tagNonHumanSpring Fever: Decisions

Spring Fever: Decisions


The words on the page have blended together for the past twenty minutes. Sighing in defeat Junediai leans back. Details of the new Master's trail will have to wait until she can think straight. Gathering the report with a stack of other unread papers she locks them away in her desk drawer. Rubbing her eyes with the heel of her palms she tries to relax. The itching sensation starts up again scratching her wrist with irritation she frowns in disgust, after a moment she decides to take the damn Carnelian bracelet off throwing it on the desk.

For the past thirteen days her schedule became crutched with parties, dedications, and secret meetings. Needing her mind fully distracted with activities she hoped to collapse each night into a dreamless sleep. Instead she has had the most erotic dreams she ever had. Rationally she could chalk it up to the mating season; barking in mirthless laughter she rolls her eyes. Denial was a hard lesson she came to understand long ago. Her sudden need to couple like a mad rabbit is due to her new shadow, Liam Tal'kereth. She could describe him in two words, savagely gorgeous.

The way he moves with lethal grace and eyes that cut through you as if you were not there. Everything about his skin and hair are shades of dark caramel and chocolate. His wings are a stunning silvery white. Height six feet six inches, a solid weight 225 lbs., almond shaped eyes accented with the color of periwinkles. His build was not the typical dragon rider's tone and wiry. Possessing wide shoulders, strong arms, masterful hands and small waist complimented with thick legs. Thin lips framed with a sexy coppery goatee and shoulder length hair always tied with a single stolen ribbon from her. Walking into a room his very personality would command your attention. His manners are those of forgotten days gone by, his voice commands respect yet gentle to her. Last night dream torments her.

Sharing her breath he slowly masters her mouth. Pressing his body against hers he deepens the kiss. Accepting his tongue she sucks it then darts her own into his mouth. A deep groan fills the air her hands found their way underneath his shirt caressing his back and his chest teasing his nipples. Clothing melts away, his hands guides her to turn. Bracing against him they kneel. A top of pillows and cushions he slowly loves her. She shamelessly groans as he caresses her breasts and stomach. Brushing her hair over her shoulder he continues kissing down her back, his fingers slip inside her testing. Finding what he sought her body opens to him. Quickly her passion takes over clutching a cushion she screams. Panting she shifts on her back wanting to look into his eyes. Braced above her his eyes are fiercely demanding, taking her breath away. Lacing her fingers within his she arches against him whispering her plea. Their bodies become slick with passion, swallowing her shouts he releases growls of triumph.

Rubbing her neck with discomfort she shifts, pushing the memories of her dream to the side. The hair on the back of her neck begins to rise with recognition. Looking up at the library entrance a knock reverberates through the chamber. Standing she walks over to the fireplace,

"You may come in Tal'kereth."

Opening the door he finds himself within her territory. Though the room is dominated with masculine colors her feminine touch can be seen with various nick-knacks lying around. Delicate crystal lamps, a detailed globe, and traditional leather couches accented with colorful throws. Her family portrait hangs over the fireplace showing her large powerful family. The artist captured the importance of each family member with stern faces. But unlike many he has seen over the past week and half their eyes show warmth. Quickly taking in the room he notes her body language. Poised and ready she faces him with wariness.

Her face only shows a hint of makeup eyes dusted with dark shadow and lips glisten with gloss. Her hair partially swept away from her face trails down her back. Instead of showing her wealth in jewelry she wears simple stud earrings. Her green blouse is open at the neck revealing her single strand necklace. The charm made of pewter reveals her Guild Mastery, Jester. Her long brown skirt wraps snuggly around her waist hiding her shapely legs. Closing the door behind him his face is impassive revealing nothing of his thoughts.

Once she was the very bane of his existence now he understood his creator's woe. His implanted memories pale in comparison to the stunning woman before him. Breathing deeply to control his emotions the scent of her body oil mocks his efforts. Every pore in his body screams to posses her but he must be cautious. His very nature urges to claim her at any means necessary.

