Spying on My Virgin Niece

byFrisky George©

We finally decided that we should get up and I put on a pair of boxer shorts and Amy pulled on her short robe. Whilst I sat at the table drinking a coffee to recuperate Amy stood at the kitchen sink singing merrily away to the radio whilst she washed up the breakfast things. As she is short she would occasionally rise up on her toes to reach a plate or glass. Each time she did this I caught a glimpse of her peachy bottom.

I was a little surprised when my cock started to stiffen in my boxers. Pulling my cock through the opening I got up and walked up behind her. Putting my empty coffee mug on the draining board I wrapped my arms around Amy and kissed her on the neck.

As I did so I pressed my stiff cock into the crease of her buttocks under her short robe. Amy pushed out her arse and rubbed it up and down my hard dick.

"Mmmm... I can see that you haven't had a girlfriend for a long time Uncle Dave,"

Using one of my feet I encouraged Amy to spread her legs a little and I bent at the knees so that the tip of my cock brushed over her pussy lips.

"Oh yes, do me again," she moaned as she thrust down her arse inviting me to enter her steaming cunt. I pushed back and my rock hard cock slid through to her entrance and slid into her greasy pussy like a hot knife through butter.

I began thrusting into Amy's wet gash, well it was more like rutting, however having to crouch down was little uncomfortable so I pulled out, my hardness glistening with her juices.

"Whaa... what's the matter?" Amy cried out with disappointment.

"Here, lay down on the kitchen table," I ordered.

Happily complying she did just that. I pulled at the tie of her robe and exposed her beautiful body to my gaze, her legs hung over the edge of the table. Pulling down my boxers I kicked them away and stood between Amy's spread legs and simply walked into her wet cunt.

"Ohh fuck me again, It feels so good," Amy moaned.

My cock had obviously recovered as I enjoyed the delicious feeling of sliding into her velvet pussy.

"Have you ever thought about being fucked in the arse Amy?" I asked.

"Eeeuw," she looked at me with a look of disgust on her face.

"Amy, you know how much you have enjoyed fucking, well anal sex can be just as good and for some even better," I said.

"Oh I don't know Uncle Dave, I'm enjoying your hard cock in my pussy so much."

"Why don't you give it a go? If you don't like it I'll stop."

"Mmm, okay but you promise to stop if I don't like it," She negotiated.

"Promise!" I said.

Pulling my hard on from her hot pussy I asked Amy to turn and face the other way and bend over the kitchen table. Crouching down I stuck my tongue into her crinkled little anus and washed over it with little licks.

"Oh that feels nice," Amy cooed.

Wetting my forefinger I tentatively pushed it through her rear portal.

"Ooooh," moaned Amy.

I started to move my finger slowly in and out of her bum extracting moans and sighs as I did so. I then introduced my fatter middle finger and Amy gasped. Continuing to loosen up her bunghole I now slid my two digits back and forth. When I was sure she was opened up enough I stood up ready to introduce my iron hard penis.

I placed it against the wrinkled ring of Amy's anus. Pushing my cock gently against her arsehole I could feel resistance but I pushed very slowly and with an inaudible pop the head of my cock had pushed through the muscle of her tight ring. Amy's final virgin hole was mine.

"Nnngh," was the first sound to utter from her lips followed by, "Ohhh, that feels so good, it feels so dirty, you're fucking my arse Uncle Dave, you're fucking your niece's arsehole with your big hard cock.

Amy's language deteriorated into filth as I started to speed up my thrusts into her virgin hole.

"Fuck me in the arse you filthy bastard, Oh fuck that feels so good. Fuck me with your cock, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck meeeeeeeeeeee," she cried. "Fill my arse with your cum you filthy arse fucker".

I was shocked that Amy could be so debase however it turned me on and also spurred me on to give her arse the best fucking that I could.

"Oh your arse is so tight Amy, you feel so good" I shouted as I continued to thrust my dick into her.

Amy started to wriggle her bum and thrust back against me as I could feel my jism rise.

"I'm gonna cum," I said. Any reached down between her legs and started to vigorously rub her clit. With one final thrust I pushed my cock as far into her arsehole as I could and began to spurt my cream into her bowels.

"Amy, that was so fucking amazing," I said as I slumped over her back gulping in air.

Amy's body heaved as she too caught her breath.

"Oh Uncle Dave, I'm glad you talked me into letting you fuck my arse," Can we do that again too?" she asked.

"You bet, now let's go and get cleaned up," I said.

Amy is staying with me for another two weeks. I wonder what we'll try next.

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I never knew a guy who didn't want to piss as soon as he woke up in the morning.
Only about 5% of a cumshot comes from the testicles.

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