This story contains graphic sex and is intended for the entertainment of adults. All characters depicted are both fictitious and over the age of eighteen.

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Tomorrow night at this time Ryan would be home. Melissa was used to his traveling by now but still, it was a drag.

She adjusted the cushions behind her back and took a hit from her joint. This was her time, her me time. No fretful customers wanting to try a brighter color or a more slimming style. A timeless hour or two smoothing off the rough edges of the day in the cozy little room she called her nest, floating on smoke, listening to her favorite Mexican guitar recordings and looking out at the stars.

It was one of the things she liked about living in the country, how crisp and clear the stars were, especially on these cold winter nights. She held the smoke in, then let it out slowly. The familiar soft warmth was stealing over her She leaned back on the cushions and tucked herself in, her comforter up around her chin.

The night before Ryan left they'd curled up under the comforter and gotten high together. Melissa smiled. Ryan always got super-horny when he was high. After they had made love they had cuddled on the cushions and he'd looked out at the sky, telling her about the stars and the constellations. Huge balls of unimaginably hot gas millions of miles away. She knew all that, of course, but being high with Ryan made it all bigger, hotter and farther away.

She took another hit and set the joint down in the ashtray. Ryan's binoculars were on the table next to it. His stargazers, he called them. She picked them up, only a little awkwardly, and held them up to her eyes.

Orion was easy. After that... well they were pretty stars. She let out the smoke and swung the binoculars dreamily across the sky, humming along to the music. Perfect.

Something flashed into view and she nearly cried out, she was so startled. She had to move the binoculars back slowly until she found it again. A new square of light, huge in the binoculars, where everything had been darkness. She lowered the binoculars and peered out the window, across the field. A window in the rickety old farmhouse was lit up. She'd never seen any signs of life there before, not in all the time they'd lived there. And now... Melissa rescued the joint and took another hit. Who was over there? She lifted the binoculars and looked over at the light.

The light wasn't really that bright, she realized, just one lamp. There was a woman sitting on the bed, brushing her hair. Melissa stared, fascinated. The woman was very fair-skinned, almost pale, with long straight black hair. The brush moved effortlessly down through the hair, then back up to start again. She was quite pretty, Melissa thought, with widely spaced eyes and high cheekbones. She was sitting up with her calves tucked under her, wrapped in a shiny green robe.

She seemed to be talking. Melissa swiveled her binoculars a bit but couldn't see anybody else. Of course, it wasn't a huge window and it was pretty far away. The woman started to laugh and covered her mouth with her free hand. And suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a man standing at the foot of the bed, facing away from the window. He was naked, with muscular thighs and bunched ass cheeks. Melissa squeaked, then laughed.

The woman shook her head, still laughing, then lifted her brush for another stroke. The man hopped up and knelt on the bed, looming over her with his cock right in front of her. His back and shoulder muscles rippled as he moved.

And his cock. Mmm. It looked... taut. Hard. Like a strong man's flexed forearm.

The woman turned her face away and kept on with her brushing. The man bent forward and leaned his face in, his mouth seeking hers. She turned back slowly and kissed him. The hairbrush dropped and her hands came up, one behind his neck and one to grip his cock. His hips moved slowly forward and back, rubbing himself against her palm.

Then she broke the kiss and dipped her face. The bulbous end of the erect cock disappeared into her mouth. The man strained forward, gripping her shoulders with his hands. His eyes were closed and his mouth opened then shut. His face was, if anything, prettier than the woman's - delicately formed with a slender nose and finely sculpted eyebrows.

Melissa's face was up against the window and her breath was making a patch of fog on the cold glass. She rubbed with her sleeve to clear it, then slid her hand down inside her waistband. Like the man, she started to rock her hips, pressing and rubbing with her fingers.

The man's fingers pushed aside the green robe, exposing pale shoulders. One hand stroked her cheek and fondled her ear, the other tugged impatiently at the green material. Her breasts tumbled free and the man seized them with both hands. His body arched and thrust his cock forward. Slowly the woman took her mouth away from it and looked up at him. Her mouth moved. Melissa couldn't read lips but she knew what she was saying. Fuck me. I need you inside me.

