tagErotic HorrorStein's Girl Ch. 06

Stein's Girl Ch. 06


[AUTHORS NOTE: This is the conclusion of a series and will thus make a whole lot more sense and, I hope, be more rewarding, if you read the first five parts before reading this final entry]

Stein's Girl: 6 - Quietus

Samuel stumbled into the room, still holding up his pants. Angelique followed right behind and she did not give him much time to collect his thoughts. Almost at once she was pushing him against the wall and fondling his cock. He moaned from the cool touch and pulling her towards him, he kissed her passionately upon the lips. The door clicked shut.

"Take them off Sam," whispered Angelique and she began pulling his pants and shorts down.

"Shoes first," he said and he struggled to kick his off. His mind was a whirl from the kisses and the touch and the incredible way she had slid her tongue along the length of his cock in the hall. Angelique took the moment provided to slide out of her red dress. She was not, he noticed, wearing panties. She tossed her dress to the side.

He noticed a pile of clothing on the floor near the television cabinet. He couldn't see much of the room from where he stood and the television provided the only light. Yet something seemed strange. His mind tried to think of what was out of place even as his hands were pushing down his pants.

"The shoes in front of the TV. Aren't those too small for you." The shoes in question were high heeled sandals.

"Uh-huh," answered Angelique and then she was kneeling on the floor, stroking his legs and licking his erect cock. The silky fabric of her black bra rubbed against his legs. He forgot about the shoes on the floor and pulled off his shirt.

Angelique continued to lick, rolling her tongue around the tip of his penis. Her left hand played softly with his pubic hair, brushing it gingerly with her finger tips. Her right hand snaked up along his thigh, his belly, finally reaching his chest. Sam groaned with delight. He hadn't been this turned on for a very long time. He reached down and ran his fingers through her brown hair, so thick and luxurious.

Sensuously, Angelique stood slowly, rubbing her bra covered tits against his dick, his belly and his chest. He reached forward and rubbed her breasts. There was a small slick of moisture on the bra now, his cum. Reaching behind her, he fumbled with the bra snaps and when they came loose, he pulled the lacy straps off of her shoulders. Her breast, loosed from the confines of the bra, were lovely and round, with small hard nipples. Cupping her breast in his hands, he kissed her fully on the lips. Again he was aware of her smell, so strong and sensuous, like cinnamon and spice. It aroused him and made him want her.

As he rubbed her tits, she continued to play with his cock, teasing his balls and rubbing the end of his penis in one palm. He shivered from the pleasure and grabbing her arms, he moved to take her over to the bed.

"Sam," she said.

"Mmm?" He was kissing her neck as he walked her out of the small entranceway into the room, past the bathroom, into the larger bedroom.

"I have a surprise for you."

"You're surprise enough."

"Seriously. We're not alone in here."

It was then that Samuel saw the beds. The first of the two double beds, the one closest to the curtained window, was rumpled but empty. The second though was most definitely occupied. Two women lay upon it, both completely naked, both asleep. The woman closest to the wall, looked vaguely familiar. She was blond and middle aged. She was laying on her side away from the wall, with her left arm thrown over her head. Her skin was lightly freckled, as were her breasts. The other woman was noticeably petite with black hair and she lay on her back, arms and legs spread. The way she was laying left nothing to the imagination and Samuel found himself staring at her moist, swollen vagina.

"What," began Samuel, stunned.

"They're yours if you want them," said Angelique coyly, "But I get you first."

"What," repeated Samuel, his mind struggling to catch up with what he was seeing and hearing.

"I want you." Angelique stroked his cock again and it had no problem in knowing how to react. "I can feel my desire building and you are going to satisfy me." She crawled onto the bed and turned over onto her back.

He saw then for the first time how smooth her pussy looked and just how firm her breasts really were. He had a momentary vision of his wife as she had looked on their honeymoon, dressed in a virginal white negligee. He felt a moment of guilt but he knew how badly he wanted this. He was also struck again by just how much Angelique looked like Heather had then. Perhaps this was life giving him a second chance.

Angelique moved until she lay between the two other women and spread her legs. The older of the women, the blond, groaned a little and looked like she was about to awake. The sight of Angelique flanked by two very sexy looking women was enough for Samuel and he made up his mind to go with the flow.

Samuel moved his head between Angelique's legs and kissed her vagina lightly. Her smell was stronger there, more enticing and he pushed his tongue between her labia. He had always enjoyed eating pussy and Angelique's was magnificent, so smooth and so delightful in its taste. It reminded him of Heather's pussy but Heather had never tasted this good. Pushing thoughts of his wife out of his head, he focused on the task at hand, rubbing his nose against her clit as he stroked his tongue up and down her cunt. Angelique moaned, but her moan was cut strangely short. Interested, Samuel looked up and saw that Angelique was kissing the blonde woman, quite passionately. The sight was enough to make his dick come fully to attention.

He crawled up and over Angelique. The two women continued to kiss and Samuel wondered whether they even noticed him. And then Angelique reached down and rubbed the head of his cock. She broke off the kiss.

"Go in me Sam." He needed no further invitation. Her pussy was quiet moist, both from his saliva and its own natural secretions and his cock slid easily in. He murmured from pleasure and Angelique gasped. The blonde, lying on her side, sniffed the air and her eyes widened as she looked at him.

