tagGroup SexSt Paddy’s Night and the Aftermath

St Paddy’s Night and the Aftermath


St Paddy's day was on a Friday night this year. Since some of us girls didn't have dates, we decided to go out and celebrate. Me a thin, cute red head in my thirties, Geri a tall attractive blonde with big boobs around 29, Jenna a young petite Hispanic girl, and Erica a 21 year old cute blonde that just started at the men's club a few weeks ago. Since this was Erica's idea, she made all of the reservations. We walked into Molly Malone's around 5 pm. It was already packed and we didn't find a seat. Dressed like sluts advertising for play, it wasn't long before guys were buying us drinks.

I was wearing the most conservative outfit. Just a flower printed, green sheer, silk blouse without a bra. You could make out my nipples but not too obvious. I had on a sheer black skirt that went to my knees, but wore a partial slip under it that barely covered my butt. Geri was wearing a sequenced green push up bra, a similar wrap around short skirt, and a jacket that barely covered anything. Erica was dressed the most revealing. She was wearing a sheer green vest with gold pasties to hide her nipples, green shamrock beads and a short black skirt. She was definitely flaunting her assets. Jenna wore a bright green knit dress that was see-threw. She had on a black push up short bra that just covered her nipples and a black thong panty. We all had on our best stilettos and when we walked in, all guys stared with some ogling. We were the hottest girls there and we were advertising, except me.

Being the oldest and at the club almost 2 years, Jenna and Erica called me mom, and this night was no exception. Those two young attention whores had guys following them around like puppy dogs. I giggled to myself watching them flaunt their looks at the horny men, knowing that the club would frown on any of us having sex. Erica seemed to enjoy teasing the guys the most. I was just after free drinks and to have fun dancing.

We danced to the live music and were having a great time. As the night became morning, I was kissed and fondled by the back wall on several occasions by different guys. My ass was groped, when dancing on the crowded floor, someone even shot a load of cum on it. I even was propositioned few times to leave with guys. But Erica, who had barely anything on, got the most attention. She even went to the men's room and had sex with 2 different guys. She bragged about it later and I scolded her for it, reiterating the club's rules. She seemed not to care. I knew she was out of control, but I was too drunk to worry anymore.

It was sometime after 1 a.m. that Erica talked us to go back with these four muscular hunks apartment. They only lived a few blocks away and none of us were able to drive. I should have known better, but I was too horny and liked the guy I was with. We walked arm and arm, kissing and giggling with the guys, as we stopped to be fondled on the street a few times. The worst was Erica. Brent pulled her in an alley. We watched in dismay, when she knelt down and began sucking his cock. After a few minutes, I said something to her that was again ignored. Then we left and went up two flights of stairs to this small one bedroom apartment. Once inside the petting went straight to sex.

The guy I was with was named Mateo. He was a shorter Hispanic guy with a few gold chains around his neck and one tattoo on his shoulder. Jenna had a big burly guy named Lucas, while Geri was with a taller very muscular guy named Alex.

Jenna and Geri went into the other room, which I guess was the bedroom. I was sitting on the couch kissing Mateo, as his hand roamed up my skirt. I didn't stop him, but spread my legs apart so he could reach my very wet wanting pussy. As our lips were smooching, he pushed the thong aside and began to rub my clit. I was in heaven moving my hips, moaning with pleasurable cries and thoroughly enjoying his fingers. Then he stopped and moved to my side.

"You are so fucking gorgeous and seem to be very horny," he whispered. "Let's get you more comfortable."

He pushed me on my back, pulled up my skirt around my waist, pulled off my slip, and as I helped my thong. Taking one leg, he pushed up to hang over the back of the couch. The other he pushed up my body. My hips were slowly moving anticipating his next move.

"Let's get a look at that hot little cunt," he stated. "Very nice wet little pussy you have Kathryn. I bet it just can't wait to feel a cock in it."

As I looked up at him, his hand went right for my pussy. He began fingering my clit with his thumb and then pushed two fingers inside me.

"Oh god, that feels so good," I shrieked. "I love what you are doing to me and can't wait to feel you in me. Oh Yes!"

