tagSci-Fi & FantasyStacy Brown Got Two Ch. 01

Stacy Brown Got Two Ch. 01


Okay dear readers, this is my first ever attempt at an erotic Sci-Fi/Fantasy story. I hope I didn't get to far fetched for you. If this gets a good reception I will offer up another chapter...or more.

Many thanks to Shel Silverstein; it is his song of this same name that gave me the idea for my tale. RIP sir. All human characters are at least 18 years of age. Trust me, all events depicted here are fictional and any resemblance to actual people or events depicted here is impossible....not to mention accidental. Read to enjoy, not to believe!


Hi, I'm Stacy Brown, and the day my world got turned upside down is one I will never forget...or regret. I was a 19 year old college freshman. We had a long weekend from classes so on a lark I decided to go with my gal and another couple to Roswell, New Mexico. Man what a tourist trap that place is! I didn't really care though as I had my sights set on getting some quality time with my girlfriend, Brianna. We managed to get two adjoining rooms that allowed the four of us to be together, yet also have some one-on-one time with our mate.

Mark and Patty finally went to their side of the adjoining door around ten that first night. 'Thank god' I thought as I put my move on Brianna. She was horny as hell so my move didn't need to be much. Okay, so she was ready to jump my bones the instant the door was closed and locked! We were naked in a flash, then Brianna got down on her knees and began sucking my cock. She really knows what she's doing and took my five inch dick balls deep many times as she wrapped her fingers tightly around my base. About five minutes after she started my balls rolled and then I shot (well, flowed is more like it) three small ropes of cum onto her tongue as I shuddered in climax.

I looked down at her with love/lust coated eyes and watched as she made a face that screamed 'YUK!' before she swallowed down my stuff. "Darn it Stacy, I know I've asked you to eat more pineapple! Shit that stuff is nasty!" She got up and gave me a tongue filled kiss making me have a rank taste in my mouth and wonder if that was really how I tasted. "Your turn," she said as she crawled onto the bed then lay spread eagle in the center of the king-size bed.

Clamoring up into the V formed by her legs, I soon had my face in her pussy and was licking her clit with gusto. Her hips were moving quite a bit making it very difficult to maintain contact with her little bud, but I showed I was up to the task. Suddenly she yelped and said, "Ouch! Stacy, stop! Just fuck me! I want your cock inside of me!"

Mean while both of us had heard the grunting sounds coming from Mark and the gasps of pleasure emanating from Patty. Suddenly Patty screamed loudly, "Oh fuck......I'm cumming!" It was a long dragged out cry that surprised me at its volume, the walls not being paper thin.

As for me, I really felt the pressure now after hearing that. I slid up Brianna's body and slid my cock right into her fuck hole, her face not registering my entrance. She looked down our bodies as I pumped into her from my perch on my out-stretched arms. Leaning down I kissed her and then pinched her nipple making her gasp. My hips were pumping rapidly into her and about three minutes later I groaned, "Cumming," as my cock throbbed and I pumped two shots of cream into her warm pussy.

My lips met her trembling lips for a kiss, then I rolled off of her while sighing, "Wow, that was great!" Brianna didn't say anything.

What we did hear was Patty's moans and screams that rose and rose until she erupted in another loud climax. Brianna rolled away from me into the fetal position with her hands between her legs. I just lay there relaxing in the calm of my second cum of the night. I decided to go clean up so I stepped to the bathroom. Even with the water running and the fan on I heard more cries of joyful pleasure coming from Patty and Mark's side of the wall.

Once I was cleaned off I walked back into the room and snuggled up behind Brianna. She was asleep so I held her for a few minutes before rolling the other direction and closed my eyes waiting for sleep to come. Instead Patty's voice crying out, "Oh my GOD...fuck me...fuck me HARDER! God yes...just like that! Oh fuck I'm cumming AGAINNNNNNNNN!" pierced the wall and entered my brain. 'How the hell do I never get a girl that yells like that' I wondered. The cries soon faded and I drifted off to sleep.