"Kiss him Jo," said Angelique, "He's been eating my pussy."

"Mmm," murmured the blonde and as Sam moved his cock in and out of Angelique, enjoying the slick feel of her pussy on his dick, the other woman eagerly reached up and pulled him into a kiss. She licked his tongue, his lips and even his nose. This simple act seemed to really arouse her and she snuggled up closer to both him and Angelique. Samuel could not see, but it felt as if she was playing with herself and that was more than his cock could take.

With a cry, Samuel experienced an orgasm. He arched his back, pulling his head away from the blonde and his chest up and off of Angelique's breasts. He felt his semen shoot out and into Angelique's already wet pussy, once, twice and then a third time. His body trembled. Still he was hard and once the orgasm had passed he continued to move his cock in Angelique's pussy.

The black haired woman was waking now and as she opened her eyes she stared dreamily up at Samuel. Then she turned her attention to Angelique and moved her head so she could kiss the other woman. The blonde meanwhile had rolled off the bed and moved over behind Samuel. He felt her hair suddenly against his rear and felt her hands pushing him up. He wasn't sure what she wanted, but the feel of her hands on his balls caused him to once more fully harden. And then somehow he felt her tongue, not on him, but licking at Angelique.

Angelique purred from pleasure and the dark haired woman kissed her neck and cheek and then kissed Samuel's cheek. Like the blonde had, she licked at his face, seeming to find that mere act enough to arouse her.

"Touch my pussy," said Angelique and three hands moved to comply. Samuel moved one arm behind Angelique's head, propping himself up and then slid his other hand down to play with Angelique's clit. He felt a slim hand next to his, rubbing Angelique's Labium and he knew it was the petite black haired woman's. Then he felt another hand brush against his scrotum and realized the blonde was also playing with Angelique's pussy, though from the bottom.

Angelique screamed once from the pleasure and she arched her back. Samuel twisted to suck her left breast while still trying to move his cock. He felt the black haired woman move against his chest and knew that she was sucking the other breast. Still the three hands moved in the now soaked pussy. Angelique started bucking her hips, up and down, up and down, yelling the whole time.

"Yes. Yes. Mmm. Yes. Touch my Pussy. Make me Cum."

And then as if her own words were the key, Angelique experienced an orgasm to end orgasms. All her senses came alive and she gasped for breath, mewing and purring and moaning all at the same time.

She looked up at Samuel's face, so close to her own and she knew him then, loved him then. All was clear in her head for the first time all day.

"I love you Sam," she said, "Tell Ted that I love him."

Samuel stared down at Angelique, puzzled and uncertain. Ted was the name of his son. He pulled his softening penis out of her and rolled over to the side, staring all the while at her so familiar face. At her groin, the blonde eagerly moved to begin eating the now vacated pussy, but Angelique seemed to pay her no mind. Neither did she seem to notice the black haired woman's continued attention to her breast. Angelique had eyes only for Samuel.

"But...,but..." Samuel did not know what he was saying, what he was thinking, "your nose...?" For some reason that was all that would come out.

"Plastic surg..." began Angelique but then something within her died. She stared a moment longer at Samuel and then her eyes closed and her throat rattled strangely. Samuel eyes were large and he scooted back away from the bed, away from the body that lay upon it and the two women who did not seem to know it was dead.

A moment later the stench hit him, the stench of a corpse that had lain out too long. The other two women seemed to notice it almost at the same time and they both stopped their activities. The petite woman with the small breasts and the oh-so black hair suddenly screamed as she looked up at the white, pasty face of the corpse she had been suckling upon. The blonde began gagging and she pedaled back, off the bed, slamming her naked posterior into the desk.

The sounds of the TV blended in strangely with the other sounds in the room. Horrified weeping. Terrified screams. Violent retching. And in the middle of the stunned trio, the naked corpse of a woman lay upon the bed, looking for all the world like it had been dead for some time.


Dr. Stein reached up sourly flipped off the monitor that now displayed nothing but static and snow. He lifted a small recorder to his lips and pushing record, he muttered, "Orgasms drain the battery faster than expected. It might be worthwhile looking into some sort of movement based recharging system. Also of concern are the latent memories still in evidence which seem to influence actions to some degree. On a positive note, PH69 must be considered a success though there are indications of narcotic like dependencies developing in women after only brief exposures. Milder doses might alleviate this problem."

He stared a moment longer at the blank monitor and then he reached up and flipped off the other monitors, their information now meaningless. He scratched absently at his face, realizing that he had not shaved yet that day. Then with a yawn he reached forward and lifted the phone from it's cradle.

From memory he punched in the seven numbers of the morgue and waited as the phone rang on the other end. It rang once, twice, three times and then was picked up.

"Hi, Chuck, it's Frank. I just thought I would give you a heads up. Heather Carpenter's body will be coming in again. Yes again. In a hotel this time. The battery this time. If you could... Yes, if you would make sure to get me the body back I'll... Yes, same fee as last time. Of course I will. Alright. Thanks. See you tomorrow then."

Stein hung up the phone and stood up. He yawned. It was time for bed. Time to rest so that he would be ready when his girl came back.

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