tagGay MaleStand for Love Ch. 10

Stand for Love Ch. 10


Hello to my lovely readers out there. I would like to welcome you to the tenth chapter of my story. It has been a great journey and thank you for making it this far with me. This chapter is all for you and I hope you find it interesting. Don't forget to drop your comments and rates at the end. Enjoy...


Adrian opened the door leading from the bathroom and slowly came out. With one towel wrapped around his waist and the other tied around his head to dry the hair, he went straight to the dressing mirror and stood there. He examined himself in the mirror not forgetting to check out his ass. His eyes were bluer than he remembered...his face brighter...his ass was getting bigger, thanks to Nicholas' sweet cum.

Thinking about Nicholas actually made him sigh as the memories of what had happened the previous day slipped through his mind. What followed was a heart beating faster as a sweet, sensual vibration travelled to the rest of his body. He was suddenly trembling but not of fear but of excitement and the pleasure brought about by those wonderful memories.

Next thing that appeared was a bright smile which warmed up his mood. He was not yet back with Nicholas but giving him pleasure the previous day had been beautiful and intense. The feel of Nicholas' sweet, hard throbbing cock was overwhelming and that wet spot which had formed when he had come was sweet.

"Oh!" Adrian sighed, smiling as he removed the towel from his head.

He felt his wet, long hair falling all the way to his back making him feel cold. He then took the towel and began drying his hair with it. He felt like love was in the air as he couldn't pull that smile away from his face. He felt like something was missing though and he knew what exactly it was, a song.

With that in his mind, he slowly opened his mouth and began singing one of his favorite songs.

"I can't sleep tonight, wide awake and so confused...everything is in line but I'm bruised. I need a voice to echo...I need a ride to take me home..."

He sang the song with his heart as he slowly began whining his waist, imagining Nicholas gripping his waist from behind and then kissing his neck. He slowly started slipping in his thoughts as they slowly took him miles of thinking. He lost control of everything around him. He went to another dimension which was of nothing but happy, pleasurable thoughts. He still didn't have Nicholas by his side but the thoughts were just as exciting as the reality.

Adrian was so lost in his thoughts that he totally forgot that he had to go and check if Victoria and Jake had already done their work. He was supposed to check long ago but he woke up late and his shower took quite some time.

Letting the towel from his waist fall to the floor, Adrian went to the other room to dress up. The day was gonna be fun and he had to wear something simple but at least showed his body. He wasn't yet back with Nicholas but hey, a guy needs to look good to impress his husband.

Adrian quickly grabbed a brown skinny pant, yellow t-shirt and blue sandals. He went back to the room, applied lotion on his body dressed up and sat on a chair and attended to his hair. He fixed it into a sexy pony tail, made it shiny and grinned.

After making sure that he was all done he quietly left the room and headed downstairs. Slowly walking towards the elevator, he stopped and glared at Nicholas' room. He wondered if the handsome hunk was still in that room or already at his company.

"Won't be long now," Adrian whispered. "I'll be back in that room."

Much as Adrian wanted to get back with Nicholas he still had a mission to teach the people who had meddled in his relationship to not mess with him. He knew if he revealed the truth he wouldn't get another chance to deal with them so Nicholas had to wait for another time.

Adrian slowly moved his face away and headed straight for the elevator which took him all the way down to the living room. He had barely got out when he heard a voice. He slowly got out as the voice kept getting closer. It was Noah and he seemed pissed as he came into the living room.

"Seriously mom, this has got to stop." He seethed, grabbing a bag by the couch. "I know you're trying to take care of us but please, call the maids back."

"How can I do that?" Victoria answered, following behind her son. She was dressed in a blue dress which seemed dirty. Her hair was tied in a pony tail and her mood was definitely not bright at all. She seemed mad.

"Mom," Noah said as he headed for the door. "It's as easy as picking up the phone and calling them back to this house. Do you want me to be eating food at restaurants? You've refused for anyone else to cook and your cooking is terrible."

"What am I supposed to do?" Victoria yelled, gripping her hair. "It's beyond my control."

Victoria quickly covered her mouth when she realized what she had said to her son. What's wrong with me, Victoria thought, fear slowly clipping into her? Seriously, she's gonna tell the truth even before Adrian does show that CD to the rest of the family members.

