tagRomanceStarlight and Passion

Starlight and Passion


Firstly, before I begin, I cannot take complete credit for this story. Someone very dear to my heart was a big influence in putting it all together with me, He's a wonderful man who's heart, body and mind, could melt your very soul. I soon found that the story soon became more than a vision, or a part of my own imagination. Unlike my other stories, This is written from more of an equal perspective, Instead of just my own.

As I sit and write this...I find my mind begins to wander, and a smile plays on my lips at the not too distant memory...

A short time ago, I remember sitting, just staring out the window until, I felt your warm body rise and take my hand. Feeling your warmth I stand, and though looking a little confused, I follow you slowly out the door.

Above me lay a blanket of stars, the sky so clear, and the full moon lighting up the night sky. It was an enchanting view, something that took my breath away, something so natural, and yet I never stop being amazed at its splendor. I smile softly as I feel your warmth behind me and your strong arms surround my waist, and I sigh deeply and lean into you. Raising one hand, you point up and whisper, "Can you see Orion?". My eyes follow until I can make out the constellation of the hunter, and I just smile and nod. Tilting my head to the side, and I rest my cheek against your hard chest and relax into its warmth.

Wandering back inside, my mischievous side tends to appear and I hear you groan as the devilment plays on my lips, and my hand reaches your side and softly tickles. I giggle as I feel you jump, your reflexes very fast, and I retreat quickly, knowing your feelings about getting even. Without warning, you pounce, pinning me until I whisper, "Two can play that game". Just to show you, I wrap my legs around your back and push you to the side, and I feel your body give way, and you roll onto your back. Entwining my fingers with yours, I use my weight to keep your hands at the side of your head, and I slide my body down to cover yours. A thoughtful look crosses my face and then I smile and whisper, "What are you up to?....that was way to easy". You just seem to smirk, and then I know I'm sure I will find out soon enough.

Sighing softly, I release your fingers from my own, and rest my arms just above your shoulders. I can feel your warm hands glide over my back and sides, and the look on your face changes from mischief to desire. Reaching over with my fingertip, it slowly outlines your cheek, and gently brushes through your hair as I revel in the touch of your hands upon my flesh. Leaning down, I softly outline your lips with the tip of my tongue, very slowly, yet flinch back as you respond in turn, and a smile plays on my lips as I hear you groan in frustration. Again my tongue slowly flicks over your bottom lip and then I gently nibble on it, hearing you gasp, and I allow my body to relax, melting into the contours of your warm, hard body.

Resting my head against your shoulder, I feel you tilt your head and your lips wander over my neck, pressing against the fast pulse and a moan from deep in my throat escapes my slightly parted lips. My hips naturally pressing into yours and can feel your desire growing. Your hands, barely touching my warm skin, wander to my thighs, which seem to move apart slightly of their own free will as my skin seems to ache for your touch. Slowly, but determined, I feel your hips rise, as my legs part and my knees rest at the sides of your waist.

Sitting up slightly I can feel your hands begin to move back up, gently covering my breasts, and my back immediately begins to arch to your touch. My body automatically responds, as I feel my wet center come in contact with your hard desire, and hear you hiss air from between your teeth as your hips push forward slowly. Your hands drop to the crease of my parted thighs and push my hips slowly down to meet you.

My hands move to your sides as I move in close to you once again, and I whimper softly as you slowly slip into my tight wet heat. My breasts press into your chest and my lips caress your neck as you move against me. Your hips arch up rocking against me, and feel your hardness slide deep within me, and my green eyes flash with such intensity as I grind slowly against you.

Leaning over, I roll onto my back.....bringing you above me. gazing up into your piercing stare, I slowly bring my legs up, wrapping them around your back and locking them at the ankles, and my hands trace patterns on your sides as I feel your body begin to move against me, my back arching and hips raising as you penetrate my flesh. My legs pull you closer still, taking you deep into my heat and my muscles clench you tightly, until I can feel every ridge of you as you move within me.

Lowering your body, your lips meet mine, in a hunger, our tongues meet as though they have danced this dance many times before, and my hands reach up bringing you closer yet, and my fingers curl into your hair, as your kisses shoot sparks of passion throughout my body.

My body aches as never before, as our slicked bodies move together, sliding faster and deeper, until I feel you beginning to swell and the heat slowly rise within me. Our bodies move in a fluid rhythm, becoming one, and the tide that ebbed within me before, rises with a fury as my muscles freeze and my head tilts back in a cry as my orgasm begins to crash over me, as tho waiting for complete release. I see the look of surprise in your face, as my muscles tighten around you, and I feel you throb, as you slide even further within me, and I feel the warmth wash through me as you explode, and then you gasp quietly, strained, your lips softly whispering my name, as my muscles begin milking you, spasming to drain you completely and I feel your energy ebb as you lower your body against mine, allowing the muscles to relax and our breathing, though quick, not as ragged as before. Our bodies now spent, but sated, become heavy with a tiredness not a few moments before, had either felt.

Smiling still, I brush my fingers through your hair, my green eyes now betraying me...knowing we have crossed that forbidden border of friendship, knowing now that its been forever changed.

Snuggling my face into your chest, my lips brush against your skin, feeling your heartbeat beginning to slow, and your body relax, as you gently roll to your side, our bodies still connected, and I lay facing you. I smile and say, "This all started with the moonlight, huh?". And I laugh quietly as I look over your shoulder, watching the full moon cast shadows over your skin as it reflects over the bed.

You roll over to see what I'm looking at and settle on your back, and your arms wrap around me and you pull me gently against your body. I sigh quietly and snuggle into the crook of your arm and I rest my leg over yours, my arm slips over your chest, and I just stare out the window into the night sky.

Leaning up, I kiss you softly and whisper goodnight, and your response no more than a whisper, you wish me sweet dreams and your lips brush my forehead, and as I close my eyes, the last thing I see...Is Orion the Hunter, twinkling in the distant sky...back at me!

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