The night table clock showed about twenty minutes had passed when Patty's loud screams of climactic release roused me from the beginnings of a sound sleep. As Patty continued gasping her joy along with Mark's grunts and groans I felt the bed shake while Brianna gasped softly, "Oh god." The bathroom light gave the room a soft glow so when I looked into the mirror I saw my gal had her hands tightly clamped between her legs where they were moving in fast short motions. Brianna's motions slowed right along with the cries coming from our friends' room, then she was still even though her breathing was still pretty rapid.

Three more times that night I awoke to the sounds coming from the other side of the wall. Damn, don't those two ever sleep! Needless to say, my hoped for rest didn't really come that night. Brianna was already up and showered when I opened my eyes at 6:30 Saturday morning. I quickly followed suit before we met up with a surprisingly well rested looking Mark and Patty.

Twice I heard the girls whispering softly after moving away from Mark and me. They kept looking at me as they talked and I wondered if they were really talking about what I thought they were. We went to more UFO joints as well as going out to look at 'THE' field where the supposed crash landing occurred. Right.

It was a beautiful spring day as we walked down the street just as the sun set. That was really one of the best sunsets I had ever seen. A few minutes later I said, "Hold on guys, I'm going to slip around the back of this building and drain the snake. Be back in a jiffy." After quickly doing my business I tucked my little guy back into my jeans and headed back to the three of them...


As I opened my eyes I wondered why I couldn't move my arms and legs. The super bright light shining right at me made me quickly shut my eyes then very slowly I reopened them as they grew accustomed to the brightness. I was in a small looking room that was basic gray and I mean everything; the walls floor ceiling...everything.

Moments later I looked back down my naked body in shock as a tubular thing had risen out of the floor and attached to my soft cock. Make that my formerly soft cock. In seconds this 'thing' had me rock hard and sticking straight out from my crotch. Well, I would have been straight out if not for this tube thing that was giving me one of the most incredible blowjobs in history.

Suddenly it released me as other arm-like things emerged and quickly measured my cock, calling out as it went about its task, "Glor flutmun, quo...glor munchting, twa..." which my brain instantly translated into, "Length when aroused, four and forty-nine sixty-fourths inches..." okay, so I gave myself the benefit of the doubt, "...circumference when aroused, three and eleven-sixteenths..." Shit, what the fuck is going on?

The arms moved back into the floor as the first tube reattached to me. 'Holy fuck' I thought as it resumed sucking gently onto me as its tongue (?) began swirling around my shaft working me to a fever pitch. Along with this I looked down in amazement as the tube moved on and off of me better than any girl had ever done! Damn this felt good! Too good it seemed as in no time my balls rolled and the shot out my biggest load ever! The tube-like thing took it all and kept on working me to make sure it had gotten all I could give it.

The tube then pulled off of my bright red throbbing cock and I heard, "Mulstanqual jourban....pon shlmptaieon borftan....yastlyfronn yeltchpo." My brain once again instantly translated that into, "Quantity of ejaculate, two teaspoons....few viable sperm, mostly runny carrier liquid....taste of ejaculate, extremely bitter."

With that last statement I wondered 'How the fuck did Brianna manage to do this hoax!' Then I forgot that thought as a little gray creature -- skinny with a real big bald head and long fingers -- stepped through the door. Hell, it was hard to see him as he blended with the gray of everything else. I guessed him to be about 5' 1" tall and maybe 90 pounds with most of it in his head.

He began speaking and my brain somehow instantly translated his words. "Hello Stacy, you are one of our more interesting visitors."

"Who the fuck are you and where am I?" I snarled angrily at him.

The air instantly left my lungs as I felt a phantom punch to my gut making me try to bend over in pain. The little guy was still several feet away and hadn't moved so he didn't do it.

"Please be civil," he said, "You must speak calmly without anger or you will be punished. But to answer you, I am Phlegmnupquertlf, but you can call me 'Three'. As for where you are. You are aboard our spaceship which is currently orbiting your world at 609,572.6 of your earth miles."

"Are you fucking kidding me?" I asked incredulously. Then I looked around before back at Three and said, "You mean I have actually been abducted? Shit, I thought that was just a bunch of hooey made up by stupid people!"

Three emitted a very high pitched laughing sound before saying, "Yes, the reluctance to believe displayed by you Earthlings makes it so much easier for us to do this! And yes, you are abductee number 28,684 for me and my crew."

"Holy shit," I softly said.

"Now it is time for you to sleep...."


