tagBDSMStacey Takes Control Ch. 01

Stacey Takes Control Ch. 01


Matt had that feeling deep inside, he needed to be dominated and hurt by a female. The relinquishing of control and willingness to be open to such delightful pain enticed him. He began to crave it and hadn't filled that need in far too long. Soon he found himself on Craigslist looking through ads but decided to place his own:

'LF Kinky Femdom.

I'm a 31 year old male with full-time career looking for a Dominant Female. 6'2", 200, athletic build with more tattoos than one might think. I'm a bit of a home-body and avoid clubs and bars, however, that seems to be the spot to meet women. You'll find I'm very confident and forward, however, I figured I'd give this a shot since I can be very specific on here.

I'll come right out and say it, I'm a switch. I'm looking for a female who enjoys experimenting sexually. Vanilla just doesn't cut it for me for very long. I know there are others out there who feel the same. Currently I'm looking for a Dominant Female to satisfy my needs including orgasm denial, cbt, bondage and whatever else you desire.

So what am I looking for in my ideal partner? You would be pretty (of course!), slender, athletic, fun but a passion for experiment in the bedroom.


It was maybe a bit too much, but he included a picture of himself as well. He laughed about letting Fate decide. He posted the ad and went about his usual routine with very few expectations.

Two days later when Matt woke up there was an email on his phone, a reply to his ad. He was still naked in bed as he opened it up.

'Hi sweetie' was the subject line. There was an attachment. So far so good.

The body of the email was no at all what he was expecting. 'You are so handsome and look so virile. I'm looking forward to expanding your mind to a whole new realm of both pleasure and pain. I'm sure you'll find my picture to your liking. I promise you won't regret responding to this email, but know that when you do you're mine and you will do exactly what I say for as long as I find pleasure in you. Softest kiss, Stacey'

Matt read and re-read the email. He was shocked and elated. Was this real? Was it spam? Was she an axe murderer? Oh the picture! He had nearly forgotten. He clicked on the attachment and his erection stiffened even more when he saw the gorgeous brunette it revealed. She was petite, with a smile on her face but a look of complete lust in her eyes. Exactly his type. Reason abandoned him and his cock won out.

'Re: Hi sweetie

Stacey, I feel somewhat crazy for writing this but I gladly accept your offer. Where do we go from here?' Then he hit the send button. His iPhone making the standard air plane taking off noise.

He wasn't sure what else to write. He didn't know what she had in mind really. Maybe just one encounter? Maybe she would make him her slave for months! The thought turned him on actually. Maybe he should have asked. His cock was outrageously hard, his hand drifted down and took his manhood into his hand. He was almost never this horny. He didn't have the time or desire to masturbate the day before but the need was overwhelming at this point. He had to work all day today so he wouldn't get a chance till after it was dark. He opened up her email and started stroking his cock, her picture was intensely gorgeous. The photograph was highly erotic, she was seated on a bed and only wore a black bra, a black pencil skirt and a pair of high heels, those too were black. She had perfect little tits, he envisioned popping the bra off quickly and letting it fall to the floor revealing the rest of her perky breasts. Already images of him biting her nipples as she ran her fingers through his hair filled his mind. He imagined servicing her, her making him lick her pussy as if somehow he wouldn't want to. He moaned, what of the pain too, he thought of her slapping his balls and pinching his nipples.

His cock was rigid as his hand continued to deliver what he anticipated was only a fraction of the pleasure he would receive from sliding his manhood into her. His orgasm was nearly there when his phone received an email.

'Re: Hi sweetie'

He stopped masturbating and opened it up as quickly as he could.

'Darling, you've made the right choice. First things first, take your hand off your cock. You will only orgasm with my express permission. I look forward to meeting up with you. We will meet in a public spot as soon as possible to see if I want things to continue further. When will you be available for appraisal? Softest kiss, Stacey.'

His hand fell from his cock as his balls tightened in the way they do when something so completely turns him on. The loss of control turned him on more then anything he had ever anticipated. He had read some erotic stories about men not being allowed to cum but had never experienced it himself. He knew he found a new favorite fetish. Fuck he needed to cum so bad though. It had taken center stage in his brain and would sit there until he found release.