Near exhaustion and wary of his every move she stands before him more beautiful. She has yet to find out his activities. Achieving the impossible, he earned the rank of Guild Master Jester within six months. Encouraged by her brother he entered the discipline, immediately her father singled him out guessing his intentions. His reputation as a ruthless tracker proceeded him much to Master Clover delight giving his blessing on Liam's quarry. He was not above any form of trickery or immoral tactic but she deserves to be wooed. Treated as the rarest of creatures with respect and dignity. She has earned that from all Jesters and most enemies, he will treat her the same.

For a moment the room is filled with tension. She breaks the silence with a soft voice "So you now have a mastery, Tal'kereth."

Inwardly he clenches, seems her spies are working well. Her pale hazel eyes show no merriment.

"The real reason you were permitted to act as my lover was because you tried and succeeded the impossible. I must say I am impressed. You managed to win over the hearts of the Elder Masters."

She didn't mention his warning to the Elders.

"Warn your sons and lock them up tight the Herald is mine."

Some snickered in response then each read between the lines. Send no more suitors. Bowing he left without dismissal.

"Milady, I did not mean to keep you in the dark but I was instructed to do so."

Waving away his response. Pausing she chooses her words carefully.

"The Elders have influence in many levels of this government and the people of this world. However, understand young master, they do not influence everything. With that said, good luck on your journey may the combined strength and wisdom of Laria and Loki keep you."

Stepping aside she turns her back to him facing the fireplace. "

Your Jester hat is on my desk, the rest of your accessories are being made as I speak."

Dismissing him she hugs herself closing her eyes.

Her thoughts are closed to him but he can guess

"Another lie."

At the sound of the door click her shoulders sag. Looking into the flames for answer she whispers.

"They're getting better. Too bad I really started to like him."

She felt protected with him; beyond her family she didn't feel that often. Rubbing her temples scolding herself she needs to be more careful and watchful.

"At least this time he had backbone. I really need to teach those nosy old betties a lesson."

Unfurling her ebony wings she stretches, her hands settle on the back of the couch facing the fireplace. For long moments leaning on the couch she stares into the fire trying to push him and his delicious body out of her mind. They have sampled passion twice each time she regretted it. He never mentioned nor gave hints to any one keeping her transgressions secret. Her hormones running at full tilt plague her rational.

"Milady, I am here of my own accord."

Twisting in alarm she bumps into him. Holding her forearms he saves her from falling over.

Looking up in surprise she doesn't move. His arms slide around her waist in response her lips part, his eyes trail down to them. Her breath catches in her throat for a moment. His eyes are like her dream. Sensing her shift he yearns to posses her but she deserves more than just a coupling. Reluctantly releasing her he steps back. Suppressing a shudder his warmth leaves her.

"I have no house to dictate my actions or give me sanctuary. Our guild has only just recently accepted me because I was able to dazzle them."

Pulling herself together she regards him suspiciously.

"What do you want Tal'kereth? If you are able to achieve Mastery in one of the most difficult disciplines within all the guilds then you have talent and cunning of the highest rank. To ensnare a princess is rather common and fruitless."

Grimacing he looks to the side. What should he say to her? Suppressing a smile he regards her with a question.

"Do you love your brother milady?"

She pales "What does that have to due with?"

Her temper flares dangerously.

"Choose your words carefully Tal'kereth, you could easily find yourself more than just alone."

This wasn't going the way he wanted.

"I was hand picked by your brother not the Elders to be your suitor. He decided you are worth more alive than dead. Working yourself into constant exhaustion, hiding in your diplomatic ventures and venting your frustrations during training. He feels he found the perfect solution to your problem."

Her eyes flashes with controlled anger then demurely smiles his eyes narrow with suspicion.

"You know nothing of me except what is told to you."

Settling down in an overstuff chair next to the fire she regards him with mock interest.

"You were hand picked to entertain me. Guard me, I would even go as far to say create a healthy distraction."

Sighing she leans back.

"In one word you were pimped."

Frowning he questions "What does this word mean, pimped"?

Crossing her legs she explains the word. His own anger flickers, his voice become laced with steel.

"I am a simple man and may not be worthy of your standing. But I am a man and you will respect me as such."