My hips were now moving, as he pushed three fingers inside my pulsating pussy. He kept finger banging me faster and faster, while telling me he wanted me to cum. With my legs pushed up my body I moaned loudly with his probing. I've haven't felt that hot in such a long time. Here was this 20 something hunk, making me a submissive pud of wetness. As his fingers encouraged my body to explode, I began convulsing into one huge orgasmic climax. I drenched his hand with my fluids and loudly moaned, "Oh god! Look what you made me do."

He laughed and whispered, "Good girl! Now it's time to make you cum all over my dick."

I heard him unzipping his pants, moved over to my mouth and had me start sucking him to a rock hard state. It wasn't long before he moved in between my thighs and pushed his throbbing bare rod into my hot box. I hadn't wanted anything so bad. This guy was going to fuck me and I haven't had such a hunk fuck me in a long time. The club men usually were much older and it was all for them. Mateo on the other hand, was muscular and had a long but not too thick cock. When I felt him pushing it in me, I immediately came again.

As he sped up his thrusting, we suddenly heard, "Hey son what's going on here? Who's in my bed room?"

Mateo didn't even stop but slowed down, as I tried to look back. Instead he blurted, "What do you think it looks like Pop. I just started fucking this hot slut. Lucas and Alex are on your bed sharing two other Putas. I'm sure they won't mind you take a turn too dad."

He laughed and answered, "Maybe later. But right now I like what I see here. This one is looks very cachondo. I've always loved slutty red heads. Let's see what her tits look like."

We were so anxious to fuck that I never took off my top. Jose walked behind my head facing up and bent back. He untied the belt holding the top together and pulled apart my blouse. I heard a little chuckle and a zipper being undone. He whispered for me to open my mouth. Slapping my cheek with his soft cock, he told me to start sucking it hard. As he bent over me, his hands immediately went for both boobs.

As he played with my nipples he blurted, "She's got a nice set of tits. Son, she's the best looking Puta you ever brought over here. How long before I can sink my polla into her?"

Mateo was going faster and faster in me, as Jose was fucking my mouth. Their grunting was getting louder and I knew it wouldn't be long before I felt a nice load of spunk. I was convulsing again in orgasmic bliss, when suddenly Mateo pulled out and spewed his seed on my stomach.

As he did he screeched, "You're a great piece of ass puta. I hope your friends are just as good." Then he moved off the couch and said, "Your turn Pop. She's still fucking hot."

Jose took his cock out of my mouth, moved in front of me and turned me on all fours. When I got in position, he pushed his short thick manhood into my drenched pussy. I sighed as he went into me, stretching my lips apart. Once he was all the way in, he began to fuck me like I was just some cunt to get him off. He slapped my ass a few times, telling me to move my hips faster. Then he sped up his plummeting. After a few minutes, he slowed down and pumped me very slowly. I do enjoy some nice slow meandering in me. It allows me to feel all of his cock. A few minutes later, he slapped my ass again having me speed up. That went on slow and fast for some time, until he finally pulled out and began spewing a load on my ass.

Just when I was about to turn over, Brent and Erica walked in. Brent saw me on all fours leaning over the couch arm with Jose cock resting on my ass still squirting.

He blurted, "Oh I see! You guys started the fucking orgy without us. I love how this red headed puta looks. I'll take my turn next."

Looking at Erica holding her skirt and panty, she seemed bewildered. Her hair was messed, knees scrapped and cum dripping out of her pussy. I wanted to ask what happened, but she seemed oblivious to where she was. Jose looked at her and asked Brent if the other two sluts were as hot as the one he just brought in.

Brent laughed and answered, "Oh yeah Pop. The best one is probably on your bed. She is young with huge hooters. You'll like her too."

Jose quickly got up and left for the other room. As he left, Lucas came in and blurted, "I see you finally made it back. What the fuck happened."

As Brent was putting his cock in my mouth, which tasted like pussy, he remarked. "Nothing too earth shattering. As I was fucking Erica in the alley, the Trevino brothers drove by and saw me. I didn't even get to finish fucking her, when they took over. The three of them were really rough too. They shot a few loads in her cunt and ass. I don't think we want to take a chance on fucking this one again, especially when there are three other hot Putas to use." They laughed.

That's when I realized that they all were going to take a turn fucking me too. In a minute, Brent had his cock in my pussy, while Lucas stuck his pussy tasting cock in my mouth. He took his turn some time later. The rest of the night I was fucked by every guy at least twice but Mateo a third time in my ass. When they finished with me, it was after 3 am.

