He was so hard against my ass. My poor pussy had wanted it all day.

"What do you say to that, Joy? Wanna lick her pussy?"

I gulped air and shuddered at the sound of his voice.


"Yeah," I mused above a whisper.

Then he shoved me forward. "Well I hate gay shit!"

I was still gasping as he went into the bathroom. He paused before he went in and looked at me. His expression was mystified. "And that shit about Maggie?"

He shamed me with his fingers, laughed aloud, and slammed the bathroom door shut.

I gasped in quiet frustration. My nipples were razors against my bra. I rushed myself into my dark bedroom and slammed the door. I fell back against it and my legs moved like scissors as I slipped all the way to my ass.

My nose was so dry it burned. I could feel tears on my cheeks. My heart was pounding and my pussy was aching.

I rolled my head to look at my candle. It had burned itself all the way down. The bottle that had started it all.

I pushed myself up and fell into my bed. My thighs hung over it and I slid my hand between them. I slapped my clit furiously. I could hear myself crying and panting as I tried to whip it to some kind of release.

The sounds my voice made were desperate.

I brought my hand out.

If I was going to masturbate, I needed some kind of aid. Something to look at or fuck. Something of Ronnie's.

Something like Dan's shirt!

I swung open my bedroom door and walked back to the living room.

"What was that about?" Maggie asked from the couch.

"What?" I said with no conviction.

"He doesn't like gay shit? Something about me?"

"I offered him reading material. It was a magazine. I thought you looked like that celebrity. The gay one?" I was amazed I could connect the dots so fast. As a liar, I'm usually shit.

"What gay one?"

I didn't have a name. "Hell, I don't even know."

"You look nervous. Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, I just... I need to go to Erica's for a minute."

I bent toward the coffee table and picked up a cigarette.

"Cool shirt, mom," Maggie said and I went for the door.

I stumbled through the screendoor and back out to the street. With the night all around me, I smelt the heat coming off the asphalt. The day had been sweltering. As I walked, my mind wandered through all of the events of the day. I'd watched him fuck two people. He'd demeaned me all day long.

I lit my cigarette.

And I hadn't been allowed to come.

I kept wondering why he hadn't done it to me yet and the answer always came up the same. He wanted Harlan to watch me with him. He wanted Harlan to be heartbroken. He wanted to make sure my home was destroyed.

Every other bitch was allowed to keep her shit.

What made me so fucking special?

I was mad when I knocked on Erica's door.

She opened it and looked at me like I was an alien.

"What's up, Joy?"

"What's up."

I didn't know how to ask her for what I wanted, so I just blurted it.

"Can I have that blue shirt Ronnie came in?"

Erica blinked at me and smiled. "Of course. I'll go get it."

She walked away and left me looking at her living room. Evie, Erica's eldest daughter was home. She sat with her I-pod headphones on. There was a smile on her face when I waved at her.

Erica came back with the shirt and stepped outside with me.

"Evie's real pretty," I said.

"Yeah," Erica agreed and handed the shirt to me. Her voice sounded a touch distant and wistful. "He wants her to catch us fuckin'."

I swallowed. My throat felt suddenly very dry.

Erica lit up and blew smoke to the stars. "It started off as money. You know, to keep him quiet. But now that Evie's filled out so nice..."

I could read between the lines. I didn't know if she was looking for advice or judgment.

"I don't know what to say," I said with a shrug. "I'm sure he'll still fuck you too."

"I know that, Joy. It's just that she's got her whole college life to worry about. He don't care about that. He just cares about getting' as many gals pregnant that he can and now Evie's on his radar."

I wanted to feel bad, but I was actually jealous that somebody might be in line ahead of me.

The sound of an SUV speeding made both of us look up. The solid black, very new looking truck slammed its brakes as it near-passed the front of the trailer. Then, with the same devotion to speed, reversed and parked itself proper right in front of Erica's house.

Loud rap music pumped from inside of it. Its windows were all tinted black.

"I hate rap music," Erica said with a sigh.

"Who's that?" I asked.

"Evie's friend. She's come to study."

The car door slammed and I heard the chirp of it locking.

I heard the sound of the heels before I saw the girl. She was a small thing with blonde hair to her shoulders. She wore a top that looked like she'd been poured into it.

