tagNonHumanSteamy Romance Novel: Blood Elf

Steamy Romance Novel: Blood Elf


The weight of the snow on the branch finally gave way, sending the lump plummeting into the field of white. It stood a winter valley sparse with pines and their broken limbs that succumbed to the icy wind blowing in from the south along a higher cliff of the same, swaying against its harsh touch. The clamor of heavy hooves driving fiercely into snow across the sea of chilled water drops was only eclipsed by the roar that soon filled the valley.

The horned steed galloped as fast as it could muster as if its rider sought to escape the touch of the Twisting Nether itself. His cowl had blown back, revealing the raven straights of his cut, and the three scars the covered over his eye. Harder he spurned his steed on as green-blue eyes watched ahead. The bow across his leather tunic made it harder to breathe; but he had more dire things to occupy his mind with than the next breath. The second roar, a closer roar, reminded him why he very much needed it.

He saw it coming up in the distance, the bridge, but the beat of wings came much faster. His heart jumped into his mouth and he forced himself to swallow it back down. Heavy, even breaths accompanied the drawing of his bow and the tight hold on bow and arrow. His eyes looked forward, trying to ignore the pain from the scars and the blood that was pouring from them. His breath grew calm, slowing down his world to moment intervals. A final breath and he closed his eyes. He knew the next few moments could be his last.

His eyes shut open and twisted about on the elven horse, firing two imbued arrows into the roof of the wyrm's mouth. The beast reared its head up and the hunter pulled his companion to cut off to the side as quickly as the horse was able. He ducked in low as the dragon nearly snapped him in half. His arrows bound in its mouth before finally igniting, forcing the dragon to groan in pain. It took to the skies as the elf readied the next arrow barrage. A quick glance ahead brought sight of the bridge into yards. He looked back at the soaring black dragon to find its maw glowing fiery red.


Her silver coated stallion came galloping out of the wood. She looked around confused for a moment before she saw it bearing down on Xephon. He was coming quickly, and the dragon's breath was only slowing down Melchiah's wild gallop only by a fraction. She spurred on Henrei, making quickly for the bridge. A juvenile smirk grew on her face as she drew her spellblade. As Melchiah galloped ever closer towards the underside of the bridge, she affixed the sword between her teeth and pulled her feet up to crouch on the Gilnean horse's back.

"RRRRRAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!" Her steed kept across the bridge as she leapt out at the black dragon, putting her spellblade into its tearing wing. Their flight over the bridge was fast and fleeting. Firmly, she held onto her blade as it sundered through the wing. The beast was thrown to the mercy of the wind, as was she. Skidded across the formerly untouched snow, she rolled, losing her headgear. The dragon slammed into the cliffside, causing a cascade of rock and ice to descend upon its black scales.

"Selestrina," Xephon clamored, sliding off Malchiah and looking to her condition. He moved, slowly and pained. She gripped the hilt of her sword and hefted at it; dug in deep into the snow. The growing growl drew their eyes back to the rubble as he found a furious fiery gaze upon them. Outwardly, the rocks exploded, showering them both with the stone shards. Quickly shielding themselves beneath Selestrina's arcane shield, they found the distraction gave the dragon all the time to draw in a deep breath.

"BY THE EARTHMOTHER!!!" The cry echoed from overhead, drawing the two's vision upward as the tauren brave came crashing down on the dragon, his tauren totem pinning the dragon's neck to the ground momentarily and averting the breath. But in the next moment, he was cast off, tumbling into the snowed earth as the beast recovered. Then Xephon and Selestrina came to be struck back upon after it reeled around, smacking them with its tail.


Covering for his injury, Xephon took to flight as the dragon's flame came towards him. His dash made concentrating on the imbuing process nearly impossible. Jumping aside to avoid another tail swipe, he forsook the imbuing, choosing a different aim. The black wyrm cried out in pain as the arrow took from it its eye. Xephon took satisfaction in returning the favor that the dragon had nearly gifted him with. Though short lived as a claw swiped towards him, causing him to disengage further from its range.

