Want to go the glass tables?" Kreg asked.

"Yea," Rax replied, "Let's do it. I like seeing all of them lick together."

As Kreg closed the door behind him, he commented, "I feel the same way. I used up all my spoils, but I need a woman that feel like home. If ya know what I mean, Captain."

"I do," he laughed.

As the two arrived at the gambling field, they saw the six glass tables packed with poker players. Rax looked over at the cages of woman that no soldiers claimed during the end of war. He saw what he wanted.

He pointed out his woman to the Cage Master and placed his order.

"You always go for the bargain, don't you, Captain. I hate to tell you those inexperienced chicks never suck cock right. Remember last week when that one ran her teeth over you?"

'Don't remind me. I like this one," he said, pointing her out to him.

"That shy one all the way back in the cage? The one with the dark hair?" Kreg asked.

'Yeah, I like her and I like a mouth that's never been used. Plus, they are cheaper and the lines are shorter."

"That's cos when men pay good money for head, they want good head, Captain. A mouth that has never been used does not know what to do."

'Ahh. I'm not paying full-price for a used up whore. Look at her. She has that pleasing look in her eyes. See how she looked at me? None of them look at you in the eye. She looked me in the eye."

"Suit yourself, Captain. I ain't even ordering tonight. Just going to pull on it while all of you men get sucked. I'm fucked out."

Captain Rax laughed, "We all need a rest once in a while. Hey look. A new table is opening up."

Rax was happy to have gotten the head seat the table. The table was long, clean and shiny and sat twenty-five men. He had always enjoyed the glass tables. It was a site to see. Women would crawl in between the legs of every man playing poker. They would suck and lick as the games began. It was a challenge to keep your money and make the correct bet if you became too excited.

Rax lit his cigar and smiled at Kreg as the first hand was dealt. It went quickly and Rax opened his hands as his winnings were pushed toward him.

"Lucky night, Captain," Kreg laughed.

"I hope as hell," he answered back.

A big-titted waitress came over, delivered the mugs of beer to the men, and bent over Rax to empty out the ashtrays of cigars and cigarettes off the table.

As she did, Captain Rax, pulled the little tie on her bikini top, causing her huge tits to fall out. She giggled as Kreg winked to the Captain and untied her bottom, exposing her fat ass and shaved pussy mound.

Although Kreg said he was tired, the Captain grinned as he watched his friend nibble on her fat, round ass. Rax grunted and moved his mouth to her erect nipples and began sucking.

She gently swayed her body as the men used their mouth on her body. Rax moved his mouth between her two tits, licking and sucking. He pulled on her nipples, stretching them out and snapping back in place, as the server moaned.

It wasn't often that one had the opportunity to see a fully dressed server. In all the years Rax had been coming to the glass tables, it was the first he had been given the opportunity of undressing one. Usually, they were already used by other men, and Rax had never liked that. Used meat was never for him.

Rax looked over, as Kreg licked on the server's ass. He laughed to himself knowing his first in command must have been hard as rock and ready to fuck. Rax pushed the server's breast together and sucked madly on her nipples, moving his mouth from one hard nipple then to the other. The view in his peripheral vision caught his eye. He saw them.

Twenty-five girls, all leashed and primped to serve, stood to the side of the table. The Cage Master had them on their knees, as he pulled on their leashes. They were dressed in their normal, white tunic attire and Rax looked for the one he had purchased. Rax licked his lips. The Cage Master spoke to them in his gruff voice, and they began to crawl to the table they were to serve. They looked like a brood of dogs with long hair and pretty lips. They scurried toward the cocks they would serve. Captain Rax grinned when he saw his girl.

As the women made their way under the glass tables, the sound of zippers and moans filled the air. Rax watched as the men released their cocks. The cocks dangled, excited for the warm mouths that would be upon them. He saw two women at the other end of the table hungrily lick on their men and Captain Rax knew the next hand in poker would be his. In his opinion, nothing beat the glass tables. He really didn't care about the money, because to watch all the cock sucking was worth what he may lose in poker.

The Captain's purchase crawled under the glass table and in between his legs.

He bent over at his waist and looked at the girl he had just brought. Again, she looked him in the eye. He grinned and asked, "What's your name?"

"Liv, sir," she replied. He liked that she called him sir. He smiled at her again. Her hair was so dark and her eyes were hazel-green. It had been a long time since he had noticed a woman's eyes. He was not sure what was so special about hers, but he liked them.

Rax undid the buttons on his pants and let his hard cock fall out, "Suck my cock, Liv" he said, as he moved his face back up to the table and his mouth back onto the server's big tits.

Rax hungrily sucked on the server, as the bitch between his legs starting licking. All of a sudden, he became very aware of his cock, removed his mouth from the server's tits and looked into the glass. He felt her tongue running the rim of his cock and he was aware that he was already dripping. He thought he heard her moan, but the noise from the others was so loud.

"Suck it good, Liv," he shrieked. Her tongue swirled all around his head and then swallowed on his cock. Liv took him deep. She has a whore tongue, he thought.