"What's up?" She said with a confidence that reminded me of Ronnie. Not waiting for an answer, she dug into her purse and produced her own cigarette.

"You can smoke in there, if you want," Erica said. "I do."

"Yeah, but I want to know what you bitches are up to," she mused and held her hair back as she lit up. "Oh, let me guess... you fell down some stairs?"

The brash thing pointed toward my face. I lit her cigarette for her.

"We were just talkin' about that," I offered.

"What the fuck is that? Looks like a cum rag." She pointed at the shirt and blew a long stream of smoke over our heads.

I jerked the shirt behind me.

"So you go to school with Evie?"

"Yeah. Biology. Psychology. Don't know which-ology I like yet."

The gal's blue eyes were intense. There was a distance in them that made me feel like I was in somebody's cross hairs.

"Are you from here?"

"No," she laughed. "I'm from... I'm from all-fucked-up."

I couldn't say anything to that and she saw my pause.

"It's okay, ma'am. I'll let you off the hook." She grinned. It was the smile that ate the cat. She turned that smile to Erica. "You know what I'm gonna say."

Erica grinned at the ground and pushed her belly out for the girl to see.

Holding her cigarette away, the blonde girl touched the belly like. Her small, delicate touch was sweet.

"That's so cool," she said. She said it like nobody else was around.

"She likes to pet it when she comes over," Erica smiled at me.

"Thought about it?" The girl asked Erica, still feeling the belly. "How what an excellent babysitter I would be?"

"Ain't got need of the service right now."

"Everyone needs to go somewhere, Mrs. Rand. Sometime. You and your husband deserve it and I know Evie can't be here all the time."

"It's a great offer. Maybe after he's born. When I really wanna tear outta here."

"Sure," Yvette said and looked between us. Her eyes glistened and I thought she might cry. She then let go of the belly. "Just saying I'm your girl."

She elbowed through us and went right up the stairs. The door slammed as she went into the living room.

"That was rude," I grinned at Erica.

"Yeah, she's a character."

"What's her name?"

"Yvette. She and Evie are really into each other." She nudged me. "The two of them are tight. I think she's a good influence for Evie. Loves the kids. I'm kind of curious what she'll do if Ronnie tries anything with her best friend."

"Maybe you should just keep paying Ronnie. And let Evie do her own thing."

"Too expensive. I don't wanna get into it, but blackmail ain't fun." With gravity I wasn't even used to, she then said: "Don't say anything to him about this. I'm serious, Joy. Don't say shit. I'm just sad about it."

I smirked at the payment. "Of course I won't say anything."

"You stopped taking the pill, didn't you?"

I couldn't look at her.

Erica shook her head, "alright, Joy, you got his dammed cum towel. Go on home."

I walked in the night breeze back to my trailer.

As I approached, I realized Ronnie just might flip his lid if he knew I had Dan's shirt. I slipped it under the pink shirt as I walked up the drive. The trailer was dark.

I put my hand on the screendoor. I heard Ronnie speak from inside.

"Whaddya do at Erica's?"

I could see the embers of his cigarette as he sat in the dark. He had brought of the chairs in from the kitchen and sat it there in front of the door.

"Nothin'. Talked."

"Talked about what?"

"Evie bein' in school."

"That a fact?"

I thought about my promise to Erica for less then a second.

"How Evie's in school and how... Erica thinks you might ruin it for her."

He blew smoke through the screendoor at me.

"Can I come inside?" I asked.

"You wanna fuck me, Joy?"

"Yes," I whispered at him.

"I left something out there for you, Joy."

I looked around on the porch. There was lots of clutter. Sometimes I just let things go too long.

I couldn't tell what he was talking about.

"The scissors, Joy, Jesus."

I found what he was talking about and picked them up off an over-turned flowerpot. They were the inside scissors.

"Okay, Joy, cut me a nice cock-hole in the screendoor."

This was Harlan's door. He was so proud to install it. He hadn't done much with his hands, but the door was something he liked to show off.

"You know, Joy, a fucking hole I can stick my dick through."

"Where do you want it?"

"Bend over, for me. Put your snatch on it. That's how we'll measure."