The man bent over and kissed her again, holding onto her shoulders as she tipped backwards on her elbows and then lay all the way back. His face left hers and buried itself in her neck, her shoulders, her breasts. Her hands locked behind his head and her mouth moved again. Fuck me.

His hands fumbled with the sash and the robe opened all the way down. His head was moving, between her breasts, down her belly. He rocked back, kneeling between her thighs, and his fingers scrabbled at a pair of candy-heart red panties. Her legs swung up and he flung the panties aside, then lowered his face on her pussy.

Melissa crouched in the darkness, fingering herself, her breath coming in hoarse pants. The hand holding the binoculars was getting cramped.

The woman dug her heels into the bed, pushing herself up against his mouth. She reached down and gripped his head. His cheeks rubbed roughly against her inner thighs. Tongue sought tip, slowly teasing her. Was a finger sliding inside her? The woman's face contorted and her eyes closed. Jesus. Melissa thought. Just fuck me.

The woman reached down and grabbed his shoulders, tugging him up toward her. Now. i need you.

He scrambled up and his body covered hers. There was a momentary adjustment then her face relaxed. Her legs swung up and encircled him, her hands gripped his back. She whispered something in his ear and he kissed her, then reached over off the side of the bed.

The window went dark.

"No!" Melissa cried. She struggled with the binoculars, bringing out her other hand and turning the focus knob. But it was futile. All that was left was the shimmering rectangular afterimage.

She slumped back on the cushions, clutching the binoculars to her chest. Her heart was pounding. She looked out across the snowy field. Everything was dark. She could just glimpse the outline of the farmhouse.

"Shit," she said aloud, and gave a little laugh. She put the binoculars back down on the table. The joint had gone out - she picked up what was left and snapped her lighter but her hands were shaking and it took her a minute to get it re-lit.

She pulled the comforter back up to her chin and settled back against the cushions, hugging her knees. Jesus. Those people. She laughed again. Ryan would be so jealous that she'd seen them.

She rested her head back and slowly slid a hand back into her pants. The guitar music paused between songs, then started back up, melancholy and sweet. Who were they? she wondered.

The joint had by now burned down to almost nothing - she ground it out in the ashtray and popped the roach in her mouth, then closed her eyes. The colors and textures swirled in her mind. The smooth, plum-colored head of the cock sliding between the pink lips. The tongue probing and darting. Melissa sighed deeply. The tongue. Smooth white flesh spilling out from shiny green fabric. Muscular legs thrusting, ass cheeks clenching. The cock. The tongue. The woman's face as the cock entered her. The cock, the thrusting legs, the tongue. Oh... Melissa gasped. Oh. Ohhh.


Melissa wandered through the cavernous mall the next day during her dinner break. She sometimes wondered why they bothered to keep the mall open once Christmas had come and gone. Sure, people came in for the post-Christmas blow-out sales, and there was a little flutter around Valentine's Day but seriously, who were they kidding?

She bought a pretzel and ate it while she walked, resolutely looking at the storefronts. All day the images from last night had hovered just out of sight, ready to pop back into view if she closed her eyes. It was nice, of course, but terribly distracting.

She walked past the phone screen repair booth and fluttered her fingers at the cute guy who worked there. He smiled back but was busy with a customer. People broke their phone screens all year round.

Suddenly she stopped, arrested by the poster in a lingerie shop window. A woman lounged on a bed, her body partially covered by a shiny green robe. The robe was open in front, revealing an expanse of smooth white skin that stretched from her throat past the swells of her breasts to a flat belly. A pair of red panties completed the look. Melissa bit off a chunk of her pretzel. It was the same ensemble the woman had been wearing last night. Not the same woman, of course - this was a model and she had blonde hair. She was leaning up against someone - a pair of male hands rested on her shoulders from behind.

Melissa gave a little shiver. She wondered if she'd see the couple again tonight. Mmm.

She forced herself to look away and keep walking. She popped the last bit of pretzel into her mouth and wiped her fingers on her napkin then checked her phone. She had time to wander into one store, she decided. Let it be shoes.