He looked over and saw Kreg's cock out of his pants. The server kept pushing her tits closer to Rax, but he wanted to look down at the woman in between his legs. He gently pushed the server back. He watched, as she lost her balance and fell right on top of Kreg's cock. As Liv licked his cock, he saw Kreg scrambled to position his cock into the server's pussy hole. Kreg put his hands on her waist and pushed her up and down on his fat cock. Rax grinned as her big tits bounced up and down. He looked back down at the woman sucking his cock.

Rax moaned louder, as he spread his legs wider. He looked down the table at all of the others getting sucked off. He spread his legs wider, as Liv attacked his balls with her hungry mouth. Further ,he opened his legs, and pushed himself back.

"Nice," Kreg grunted while the server rode his cock, "she's going to lick your ass, Captain."

He opened his even legs wider, as the other men that were being sucked started to notice the woman in between his legs.

'Oh, lick, bitch!" the Captain screamed, as her mouth and tongue went from his cock to his balls and then played in the crack of his ass.

"Oh yeah, Captain," he heard a man say, as Liv tongue moved closer to his hole.

The Captain opened his legs wider, giving the bitch total access to his ass and balls. Her tongue moved in between his cheeks and played with his hole. She nibbled on his ass cheeks and the Captain knew he may spew his load any second. Suddenly, her wet tongue slid inside of him, and then back out. He heard a few men holler. Back to the head of his cock her mouth went, and then she slid her tongue back into his hole.

"Oh, you bitch," the Captain screamed, unable to look at anyone else now except the whore in between his legs.

Still further, he opened his legs as her tongue went deeper inside of him.

"Oh bitch. Lick me good. Lick, bitch. Lick!" he moaned.

"Oh yeah, Captain," Kreg moaned, " You should see this end. Her puss hole is dripping, and she is squeaking like a little mouse, as she licks you. This bitch is dripping all over herself from sucking cock.

"Oh yeah. Lick you hungry whore," Rax blurted.

"Lick the Captain, girl," he heard a man blurt out.

'Oh yeah, Captain, look at her," another yelled.

As her tongue went in and out of his ass, he heard the other men groaning. He was going to buy her tonight and take her home.

"Mmmm," Kreg said to the server riding on his cock, "See where that whore's tongue is? See it going in and out of him? See, that bitch?" Kreg said, while moving his cock in between the cheeks of server's ass. She screamed, as he opened her ass with his hardness.

"See?" Kreg said again, "she is licking him where my cock is going in you. Do you feel that?" The server screamed again, as Kreg pushed his prick deep into her ass. Her big tits bounced as she screamed and cried from cock in her ass.

Unable to hold it any longer, Captain Rax's load shot off, as Liv's tongue moved in and out of him.

His load spewed up onto the glass. He saw others shooting out their seed. The poker game, like it always did, came to a halt. No one was betting. So many girls wore the mark of satisfaction. He looked back down at Liv and watched his load drip from the glass onto her dark hair.

She moved her mouth to the glass and started eating his cum. He watched her pink tongue roll over the glass, picking up his load. Her tongue moved like a puppy's, getting every drop.

"Oh, you little whore," he whispered, as her tongue swirled underneath the glass. He has never seen anything so erotic. He thought she liked it. Her tongue pressed against the glass, cleaning it.

He heard more moans from the other men. His cock was growing again from watching this bitch clean his seed from the glass. He briefly looked down the table and saw some of the women dripping in gooey cum. He no longer cared about them. He was unable to stop watching his girl. She was still cleaning the glass.

Reaching underneath the table, he grabbed Liv by the hair and pushed his cock into her mouth.

"Clean me. Clean that cock."

His dick started pulsating. Livs face was covered in his cum from licking it off of the glass. He reached underneath the table and ran his fingers over her messy face. He scooped up his cum, as she hungrily licked on his fingers.

"Oh, you got a keeper there, Captain." Kreg moaned, as he pushed the server off of his cock. He moved her to her knees.

'Fuck ya, I'm buying this bitch and bringing her home. I need to fuck her."

"Bet you won't make it home," Kreg laughed, as he shot his load over the server.

The Captain could not take his eyes off of Liv. He pulled on her leash and brought her out from underneath the table. The cum-covered girl came out from underneath the table and kneeled by his chair. Yes, he thought. I like her eyes. She looked at him. The Captain smiled down at her.

"Night, Kreg," he mumbled, as he pulled on her leash. He was going to pay the Cage Master and take her home. He thought he may have a keeper. He felt his cock getting harder, as she crawled by his feet toward the booth.

He made his monetary transaction with the owner and looked down at her. He knew he could not wait. He pulled out his tool and rubbed his cock all over her face. He watched as she put her ass in the air.

Kreg was right, he thought. I'm not able to wait. He moved behind her. He pulled on her leash and positioned her. He pushed her tunic up. Her lips were swollen. They glistened with juice. She was ready. He slipped his cock from behind into the bitch's pussy hole. She squealed with every thrust. He fucked her at the buying booth.

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