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Spoilt Brat


Let me give you a little background to the situation in which Phil found himself. He's 25 and works as a computer analyst/programmer and he's good at it. One thing he likes about his current job is that he can work at home most of the time, only visiting the office when he want to grill people about what they do and why they do it. Also, despite sisterly comments about Phil the dill, he is quite intelligent. Currently between girlfriends, not a situation he expects to last, he lives by himself in a three bed-room unit.

Janice is the daughter of the Robertson's, nineteen, attending university and a first class, spoilt rotten, pain in the butt. Phil didn't know about that last bit until after his mother's heart attack. The Robertson's, Mr. and Mrs., had sold their house and were intending to buy a new property shortly. They had bunged all their stuff into storage and gone for a three month cruise, leaving Janice homeless for said three months. Not a problem. Phil's parents were only too happy to have this lovely child stay with them for three months. (Phil was quite willing to admit that she is quite lovely for a pest.)

So the Robertson's set sail, Jan moved in with his parents and then his mother had a heart attack. With his mother having to take it very easy for the next few months it wasn't going to be feasible to have a visitor staying with them. What to do with her? Phil's father put Phil's hand up and said "Phil has room to spare and he's near the uni. Phil won't mind her staying."

Phil had no real objection. It was only for a few months and even if she was off limits as a family friend it would be nice to have a pretty girl around the place. So Janice moved in and all was well for a few hours. Phil assumed that he'd have to cook that first night, but he also assumed that Jan would help with the dishes. No way. In, eat fast and she was gone. Phil shrugged it off, but next morning found her telling him what she wanted cooked for breakfast, and after getting it she was gone again.

Phil assumed that since she was at uni. She would be fairly busy with her classes and such, but resolved to have a word with her that evening about sharing housework.

Here's where Phil found out about selective deafness. While Janice appeared to listen and say all the right things, she also totally ignored everything he said when it came to actually doing housework. That weekend, Phil patiently explained that he was not doing her laundry. Washing machine and dryer are available if you want to use them. He heard the washing machine going later and chalked up a small victory to him. Silly man. The next day the things were still in the washing machine and starting to smell, and he needed to use the machine. Another chat when she got home and, apparently, more selective deafness.

On top of everything else, there was now an odd smell to the unit. Not a woman type smell of perfume and powder, but a musty, mouldy type smell. Tracking the smell to its source, Phil ventured into the bedroom that Jan was using. The smell was easy to identify. The clothes that he'd had to take out of the washing machine were still in the basket he'd put them in, and very smelly. The room itself was a disaster zone. Time for another little chat.

When Jan finally arrived home Phil made some very pointed remarks, laying down the law, explaining that Jan had better pull her finger out and get her room cleaned up and her washing redone and dried. He also did not appreciate being told that the washing and room were his fault because he should have done them as he worked from home and had more time.

Phil had had enough at this stage. "You have no classes tonight," he told Jan. "I expect you to spend the evening tidying up that sty you've created."

"Ok," said Jan. "It'll get done eventually."

"I don't want it done eventually," pointed out Phil. "I want it done this evening. If you think I'll do it, you've another think coming."

"Yes, yes, whatever," grumbled Jan, waving her hands to dismiss the whole subject.

Convinced that she'd gone into selective deafness mode again Phil added, "Of course, if you don't bother I'll have to put you across my knee and spank you."

Another offhand, "Yes, yes, whatever," all the evidence he needed that she wasn't listening.

As soon as dinner was over Jan was gone. Not to the kitchen to help clear up as asked, or to her room to start tidying up as directed, but out the door and gone. Phil tidied up the kitchen and went about his own business, keeping an ear out for Jan's return.

At ten Jan finally returned from her excursion. Phil was sitting in the kitchen waiting when she came in.

"Oh, god, not another lecture," she groaned. "You're worse than my dad."

"I haven't been lecturing," pointed out Phil. "Just trying to get you do some things around the place."

"Yes, I know," said Jan, mentally tuning out, but ready to toss in an agreement with each pause.

"I suppose you do remember what I said about penalties earlier," said Phil, knowing damn well she hadn't.

"Of course," came the automatic response.

"So I may as well proceed with them now?"