The dark red Cuban heels were still on display at the front of the store. Melissa fingered them absently. Still not on sale. Maybe she should look around online for a better price. But she couldn't give the thought her full attention. That poster. The people last night. She stroked the shoe again.

There was a new display on the wall, high sexy leather boots. Melissa stared at them wistfully. Too pricey, of course, and she'd never had the legs for them. A man was looking at them, picking up one then another. When he turned away from the wall to find a box with the right size, Melissa's stomach turned over. It was him. The man from last night. That perfectly formed face, almost, but not quite, too pretty for a man. He glanced at Melissa and smiled. She looked away, her face starting to get hot. She had seen him naked last night, had seen his cock, had seen him... Oh God had watched him fucking that woman.

Melissa wanted to duck down and hide behind a table of cheap slippers but of course that was ridiculous. He hadn't glimpsed her last night, couldn't have seen her crouching in her dark little nest. Melissa's heart was pounding. He picked up a box and headed toward the back of the store. Clutching the red shoe, Melissa sidled along in his wake but kept a tall row of shoeboxes between them. She peeked out between the boxes, her heart in her mouth.

The woman was sitting on one of the benches along the back wall. Her hair had that glossy well-brushed look - it fell down from under a cute yellow cloth cap, cascading over her shoulders onto a dark gray knit dress. She grinned up at the man as he came closer.

He knelt in front of her. It was not the kind of shoe store where you were overwhelmed by the staff - self-service was clearly part of the business model. The only salesperson in sight was busy rearranging boxes at the front of the store. The man opened the box and took out a coffee-colored leather boot. The woman extended a bare foot and the man leaned forward and held it in his hand, looking up at her. Long elegant toes, fuchsia polish.

The woman smiled and he ran his fingers delicately across her instep. He picked up a black sock that was lying on the floor.

"You lost your sock," he said.

"It fell off," she replied. "I was hoping you could help me with it."

He grinned and ran his hand over her foot again, then pulled the sock up over it.

He took the boot and slid it over her foot and up her leg. Slowly the boot rose. At the top, an inch or so below the knee, his hands released the boot but kept going, pushing her gray dress, caressing her leg. Her eyes closed.

"How does that feel?" he asked softly.

Her eyes flickered open. "Nice," she whispered.

One hand stole higher up, fingertips on inner thigh. Her eyes closed again and her thighs spread slightly apart.

Melissa's phone buzzed in her back pocket.

"Shouldn't I put the other one on too?" the man asked gently. "So you know how they feel together?"

"I'm sure they'll feel fine," the woman said in a dreamy, faraway voice. "Don't..."

But his hands moved down and started fumbling in the box. The woman slumped on her bench, eyes still closed, lips parted.

"I think," the man said softly. "That you'll find having both boots better than having just one." He was pulling on the boot, grazing her leg with his fingers as he drew it up. The woman gave a little gasp.

"Can I help you find anything?"

Melissa jumped. It was the shop assistant, the one who had been busy with the boxes, and he was staring at her as if expecting her to shoplift the single shoe she held in her hands.

"Uh, no," she said. The couple had clearly heard the voice too, on the other side of the shoebox barrier. The woman had straightened up suddenly, and started adjusting the boots while the man rocked back on his heels to observe the effect. Melissa looked down at the shoe in her hand. "Or... do you have this in a seven?"

The assistant took it from her and examined it. He must be new - Melissa didn't know him. "I might," he admitted.

Melissa's phone started vibrating. "Excuse me," she said. She cringed when she pulled out her phone and saw the time. "I'll be right there," she said into the phone. "Sorry, sorry." She hung up and smiled apologetically. "Sorry," she said again, this time to the assistant. "I'm late, I'll have to come back some time."

Her gaze slid briefly over to the couple. The woman was walking back and forth, testing the boots' fit. The man was standing and watching her, nodding.

"Sorry," Melissa said one last time and slipped out of the store.


Melissa had spent enough hours folding sweaters and arranging them on display tables that her fingers could do it without any help from her brain. Which was just as well, because her brain was buzzing away in a hundred directions just now. She was dying for a smoke. She never smoked at work, she knew it was a terrible idea, and anyway the weed was all at home. But it would be so nice to curl up under her comforter, feeling her mind unclench.