Victoria's fear increased once she looked around and saw Adrian standing near the elevator, smiling and winking at her. It was like he was happy and probably cursing her for being stupid. How the hell could she be so stupid?

"What?" Noah quickly turned, facing his mother with a grimace. He raised his eyebrow and took a good look at her. She seemed nervous and smiled faintly. "What do you mean it's beyond your control?"

"No, son," Victoria gulped, hiding her shaking hand. "What I meant to say is that...err..."

"Are you okay?" Noah asked, moving his hand to her face. He was trying to see if she was completely alright.

"I'm fine." Victoria smiled, slightly moving away from Noah. "Just go...I'm sure there are a lot of patients waiting for you."

Noah suspected like something was wrong. His mother had spoken in anger and she might have spoken the right thing. He slowly looked around and saw Adrian standing near the elevator with a bright smile on his face, a smile which ruined his mood. Noah angrily looked away and smiled faintly at his mother.

"I'm leaving," he said softly, touching his mother's feet. "Just remember what I've told you today."

"Just go," Victoria said. Her mood was ruined.

Noah rose and kissed his mother on the cheeks. Then he left, hoping for his mother to take into consideration what he had just said. Seriously, he couldn't take eating anymore of that food. And he had thought it was just for a day. He couldn't bear it anymore.

Victoria on the other hand looked at her son leaving the house. What he had told was absolutely impossible. How the hell was she going to stop cooking when all the orders had started coming from that stupid little boy who made her blood boil? The only way she'd stop cooking was if Adrian ordered her to.

Victoria sighed angrily, quickly turned with her eyes dropped on the floor. She was suddenly fuming, desiring to make Adrian pay for playing a fast one on her.

"Stupid little, annoying whore can't just..." Victoria trailed off as she raised her face to see Adrian standing right in front of her. He had his arms crossed on his chest and the frown on his face showed her he was in a really bad mood and fuck...what if he had heard her?

"How did you get here?" She smiled faintly, hoping to hear his answer.

Adrian chuckled softly. "Ever heard of lightning speed?"

"What?" Victoria gasped, panting.

"By the way," Adrian chuckled, looking at her. "I hope you've already made breakfast?"

"Don't worry," Victoria was more than pissed with Adrian. "I've already made..."

"Oh, yes," He exclaimed as he swung his hand in the air. "I could tell from the expression on your son's face." He chuckled making Victoria angrier. "By the way, if there is any food left you know what to do with it."

Victoria stared at Adrian and chuckled angrily. There was nothing as bad as getting orders from Adrian and eating that awful food. Wasn't it enough that she was making the worst food? Did Adrian have to make her eat it too?

"Don't worry," Victoria tried to hiss but she realized quickly and replaced it with a groan.

"Good!" Adrian couldn't help but smile teasingly at Victoria. "And don't try to act smart with me because..."

"I said, don't worry." Victoria rolled her eyes. "I don't have a choice anyway."

"It's good to know that we understand each other."

"Of course," Victoria shrugged, crossing her arms on her chest. "If you choose to..."

"Fine," Adrian chimed in, signaling his hand to make her stop talking. "You may now leave, mother. There's lots of work to be done."

Victoria angrily got away and left the living room. Adrian smiled and walked to the kitchen to make himself breakfast. After breakfast he was gonna sit and watch them work. It just felt really good to order some people around, he laughed.


Nicholas held a pen in his hands trying to sign a document but it was like he was frozen right there. He couldn't move or do anything at all. His mind was somewhere else, thinking about Adrian and the pleasure he had given him the previous night. It had happened last night but Nicholas could still feel that hand rubbing furiously on his crotch.

He could still feel cum flooded in his pants even though it was not there. He had found out after stripping that there was so much cum in his pants after throwing Adrian out. He had taken a shower and spent hours thinking about the things that had happened in his room. Even sitting on that chair he still couldn't believe that it had happened. His heart had accepted it but his mind was still in question.

Nicholas gasped and touched his chest when he heard a finger snapping. He breathed in deeply, looking up at the most bright smile he has seen since he had woken up, George. It made him wonder why his friend grinned like that.

"You scared me," Nicholas breathed faster as his heart raced and his memories went away.