I did what I was told and bent over against the screen. I put my clothed ass up against the screen and I felt his finger push in on my pussy. I stared at the flowerpot.

"Where's Maggie?"

"Shut the fuck up, I can't believe I want to fuck you."

I was elated that he wanted to fuck me. Between my legs I was pleased with his touch. My pulsing lips wanted to draw any piece of him into me. I wanted all of him inside of me. I wished for him to live there and I hoped his child would.

"This spot ain't no good. Get on the flowerpot and try again. Gonna get a fuckin' back ache if I do anything that way. You're too short. You need a stepping stool, Joy!"

He laughed and I grabbed the flowerpot.

I put it right in front of him and assumed the position again on top of it. I put my ass against the screen and he went back to poking my pussy through the screen and my pants. Every prod made me tremble.

"Okay. That works. Perfect dick level. Betcher glad you didn't toss out that flowerpot now, huh?" He snorted a laugh.

I turned and saw where his finger touched the screen. With my hands shaking, I opened the scissors.

Ronnie withdrew his finger. "You know where it is, stupid? Or do I have to hold my finger there the whole time you cut it?"

"Yeah, I know."

I stabbed through the screen. It was hard to scissor the metal fiber. Every squeeze of the handles was pain in my knuckles and fingers.

"Don't worry, Joy, you'll get there," he said and walked to the kitchen.

I grunted as I continued to saw a hole for his cock.

He came back with a can of beer.

"Want some beer?" He opened the can and it sprayed me through door. The foam of his favorite brew coated my face. I didn't let the stunt shake my concentration. If he wanted the cock hole, he was getting the cock hole.

The beer was burning my right eye, but I powered through the final cut.

I looked up at him with a smile spread across my lips. He had his head tipped back with another chug of beer going down the hatch.

He burped and looked at my work. He stuck his fingers through it.

I hoped it would pass his inspection.

"Good job, Joy. Alright, now cut the crotch out of your shit so I can fuck you through the door." He flailed his fingers at me when he indicated my pajama bottoms.

I pulled down on the crotch of the pants and touched the scissors between my thighs. My hands were shaking and sniveled through my blood-clotted nose. I wanted to work the scissors better, my fingers still hurt from the effort with the screen.

"Fucking hell, Joy! Really!? Really!?" He shouted down at me.

He threw open the screendoor and I fell to my side to get out the way. Once I smacked the porch, he was already behind me. I felt his hands wrestle the scissors out of my fingers. He grabbed the crotch of the pants and stabbed the fabric with the blades.

My thighs froze in their position for fear of being struck by the stabbing and sawing metal. With a few rips, I felt my panties exposed to the air. He then gripped my panties by the crotch and ripped them out of the hole he made. He stormed away from me and threw the scissors inside.

He slammed the screendoor shut again and I heard him lock it.

"Okay, Joy, here you go." I heard him unzip his pants.

I got to my knees and turned toward the screen. He had his dick through the hole. Even limp, it looked amazing in the moonlight.

"Go on. Make it hard." He said down at me. "Your work's cut out for you. I've shot half-a-dozen loads today. I'm sure there's a little left for ya, though. Just apply yourself."

I touched it with my cheek. I breathed in the acrid odor of multiple lovers. The stench of his pubic hair aroused the tips of my nipples. I opened my mouth to him and put both hands on the stalk.

I was already shaking with anticipation.

All day long I didn't want to touch my pussy lips. All day long I wanted him to do it. I wanted him to choose what to do with it. I wanted his fingers. I wanted his dick. I would have been happy with his sneeze or his spit. If he wanted to fuck me with a beer can, I would let him try.

It was growing hard as I licked and stroked it. I felt the limp offering become rigid in my hands and the inside of my cheek. The plum end of it knocked my back teeth and I pulled myself away from him to breathe.

Now, as it bobbed before me, his perfect erection leaked a touch of his pre-cum. My happy clam had just the right amount of juice for him to split me where I wanted it most.

"I want to get on the flowerpot."

"We're supposed to do this in front of Harlan, you know."

His words were outrageous. I had done everything he told me to. I had taken all manners of abuse from him. I had sacrificed dignity and morality all day long and he was still in the position to deny me.

