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Star Wars: The Legion Saga


Episode I: Harbinger

Chapter 1

"What is going on down there?" Nute Gunray demanded from the bridge of the Trade Federation flagship Saak'ak. A cacophony of alarms sounded all around him.

"We've lost the transmission, sir." his communications officer Tey How announced from behind her comlink and data goggles.

"Have you ever encountered a Jedi Knight before, sir?" Rune Haako asked ominously.

"Well, no, but I don't...seal off the bridge!"

"Yes sir." Tey How replied as she closed the bridge doors.

"That won't be enough, sir."

"I want droidekas up here at once!" Nute ordered.

"We will not survive this..."

Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi spun through the hall of the Trade Federation ship, their lightsabers flashing green and blue as they cut down the battle droids left and right. Obi-Wan extended his hand and threw a group of advancing droids to the ground with the force.

Qui-Gon thrust his green blade into the steel, cutting a circular hole in the door to the bridge.

On the other side of the entrance Nute Gunray shouted out in a panic:

"Close the blast doors!"

As the reinforced doors slammed shut, Qui-Gon withdrew his blade, sensing the impediment to his progress.

"That will hold them!" Nute announced.

Obi-Wan reflected a droid's blast back upon it and maintained his vigil over his master's attempt to enter the bridge.

Qui-Gon thrust his blade directly into the doors, the heat from his saber began to again melt the metal. He could sense he was making progress, but at once he realized that droid reinforcements were likely en route to their position. As his blade continued to melt its way onto the bridge, he quickly realized what he needed to do. It was a gamble, but somehow he sensed his next move would be fateful.

"Obi-Wan!" Qui-Gon called out. "Add your blade to mine!"

Qui-Gon's faithful apprentice nodded quickly in understanding and approached the bridge door to the right of his master. Without a word he thrust his blue blade into the doors and sped up the melting process.

With the two blades working in unison, the blast doors quickly turned white-hot and began to slag and melt away.

"They are still coming through!" Rune Haako announced like a harbinger of death.

"This is impossible!"

As the blue and green blades melted the blast doors further, the metal began to fall away. Suddenly the two blades succeeded in breaching their barrier and a large chunk of the metal doors fell onto the bridge deck, opening the room to the hallway.

Nute and Rune both stepped back in fear as the twin blades of the Jedi worked rapidly to widen the hole.

"Where are those droidekas?!" Rune called out in panic.

Obi-Wan heard the approach of the rolling destroyer droids before he turned to look.

"Master, Destroyers!" he warned Qui-Gon as the rolling of the insect-like machines brought them closer by the second.

"Come on!" Qui-Gon yelled as he took a step back, then jumped with the force guiding him through the hole they had cut. Somersaulting as he landed, he recovered quickly and found himself through the breach and standing on the Neimoidian bridge.

Obi-Wan watched as the destroyer droids uncurled from their traveling form and brought their blasters to bear on him. Just as the droids extended shields to protect themselves and began to fire, the young padawan turned and jumped through the hole he and his master had cut onto the bridge. Spinning in the air as he passed through the breach, he landed two steps behind Qui-Gon and quickly recovered.

Moving with lightening speed towards the two Neimoidians cowering in fear across the bridge, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan suddenly had their blades at the throats of the two Trade Federation commanding officers.

"Uhhhh!" Nute Gunray shouted in terror as the green blade of a Jedi Master was suddenly only inches from his throat.

"Call off your droids. Now." Qui-Gon Jinn spoke with the authority of a man not to be trifled with.

"I suggest you do as he says." Obi-Wan smirked with his own blade only a fraction of an inch from decapitating Rune Haako. "Being shot at by your droids has made my master quite disagreeable this morning."

"Y-yes!" Nute stammered, "Call off all droids! D-do as he says...uh...at once!"

"Yes sir." Tey How complied and instantly the alarms and claxons were cut off.

A strange hush descended over the bridge as the Neimoidians found themselves at the mercy of two men they had just attempted to kill.

"Why?" Qui-Gon continued. "You destroyed our ship and killed its crew."

"No..." Nute stammered unconvincingly. "It was a...misunderstanding! There was a malfunction on the hanger deck...we...thought your ship was going to attack us! Please...we were only trying to defend ourselves!"

"Any more lies Viceroy," Qui-Gon said quietly, "And I'll settle your trade dispute with this blade right now."

"Nooo!" Nute implored in terror, "It wasn't our idea! I only followed instructions!"

"Your instructions were to murder us?" Obi-Wan asked, his blade never leaving Rune's neck. "Who gave you these instructions?"