'Re: I look forward to pleasing you

I have to work all day today, until 8pm. We could meet up afterwards if possible.' He hit the send button again. Luckily he was an early riser and would have time to figure things out a bit before work.

The reply took a few minutes but it was worth the wait, 'Re: You will never cum so hard in your life.' He was completely taken off guard and as if his cock and need to cum couldn't have been slammed into his attention any quicker, there it was.

'You will have to earn it though sweetie. I have a few things in mind for you already. I know you'll enjoy them. I have a previous engagement that I cannot miss tonight. I have a feeling you won't be able to hold out longer then one more day so tomorrow night at 9pm, meet me at the Pearl Street. Softest kiss, Stacey'

He would have to wait nearly a full two days to even meet her, let alone have the opportunity to orgasm, but he was eager to do whatever she pleased. This was seriously the hottest thing ever.

'Re: eagerly frustrated

9pm Pearl Street it is. Waiting will be torture.'

And the next two days were.

Later that same night an email arrived from Stacey. The subject read: 'I'm not wearing any panties' and inside it was a picture of her in a fancy cocktail dress, black and lacy. She had that same look in her eyes and a smile meant just for him. He fiercely needed to masturbate.

He wrote her back, 'Re: What are you doing to me?!'

'My cock aches for you. I want to rip that dress right off of you and slam my hard manhood right up your ass. To twist and pinch your nipples till I coat your insides with my hot cum.'

He went to bed, his cock raging with thoughts of him slipping his fingers up her little dress and finding her pussy slick with her juices. He thought about easing his fingers into her tight hole, about biting her perfect nipples. About ravenously slamming his cock into her tight ass. Soon thoughts became dreams and he drifted off to sleep.

When morning arrived he checked his phone straight away and sure enough, there was another email from his fantasy made real, 'I just came so hard' read the title. The email was sent at around midnight.

'Maybe you will tomorrow night. I want your cock in my ass, to take me until you fill me up. But you will submit to my pleasures and your pains first. Only if you're good will you find your release in me.'

He replied back 'Re: your pleasures are mine as well'

'I can't wait to find out what you have in mind my sweet Stacey.'

His cock being hard just seemed the norm as of late. Unfortunately he wasn't working that day so the day would drift by far slower then it would otherwise. He did his best to sidetrack himself with whatever came to mind, but it went back to her little dress and her emails so quickly it was practically torture. Typically he came every day, sometimes twice, so having not masturbated in nearly three days his balls felt heavy and the need to cum filled his mind entirely.

Finally it was getting close to the time to leave, he had chosen a nice polo shirt and jeans along with his jacket. Buffalo was getting cold, but such is. He made sure he looked good and made for the restaurant.

He got there about ten minutes early. The restaurant part was pretty busy but he thought he'd take a spot at the bar. He was hoping he'd be able to pick her out in the crowd. Such an awkward moment! He ordered a beer and waited, sipping the local brew as he watched people come and go. Promptly right at 9:00, she walked it. There was no mistaking her petite figure, her long brown hair and those eyes. She was dressed in a nice blouse, a very sexy yet professional skirt, high heels and carried a rather large purse. With an air of grace, she took a quick look over the restaurant and found him looking at her almost immediately.

Matt's stomach and insides immediately twisted up. She was even better looking in person! He took a breath and tried to calm his ever quicker beating heart. He had almost forgotten about how heavy his balls felt and how sensitive his cock was. She walked with such a purpose, with so much confidence, and right up to him. He did his best not to spill his beer all over as he put it on the bar and tried to think of what to say or what do. Fuck!? Do I shake her hand, give her a hug? He was just about to take her hand in the way of gentlemen of old would and kiss it, but she took the initiative. She wrapped her arm around him, brought her lips to his and went in for a kiss. WOW! He kissed her easily. The taste of her lips were so sweet, he was immediately lost in her when shockingly her right hand found his erect nipple and she began pinching and twisting it! He gasped into her kiss which she continued. Her nails then started to work his nipple. His cock sprang to life and stiffened up right there in the middle of the bar with seemingly everyone watching the display.