"Adrian, again," George asked, throwing his ass on Nicholas' table.

Nicholas sighed deeply. "Yes! He came to my room yesterday."

"I know," George grinned. "I talked to him last night and..." George trailed off as Adrian's words rang in his heard. "Don't tell Nicholas." He lost his smile as he thought of Adrian's exact words. It made him to be hurt too because he felt like an idiot for accusing a good boy like Adrian.

On the other hand, Nicholas paid complete attention to his best friend. After talking about Adrian he just seemed lost and his smile went away. Could Adrian have done or said something that made George like that, Nicholas wondered, snapping his finger like George had done on him.

"Hey!" Nicholas snapped his finger. George looked at him and opened his eyes wide.

"Uh," He exclaimed.

"Did Adrian say something to you?"

"What?" George frowned, chuckling nervously. "No! I just told the guy to leave you alone."

George knew he was lying to his friend and it hurt him a lot. He was only doing it because he'd promised Adrian he'd keep everything a secret till he was done dealing with Victoria and Jake which would possibly be in a day or two, right? He wanted to pull him out of his misery and tell him the truth but he somehow felt that just like him, Nicholas had not trusted Adrian so what he was passing through was also a part of his fault. Call it as a punishment for not trusting Adrian enough.

"Oh!" Nicholas furiously took a pen and began signing on the document. He somehow didn't want to talk about Adrian because he had a lot to think about as it was.

"Did Adrian..."

"Please," Nicholas pleaded. "I don't wanna talk about Adrian right now."

"I was just asking what he came to do in your room."

Nicholas dropped his pen as he immediately went down memory lane to the time when Adrian was massaging his cock. Feeling that kind of pleasure again had been intense and he'd cum so much. Remembering about what happened actually made his cock twitch as blood started rushing to it making it rise to life. His cock was now in full swing, throbbing painfully and missing the action which had happened the day before. If he could repeat what had happened he'd willing do it. Plus he hadn't forgotten that he'd confessed that he didn't want to divorce Adrian, ever.

"Nothing," Nicholas said softly, picking up the pen to continue signing the documents. "He just wanted to talk...about us."

"Really," George was excited but he didn't want his friend to know about it. He didn't want him to know that he'd found out the truth. "Did you talk to him?"

"No!" Nicholas knew that he had very well talked to Adrian plus more had happened but he couldn't tell his friend what had happened. He couldn't just open his mouth and say, "Hey! We talked and he massaged my cock till I spurt a load of cum in my pants." It was a secret which was between him and Adrian.

Speaking of Adrian, Nicholas didn't know how he'd face him. He was sure the boy would now come to him more often. "It's your fault you stupid fool." Nicholas thought. "You couldn't just resist his seduction. Serves you right for allowing him to massage your cock and make you cum."

"Do you remember our conversation yesterday?" George muttered.

"About what," Nicholas knew exactly what George meant.

"Do you at times think Adrian is innocent?"

Nicholas stopped signing and looked up at George's face. He wondered where all these questions were coming from. This was the same George who had told him to forget about everything and move on. Why was he interrogating him now?

"Where is this coming from?" Nicholas asked in a serious tone. He was sought of getting angry.

"Nothing," George shrugged, opening his arms. "I just thought that I haven't asked you about what you think and..."

"The evidence was there." Nicholas chimed in, angry. "If you don't mind can we drop this topic? It just brings sad memories. You know where I stand when it comes to Adrian."

"Yeah," George said, patting on his shoulder as he got off the table. "I'm sorry I'll drop it."

"Thank you!" Nicholas said, smiling faintly.

George knew Nicholas was still in love with Adrian. He couldn't wait to see them together again. He was gonna be happy for his friend. He deserved to be happy for all his life. Having a mother like Victoria was really a curse, George thought, looking at his friend signing the papers.

"Wanna grab a bite,"

Nicholas looked up at George and smiled. "Sure, I could use some food."

Nicholas smiled, got up and went out of the office. But he was still thinking about what had happened between Adrian and him in the room. That was another happy memory he was gonna remember even though he was no longer with Adrian.