Erica was still curled up on a lounge chair, when they brought Jenna and Geri out naked from the other room. As the girls stood there with their bodies splattered with jism, Alex threw them their clothes.

"That was a lot of fun. I know you sluts didn't expect to fuck everyone. But we did when we brought you back here. It's really late. Just get dressed and get your asses out of here."

Brent opened the door and pushed everyone out, even if they didn't have clothes on. Since I didn't have mine off, I just had to pull the skirt down and cover my boobs, although I didn't tie the belt around it. I was dragged out before I got to find it and my thong.

The girls quickly put what little clothes they threw at us on and we started walking down the street to our car. But what was shocking, instead of being upset, we laughed and made comments about how small the guys' cocks were and what kind of lovers they had been. The consensus was that Mateo was the best at making us happy and Alex was the worst. He only wanted to use us. He was also the meanest by spanking us and pulling on our nipples to cause pain.

Once we got to the car, none of us wanted to drive. We were still somewhat drunk and Uber wasn't responding. So Geri took the keys from Erica and we all got in. I was in the front with her, while Erica and Jenna were in the back seat of Erica's Civic. It was quiet as we drove, taking service streets back the 10 miles to our apartment complex. Just as we were turning left a block away, we were pulled over by the police. We now were panicking.

The two officers shined their lights in the car looking at all of us intoxicated women. Geri seemed calm, but couldn't find her license and the car insurance wasn't where Erica said it was. So the cops made all of us get out of the car. We stood half naked on the side of the road. With the flash lights scanning up and down each of us, I could see cum still on Geri's face and in her hair. I thought we were going to jail as whores.

But suddenly out of the blue Erica shouted, "Do you want to fuck us or what? We live right over there (she pointed to our apartment building) and if you help us get back to our apartments, we'll fuck you guys."

It took a few minutes of them discussing it and decided to help us. Once we parked the car and took the cops inside, me and Jenna got one and Erica and Geri took the tall guy. I didn't get their names, but the guy that did me and Jenna came three times. An hour later they left.

Saturday it was around noon when the speaker in my room had our proprietor Jerry saying. "Get your ass up Kathryn. You got to get ready for tonight club party. Food is being served by the pool."

I really can't go into the sex club that I provide services for. But let say, Friday's night unauthorized sex would get me punished, if they ever found out. I and the other girls are exclusive to the club members. We make very good money for our services too. So I took my hangover pills and went down to eat. I was famished from the nights boozing.

It was around 3 pm when Jerry had me come to the office. I was resting by the pool, so all I had on was a skimpy bathing suit. There waiting was the officer in uniform from the last night. He wanted to talk to me. So I took him outside of the complex because of the security cameras they had and we talked.

"Your name is Kathryn," he asked. I nodded it was. Smiling he continued, "Well Kathryn my name is Jason. You are very attractive and I'm smitten with red hair girls. I would like to get to know you better. Would you be interested in going on a ride along tomorrow night? It's an 8 hour shift and it will give us plenty of time to get better acquainted."

I smiled at this very handsome hunk of a cop and said, "Oh that would be very interesting. But I have to ask permission. When do I have to give you an answer?"

He frowned and replied, "Oh I see. You have a boyfriend. I didn't know."

I laughed and said, "No boyfriend. I'm very single. But I may have other work commitments for tomorrow night. So I have to find out if I do and if I could go. I can give you and answer at noon tomorrow, if that's okay."

He smiled, took my hands and looked into my eyes. "Well then gorgeous. Here is my number and text or better yet call me. I hope it's a yes."

He didn't try to kiss me, but instead took out his phone and took a photo of me. I thought that was strange. I mean he already fucked me and knew what my body looked like. When I got back in the apartment, Jerry began drilling me to what he wanted. I guess seeing a cop showing up at the complex would be very uneasy. Especially since all 17 of us girls, are club Providers for sex. So I told him what he wanted and Jerry said he would ask the committee for me.

Sorry I can't say what went on at the party on club Saturday night. When I finally woke up Sunday, it was almost noon again. I had a note on my door saying, "The committee has approved your date. Make sure you don't mention the club or you will be punished."

