tagIncest/TabooStella's First Incestuous Encounter

Stella's First Incestuous Encounter


*** Author's notes: This is my second ever (finished) erotic story, but it was actually started before my first one, so I'm afraid the writing might still a bit rough or clumsy at times. I apologize for that, I hope I'll improve with future stories.

Also, all the characters are above 18, of course. Please enjoy and feel free to leave comments or feedback. ***

"You know," Julie started, "I bet your Dad would go f'n nuts if he knew what you're doing here."

She was right, of course. Stella knew that. Her father, a physician, had given her permission to sleep in his office on occasion, supposedly because the office was close to the business school Stella attended and she had more time to study if didn't have to commute. In truth, what she liked about the place was that it was close to a bar and a couple of clubs she frequented. And what she liked even more about the place was that she had it completely to herself from about 6 PM to 9 AM the next day, so she could invite friends for a beer or two, she could bring along guys to have hot, meaningless sex with and, as was the case tonight, she could have her best friend Julie over and smoke some weed with her.

"Oh, he'd lose his freaking mind," John agreed with Julie.

He was Stella's half-brother. Same Mom, different Dad. But he knew Stella's father, of course. And he too was right.

"Well, thankfully, he's not going to know, now is he?" Stella replied right before taking a puff from the blunt they were passing around.

"No thanks," John shook his head when she offered it to him, "I still gotta drive home."

Julie took the blunt instead of him. "Have I thanked you for driving me here, b-t-dub?" she asked him.

"I don't know," he shrugged, "It's no problem, you know that."

Stella couldn't help but smile. She had been noticing for a while that her brother was quite smitten with Julie. And she could understand why. She was outspoken, uninhibited and just plain fun to be around. And hot, of course. She was a tiny, slender girl with appropriately small breasts, but her long blonde hair and perfectly shaped tight butt, combined with her magnetic personality, were enough to drive lots of guys wild.

Guys liked Stella, too, but she could never really explain to herself why. Julie often called her Titella and, certainly, she had bigger breasts than Julie, but she didn't really like the way they looked, anyhow. She didn't really like the way anything about her looked, for that matter. She guessed that for most guys it was enough that she had a pussy and a place where they could fuck said pussy in private.

As much as Stella understood why John liked Julie, she couldn't figure out why her best friend didn't seem to have any romantic interest in him. Granted, he was Stella's brother, so she might be considered biased, but she certainly thought he was great. He was nice, considerate, responsible and above all the most wickedly smart person she had ever met. She often teased him about being an insufferable know-it-all, but a lot of the time, he really did seem to know just about everything. And, even though she didn't usually think about him that way, he was good-looking. Tall, muscular without being too bulky. And he had those haunting blue eyes, sparkling with intelligence.

"I know you don't mind driving me," Julie's voice brought Stella back to the here and now. "But it's awfully nice of you and I think... I think it's about time I thanked you properly."

Stella frowned as she watched her friend crawl over to John on all fours. The slight frown gave way to a look of wide-eyed shock when Stella realized that Julie had started to massage John's private region through his jeans.

"What are you doing, Jules?" Stella asked.

"Just showing your brother how much I appreciate him always being so nice to me," Julie purred.

"You... really... don't have to..." John attempted, but Julie just gave him a sly smile.

"Oh, but you like it. I've barely touched you and already, you're rock hard."

Inadvertently, Stella gazed at John's crotch and noticed the large bulge in his jeans. She bit her lip and tried to look away but couldn't seem to force herself to turn her head.

Julie kept massaging John through the fabric with her right hand while starting to open his pants with her left.

Stella stammered, "I'm just gonna... leave you two... alone."

Julie shot her a look. "Aren't you the least bit curious about what your big brother is packing? If he really is your BIG brother?"

Stella was dumbfounded. "I... I... what's gotten into you?"

She had seen Julie's horny side before. Watched her throw herself at guys and then disappear with them. But that was just it. She had disappeared to another room, a car, a bathroom stall. Never had she started to get it on with somebody right in front of her. Let alone Stella's brother.

"You haven't answered my question," Julie insisted. "Do you want to see your big brother's cock?"