She pulled from the kiss and gave his nipple one last tweak, "You passed. We're leaving." She smiled as she turned from him and began walking towards the exit. He blinked a couple times and followed trying to hide the raging hard on that pushed against his jeans. He put his arm around her as she lead him to her car. She had a very nice Audi A4, silver in color. After he sat down he was just about to comment on how nice the car was when she demanded he take off his pants, "Sweetie, take off your jeans. When you're around me, you won't be clothed." The windows were tinted heavily and he unbuckled his belt, kicked off his shoes and took his pants off as quickly as the cramped interior allowed. She smacked his thigh, "Hands at your sides, spread your legs." God this was so hot. He did. Her hand found his engorged penis and she ran her hand up and down his shaft. His balls were so full of cum. She leaned over and took the head of his cock into her mouth. He could feel the moisture of her lips and he thanked her with moans. Her tongue started working the end of his cock, sliding into his little pee-hole, tasting the precum that poured out of it. She continued her expert head for a few minutes. She could tell by his moans he was nearing orgasm, she licked and sucked him a little more then pulled off. She smiled at him as she reached over almost nonchalantly and smacked him square in the balls. He gasped and winced in pain but kept his legs spread. "Yes, you'll do nicely," she said and pulled the car away. "Put your address in the gps," he was quick to complied.

Not a word was said in the car ride. She would occasionally reach over and caress his manhood, fondle his balls or give them a playful slap. He remained obedient the whole trip.

She pulled up to his house, "Go inside, take off the rest of your clothes and lay on your bed. I will be in a few minutes." Again he complied.

She entered the bedroom with her rather large purse in hand. She grinned at him mischievously, "Sit up a bit on the headboard, put a pillow behind your back. Get comfortable, I'm about to make you very uncomfortable."

He repositioned himself as she asked and spread his legs wide. She set her purse down on the dresser and peeled off her coat and hung it up. She noticed the bondage restraints that were on his bed and turned her head a bit in question. He looked over and saw what she did. He started mumbling something about forgetting they were there but she hushed him and climbed up on the bed and began strapping each one of his wrists to the restraints on the headboard. Once his hands were secure she grabbed a hold of his nipples and began rolling them in her fingers, then working her finger nails in. She found that deliriously pleasurable point right between pain and pleasure and kept him there until his cock couldn't possibly get harder.

She then pulled herself off the bed undid her blouse slowly, letting it fall to the floor. He watched her in absolute lust. She was intensely gorgeous. She grinned and went to her purse and pulled out a couple things that baffled him. One was a rather large bag of fluid. The other one was a small plastic box. "I have always wanted to do this. It's been a dream of mine for over ten years now since a nurse friend of mine mentioned doing it one of her boyfriends in college. Don't worry, she told me exactly what to do. You're probably wondering what it is I'm talking about." She crawled onto the bed between his legs and laid the bag of clear fluid down and opened up the plastic box, "well you see this is a bag with 1000ml of saline in it. And in this box," she continued to talk as she opened an alcohol wipe and applied it to the his scrotum, the sensation was incredibly cool and so erotic, "has needles which I'm going to push into this already cum filled sack of yours, then I'm going to find out exactly how much saline I can empty into your scrotum." He was about to protest but found himself completely turned on. He only shifted his legs a bit wider and offered himself to Stacey.

"Oh yes, I'm so pleased with you. If you keep this up you might get to cum tonight," she said as she unsnapped her bra and let that fall away. Her perky little tits didn't sag one bit. They stood out, though they were only a big A or small B, but they were perfect. He wanted to pinch her little nipples so bad and tugged against his bonds. She took the needle from the box and attached it to the saline bag. She smiled at Matt, a ten year fantasy about to be fulfilled. With her left hand she took his scrotum into her hand and held it as her right guided the needle to the wrinkly flesh of his sack.

"Good... relax, sweetie relax.." She said in such a loving voice.

"It's okay, darling, it's okay..." she continued watching his erect cock pulsate over the eroticism of the moment.

Matt looked away and winced as the needle broke skin and pushed into his scrotum, "there there baby, there there. It's in now. I'm going to open up the valve." His breathing became more rapid. His cock throbbed with every beat of his heart. He looked back as she undid the clamp on the tube of the saline bag. Immediately he felt something in his sack. It was an impossible to describe feeling, just something was happening.