Outwardly, its wings stretched, bloody, but still sustainable. It forced itself, painfully, off the ground, ready to take to the skies. Her hands outstretched to the heavens, Selestrina glared wrathfully at the monster as she threw her hands down towards the earth. A frigid, howling blast of wind slammed the beast into the ground once more. Its throes of pain had rung sweet in her ears as she drew on the culmination of magic. Frost in her left, flame from her right, pushed together into a chaotic torrent of growing energy.

The result dragged down another heavy portion of the Cliffside upon the smoldering. A cloud of smoke and ash blotted the beast from view as the other two stood looking at each other.

She sat up after enduring the recoil of the spell. She laughed, relaxing, "I told ya this would be an easy hunt. Five hundred gold easy."


"Oh come on!" She pushed herself forward, back to her feet.

"Sareen," Xephon yelled, running to the beast's blindside. "Hold it for a minute."

The tauren smashed its totem into the dragon's neck, "Whatever you're doing, little one. Do it quickly!" He braced himself as the claw struck him at his shoulder, enduring the blow and trying to ignore the blood flowing down his arm.

Selestrina fired off quick spells to keep the dragon suppressed as she ran towards Xephon, "Come on, what's the hold up."

"Patience," he snapped quietly. He poured nearly all he had into the arrow, and the magic was quickly rebounding. "Go...," he barked in grimace.

"Gone!" She took off towards Sareen. Xephon drew back on his bowstring, aiming it as best as he could through the one eye left to him. He let the arrow fly, screaming through the air as it struck the dragon at the base of its skull. The arrow carried enough force to shatter the beast's natural scale armor, crackling with energy as the arrow explodes, leaving arcane burns before freezing over. Selestrina jumped on the tauren's back, leaping from his shoulder and driving her blade that spot.

It cried out in agony, but she had yet begun. Her magic flooded through the elven blade, coursing into the wyrm, burning it from the inside out. It fell to the snow after a time with a thud, dragging her down with it. Still clamoring to life, the dragon opened its remaining eye to find the tauren looming over its head.

Sareen's eyes were enveloped in a sparkling blue energy as the tauren reeled back, "From mother born..." The touch of the Maelstrome warped around his weapon, as if driving the weight of the World Pillar down upon the dragon's skull. "To mother earth return." He wiped the blood and grey matter from his wrappings. He hefted at the beast's neck and pulled Selestrina free from under its girth. "Are you alright, little feisty one?"

"I'm fine, Sareen," she remarked, spitting out its blood or her own. "One of these days you're going to call me by name. But who cares, five hundred gold! Do ya know what I could buy with that?"

Sareen shook his head and dropped the neck, "To each their own. Put perhaps we should first see to the other little one."

"I'm sure he's fine."

Sareen started for Xephon, looking at him from a distance, "He does not look it."

She sighed, watching the two, "Fine!" She cut her eyes and followed, thinning her lips, "He better be fine..."


He watched her, as was his charge. The branches gave some shelter from the rain, but still they trickled down through the golden foliage upon her cowl. She seemed almost out of breath as she hastened her way through the woods.

"Aterial...," she hushed. She drew her hand up and cast something towards the ground, again, then several times more. She drew back her cowl, the thick blackness of hair flowed over the milky whiteness of her skin. "You have always been with me. But I cannot and I will not stay a caged bird for my family." He dropped from the trees before her. She collected her hair, further revealing her beauty and her tears and the bruise. She reached for him, pulling the knife from his buckle. "I'm leaving, flying to my freedom. I don't know what I'll find beyond these walls, but it must be better than this." His lips thinned. His duty warranted putting an end to her whims, but he too was tired of hearing her cry herself to sleep. She smiled softly and cut from her the reaches of her shampooed and scented hair, leaving only the rags that clung to the base of her neck. She took the knife by the blade and held it out to him. "Thank you." He took it hesitantly from her small hands and watched her make for the wall, clawing at the smallest crack.