My eyes opened and I tried to remember going to sleep. Hmph. Three entered my little cubical prison and said, "Thank you for awakening on command." He bent just a bit and poked his long finger into my thighs and lower abdomen, then said, "Let's walk a bit."

Instantly the straps that had held tight to my arms and legs disappeared and I was standing upright. I took three steps before muttering "What the hell." I spread my legs and looked down at my crotch only to see a pair of HUGE balls hanging there. I mean they were at least five times the size of my normal sack. "How did..."

Three touched my arm as if to pull me along while saying, "We took the liberty to perfect you a little bit."

Hefting the heavy orbs (I used to think I had marbles down there, now each was bigger than a large hard boiled egg) and noticed I had no pain from their procedure. I also sadly noticed that I could hardly find my limp dick in front of them.

I was still trying to get a grip on that as Three led me down a hallway before stopping and then looking at the left side wall. I looked too wondering if he was searching for a fly before he said, "View," and the wall became a window.

Sound came with the view as a woman of around 40 years old was lying on a table crying out, "Oh my god...fuck me...fuck my pussy....fuck my ass! Oh god I'm cumming again!" Even with her being strapped down like I had been her body was convulsing and shaking violently as something sent her over the moon. It looked as if her pussy and ass were both being stretched wide open. I could tell there was something moving in them but saw nothing there.

"Um, what is fucking her?" I timidly asked.

"Well, okay, but just for a moment," Three said and the body of a horse-like creature became slowly visible, its monstrous cock being pounded powerfully into her pussy super deep. She groaned on one powerful thrust as the horse faded away from view. At the same time a pony with a horn on its forehead (no...I won't call it THAT because they do NOT exist) slowly came into sight and I could tell his smaller cock was pummeling her wide open ass. Both the...um...horse and...um...pony had been strapped down to prevent her from being hit with their powerful hoofs. The pony (yeah, I know) faded from before my eyes but I could tell he was still going at her ass with gusto.

The woman gave a garbled scream as she arched her body off of the table while shaking harder than I thought possible. It looked as if her pussy and her ass were being vacated as the holes shrunk a bit even though they remained quite open. Then I watched with amazement as huge globs of cum poured out of both her holes.

Her lips were shivering and her body had a deep crimson tint to it as she tried to recover. Then some kind of being entered the room and she groaned, "Oh god, not again!" I guess the being was a 'he' as he stepped right between her legs and shoved his green dick into her with one hard and long thrust. I do mean long as it looked to be about two feet long, yet she took the entire thing into her. His member was also about five inches across, yet all she did was resume her moaning while getting royally fucked.

"End view," Three said and the wall turned gray again and the sounds ceased. We walked a few feet -- or maybe it was a mile, I couldn't tell -- before stopping at another gray wall. "View," he said and I saw a monstrous whale swimming by. He was obviously aroused as I watched in awe while his six foot long (at least) dick plowed deep furrows in the sandy bottom of his enclosure. I shuddered at the thought of them using the whale on the woman we had just left. Three looked at me then said, "End view," and we resumed walking.

Once more we stopped and the wall became a window. I was actually surprised to see just a male and female lion inside what looked like their wide open African habitat. The male was putting the move on her and got her onto her side, while a slit just above his balls opened and a shiny needle pointed bit of skin slipped out and began thrusting towards her. The male wasn't really moving, just his cock-like appendage. It grew longer while still staying quite pointy as he continued blindly thrusting in search of her opening.

She growled as he hit the spot, only to loose it immediately. Four more thrusting attempts by his long tapered cock and he hit home where his cock gave a strong thrust shoving most of his dick into her. It moved rapidly, obviously having lost its tapered look as now it looked quite thick along its entire length while the female growled and pawed at him with her front feet. Way too quickly, I thought, he let out a roar of his own. Moments later his engorged shaft slid out of her and quickly began to shrink while she rolled onto her back acting as if she was finally orgasming. Damn that was weird!

We walked for quite some time as Three stopped many more times for me to view the inside of countless rooms. I saw more animals from Earth, many creatures that could not possibly be from there, as well as several more women along with a few more men. Every time some sort of sexual activity was being engaged in.

We stopped again and I grew braver as I commented, "You little gray guys sure seem to have a one track mind."