"No," I whispered and stepped onto the flowerpot. "Don't say that to me now. Tell me to divorce Harlan, I'll divorce him. Tell me to force him to watch when he's here, I'll do that too."

My hands were dutiful in their worship of his piece as I spoke.

"C'mon," I hissed and dragged my pink t-shirt against the screen. My nipples slid up and down against the cotton and soft steel. I reached up and showed him the wad beneath my shirt --the hidden cum rag. I cradled the false pregnant pooch I had. "Isn't this how you want to see me? Full of your seed. Your power? I want a piece of you growing in me. C'mon..."

I reached down with two hands again. One went to the helmet of his vein-covered pussy pleaser and the other spread my lips for it. I was slick and a little bit gummy. I shuddered as I brought it closer. I touched the tip to my clit and my back locked like a loaded crossbow.

I nudged him into my pussy a little.

"Turn around, Joy," he whispered. "I'll fuck you now."

I stepped off of the flowerpot and got back in position with my back to him. I bent over and coaxed his heavy hog back to my gravy. I screwed my eyes shut as I felt him penetrate me. With my clit rubbed from this angle, I could barely notice the touch of pain from his size. My lips fell open and I drooled a little.

"Yes, sweetheart. There you are..." I gasped.

My heart raced as more of him filled me. I had never been filled completely my whole life so I hoped I was the perfect size for him. I wanted to be proud to take it all.

The sound of rap music pumped nearby. I heard the SUV approach my trailer with all the speed of its crazy driver. I looked to my left and saw it zoom past.

"What the fuck!?" Ronnie demanded from inside.

The brakes on the black vehicle screeched and I heard it reverse. I watched the SUV come back into view and park in my trailer's driveway. The headlights bore into me and the bass of the rap music shook the carport.

Ronnie shoved me through the screendoor and I tipped off of the flowerpot. I smacked into the ground as Ronnie stepped outside. My gaping pussy flashed the beams of the car.

I stared up at Ronnie as he approached the SUV with his cock out.

"Get the fuck out of here!" Ronnie shouted at the dark windshield. "Go on! Fuck off! I'm fuckin here! I'm fuckin that girl here! You want it!?"

He smacked his dick up and down. It was still hard as all get out.

The music inside the SUV got softer.

"She's a friend of Evie's!" I shouted.

That little bitch Yvette wanted to hear what Ronnie had to say.

"I'm fuckin' this lady right now! I'm fuckin' half the world! You a skanky bitch!? C'mon out then! C'mon!"

As Ronnie hollered, the powerful engine of the SUV revved.

I could see the orange end of Yvette's cigarette as she smoked behind tinted glass.

The high beams went on and I shielded my eyes.

"This!" He pointed at his raging hard on. "This is what's waiting for you!"

The SUV's music increased in volume again. The whole black monster reversed out of the drive.

Ronnie grabbed the flowerpot and tossed it at the car. His throw was off though, cause Yvette was just faster at driving.

"Fuck this shit," Ronnie grumbled. "I ain't in the mood no more."

He stomped inside and slammed the door shut.

I sniffled through my blood clots. I gathered the tears in my pajama pants to cover myself.

I wasn't going to be fucked this night.

I was angry at Evie's little friend. She showed up at just the wrong time for no obvious reason. What was it about? Did she want Ronnie too? I sighed. She'd have to get in line behind me if that's what she wanted.

I had been so close to coming on his dick.

I had been so close to him coming in me.

And he didn't even say if I could go back inside.

Who did that bitch think she was anyway? With her gas hog SUV?

I slipped Dan's shirt out and pressed it against my face. I wanted to smell the cum on it, but my nose wasn't working all that well.

"Mom?" I heard Maggie's voice through screendoor. "I needa talk to you."

I looked up from her boyfriend's shirt.

She opened the screendoor and I got to my feet.

"Maggie?" I asked. "Do we have any more candles? Mine burnt itself out today."

"I don't think there's any candles, mom," she said back. "Come on inside and put some new pants on. I have a lot to say."

As I looked at my daughter's disappointed face I was sad that I hadn't thought to buy more candles.

I really could be so stupid sometimes.

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