"Wait," he hesitated. She looked back, and he looked back at the manor. The light in her room grew bright and the result brought more lights. He brought his gaze back to her as she looked at him pleadingly. His stride towards her was quick and she tried to scurry up the wall, but he caught her by the waist. She kicked and fought against him, putting up small resistance, until she opened her eyes. The blade cut through his own hair. He grabbed her arm, and hauled her onto his back, "Don't let go. Your wings are nearly ready to spread..." Pulling her along, he fought against the slippery cracks of the brick to the height of the wall and over it into the dark wilderness beyond.


The dull stinging sensation became more potent. He stirred, feeling a weight on his body, holding him firm. The sting grew more volatile and he tried opening his eyes, only to find the burning coming to them. "Don't move, Xephon!" Her voice crashed into his ears as they did decades ago; moments ago. "Ya waste one drop of this stuff, and it's comin' out yer share."

Soft fingers had grown rough, caressed at the scars left over his eye and neck. Xephon couldn't see, but he could feel and smell it. He stirred under her, lifting his hand to feel how bad it was. She quickly slapped it away and returned to treating him. "I told ya not to move." He grimaced, rebelliously sitting up, pushing her weight down to his waist. He could still feel a degree of numbness after using the last power shot. "Whot part of 'Don't move' do we not get?"

"My body. I'll move it how I please," he dug in a mellowed tone. The selenious mixture that coated over his eyes assailed his sense of smell. The underlying was soft but jabbing, like a bed of stray. "Where are we?"

"An inn in the paying town," she affirmed, returning to gently rubbing the salve over his other cuts. Despite her town, he could not deny the tenderness to her touch and treatment. "Ye're lucky the bounty wus payable in this town. I wus almost tempted to let ya bleed out. But Sareen made me promise to get ya treated."

"Where is he?"

"He moved on," she soothed, slapping his hand again. "Had some important stuff to get back to in Thunderbluff. Or so he said." Silence fell between them and grew quickly. "I suppose I'm lucky ye're too thick-skinned to die when you try to play the martyr."

His hands felt for the right position before he firmly grabbed at the base of her hips, "You almost got yourself killed doing a stupid stunt like that! That's not the plan we came up with!"

His words caught her off guard. "...Y-Yeah, well, it got the job done! It got us paid. It got ya treated."

"None of that matters if you're dead!" He clinched his teeth, but tried to calm down, "What you did was reckless and deadly."

"Who cares!" The heat expanded from her as she got in his face. "The end result is all that matters!"

"Not if I lose you!"

She punched him, "Ya never had me." She put the cap back on the jar, reminding him, "Not once. I'm not some piece of meat to be won over. You followed me around, like a love sick lynx. I don't need and I don't want a toy soldier." She looked at him crossed, holding his head in the position her punch had left him. She pushed off of him.

Enough had been enough. He was quick to grab her hand and throw her on the bed. "A toy soldier? Maybe I am. I've always been a servant for you and your family to play with. But when we left that cage, I thought that maybe you'd learn to see me as more. Maybe you'd see me as a person and not a thing..." He drew his hand over her expression, "But I see that was a fool's errand performed by a fool." He pushed off of her and staggered to his feet. He endeavored to force his eyes open, but the burning scent and the tears were too much. His hands finally found the wall when he felt her weight again. His fleeting strength brought him descending down the wall to a knee.

"Remember this," she shouted. "I do, muthafucker. This wus the feeling I had when a man that wus my servant his and my whole life took charge and snatched me onto his back and dragged me over a wall. A wall so Light damn tall it scared me. A wall I knew that would bring me a helluva lot more pain than imaginable if we fuckin' fell from it. But you kept me with you. Helped me survive. He taught me how to live in this world, but not once did he stop acting like a servant again until minutes ago." She relinquished the hold on his back and took hold of his face. "I want that man that will treat me like his Light damn equal. That will throw me on the bed, the snow, the stable floor and ravish me like I'm a sex crazed succubus. I want him to love me for me, damnit. And not---!"

The kiss was impulsive and reckless, but it occupied her. She quivered and a vibration coursed her as she felt herself melt into his kiss. His hand slipped away from her cheek and the break soon followed. Her surprise turned to greed as she chased after the fleeting touch. He put his fingers to her lips, "We do this, there's no turning back. You sure you want this?"