Folding her hands to hide her trembling she lazy observe him as if he is an exotic object.

"You are a simple rider who has saved my life. And I thank you however; you will not be placed as a buffer. You do not know the politics or the complexities of this government. I will not be handled as a porcelain doll or lead by the collar. Even if my brother thinks he is protecting me. You are now a Guild Master and have all the perks and woes of the Jesters. Be thankful for that house or no house you will be protected."

He noticed her trembling; her façade is well rehearsed to perfection. Her quickening breath and tactic to lead the conversation to another subject told him otherwise. She was nervous around him; he struck a cord with her. As well he should, she has decided he is not to be her guard. Well she wouldn't be able to rid of him so easily.

"Have you thought if you are carrying my child?"

Shrugging her hand protectively lay on her abdomen.

"That is a situation that will be handle if and when. You will be notified if I have conceived."

Walking to her desk he sees his prize, ignoring his hat and takes her bracelet.

"That is not enough."

Jumping to her feet in horror "How dare you, you have no right!"

Turning he faces her, mockery fills his eyes "Milady I have every right."

Her anger boils over without thinking she slaps him. His head turns with the impact he faces her with a sly smile. They both understood the symbolism; her bracelet would claim them as a couple.

Flicking his hand the segment bracelet stretches to the maximum length around his wrist. Leaning on her desk he folds his arms. The glint in his eyes change, challenging.

"Do not do that again or you will suffer the consequences, princess."

Her own eyes become deadly never fearing any man, woman or deity.

"You have no right over me. There is no bond between us by word or blood. You will not bully me into anything I do not want or need. As for consequences my dear you have no idea. Now give me back my property."

The amusement in his eyes infuriated her to no end. Her hands itched for a weapon to wipe the smile off his face. His inflicted cheek was becoming red. She felt some satisfaction from her assault. Knowing she could argue herself out of anything he switched tactics.

"Would my child be such a burden?"

On full guard against him a short colorless bark of laughter tells him she didn't take the bait. Her sculpted eyebrow arches.

"I am a woman with many resources. A child would only add to my wealth. However, a father I have no need for. That need is only for the child. No matter what house", her voice drops to a mocking whisper, "Phal Ci'ren."

He smiles with relief. "Good you know now I have no secrets from you my princess."

Her eyes just widen revealing her surprise at his admission. Taking a chance he pulls her close her hands brace against his arms with disbelief.

"You would admit such a alliance? You are either fool or just insane. No one admits this without political backing of some type. Even my..."

Then it dawns on her, the connection and his sudden appearance. Becoming her shadow protecting her, the air becomes filled with the charge of her anger and power.

"You fucking bastard..."

Leaving the statement unsaid he feels as if the left side of his body was pierced. Falling back on the desk she quickly scrambles over his body. Seeing her letter opener she tries to impale it into his chest. Dizzy with pain the flicker of metal catches his attention. Catching her hands before she was able to give the final strike they struggle.

For a moment she had the advantage of surprise.

"Your blood will stain my desk you son of a bitch!"

The blade cut into him gritting his teeth his own anger fuels him.

"Damn it woman! Will you listen to reason?!"

The blade turns white hot within her hands. The tight hold loosens enough for him to take the weapon from her they both scramble. Jumping off the desk she tries to make the fireplace for another weapon, the poker. Faster he grabs her pulling her down to the floor, pinning her beneath him. A flash of light blinds and disorientates her. Grunting she squirms, using his body weight to immobilize her he tries to reason with her.

"Stop this I don't want to hurt you." Her eyes flash with defiance "Your skin will make a fine bag."

Muttering in disgust of the situation he blocks her attempt to knee him in the groin. Shifting she lays spread eagle trapped. He would laugh at the comical scene unfolding but she is determined to kill him. Attempting another spell he stops it with a distraction. Biting her on the juncture of her neck and shoulder. Gasping in surprise the most primitive part of her soul response.

Instantly she growls, he whispers in her ear. "Our child will be fearless."

An image of a little girl flashes in her mind, an exact copy of him with her eyes laughing.