Adrian took a glass of juice, held it closer to his mouth and took a sip. He was in a really good mood seeing Jake and Victoria in the living room cleaning and mopping. There was nothing better to do than watch the two of them suffer while they actually worked. He'd made a great plan with George and he was waiting for it to come into action. No one was at the house except granny. Clara, Emily and Arianna went shopping while the rest went to work.

Slowly coming down the stairs, Adrian held the glass tightly, glancing at the watch. It was 11.am, perfect for his plans to work. He slowly went down and when he had taken the last step on those stairs he heard the door bell ring. He immediately raised his face, his eyes widening and his smile brightening.

He fixed himself up and looked to see Victoria looking straight at the door. He knew what she was thinking, what if someone comes and sees the way she was looking like? But he didn't care.

On the other hand, Victoria's eyes widened. So many questions rushed through her brain. She was suddenly feeling scared, adrenaline rushing to the rest of her body as her heart began pounding deep in her chest. She quickly moved her gaze to Jake who was busy working and didn't seem bothered.

Whoever was at the door, Victoria didn't want to be seen the way she was looking. Her hair was a mess. She had no makeup on and her dress...she had no comments about the dress. Whatever it was she couldn't be in the living room when whoever was at the door came inside.

With that fear in mind, Victoria quickly got up and began heading to the kitchen as fast as her legs could carry her. She needed to move faster and pretend as if she had some work or she had to cook lunch, yes lunch, anything just to get away from that place.


Victoria stopped and gulped as she heard Adrian's voice. She was scared and her heart was pounding. She just stood there without turning. Her hands were shaking terribly, rubbing them against her apron.

Adrian smiled, slowly moving towards her. He knew the reason why his mother in law was acting like that but what was the reason for going away from that place.

"Where are you going?" Adrian asked as he neared her.

Victoria smiled faintly and quickly turned around. She knew she had to make up a lie so that she could get away. She couldn't afford for anyone to see her looking like the way she was.

"I...I..." She stammered, pointing in the direction of the kitchen. "I've got to go and start preparing lunch. It's kinda getting late and..."

"Will you go and see who's at the door first?" Adrian chimed in cheerfully. This was a surprise for her.

"What?" Victoria breathed, holding her head. "I think..."

"Mother," Adrian called impatiently. "I'm not asking you. I'm telling you to go and see who's at the door."

Victoria gulped as a shiver of fear raced to her entire body. She knew that Adrian probably wanted to humiliate her. Making her cook and look like the way she was in front of the family was one thing. Allowing someone outside the house to see her like that was another. She just couldn't open that door. She just couldn't do it.

"I can't do that." Victoria stuttered, looking at herself.

"Are you trying to provoke me?" Adrian said angrily, crossing his arms on his chest. "I asked you to open that door and I expect you to comply."

"Please," Victoria begged, putting her hands together. "I'll do anything but I don't want..."

"Why are you so scared?" Adrian asked.


"Just go and open the door." Adrian laughed. "Don't keep me waiting."

Victoria knew she was defeated. Her fears had suddenly increased to a high level. The only thing that she didn't want on this earth was people seeing her the way she was looking at that moment.

"Fine," Victoria seethed.

She took a deep breath and headed for the door. Each step she took made her heart pound even harder in her chest. She didn't know why but had a bad feeling about going to that door. Her mind was only focused on one thing, to find that it was a member of her family or a worker. She prayed in her heart for it to be so.

Getting closer to the door, Victoria took a deep breath as she held on to the knob. She gulped and then opened the door as wide as she could. When her eyes looked at the people at the door she actually felt scared and didn't know what to say. It was her two friends, Maria and Joana, friends she boasted to as the classiest woman in the city. She was now in shit. The way they looked at her was actually scaring her to death.

"Joan, Maria, what are you doing here?" Victoria gasped, hiding her shaky hands in her apron pockets.

"Vic," Joan gave out a soft laugh. "Why do you look like a maid?"

Victoria was silent. She had no idea how those two appeared at her house but she suspected Adrian had something to do with it. How could he do that to her? It was probably a punishment for what she'd done to him. Looking at her two friends she could clearly see that they were mocking and laughing at her.

"What are you doing here?" Victoria sounded angry. Whatever they'd come to do she wanted them out of her compound. What she was feeling was more than anger. What will they say to her now?

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