Nute Gunray looked down at the deck of his bridge. He was trembling terribly now.

"Answer him." Qui-Gon instructed.

"No I-I can't he-he'll kill me if I-" Nute stammered.

"And what do you thing I'm going to do?" Qui-Gon said ominously.

"His name is Darth Sidious!" Rune Haako announced fearfully. "He controls the Senate! He ordered us to blockade the Naboo!"

Qui-Gon's eyes widened at the revelation. He took a step back and deactivated his green saber.

"Darth Sidious?" Obi-Wan breathed incredulously.

"We-we never met him, he contacts us by hologram....please! You must protect us from the Sith!" Nute whimpered pitifully.

Obi-Wan looked fearfully at his master. Could any of this be true? Could the Sith have secretly returned and manipulated this blockade? It made no sense. How could the Jedi have been blind to the return of their ancient enemies? And what could be gained by blockading the peaceful Naboo? One thing was certain. Obi-Wan sensed no lying in the terrified Neimoidians any more. And for the first time, his feelings of an elusive danger felt completely justified.

"Your blockade is coming to an end Viceroy." Qui-Gon spoke at last. "You will contact the Naboo immediately and begin negotiating a peace treaty."

"Y-yes..." Nute said weakly, "I will do as you say."

Chapter 2

Padmé Amidala, recently elected ruler of the Naboo, exited the throne room of her Theed royal palace and walked slowly into her private chambers. She was afraid, truly afraid, for the first time in her life. The Jedi ambassadors had recounted the treachery of the Neimoidians for her governing counsel over the holo-com channel only moments ago. It had been suggested by the older Jedi that they continue negotiations on board the Neimoidian flagship itself. Padmé had agreed and even now her royal transport was preparing to take her delegation into the gundark's den—Nute Gunray's command ship.

Padmé shivered as she entered her spacious room and gazed out at the picturesque Theed cityscape. All this was at stake...and more. It was all in her hands, the fate of an entire world. And from what she could tell, the only thing keeping the Neimoidians from invading was the fact that the Jedi were holding lightsabers to their necks.

What if I say the wrong thing? She considered with an ever growing feeling of nausea in the pit of her stomach. What if I'm responsible for a course of action that leads to war?

The older Jedi Knight had said...or was he a Jedi Master instead of a Knight? And what was his name again? Oh no, she had forgotten...something with a "Q" wasn't it? The fate of her world was at stake and the meeting only hours away and she WASN'T READY!

Padmé began to tremble ever so slightly. She was going to blow it. Lose everything.

"What kind of a sane planet could ever entrust its fate to a person as young and naïve as I am?" she asked the empty room.

A soft voice from behind startled the young queen.

"You may be young, your highness," Rabé said gently. "But you are hardly naïve."

Padmé turned to face the beautiful handmaiden as she approached. It was Rabé who had prepared her intricate makeup this morning, as she always did. It was Rabé who was always there when Padmé needed reassurance. Indeed, Padmé felt herself soothed already just from the sound of her handmaiden's voice. Rabé was probably the one person in the galaxy who could calm Padmé when she was truly upset.

As she came up behind Padmé, Rabé placed a delicate hand on the small of the queen's back and Padmé felt herself already beginning to relax at her handmaiden's touch.

"I'm not ready for this, Rabé..."

A voice from the other side of the room came suddenly.

"We will get you ready, your highness..." Eirtaé spoke with authority as she entered the room, tall and confident as always. In many ways, she had a more regal countenance than Padmé could ever hope to imitate.

Padmé sighed as the blonde handmaiden approached her. Defeating Eirtaé in the election had given Padmé the position of queen. But at this moment, Padmé wished more than anything in the galaxy Eirtaé had been the one to win.

With a nod from Eirtaé, Rabé began lifting the ornate headpiece from Padmé.

"A change of wardrobe for this meeting?" Padmé asked in confusion.

Eirtaé shook her head with just the right amount of disdain and arrogance that had made Padmé's other handmaidens initially dislike the girl so much. But no one knew Nabooian etiquette better than Eirtaé, and Padmé almost felt foolish for questioning the girl's judgment.

"You must wear black to show the pain of separation from your world." Eirtaé explained with patiently.

"Just leave it all to us." Rabé continued as she placed the headpiece aside and began to unclasp Padmé's dress from behind.

"When have we ever let you down?" Sabé's voice floated into the room as the attractive young girl entered, tossing her hair back in a care-free way.