Now that the needle was in and the valve was opened, Stacey smiled at her handiwork. She sat up between his legs and wrapped her long skinny fingers around his manhood. She worked his shaft as he moaned in pleasure. "How does it feel sweetie?" she asked sincerely curious.

"Good Stacey, its weird but it's good. Please fill me," he wished he could be touching her. It teased him so much.

The bag continued to empty and the weird feeling turned to more of a soft burning sensation. He winced as his scrotum started to ache.

She moaned a bit, "mmm look at that sweetie, it's starting to fill up. I can see it getting bigger." She started tugging on his nipples again. He was overcome in pleasure. He loved the sensation. He craved more already.

She sat up a bit more and leaned down to kiss his lips as her finger nails still pinched his extremely sensitive nipples.

They continued their deep passionate kissing for several minutes. The whole time he could feel the dull burning sensation in his scrotum. He was so turned on by what she was doing. He loved experimenting and this was certainly now the most kinky thing he'd ever done. She was so hot, so perfect, so wonderful to him.

Stacey pulled away from his kiss and looked again between his legs. She looked so elated, "Oh sweetie you should see your scrotum, it's huge." It looked like half of the bag was emptied into his sack. She couldn't believe her eyes. The wrinkly skin around his testicles was tight looking, his scrotum was easily the size of softball. His actual testicles weren't visible at all. She got off of the bed and slipped her panties off, leaving only her skirt on. She positioned herself on her knees between his legs again. Her left hand slipped between her legs and she started rubbing her dripping pussy. Matt tried to look up her skirt the best he could, his cock pulsed. He wanted to ram it right into her hole. Her breasts looked incredible as they shook a bit from her furiously fingering her pussy.

The burning sensation started to increase more as his sack started to fill up so completely. He could feel the weight of it pulling on his skin. His balls felt huge. The sides of his scrotum touched each side of his spread thighs. He moaned as his sack filled, "Fill me, Stacey..." he whispered to the beautiful female.

She could tell that he was nearing his limit. The saline no longer seemed to be emptying into his sack. She was completely satisfied with how huge his scrotum was. It might've been the size of grapefruit. Perhaps ¾ of the bag of saline had been emptied. She worked her pussy a bit more as she took the needle and pulled it free from his scrotum. From his angle he could just see the top of his scrotum, it looked huge. He wanted to see more, but she practically jumped on top of him. She started kissing him ferociously, he kissed her back with equal enthusiasm.

Her tongue darted into his mouth and he bit at it and her lips. She was so seductive. This was beyond the sexiest thing to ever happen.

After their quick make out session, Stacey undid the bonds that held his wrists. She let him touch his hugely bloated scrotum since he could see hit well. He was shocked at how huge it was.

"Get on your knees my sweetie," she said as she leaned back onto hers. "Feel the weight of your scrotum darling."

He fumbled a bit and the moment he lifted his huge sack off of the bed he could feel it's tremendous size and weight. It had to have weighed a pound or two. He winced as he got to his knees. He had to keep his knees so wide as the girth of his sack prevented him from even closing his legs.

Once up though, he used his chance and touched Stacey's hard little nipples. He immediately pinched them into his fingers, harder then he normally would. Her head seemed to roll back a bit as she moaned. They were hard little nipples, they seemed so eager to be hurt. She thrust her chest out for his crushing fingers, moaning the whole time. With her head rolled back a bit, he leaned in and started kissing the side of her neck. His fingers continued to squeeze her nipples as his mouth bit and sucked the soft silky skin of her neck. She was lost in her own little world of pleasure, the pain from her nipples sending shock waves through the rest of her body. Her pussy leaked.

She let him have his way a bit, a reward for letting her finally fill a man's sack. She kept her little titties thrust out to so his fingers could continue to work her hard little nipples. She totally caught him off guard, though. His legs were spread, his fingers and mouth busy. She brought her hand back and in a quick motion slapped him hard on his bloated scrotum. He cried out in pain, let go of her nipples and stopped his kissing.

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