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Steam Room


You arrived at the gym early that morning, wanting to get your workout in before the crowds started arriving. You spent most of your time on the elliptical machine, breaking in a good sweat. By the time you were finished, your body ached and needed a nice trip to the sauna to relax you.

Upon returning to the locker room, you noticed someone else's bag near your locker. Looks like you weren't the only one trying to beat the crowd. Shrugging, you peel the tights off your body, the sweat a tangible reminder of your workout. As you remove your sports bra, you can't help but smile when you see how hard your nipples had gotten. Working out always got you hot and bothered. Whether it was the rubbing of the spandex against your tits or the hot, sticky sensation of the sweat glistening off your body, you always seemed just a little bit hornier after a workout. Mmmmm...since you were the only one in the locker room, maybe it would be a good time to duck into the steam room and make it that much hotter.

Forgoing a towel, you make your way to the steam room. As you enter, the wonderful sensation of the warm steam relaxes you instantly. You close your eyes and sigh softly as the steam forms a shroud over your body.

"Hello there," a sultry voice says from the corner of the room. You yelp as you realize that you aren't the only one in the room. You open your eyes and through the fog of the steam, you see the silhouette of Stephanie, the gym's aerobics instructor. Even through the haze, you could still appreciate her firm body. Her long, blond hair was damp and her tanned skin was dotted with beads of perspiration. She wore nothing else but a wicked smile and the knowledge that she had you right where she wanted you.

"I was wondering when you would join me Brandy," she said through bated breath. She stood up slowly and strode towards you. Your body was frozen in place, despite the heat. A total state of shock left you unable to move but a million naughty thoughts were racing through your head. You've fantasized about Stephanie since the first day you saw her in the aerobics class. Her taut body seemed to be always coated in sweat, highlighting her natural tan. Her tight, curvy as was always in motion and it was no wonder she had the most popular class in the gym. You never joined her class because frankly you would be staring at her the whole time so you've settled on just checking her out while on the elliptical machine.

"I know you've wanted me Brandy," she whispers to you huskily as she circles around your body, like predator stalking its prey. "I've seen you stare at me while I'm teaching my class. You want me, don't you Brandy?" Stephanie softly plays with your hair as she awaits your response. At this point, your pussy is soaking wet, your nipples are as hard as a rock. Your ultimate gym fantasy is unfolding right before your eyes and you are speechless.

"Mmmmm, I'll let you in on a little secret Brandy," she says to you. "I've also wanted you for a long, long time. You may see me flirt with all the men but there is nothing I want more than a hot, sexy woman like yourself."

You moan at that revelation and involuntary begin to reach out to her. Stephanie takes your hands into hers, and through the steam she brings her face to yours and kisses you like you've never been kissed before. Her lips are like velvet, pressed up hard against your own as your tongues begin dancing with each other. You reach down and fondle her ass, the one you've been lusting over every time you go to the gym. Stephanie's hands begin cupping at your tits, the ones she's been secretly masturbating to every night before she slumbers.

The kissing becomes more feverish and now both of your hands are a mass of sweaty flesh, pawing at each other like bitches in heat. Stephanie presses forward against you and you step back against the wooden wall of the room. She gives you an evil grin, lifts your hands over your head and pins them against the wall. You tilt your head back and close your eyes, eager for what happens next. You moan out loud as she attacks your face and neck with her lips, her tongue, and eventually her teeth. Licking the sweat off your body drives her crazy with desire, like a shark smelling the blood in the water. She bends her knees slightly so that her face is level to your chest, which is heaving from your deep moans. Stephanie squeezes your d-cups together, eliciting an even louder response from deep inside you. Soon, she is feasting on your breasts, biting the soft, succulent flesh. Sucking on your aching, hard nipples. Then, without warning, she takes both your nipples in between her fingers, pinches them and pulls on them hard. You let out a scream as you cum, the pleasure too intense for you to stand. Stephanie does her best to keep you upright, her fingers pulling your nipples upward and forcing you to stay on your feet.

Slinky away slowly, she makes her way back to the corner where you see her towel. You are panting, waves of delight coursing through your body as you try and soak in what just happened. Reaching underneath the towel, Stephanie pulls out something that makes you gasp. It's a strap-on, a big black one that has you licking your lips in anticipation. She smiles as she begins to put it on, the long dildo grazing her sweat drenched thighs as she puts it in place. Not needing to be told the obvious, you place your hands against the wall, spreading your legs slightly.

You feel Stephanie approach you from , the dildo hitting your ass lightly as she gets herself into position.

"I'm going to fuck you Brandy, like no man ever could."

In an instant, you pussy is filled with the entire length of the strap-on. She fucks you so hard that your tits are mashed up against the wall, the hard nipples scrapping against the wood. With each powerful thrust, shockwaves of pure pleasure ripple through your loins. Stephanie takes one of her fingers and starts probing your ass, bringing forth another juicy orgasm. Your pussy tights around the rubber cock as Stephanie grabs your mouth to try and dampen the scream of your cum.

You try and turn around, wanting to please her as much as she has pleased you. But a swift spank of your ass forces you to stay right where you are.

"I'm not done with your ass just yet Brandy," she remarks naughtily. "Stay where you are like a good little girl."

Still behind you, she bends down on her knees, the rubber cock resting on the floor. Spreading your legs further, she proceeds to eat your pussy out. Her tongue lashes against the folds of your lips as you clutch at the wall, trying to stay up as your knees begin to weaken. Suddenly, the tonguing stops, only to replaced by two fingers being jammed inside your wet snatch. As if that wasn't enough to get you off, you feel her wet tongue begin lapping at your ass. The pleasure is overwhelming as both your holes are being pleased at the same time. Then, without warning, it stops. You whimper, hating to be taken so close to the edge but you know Stephanie is ready to give you just what you want, what you need, what you've been aching for.

"Mmmmm...I know you've been wanting this Brandy, almost as much as I have. I'm going to fuck your ass and make you cum like the little slut that you are."

You feel the head of the dildo probe at your pussy. You are so wet right now that your juices are literally covering the rubber cock in wetness. Stephanie guides the head and presses it right up against your cheeks. You moan, and push your ass back, wanting to get fucked. With her hands, she spreads your cheeks apart, opening your hole and preparing it for the onslaught. Then it comes. Not slowly, not easily but in one, hard thrust. You feel as if your ass is going to be ripped in two as Stephanie pounds it into you. You are filled completely and your pussy starts dripping again. Each thrust brings out a cry from you, the pleasure so much greater than the pain. You are close now, so very close and Stephanie can sense that. In one, smooth motion, she slides a hand underneath you and rubs your clit furiously. Your body gives out as you scream in pure ecstasy. The cum courses through your whole body, from the tips of your toes, through your drenched cunt, finally escaping through your mouth as you scream in passion.

Your body is numb and you couldn't move, even if you wanted to. Stephanie smiles that devilish smile at you, taking your chin in her hand and tilting your face upwards.

"Mmmmm...I'll be expecting you in class next week Brandy. But this time, you'll be the one instructing." Soon, she vanishes in the steam and you are left breathless.

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