"Why not?" replied Jan, having no idea what he was talking about and not really caring. She was going to go and watch TV for a while.

"I pleased to see you're taking this so agreeably. It'll make it easier all round," said Phil with a smile. He then reached out, caught Jan's arm and pulled, jerking her forward and across his lap. Holding her firmly in place he flipped her skirt up, exposing her shapely buttocks, minimally cover with lace scanties.

Jan shrieked as Phil's hand came down hard upon her bottom. "Are you crazy," she screamed. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Spanking a spoilt brat, as agreed to," said Phil, his hand coming down to leave a nice red handprint on her other cheek.

"Stop it," yelled a frantic Jan. "I never agreed to this."

"Actually, you did. You may not have been paying attention to what I was saying, but you definitely were warned and you also agreed to have it take place now." During this a couple more firm spanks were delivered.

"Now, are you listening to what I'm saying?" asked Phil. "I mean really listening and understanding?"

"Yes," cried Jan. "What do you want from me?"

"I've already told you what I want," said Phil, pointedly, "but you seem to have forgotten. Now I'm going over the items again, with a small spank to drive it home and a larger one if you can't repeat it back to me."

"Item 1. You will do your laundry, and that means wash and dry on the same day." Spank. "Repeat it please."

"Stop hitting. I heard," protested Jan.

A harder spank and a cold suggestion that she repeat the item brought a protest that she hadn't heard properly.

"I'll start again," said Phil genially, "but I do suggest that this time you start listening and remembering."

After that things went quite smoothly from Phil's point of view. Jan definitely knew what he expected of her and she had a bright red bottom to give her a gentle reminder whenever she sat down.

"Now I strongly suggest that you head up to your room and start tidying it. Loading that smelly laundry back into the washing machine would be a good start. It's Saturday tomorrow and no classes, so you can feel free to stay up late getting things done."

Jan bolted to her room as soon as Phil released her. She was calling her Dad.

Phil's phone rang within five minutes of Jan bolting to her room. It was her father. "Ah, Mr. Robertson," Phil answered. "Jan certainly got through to you quickly."

"Come again, Phil?" said Mr. Robertson. "I haven't heard from Jan for a few days and I'm just ringing up to say hullo. Is she trying to call me?"

"I'm quite sure she will be at any second," said Phil.

"OK, Phil," sighed Mr. Robertson, "why don't you tell me what's happened."

"You don't want to wait and hear it from her?" queried Phil.

"I'd just as soon know what I'm getting into before I talk to her," said her father, "so feel free to spill the beans."

"You know her housekeeping skills?" asked Phil.

"She's lazy around the house, you mean? I know."

"And have you noticed she appears to have this deafness that afflicts her from time to time?"

"Oh, yes. I know it."

"Well, let me play a couple of bits of two conversations I had with her today," said Phil. He played the relevant bits back to Mr. Robertson. First the statement that he would spank Jan together with her offhand agreement, and then the second conversation in its entirety, where Jan blithely accepted the penalties.

Mr. Robertson was quiet for a moment and then said with a laugh "I assume that you went ahead and spanked her?"

"I did. She was acting like a spoilt brat and she needed to be jerked into line."

"She is a spoilt brat," sighed Mr. Robertson. "I trust she hasn't been physically harmed."

"No, sir, apart from a very tender bottom."

"Well, I'll leave her to your care. Good luck. I think you'll need it."

Phil didn't know what passed between Jan and her father, but she didn't come to see him again that evening. He could hear her working in her room and noted that both washing machine and drier got some use later that night.

The next day started quietly, with Jan getting her breakfast, clearing up after herself and then leaving and staying out most of the day. A quick check showed that her room was reasonable and that her laundry was washed, dried and folded. Still in a basket, but clean and tidy.

Late afternoon Jan arrived back at the unit, and the way she started banging around the unit it was obvious that she was spoiling for a fight.

Finally Jan fronted up to Phil and politely informed him that her room was tidy and asking him he wanted her to move out.

"My parents wouldn't forgive me if I kicked you out," said Phil. "You're welcome to stay as long as you remember we have to live together and that means that you have to do your share."