Stella wanted to say No, but somehow, she didn't find it in herself to actually form the word. She just stared at her best friend, who started grinning. "I'm gonna take that as a Yes, Stella!"

With a quick move, Julie yanked down John's pants. Stella sat, mesmerized, staring at her brother's penis. It wasn't the biggest she had seen, but it certainly wasn't small by any means. It was well proportioned, nice and thick. And it was her brother's. The thought exploded all over Stella's conciousness. She was looking at her own brother's cock. Her big brother's big, beautiful cock.

"Mmmmh... yeah, that's nice!" Julie exclaimed before putting her mouth to use in a different way, kissing and gently licking John's shaft.

Just as Julie put the head into her mouth and started sucking, Stella's and John's eyes met. Stella turned bright red. Ashamed. So ashamed that her brother had seen her stare at his cock like that. But his eyes wore an apology, as well.

"I'm sorry, Stella..." he said, "I know you didn't wanna see this, but... it feels so damn good! I..." he trailed off and closed his eyes, seemingly fighting not to come right this instant, not wanting this unexpected experience to end.

Julie seemed to notice and gave him a small break. "You don't need to apologize, John..."

Again, she wore a wicked smile. "Trust me, your sister very much likes what sees. Here..." she took John's right hand and guided it just above Stella's beltline. "Touch her! Feel for yourself how wet your sister's pussy is!"

Stella froze. Part of her wanted to slap John's hand away, jump up and just run. But another part of her wanted to tell him, beg him, to do what Julie said. To touch her. Feel her. She looked into his eyes, his intensely blue eyes, pleading. Pleading for him to touch her or pleading for him not to. She didn't know. And John didn't seem to know what to do either.

It was Julie who made the decision for them, shoving John's hand underneath his sister's jeans. A moan escaped Stella's lips. The fabric of her panties was still between her and John's hand, but she could feel him. Feel her brother's fingers against her pussy. Her pussy which, just like Julie had suspected, was wet. Soaking wet. Stella felt the world, everything around her, fade into nothingness. All that was left was her brother's hand. And her lust.

- - - - -

Her pussy. John stared at his own hand incredulously. He was touching his little sister's pussy. Granted, her panties were in the way, but still. He was touching her. He felt her. Felt how incredibly wet she was. Soaking wet.

"Told ya!" Julie said triumphantly, "Looking at your dick made your sister all wet and horny!"

Her words rang in John's head while she went back to sucking on his dick. Could it be? Could Stella be aroused by him? He looked at his sister, lovingly. She was so beautiful. He knew from comments she had made that she didn't think so herself, but to him, she was perfection. Her full lips, her relatively round, friendly face, her wonderfully shaped breasts, her flat belly and most of all the most perfect butt John could possibly conceive of.

So often, he had fantasized about her. About touching her. Touching her like he actually was right at this moment. He moved his fingers underneath Stella's pants, exploring her most private of parts. When he found her clit and gently started rubbing it trough the thin fabric of her panties, Stella again let out a moan. Louder this time. The most erotic sound John had ever heard in his life.

His sister's moan. Her beautiful face, her wet pussy, her clit... and, not to forget, Julie expertly sucking his dick. It was too much. John exploded. He shot a big load of cum into Julie's mouth and some more onto the floor after she'd pulled away from him.

"Well, look at that..." Julie chuckled while letting some of John's cum drip out of her mouth and into her cupped hand, "She's turned on by your dick, you're just as turned on by her pussy... you guys clearly have a lot more sexual tension between you than a brother and sister should have."

John, suddenly ashamed, pulled his hand out of Stella's pants. "No, I just..." he started, but he couldn't really think of anything to refute Julie's point. She was right. There was sexual tension. At least from his side. He had been fantasizing about his little sister for years.

"But hey, I ain't judgin'..." Julie reassured them, "In fact, I wanna help you get rid of it."

John had to collect himself. "You... uhm... I'm sorry... what?"

Julie ignored his question. She was clearly having fun. "Since you already came, John, I think it's only fair that you help Stella have an orgasm as well. Stell, why don't you drop your pants and panties, so we can get to it?"