"It is our purpose...our 'mission' as your Captain James T. Kirk said." Before I could respond he said, "Open," and the door to my cubical opened and he guided me back to the wall where the straps were hanging. When I turned around to face him my arms and legs were suddenly stretched out and instantly bound again. "Sleep now......."


Even before opening my eyes I thought 'How the hell does he do that?' Three was smiling (well, that's what I call a smile considering his tiny mouth) at me while I blinked at the brightness of the room. "As you will soon notice, we once more took the liberty of making some adjustments to your body while you were sleeping."

"Not again!" I gasped before looking down my naked body. 'Shit,' I thought, 'whose dick is that?'

"Oh yes, and I think you will like the changes. Your penis is now much more useful. It will now be exactly a length of 6.786 of your inches when soft. When aroused it will grow to 10.867 of your inches. Also, it will now grow to 9.528 of your inches in circumference."

"Fucking A!" I gasped still looking down.

"Yes, I thought you might think that. We have also taken a pineapple and miniaturized it before implanting it in your ball sack where it will never spoil or run out of taste altering properties. The ladies on your world will love that! The muscles at the base of your penis have been improved to allow you to last longer before climaxing."

I stared at him mutely, not knowing what to say. 'Fucking A' just didn't seem appropriate. Can this be true? I sure don't feel any different, nor do I have any pain from having surgery.

Three roused me from my thoughts by saying, "Five will now help you to ensure that all went well with the adjustments. She is very accomplished at her duties."

Three turned before I could respond and the door opened and closed allowing him to quickly exit my cubical. Suddenly I felt different, as if no longer standing up. A door opened on what used to be the floor and in walked a little gray person whom I presumed to be 'Five'.

Her soft voice that had a cute flutter to it said, "Hello Stacy, I am Five. We are going to test your improvements. I think you will enjoy this." My eyes scanned her and I estimated her to be about 4'5" tall and no more than 65 pounds. Her big head rested on an even thinner neck than Three had.

She then leaned down and gripped my soft shaft with her three fingered hand and gave me a slow jerk. Both hands now worked on me and my new dick began engorging towards its fully erect state. That HAD to be a smile on her face before she leaned over and somehow managed to open her tiny mouth and slide my tip into it.

Her tongue swirled around my knob as she sucked onto it quite nicely. She pulled off of me and looked into my eyes before saying, "This feels good in my mouth!"

"Your...your mouth feels good on me, too," I somehow managed to say.

She gave me that weird little smile and then resumed her oral ministrations on the first 3 or 4 inches of my new dick. Damn this little gray gal can really suck dick! Her head stopped all movement as she began moving her tongue (I had never seen Three's tongue, or hers but figured they must have one) around my shaft. It felt better than what Brianna had done, maybe because she had more to work on.

Suddenly it felt as if two snakes had wrapped around my shaft and were jerking me off in tandem. "OH GOD THAT'S GOOD!" I gasped. Five looked up at me and then pulled her face back letting me slip from between her lips. "How...how did you do that?"

"It is easy," she said as her tongue flicked out about seven inches past her lips. "All I have to do is split it like this," and instantly her long pointy tongue separated into two equally long yet thinner pieces of flesh. She leaned into me and stopped with her mouth about an inch from my cock, then her tongues swirled out and wrapped around me TWICE each! They moved back and forth on me making me gasp as the intensity of this act.

"Most of you male humans really like this," she said.

"But how can..."

"We can do so many things that you humans find impossible, it is laughable. You will see some of them before I am through with you." Then she slid her lips around me and worked her mouth and tongues on me making me squirm in pleasure.

I realized that if Brianna had made me feel even half this good I would have shot my load long ago. Guess those improved muscles really work. Soon Five seemed to pull her tongue back out of the way and then she moved from her kneeling position into one where her legs were straight and she bent at the waist, putting her head between her calves. My cock was still within her mouth as she moved her left foot so she was straddling my legs, then she just leaned down as if to put her nose on the floor.

"HOLY FUCK!" I gasped as she took my entire shaft down her thin throat, making it bulge as I entered it. Her throat looked as if it had nearly quadrupled in thickness, yet she seemed unfazed by the intrusion of my quite large new cock. Five slowly pulled back until I exited her mouth, then she stood upright.

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