"Damn straight I do," she pushed his hand away, sliding crawling under him and chasing away his doubts. Her lips met him once again. They were soft and sweet, yet rough and firm; much like her. Her tongue whirled about his own in a sloppy battle of arousal. Her hand slid down his chest, tracing the contours of muscle the way down.

His hands drew along her shoulders, freeing her soft skin from the loose cloth that covered her. He gasped, feeling her take him in hand and her lips curled in a wicked smile. His thumb ran over his eyes, dragging away the salve; allowing his eyes to meet her impish gaze. She gave another playful squeeze and he lurched a bit. She sniggered, and he replied. His hand took to her chest, encompassing her roundness in his palm. She let out a slight moan as he squeezed then massaged. Grabbing hold of bundled cloth of her dress gown, he yanked it down on her. His hands feeling her sensually pushed down the fabric over her hips. She shot up, hinged on her knees as his fingers caught her wetness, returning the favor she had dealt him.

It was a surprise she enjoyed as her hand moved along him; kissing him along his jawline. His fingers explored her, spreading and tickling. She giggled a bit at the sensation then let out a loud moan when he attacked her ear.

Her breath flowed heavily past his ear, slowing, "So that's how you want to go...?" It rested hard in her palm but she stroked it slowly, up and down rhythmically. His assault lulled under her guidance. "Not so bold when I have ya by the barrel, are ya?"

He wouldn't admit she was right, that he felt it. But he would not give her the satisfaction without a fight. One finger found his way back into her sex and his thumb snuck into deeper territory. She shot up, her back arched, taking both arms and gripping him about his head. Back and forth his fingers rocked inside of her from one deep to the other. She clinched hard as she released, breathing heavily, "That wusn't fair."

He smirked, his face buried in her bosom. He took to one side, compassing her tit. He suckled at first, then bore down and kneaded it. She gasped, lowering her gaze to watch him. He withdrew his fingers, supporting her as he laid her back on the floor. She took his head into her hands and brought it up to her. "Com'ere," she ordered with a grin.

His hand tugged his leggings, freeing his member that was already straining. It kissed at her labia, tempting. He hesitated, she did not. "Be a man of your word," she said grabbing him. "Do not make me wait anymore." He looked into her eyes, breathing in and piercing her to his base in the single motion. She tightened, holding to him as her honey dripped. Her eyes slowly opened with the tiniest tears falling from the corners. Then she took the initiative, moving along him, slowly. She held him close, biting into his shoulder as he quickened to her pleasure. He was close when he felt her release again. She shuddered as he pulled from her. He fell back against the wall, sweat soaked as much as her, but still not satisfied. "Why did ya leave," she questioned. He shook his head; he didn't have an answer to give.

"Ya're really hopeless...," she sighed, standing and moving close to him again. She put her back to him and lowered herself down. Slowly, he sank into her and she leaned back against his chest. Her scent filled his nostrils again and he nuzzled her neck. His fingers locked with her and her moans grew louder. His knees bent under hers, holding her legs open and giving her the slightest bounce. His other hand held to her hips, running over the testaments of their past together. Marks from training, battle scars, all covered by her clothing and yet known to him. His hand traced them from chest to cavernous deeps.

He held her tight. She moved her hand over his as he spread her reaches further. He threatened to turn her insides out with his rhythm. Fiercer than before, bolder than she anticipated. She realized her voice changed higher and softer. Her moans grew louder and she could not control it. She could feel his member going wild inside of her. It was pulsing, beating as furiously as his heart against her back. He was pumping harder and faster and she was holding tightly to it. She wouldn't let it leave her again, not until she felt it. Selestrina could feel the pressure welling up inside her. She continued to rebound heavily on him until he held her down as it painted her inside. She let out a cry as she felt herself cum again, stretching inside to receive him deeply.

She slumped back against him, still joined together. She looked over at him and kissed his ear, "I love ya, Xephon..."

"... I love you too."

"I know," she smirked, holding him inside her. "But it's nice to finally fuckin' hear it."

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