"I will stay on then," said Jan, "but if you sexually molest me again I will be gone so fast your head will spin and I'll press charges."

"Sexually molest you?" laughed Phil. "You don't know too much about sex if you think that was sexual molestation. That spanking was just a reprimand to a disobedient brat."

"I know all I need to about sex, thank you very much," snarled Jan. "If I say it was sexual molestation it was molestation, and that's what I told my dad."

"Really?" said Phil. "And what did he say?"

"You got in first, didn't you. He never believes me."

"I didn't 'get in' as you call it. He rang me and I told him honestly what happened."

"You told him I agreed, and I didn't. You lied to him," Jan shouted.

"What I did was play back the conversations we had on this subject," said Phil, taking out his phone. "Seeing you seem to have forgotten what you agreed to, why don't I play them back for you."

Jan listened, shocked. She couldn't believe that she'd agreed to what the recordings said. "You tricked me, you bastard," she raged. "You knew I wasn't listening to what you said."

"The point is, you should have been. If you'd bothered to pay attention you may have avoided all this nonsense."

"You're an asshole," shouted Jan. "If you ever try to spank me again I'll scream rape and see where that gets you."

Phil stiffened slightly. "I don't react to threats very well," he said coldly. "If your behaviour deteriorates to where I think correction is needed, then I'll provide that correction, like it or not. Two things you should consider. If a girl cries rape then the man she accuses may decide to have the action as well as the name. And the spanking I gave you was a long way from sexual harassment."

Phil gave her a challenging smile. "Why don't you swear at me again and give me an excuse to spank you. I'll show you the difference."

Jan faltered. "He wouldn't, would he? Yes, he would, damn him."

She held her peace for a moment, wondering how he would show her the difference, suddenly curious. She lifted her head and stared at him. "You're an asshole and a bastard," she enunciated clearly.

Phil just stood there and looked at her in a considering manner. Jan suddenly felt slightly sick, with butterflies taking flight in her stomach. When he'd spanked her yesterday he hadn't appeared angry, just determined. Now she was afraid that she'd made him angry and she didn't know what would happen. She backed down in a hurry.

"I'm sorry, Phil," she said quickly. "I shouldn't have said that. If you'll excuse me I'll go to my room." She was starting out of the room when Phil spoke.

"No," was all he said.

Jan faltered. "What do you mean, no?"

"I mean I will not excuse you, but by all means go to your room. You'll probably be more comfortable there while we finish this conversation."

"We've finished," said Jan hastily and bolted. Almost running into her room she turned to close the door and found Phil had already followed her in. "Jokes over, Phil," Jan said, indicating that he should leave, the sooner the better.

Phil closed the door behind him and leant on it. "You wanted to know the differences between a simple spanking and sexual harassment," he said. "For a start, when I spanked you I simply put you across my knee and lifted your skirt out the way. For sexual harassment, I would have made you take it off."

Jan didn't know what to say to this other than to um and ah a little, waiting for more information.

"I'm waiting," said Phil.

"Wh-what for?" stammered Jan.

"For you to take your skirt off, of course," said Phil. "I said I was going to show you the difference, and I meant it."

"I apologised," whispered Jan.

"Too late. You should never have pushed it in the first place. Now are you taking it off or am I?"

"How far does he intend to take this?" wondered Jan then, as he shrugged and moved towards her, she shouted, "All right! I'll take it off." She slipped her skirt off and tossed it to the side, glaring at him but feeling even more nervous.

"After I lifted your skirt I spanked you, leaving your panties on," said Phil, crossing his arms and waiting.

The butterflies in her stomach had now been replaced with vultures churning around inside of her. He couldn't expect her to take her panties off in front of him. She wouldn't. Jan crossed her arms in front of herself and stared defiantly at him.

Phil nodded. He'd expected her to balk at this point. He stepped forward, turning to sit on the bed and catching Jan's arm as he did so. Jan felt herself falling across his knee and squealed indignantly, knowing she couldn't stop him spanking her again. She braced for that first spank and received a different kind of shock when, instead of spanking her bottom, Phil simply grabbed her panties and peeled them straight off her and then set her back on her feet.