Stella had been remarkably quiet. John couldn't quite place the look his sister shot him.

"No! I'm not undressing in front of my brother!", she said.

A wave of guilt crashed over John's head. He shouldn't have gone along with Julie. Shouldn't have crossed that line. "Stella, I'm so sorry! I..."

She gave him a mild smile. "It's okay, John. Don't worry about it. I don't blame you."

Her look focused on Julie. Clearly, she did blame her. "But I'm not gonna let anything else happen."

Clearly undeterred, Julie demonstratively licked John's cum off her hand and swallowed it.

"Oh, but I think you will." Her tone suddenly got harsher. "Get naked!"

Stella rose from the floor and threw her hands up. "Are you insane? Or just deaf? Enough!"

Julie also rose, standing her ground. "Get naked!" she repeated, "Or I'm gonna tell your Dad!"

Instinctively, John moved between the two girls, taking a protective posture in front of his sister. "I think you'd better go," he told Julie, feeling slightly weird about telling a girl who had sucked his dick just a minute ago to go get lost.

"Fine. Make me leave if you want..." Julie replied, "But if you do, I'll tell your Dad, Stella. I'll tell him everything. About the guys, about the weed... EVERYthing. Think about it, Titella!"

For once, John didn't find Julie's nickname for his sister particularly humerous. Stella's lips quivered. "No, Jules... don't... don't go."

Looking down to the floor, clearly ashamed, she put her hands on her shirt, getting ready to pull it over her head. "Stella, you don't have to do this," John reassured her. "I mean... come on, she's just messing with you." He looked at the short Blonde, "Aren't you, Julie?"

She shook her head. "I'm dead serious." She licked her lips and started smiling. "I'm a sick little puppy... I get off on weird things. And right now... I want Stella to get naked. Besides..." she touched John's chest, "Don't act like YOU don't want to see your little sister naked!"

Stella's eyes found his. Her voice sounded unsure. "Is that true? John?"

He nodded, unwilling to lie to her, yet unable to say it out loud. "Why?" Stella asked, softly.

"Because..." he searched for words, "Because you're the most beautiful woman in the world to me. I... I'm crazy about you, Stella."

"But I thought you liked Julie..."

"I do... kind of. She's hot. But she's not the one I think about, dream about.... fantasize about..."

Without another word Stella started undressing. First her shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra. John marveled at her beautiful, perfectly proportioned tits. Then her pants, revealing plain beige panties that, due to what had already happened, were soaked with her juices.

John wasn't sure if his sister was only complying with Julie's demand or if she actually undressed for him. He sure hoped it was at least partly the latter, but when Stella pulled down her panties and he saw her magnificent, cleanly shaven pussy, he had a hard time caring. She looked so hot, naked as she was. Irresistably so.

"Good girl", Julie commented, "Now get on your knees and suck your brother's cock! Get it hard again!"

There was a part of John that wanted to, once again, tell his sister that she didn't have to do this, but that part was very much overshadowed by a part of him that wanted nothing more than his sweet sister's lips around his dick.

Stella did as she was told, knelt down in front of her brother and started sucking the head of his penis. John bit his lower lip. It felt incredible. He was once again fully erect within an instant. But Julie clearly wasn't happy with Stella's efforts. She pulled her hair, ripped her away from John and slapped her. Hard.

"You call that sucking cock?" Another slap. Stella's eyes filled with tears. "You love your brother, don't you?" A third slap. "Then suck his dick like you mean it, bitch! Here... I'll help you."

Julie took Stella's head, waited for her to wrap her lips around John's cock and then shoved it down her throat. All the way. Stella gagged and spasmed slightly, but Julie didn't let up and held her in place for another good ten seconds. When she finally released her, Stella had to fight down vomit, her eyes were wide with shock. "That's how you properly suck the dick of someone you love," Julie noted, "Now do it yourself!"

Stella made no attempts to argue. She took John's dick back in her mouth and again, this time without being physically forced, took it's entire length into her throat. John moaned softly. He decided to just be in the moment and enjoy this fulfillment of his fantasies, even if it came in a way he hadn't imagined.