Fuck, she thought. What was she doing? Creeping around the mall watching people feel each other up? And anyway, what was last night? Spying on people fucking through Ryan's binoculars? Granted, she'd been stoned but still... so creepy.

Emily had been bitchy when Melissa had got back to the store, hadn't listened to her apologies, just sped off to the food court to meet her dude. It was just the two of them, Emily and Melissa, in the store on weeknights, so when one was on break the other ran the place solo. And since Melissa was late getting back from her dinner break, Emily had missed precious minutes with, what was his name? Greg, maybe. Another prisoner of the mall, trapped flogging kitchen gadgets and jars of chutney that none of them would ever be able to afford.

Melissa stole a look around and then pulled out her phone and typed out a short text to Ryan. What times your flight get in? She stuffed the phone back into her pocket. It sucked, all the time he spent on the road. And suddenly she wanted to curl up with him under her comforter, to feel his arms around her.

Her phone buzzed and she pulled it out again. Just after twelve, she read. Can't wait to see you. And a kissy face. She sighed and stuffed the phone in her pocket, then pulled it out and sent him a kissy face back. Me too.

She stepped back and surveyed the table of sweaters. Not bad. Now what? Sort the shirts on the sale rack so the sizes and colors went together? That was a waste of time, the customers lived to shuffle things.

An electronic chime announced that someone was entering the store. Melissa turned her head slightly, and froze. It was them. Them. The couple. Jesus.

The man's arm was wrapped around the woman's shoulders, hers was around his waist. He twisted his fingers through a strand of her hair and she leaned her head against his shoulder. She was wearing the high brown boots and the man was carrying a plastic bag from the shoe store.

Would they recognize her? But no, they gave her an uninterested glance and strolled around the shop. She forced herself to look down and started on the same sweaters again. Their murmured voices floated towards her, What were they saying? She heard a muffled kiss and stole a peek at them. The woman had both arms around his waist, her face tipped up, and he was just lifting his head away from her. The woman gave a delighted little giggle, then let go of him and spun away.

Melissa studied the man. It was hard to believe that she'd seen him naked last night. She licked her lips. Naked, he'd been... powerful. Muscular legs. Ass thrusting up against the woman. And his cock. Mmm.

His eyes met hers suddenly and he smiled. She looked away hurriedly, back to her heap of sweaters and stirred them around.

"What do you think?" It was the woman's voice. Melissa snuck a glance at her. She was holding up a jumpsuit, sky blue with a cinched-in waist and a saucy zipper going up the front. The man nodded appreciatively.

"It'll go well with the boots," he said.

"Yeah," the woman agreed. She held up her other hand, the same jumpsuit but in pink.

No, Melissa thought. Go with the blue.

"Oh, I like the pink," the man said. "Going to try it on?"

"Yeah," she said. She caught Melissa's eye. "Fitting room?" she asked.

Melissa pointed to an alcove at the back of the store. The man resumed his stroll around the store, occasionally picking up a piece of clothing and peering at it. Melissa peeked at him. He was still ridiculously good looking.

"What do you think?" the woman called. She was standing in the alcove, her hands on her hips. The cute yellow cap was perched on her head. The jumpsuit hugged her hips and breasts and flattered her long legs. The boots gleamed.

"Wow," he said. "Sexy, sexy."

She laughed. Her hand came up to the zipper pull, near the bottom of her breastbone. "I want to try the blue, can you bring it over?"

He picked up the blue jumpsuit that was still lying on top of the rack and went over towards her. The woman leaned forward and Melissa heard them kiss.

"Sorry I'm taking so long," the woman said.

"You know how patient I can be," he replied. They kissed again.

Melissa felt her face getting hot. This was embarrassing. She left her sweaters and went over to the cash register, started looking through the sale leaflet. She cast a quick glance at the couple by the fitting room. They were gone.

Gone? Wait, where were they? Melissa went softly over to the threshold of the fitting room alcove and listened. Jesus, she thought. He's in there with her.

There was a muffled giggle. "What are you doing?"

"I'm helping you."

"I don't need help, I've been dressing myself for years now."

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