tagLoving WivesStag Fill-in Ch. 3

Stag Fill-in Ch. 3


“OK,” he said, rising from his desk, “you’ve passed the ‘medical’, now then let’s see how comfortable you are getting naked in front of a stranger.” At first I didn’t understand what he meant. He beckoned me to follow him into the next room. It was setup for photos. “I’m going to need some pictures of you to show prospective clients,” he said. “By the way,” he added, “I like the way you’re dressed.”

I felt flattered. He took a few shots of me fully clothed, in a variety of suggestive poses. Then he had me unbutton my blouse a little so he could take some cleavage shots. I was aware of the fact that my nipples had become hard.

He then said, “I’m going to step into the next room for a moment. While I’m gone, take off your blouse and your skirt. I want to get some shots of you on the bed in your panties, stockings and pumps … and use this oil on yourself,” he commanded, “It will make you skin glisten. It’ll look great on film.” With that he left the room. While he was gone, I felt my cunt. It was already wet.

When he returned I was on the bed. At first I was a little nervous, being naked in front of a man other than my husband for the first time in years. I soon relaxed, though. Frank posed me in a variety of positions and had me slide my hands over my oiled body in the most erotic way. He then told me to kneel on the bed, legs apart and play with my tits. Frank brought the camera in for some close-ups. “Now pull on your nipples,” he commanded, adding oil until they slipped effortlessly through my fingers. “Brilliant,” he said. Myself, I felt tingly down below.

After changing film, Frank ordered me to lay on my back, let my legs fall wide apart and, with my hands, stroke my soft inner thighs. While I did he took plenty of pictures. I could feel the excitement building within me. He then positioned himself for some close-up shots. “Slip just the tips of your fingers inside the gusset of your panties,” he said. I did so and discovered how much wetter I had become. I lay there playing with myself, eyes closed, while he took pictures.

He told me to remove my panties. His camera was inches from my pussy. I was so wet I could feel liquid running down the crack of my ass. “Touch yourself with your left hand,” he commanded. I brought my fingers down to play with my swollen clit. It felt electric. The more I touched myself, the more I moaned. “Now slip a finger inside yourself … slowly,” Frank commanded, wanting to capture the moment on film. “Now two fingers … very slowly,” he said. I did as instructed and, in the process, felt the tip of my pinkie finger come to rest on my anus. “Naughty girl,” he said as I ground my hips into my hand, moaning loudly and coming for the first time. I should have been mortified: he was going to show these pictures to other men … and I had let him film me finger-fucking myself – even using my ring finger no less - while teasing my asshole. He must have sensed my nervousness. “Don’t worry,” he tried to reassure me, “these shots will be a big hit with prospective clients.”

“Are we done yet?” I breathed, looking at him. “No,” he said “I can’t promote you to clients until I have some idea of what you’re like when you’re being fucked.” His statement hit me like a ton of bricks. Of course he couldn’t, I realized. It was then that I felt his hand between my legs. I closed my eyes. I knew all along that it would come to this. I let his fingers play with me. He knew exactly how to please a woman. I hadn’t been touched with such skill in years. I heard myself moaning loudly. “Excellent,” he whispered, “men love to hear women get excited. Remember, when a man touches you during a show, never hold back … if you want big tips.” That aroused me even further and my hips were soon bucking, seeking pleasure.

It was then that Frank grabbed me by the hips and flipped me over onto my knees so that my ass was in the air. The next thing I knew I felt the head of his cock pushing into me. Despite his size, he slipped into me with ease and filled me up like I had never been filled before. I could no longer pretend that I had been a faithful wife: I was now being fucked by a black stranger … and loving it. Frank began to thrust rhythmically, slowly, his balls slapping against my clit with each stroke. The louder he heard me moan, the harder he fucked me. Getting fucked by Frank was nothing like getting fucked by my husband. This was powerful stuff.

Sensing that I was on the verge of a massive orgasm, Frank began playing with my asshole. Nobody had ever touched me there before. It felt deliciously wicked. I turned and pleaded with him to stop, but he wouldn’t. I then saw him bring his thumb to his mouth and wet it. He brought the tip back to my anus and, with his eyes locked on mine, he slipped the tip of his thumb into my asshole. I clenched tightly and, as I did, I was overcome by the first wave of an overwhelming orgasm. I would never have believed it possible that a body could feel this way.

Once the waves had stopped crashing over me, Frank released me and let me fall to the bed. After a moment he spread my legs apart and, with his fingers, he began to tease my cunt and my asshole until my hips again began to respond. I realized that he had not yet come. He then rolled me on my side, straddled my legs and slipped into me. I couldn’t remember the last time my husband had fucked me twice in a row. I lay back, watching him. For the first time I got an appreciation of just how large he was. With each stoke my tits floated and heaved about on my chest. With each stroke I found myself urging him on, panting, moaning and begging him to fuck me harder. So this is what sex was supposed to feel like!

I came again, but still he did not. Instead, he withdrew and brought his black cock to my mouth. “Take it,” he ordered. Exhausted, I nevertheless reached for it with my right hand. “Not that one,” he said, “always use your left hand, the one with the wedding band.” He was right, too. My milky white fingers, wedding ring and all, wrapped around his big black cock, made for a wildly erotic sight.

“Now put it in your mouth,” he ordered. It was so thick that at first I couldn’t get anything but the bulb inside my mouth. It had a velvety texture. I had expected him to use me roughly, but he didn’t. I must have been doing something right, though, because he was soon much deeper within me, groaning in pleasure. I think he liked the way I tickled his balls.

“Now I’m going to show you how to make a man come. Run your fingers up and down the crack of my ass,” he commanded. I did as instructed, finding it slippery and slightly disgusting at first, but I noticed that Frank’s excitement had grown. “Now slip a finger tip inside my ass,” he commanded. I hesitated. “Do it … just like I did to you,” he commanded. Remembering how he had made me tense up and then come, I did the same. Without being prompted, I even used the tip of my ring finger, knowing he would find that madly exciting.

As soon as my finger entered his rectum, I felt him spurt. I had never before swallowed a man’s come, but Frank held me firm, forcing me to swallow. To my surprise it tasted good; a bit sweet and a bit salty. In all the excitement I realized that my finger had slide deeply within his ass, almost burying the ring itself. It felt soft and strangely roomy in there. I was surprised at how much I liked the feeling.

The spell of the moment was broken when Frank climbed off the bed and said he had to get ready for his next appointment. Would it be anything like this one, I wondered? He scribbled down an address and told me to meet him outside the place at 9:00 o’clock on Saturday evening. He handed me a photocopied list of ‘extras’ with suggested prices. He said we’d talk more on Saturday night about what was expected of me. As I was leaving he said “Dress just like you did today, but add a push-up bra, trim your pussy … and don’t forget to wear your ring.”

After I left I waited in my car outside Frank’s building for a while. It was past 7:00 o’clock when another woman entered the building: high heels, stockinged legs, short dress, make-up. It was catty, but I didn’t think she looked as good as me. I couldn’t bear to think about what Frank was going to do with her.

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