Hanson walked slowly through the crowded Metro station carefully surveying the people surrounding him. While he walked he was able to take the time to appreciate an attractive woman and did get a thrill at some of the sights the bustling crowd afforded him. It seemed modesty was quickly forgotten in the mad rush at the entrances to the train's cars. He was often able to get a little added excitement as he brushed through these crowds. Often he had the pleasure of watching a train pull away seeing a woman inside trying to figure out which of the men around her had groped her as the climbed aboard.

Crowds like this at the Metro were a two sided coin for Hanson, while all the people made it difficult for him to isolate a quick and easy lover, these same crowds made his getaway very easy. If he couldn't scoot quickly onto a train and disappear down one of the dark tunnels, he would immediately shed his outer jacket, normally a bright color, toss it in the trash and then blend into the rest of the crowd. His lovers normally didn't gaze into his eyes while they were together, mostly they'd recall the bright color he was wearing, something they noticed either before or after he was finished with them.

Looking through the crowd today he spotted a woman nervously checking the route guide on the wall and looking around the station in quick glances. The attractive, but somewhat frazzled looking woman was obviously lost, something Hanson was more than happy to help her with. Before slinking through the people like a hungry cat through the trees, he paused, staring at her, letting the excitement build in him a bit.

Her blonde hair had, at some point, been neatly combed, but now it stuck up in the air in several places while the rest of it dangled down onto her shoulders. She had an odd bend in her nose that was enticing, not the perfect little buttoned nose he'd see on models and in the high priced porn magazines. Hanson pictured her nostrils flaring as she gasped for breath and decided she had a perfect nose. Blue eyes still peeked nervously from between some errant strands of hair that in spite of her pulling them aside, they trickled back over her face.

His goal was to get her toward the back end of the platform where he had earlier broken into a machine room. There was an old mattress tossed on the floor, something soft enough to protect his knees and hard enough to support this woman. He only used a place once in his conquests, but he could tell this place would be one of his better love nests.

Just as he began to move out of the crowd of people and make his way towards her, he noticed her begin walking slowly toward the room he had reserved for himself. He stepped up his pace, elated that he didn't need to lure her down the tiled walkway, all he had to do was follow her. As she walked he noticed that she didn't have a purse, instead she carried a small backpack over one shoulder, much like most of the college kids did this way.

She didn't look quite young enough to be a college student, hmm, perhaps a professor, or an assistant at the university. He didn't have much experience with the college types, he always figured they'd be a bit too proactive and certainly more protective of other students than those he normally stalked. This one was obviously far away from home and very lost. By that time she had nearly reached the end of the walkway and had just figured out it was a dead end.

She spun about and looked up into Hanson's face. Moving to one side she asked, "Do you know where I go to transfer to the blue line?"

Stepping to the side to remain in front of her he replied, "Well yes, you need to go up one level, I tell you what, I have a layout of the station in my office here." He nodded his head toward the door into the machine room.

"No that's okay, I think I can find it," she replied, stepping to the side again.

Once again moving in front of her Hanson quickly pulled out a knife and held it up near her throat, growling, "No I really must insist." He then whispered, "And don't try to scream or I'll cut you, I'll cut you bad."

Grabbing her arm he pulled her to the door and then pushed her inside, taking a moment to look around outside and make sure no one noticed them. He then slipped into the room behind her and grabbed the pack from her and hung it on the doorknob. Holding the knife up by her face, he reached his hand up under her dress and hooked his fingers over the elastic waistband of her pantyhose. Roughly pulling them down to her knees, he then said, "Take them off."

As she pulled off the panty hose Hanson quickly put the knife in his jacket pocket and unfastened his pants. When the woman had her pantyhose off, he quickly tied her hands with it and then pushed her down onto the mattress, noticing several cockroaches scurry out from underneath it. He then kneeled down, spit into his hand several times and slid his palm over his cock wetting the head and shaft.

The woman started to push him away with her tied hands, but he reached into his jacket and pulled out the knife. As he rested the blade on her throat, she relaxed, holding her hands over her face. He moved one hand to her knees but she immediately opened her legs, letting him crawl in between them.

Still holding the knife to her throat he reached down with his left hand and moved it to her pussy. He fumbled there a bit, pushing her lips open and searching for her opening. Once he found it he forced a finger into her as she whimpered a bit. He then leaned forward and guided his cock to the opening and leaned hard on her.

Thrusting his hips to her, his cock slowly entered her just a bit. Pulling back it hurt a bit as their dry skin abraded, but with his second and then third thrust, he picked up some lubrication from her. He began to move faster then, feeling the soft, wet pussy slide over his cock. Remembering her nose, he pulled her hand aside and then covered her mouth with his hand.

He watched her nostrils flare as she tried to breathe and suddenly felt a surge run through him. He quickened his pace, watching her close her eyes and flare the nostrils again as she fought for breath. Feeling the pleasure run down his shaft he Shoved his cock deep into her once, twice and then he came, arching his back and filling her pussy with his sticky, white cum. Giving into the sensation he let his body slump onto hers and as he did, the knife moved away from her throat.

Suddenly he felt her hand jamb against his face as she pushed him aside and slid out from underneath him. Somehow she had worked the pantyhose off her wrists and just as he let his guard down she struck. Leaving the wad of pantyhose on the floor, she jumped up and ran to the door. She opened it and ran outside, oddly leaving her backpack behind.

Hanson quickly got up and peeked out of the door while fastening his pants. He watched the woman run, jump onto the nearest train and slump into a seat as the doors closed. As the train pulled away he looked at her backpack. He always did like keeping a souvenir from each of his lovers and hey this would do.

Before he could look inside he saw the light from another train approaching the station so he pulled off his jacket, wrapped it around the back and stepped out of the boiler room. Trying to remaining calm, he slowly walked to the edge of the walkway and when the train doors opened he elbowed his way into the crowd of people and sat down.

Once on the train, he looked around noticing several attractive women. When the doors closed and the train pulled away, he set his souvenir on his lap. Picking up speed, the train moved into the tunnel as Hanson unhooked the pack's clasp and pulled up the flap. Hanson saw a bright light but never heard the explosion.


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