I immediately texted Jason and wrote, "Can make the date. What time and where do I go?"

He texted back and wrote, "Oh that's great. I know you'll have a great time. I'll pick you up at 5 pm for dinner. Wear something conservative and not like the other night."

I laughed when I read it. But then he wrote, "Although, bring something really naughty to wear too."

Now I knew he wanted to fuck me again, but I didn't care. I had the club's permission, so having sex with him would be okay and I really wanted too. So I dressed in this sleeveless, sheer lace patterned top and short black school girl skirt. I had on a thong, black garter belts and stockings. If I didn't have a skirt on, the top was long enough to be a very short dress. I did put on a black push up bra under the top and a pair of black jeans. I took the skirt along for later.

I stood in front of the building and right at 5 pm he pulls up in a yellow Dodge Charger. I was surprised that he wasn't in uniform and driving a police car. When I got in, he looked at me and scanned up and down my body.

Smiling he said, "You look ravishing Kathryn. It's going to be a very fun night for us. But first let's get something to eat."

We sped away and drove to Santa Monica beach area. I thought that was strange since his route is the West LA area. But when we went to the famous Italian restaurant, I figured he was trying to impress me. I did ask why he wasn't in uniform. He told me that he dresses at the station and wanted to be in street clothes for our date. So we sat in a very romantic area of the restaurant and drank a bottle of wine. Or I should say I drank most of it. We talked and I told my story, but left out all of the club stuff. I didn't want him to think I was a working girl. He told me about his mom needing an operation and had to come up with thousands of dollars for it. It was sad. About two hours later we were done.

I guess the wine hit me weird because I was a little tipsy. He helped me to the car and told me I would feel better if I took off my pants and bra. It didn't make any sense, but after I undressed I did feel more comfortable. I sat there exposed, as we drove maybe 30 minutes away and into this old run down two-story motel. He said he had to make a quick stop and to wait in the car. As I sat there, I stared at the motel and saw a naked black girl kissing a black guy from one downstairs room. At the time I didn't realize that we were in Compton. I closed my eyes and rested.

Suddenly my door flung open. Jason reached in and undid my seat belt. Then he knelt down in front of me and said, "Kathryn this is your stop. I know all about you being some sort of high class hooker. We have a standing order not to ever arrest any girls that live in that apartment complex. That's why we let you go on Friday. But tonight you're going to become a my whore so I can get money for my mom. This won't be anything that you haven't done. I know you'll enjoy yourself too."

He pulled me out and I stood next to the car leaning back on it. I still felt a little weird, as two black guys were standing in front of me. I could feel their stares. They took both of my arms and helped me walk away.

I heard Jason say, "I pick her up around 4. Same deal as last time."

One guy answered, "Yeah bro, same deal."

As I walked to the motel, I heard Jason drive away and one of the guys said to me, "You look very desirable in that whore outfit. Jason did say that you're already a fucking street whore. Looking at the photo he sent yesterday of you in that bikini, I'm sure we can make a good profit from you tonight. If you are cooperative, you'll make 10% of the take. But if you give us trouble, we'll have to drug your ass and give you nothing. What is going to be bitch?"

What was I to say? I already felt like I was drugged. I mean I had a bottle of wine, but it wasn't just feeling drunk. I felt horny too and my vision wasn't totally clear. I did know sort of where I was and what they wanted me to do, so maybe it was just being drunk.

I responded, "Okay, I do what you want. But don't hurt me. Please no drugs!"

They laughed and took me to a pink wall that had white pillars next to it. They told me to put my hands on the pillars, spread my legs apart and smile. Then they took out their phones and snapped a few photos of me. They had me turn around, lean forward against the wall and push my ass out. A few more photos were taken. Then one guy came to me and pulled down the thong to my knees. He had me bend over.

Reaching between my legs and fingering my pussy, he blurted, "Bro, she's already soaked. I think this one is going to like fucking."

The other guy laughed and said, "Bend her forward a little more so I can get a photo of her cunt. Now turn and smile back at me bitch."

As they finished taking the photos, I watched as they played with the phones. When done, they took me to a room. "This is your fuck palace for the time you are here. There's just one box of condoms. If you run out, they'll fuck you bear back. I don't care if you catch anything either. If you are a good little whore, it will be fun and over in no time." He laughed as he walked away.

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