Scarlet faced, Jan crossed her hands in front of her pussy, not knowing what to say. Phil just smiled up at her and murmured, "Are you starting to see the differences between a spank and a little harassment?"

At Jan's nod, Phil continued. "Before I actually spank you, might I point out that you look a little silly standing there naked from the waist down. You'll probably feel a lot more comfortable if you also take off your top."

Jan's face expressed her disbelief at this bit of reasoning. Who did he think he was kidding?

"At this stage of the game," said Phil, "you'd be a lot smarter assuming any suggestions I make are orders. I'm just being polite."

Jan felt like swearing at him again, but felt she was already so far in trouble it wasn't worth what might happen. Eventually he'd tire of his game and then she'd have a few things to say. Reluctantly she took off her blouse and bra and was very shortly nude in front of him.

"Doesn't that feel more natural?" said Phil with a smile.

"That doesn't mean it feels more comfortable," pointed out Jan bitterly. "If you're going to spank me can we just get it over with?"

"As you wish," said Phil, indicating she should take up a position across his lap. When she had bent over he explained further. "When I spanked you, I had my left hand on your back like this," he demonstrated. "Now that we're adding some sexual harassment, my left hand will hold you like this." His hand slipped down and around until it was cupping a breast. Anticipating her sudden desire to rise, his right hand had already come around to hold her in place.

"Stop wriggling," he said, giving a quick spank to her cheek to emphasise his point. "I have more things to point out to you."

Running the tips of his fingers gently over her bottom, he explained. "A normal spanking would smack you in this area," he said, tracing her cheeks with feather light touches, watching with interest as she squirmed under the caress. The spanking would never touch you here," he added, running his teasing touch down to the tops of her thighs and between her legs. "All this area would be off limits, with you not being touched here or here." His fingers danced lightly across her inner thighs, touching all around but not, quite, touching her pussy.

Jan was breathing harder now, that teasing torment slowly stoking a fire deep within her as Phil's fingers danced around and around her bottom and inner thighs, constantly threatening but never touching her sensitive lips. Jan could feel moisture welling within her and knew that her lips were now flushed and swelling.

"Now that you understand the differences," said Phil, "I will give you your spanking." His hand suddenly came down smartly upon her cheek, while at the same time Phil squeezed the breast he was holding.

Jan squealed as the spank landed, with the squeal turning into a gasp as Phil also manipulated her breast. Then another spank landed, but instead of Phil's hand lifting, it stroked across her bottom and dipped between her legs, barely flicking the outer edges of her pussy.

The spanking quickly turned into a trial of sexual torment for Jan, with one hand playing havoc with her breasts while the other alternatively pounded her on the bottom and then slid between her legs to wreak more torment. Then the focus of the spanking shifted, causing Jan to scream when a spank came down and landed full along her pussy, the hand resting for a moment and squeezing before being slowly withdrawn. Jan noticed that the hand didn't lift away but dragged slowly back along her pussy, the long middle finger teasing apart her lips as it went.

To Jan this torment seemed to last forever, as the spanking slowly built up a fire with her. She wanted it to end, and wanted it to end now, but her body was also telling her it wanted more pleasure first. She was twisting in place upon Phil's lap, knowing she was lifting and offering her bottom and pussy to his marauding touch and not caring.

She groaned, not sure if it was from relief or anguish when Phil stopped and lifted her off his lap.

He gently pushed her back onto the bed, spreading her legs as he did so.

"Does it hurt?" he asked. "Why don't I kiss it better?"

"What did he say?" mused Jan. "Kiss it better?"

Then she was writhing again as Phil moved between her legs, tongue darting along her slit teasing it apart again. She screamed, hands darting down to wrap themselves in his hair, not pulling, but desperate to hold onto him. Phil's tongue darted about inside her, moving closer to that little bud of nerves. Then he was there, his tongue stabbing out and flicking her clitoris, roughly pushing it around, and Jan exploded.

Phil drew back and smiled as he watched Jan wracked by her climax, shuddering helplessly as it took control of her.

Phil gave Jan time to recover. When she had finally calmed down, he spoke.

"Do you understand the difference between a spanking and sexual harassment now?" he asked, tongue in cheek.

Jan looked at him and nodded. "You're not going to, ah..." she broke off.

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