"Never." Padmé whispered as Rabé removed her gown and Eirtaé took her hands and helped her step out of the awkward, ornate attire. Now completely naked, the young queen shivered slightly as Eirtaé guided her.

"Come." Eirtaé said coolly as she gently pulled Padmé forward by the hands, guiding her towards the middle of the room. The cool tile of the floor sent another chill through Padmé's lithe, young body. "We've drawn you a bath."

"And while we wash you, we'll prepare you." Sabé said simply, smiling at Padmé as she began to disrobe.

Padmé watched silently as Sabé undressed. The girl looked so much like herself, it was like looking into a mirror. Aside from the ornate white makeup on Padmé's face at that moment, the two were almost identical. Indeed she and Sabé had developed a covert form of communication that only the other handmaidens could interpret. Raising a single eyebrow ever so slightly, Padmé asked Sabé silently: is this what I think it is?

Sabé answered her with a simple shrug of one bare shoulder as she finished removing her clothes. Her sign-language answer was clear: only if it pleases you.

Eirtaé glided around behind the young queen and slid her hands up Padmé's hips sensuously.

"Look at Sabé." Eirtaé commanded, taking charge of the situation as she always did. "So perfect...so beautiful..."

Sabé smiled at the compliment and slid her hands up to her perfect young breasts, pressing them together with a playful smile.

"So flawless..." Eirtaé continued. "Just like you are, Padmé."

Eirtaé hands slid their way up Padmé's torso, to gently envelop her budding breasts. Padmé sighed slightly as the blonde girl's hands stimulated her small nipples. Eirtaé was so beautiful...so intelligent...so PERFECT. Padmé often wondered if Eirtaé should have been the queen of Naboo instead of her. It had been such a close election after all. And Eirtaé had taken such control of this intimate social circle. As she continued to caress Padmé's sensitive breasts, she found herself wondering if perhaps she should be the handmaiden, and Eirtaé the queen.

Sabé slid one hand down from her breast, slowly lowering it across her stomach, down to her perfect, hairless pussy. As she stood facing Padmé and Eirtaé from the other side of the large royal bath built into the floor, she smiled wickedly and began sliding her middle finger slowly across her small pussy lips.

Eirtaé mirrored the movement, sliding her hand down Padmé's torso until she made contact with the queen's own hairless slit.

"You see?" Rabé asked as she dutifully finished putting away Padmé's wardrobe and began to disrobe herself. "I shaved our highness this morning. They match perfectly now. In every way."

Eirtaé smiled to herself as she slid her hands back to Padmé's tight ass and gently pushed her forward towards the bath. Padmé allowed herself to step into the warm water, slowly adjusting to the temperature as she descended into large bath. Like the proper mirror she was trained to be, Sabé stepped in one leg at a time, precisely duplicating the movements of her elected sovereign.

Padmé knew what she was in store for. It was something Eirtaé had begun between them. A strange kind of sexual bonding now existed between she and her handmaidens. At first Padmé had merely thought Eirtaé was a lesbian, pure and simple. But in the secret and tender moments the young women had shared in this room and others throughout the palace, Padmé had begun to see the method in Eirtaé madness. There was a purpose to this ritual, a union of sorts. In fact Eirtaé had explained to her that the sexual bonding of handmaiden and queen was as much a part of Nabooian royal history as residency in the Theed palace itself. It was a part, Eirtaé had explained, of the trust and love necessary to continuously place one's life in the hands of another woman.

Padmé considered it all as Sabé approached her in the water and Rabé's beautiful brunette form slinked into the water to her right. Indeed it was a secret part of her people's history, Eirtaé knew more about aristocracy than she ever would. But as Sabé drew close and slid her wet hands up Padmé's body, the young queen realized the truth. She was doing this because she needed it. Because part of her absolutely loved it.

"Wash our queen's perfect body, Rabé." Eirtaé instructed, taking control yet again. "Wash her dirty little body clean..."

Eirtaé had removed most of her clothes and was sitting with only her legs in the large bath, absent mindedly fingering herself as she watched. Padmé and Sabé found each other's mouths and tenderly kissed while caressing one another's perfect breasts. Rabé took a soapy hand sponge from the side of the bath and gently traced it up and down Padmé's back and then down her arms, the soap suds sliding down her perfect form and onto Sabé as the two entwined their young bodies further.

"Good..." Eirtaé whispered as she continued touching herself. Her middle finger was now inside her wet slit up to the knuckle while her other hand gently pinched her right nipple.