The sound of a knock on the door penetrates the room. Both look up grimacing, his hands relax siting up he offers his hand. Scrambling away from him she darts for the door. Hastily opening it she faces her brother.

Standing at the door with a concerned look on his face the fresh scent of blood assaults him.

"What the hell?"

Taking in her appearance he looks over her shoulder seeing Liam stand with blood on his shirt. Looking between them in confusion he makes a confused gesture.

Sneering at him "If you weren't my brother I would personally kill you. What the hell were you thinking?"

Waving she stops him from speaking "I don't care, take your boy toy back I don't want him." Brushing pass him she stalks off. Turning he watches his sister in astonishment.

Next to him he hears a thick accent "Shit."

Then Liam passes him in pursuit. Before Jumada can stop him Liam catches up to Junediai. Catching her by the elbow she turns with a sinister smile. Suddenly his body is wrapped in Jester string.

"Leave me be Guild Master or I will make good on my threat."

For a moment she looks every inch the Herald. Beautiful, powerful and full of mischief. He fallsto her feet hen she disappears in a puff of yellow smoke. For a moment he struggles then grunts snapping the string. Never has seen anyone break the string so easily Jumada's jaw drops. Liam kneels gathering the string. Clutching it his eyes narrow,

"Consequences milady remember there are consequences."

Standing he looks outside whispering in a chilling voice "She will be well taken care of Jumada. Even if she doesn't want it."

The tower of the manor was converted to a storage area she pauses listening to the traffic below. Walking towards the back she opens the door to her art studio. Spacious she designed the room with columns near the windows. Sunset and people mill about their way. Leaning against one looking down she watches unnoticed.

The fight seeps out of her loneliness replaces her anger. Closing her eyes to shut away her emotions, she tries to think. Only one knows her hearts desire and he wasn't able to fulfill it. She would need a mortal for such a task.

She needed a man with similar qualities matching her own. Her brother must have felt her need. In his usual way he took charge of the situation, placing within a controlled environment an agent. Unattached, strong willed and ruthless, he is surprisingly a good candidate. She wanted him, just his body nothing attaching as emotions. She could give him anything he wants. Yes this would be a good match. Besides fighting him would be pointless and messy. She hated to clean. A slight chill wafts through her. Jumada knows and trusts him, for now she will make it enough.

Slowly measuring each word "You have no right to me, Guild Master. You would only have rights to the child, if one was conceived."

Standing a few feet away he regards her with admiration. He has never been dedicated so quickly. Opening her eyes daring him.

"Make sure I did."

Twice she has been able to knock him off guard and twice she lands on top. Giving in to her instinct to mate she shields her heart. Taking his silence as permission she kisses him. Her eyes flutter close as her hands brace against his chest. Lessening the pressure of the kiss his fingers caress her arms. Instantly he feels the difference of her seduction. Her hands steal into his hair as their tongues mate. She emits a low groan from his hands stroking her back and wings. Desperately she rips his warn shirt licking his wound close. Softly crooning promises in his ear

"I'll make all your dreams come true. All I ask in return is this."

Pulling her on the floor he pins her wrists binding them with the broken string.

Confusion reflects in her eyes, "Wha?"

Looking up for an explanation she sees his face devoid of emotion. Slowly he strips away his clothing leaving her on the floor. Naked he stood proudly male and ready. Stroking himself he contemplated his plan of action. Her eyes began to darken as she licks her lips anticipating. One word formed in his mind, control. Returning to her, he rips her panties, flinching she closes her eyes against his cold expression.

"I told you there would be consequences."

Caressing her folds he teases her with slow strokes. Kissing the inside of her thighs then nips her sensitive skin. Lifting her higher his hot tongue penetrates her anus. Leisurely he begins exploring her body with his tongue, sampling her essence, devouring her reason. Stroking his hair she arches pressing his face deeper into her. Her body no longer belongs to her as he took control of her senses. Pinching her nipples through the material of her shirt the pain adds on to her loss of control. Her wetness increases knowing she is so close he inserts a finger into both orifices while licking her sweet nub. After the shock of the penetration wears off she sky rockets through the roof screaming his name.

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