While Stella bobbed her head up and down, gagging herself with her brother's cock, Julie started pinching her best friend's nipples. Only a little bit at first, but then more and more violently. Stella's eyes filled with tears. She would have screamed, had her mouth not been occupied.

With only marginal discomfort John realized that seeing his sister abused like this turned him on even more than the mere fact of her sucking him off. He placed his hands on the back of her head and pushed into her throat. Again. And again.

"Yeah, that's it!" Julie was obviously enjoying his newly found intiative. "Fuck your sister's face! Use that slut like you've always wanted to!"

John didn't find it in himself to argue with her. He loved his sister. He'd never have referred to her as a slut. But it was true that he had always wanted more, wanted to explore her sexual side. He had been frustrated about his inability to express his desires and it felt very much cathartic to channel these frustrations physically.

"Okay, that's enough of that. I don't want you to come again yet," Julie told John before barking an order to Stella, "Lay on your back and spread your legs!"

Again, Stella did as she was told. Again, John was mesmerized by the view of her pussy. Julie clearly wasn't, however. Aiming for the clit, she slapped Stella between her legs hard enough to elicit a loud cry. "Wider!" Julie ordered harshly, "Spread 'em as wide as you can like a good little whore!"

Then she gave John a devilish smile. "Fuck her! And don't hold back..."

John hesitated. He had fantasized about this so often, had wanted to fuck Stella for so long. But now it was real. And, in contrast to the fingering, sucking and facefucking, this actually was Incest. It took Stella to make the decision for him. "It's okay, John... I... I love you. You know that. It's okay. Go ahead."

For a second, John once again wondered if his sister just wanted to give Julie what she wanted or if at least part of her wanted this to happen, too. He decided that it didn't matter. Either way, he couldn't resist this temptation. He was going to do it. "I love you too, Stella", he said softly, while getting in between his sister's legs.

"Awwwwww... isn't that precious?" Julie commented sarcastically. "I don't want any lovey dovey crap, you hear me? Fuck her! Hard!" She took John's cock, stroked it briefly and then guided it into Stella's wet pussy.

It was tighter than John had expected. And it felt better than he ever could have imagined. This was it. He really was fucking his little sister. Animalistic instincts took over and he started to move inside her, getting more and more intense with every thrust.

Julie clearly enjoyed it. She had taken down her pants and was furiously masturbating while watching John and Stella. "Harder!" she insisted, "Pound that pussy harder!" Her voice rang with pure, unadulterated lust, "Hurt her with your dick!!!"

John let himself go. He went faster and faster. Harder and harder. And not just his panting became louder and louder, but Stella's moaning as well. She didn't just lie there, she met each of his thrusts. Her hands played with her beautiful breasts. She enjoyed getting fucked by her big brother.

"OOOOOH!!! Johnny!" she yelled, "YES! I'm cumming, Johnny! I'M CUMMING!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!"

He felt her pussy convulsing around his dick, heard her primal groan, saw her face, contorted by passion. She was having an extremely intense orgasm. An incest orgasm. And he wasn't far behind. With a loud "FUCK!!!" he too came, shooting his sperm deep into his little sister's womb.

She smiled at him as he collapsed next to her. "Oh my God, Johnny... that was amazing!"

His heart melted. Even blackmailed into it, she really had enjoyed him fucking her.

"Yeah, it was good," Julie, still rubbing her pussy, involved herself, "Now it's my turn!" She moved over Stella's head and sat down on her face. John watched her violently grind her pussy against his sister's mouth. "Lick it, slut! Use your tongue!" Stella did as she was told and soon, juice squirted out of Julie's pussy as she came at least as hard as John and Stella had.

Julie, too, lay down next to John and Stella. "I'm sorry I had to blackmail you...", she said, catching her breath, "I... I just wanted you to realize how wonderful it is for brothers and sisters to have sex with each other."

"So... you and your brother..." Stella started asking.

"Yes," Julie answered with a genuinely happy smile, "I fuck my brother every day."

"Every day, huh?" John pondered aloud, "Daily Incest... I could get behind that idea..."

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