"Now Sabé..." Eirtaé continued. "Give her your tongue, baby."

Sabé opened her eyes in the midst of her soft kiss to Padmé. Padmé opened hers to see the young girl's face, so similar to her own, smile and gently extend her tongue into Padmé's mouth. Padmé moaned deeply in her throat as she took Sabé's tongue into her mouth and touched it with her own.

Rabé brought the sponge up behind Padmé's neck and squeezed it, letting soap suds trail down Padmé's breasts and onto Sabé's mirror image breasts. The lubrication between the two pseudo-twins only made the soft trailing of Sabé's breasts against hers feel more stimulating, as Padmé slid her hands around Sabé to embrace her fully.

Rabé soaped up her own breasts and stomach and then tossed the sponge aside. She stepped behind Padmé and began touching her back and shoulders ever so slightly, her soaped up nipples trailing down Padmé's back as the queen became sandwiched between the two beautiful handmaidens.

Padmé felt her head spinning. She was in an ecstasy of gentle, feminine stimulation and pleasure. She wondered why she had ever considered fighting this the first time Eirtaé had set it up.

Padmé broke her kiss with Sabé. As she pulled back she felt Rabé's tender kiss on her right cheek. Turning her head to the side, her mouth met Rabé's lips as the handmaiden explained her devotion to Padmé with her tongue in a way words could never convey.

"Good." Eirtaé said softly, still not joining the three brunettes yet. She had other things in mind at the moment. "Qui-Gon Jinn. Is the Jedi master who contacted us."

"Hmm?" Padmé said dreamily as she broke her kiss with Rabé and looked to Eirtaé questioningly. "The Jedi?"

"And his padawan learner," Eirtaé continued, "Is named Obi-wan Kenobi."

Padmé realized what was happening. It was a test. Eirtaé was preparing her for the negotiations ahead. But NOW of all times?

"I thought this was about helping me relax." Padmé said dreamily as she return to Sabé's insistent mouth. Rabé gently sucked on Padmé's neck as she resumed kissing Sabé.

"Nute Gunray," Eirtaé continued, ignoring Padmé's statement, "will be your toughest opponent in the room."

Stepping into the water at last, Eirtaé approached the threesome and began gently pushing Padmé from the center towards the wall of the circular tub. The brunette handmaidens dutifully followed and with a nod from the dominant blonde, lifted Padmé from the tub to sit with her feet still in the water.

With a look up to Sabé, Padmé silently questioned with an almost imperceptible twitch of her nose: Is she going to do me?

Sabé rolled her eyes to the left and then looked down to Eirtaé in the water to say: You now how she is...

"Stop talking to Sabé and focus yourself." Eirtaé demanded as she pushed Padmé's legs apart and brought her face within inches of the young queen's delicate pussy. "The fate of our world is at stake."

Without another word, Eirtaé stuck out her tongue and kissed Padmé's pussy in way that was both sensuous and obscene.

"Oh gods..." Padmé sighed as her body involuntarily thrust itself forward. Eirtaé was ready and hooked her hands around Padmé's thighs, holding her steady as she continued her oral assault on the young queen's delicious pussy. Eirtaé licked up and down like an expert, her tongue finding its way deeper and deeper into Padmé with each lick. Padmé had been eaten by each of her handmaidens and had tasted them in turn. But Eirtaé was always the most insistent...the most powerful. Padmé had never been with a man before but somehow instinctively she knew that the almost vicious way Eirtaé was devouring her slit was exactly the way a man would eat pussy. Somehow it was less about pleasure and more about power with Eirtaé. Despite these thoughts, when Eirtaé's tongue finally made contact with Padmé's budding little clit, the young queen almost screamed out loud with pleasure.

Feeling the tension beginning to build in Padmé's body, Eirtaé pulled her mouth back. As Padmé looked down at the beautiful blonde in the water, her mouth glistening with Padmé's pussy juice, she saw in Eirtaé's eyes the fiery determination and need for control.

"Now." Eirtaé said forcefully. "What is the Jedi Master's name?"

Eirtaé resumed her ministrations on Padmé's pussy, focusing now exclusively on her clit. As she sucked it into her mouth, she gently nibbled the small bud, bringing the stirrings of an orgasm deep within Padmé.

"I-I don't know..." Padmé breathed as Eirtaé nibbled and sucked her clit. "Qui-something."

Eirtaé stopped sucking and pulled her head back completely. Padmé groaned in frustration.

"Qui-something?" Eirtaé said angrily. "Should we send Sabé in your place and you can stay here in the palace?"

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