tagIncest/TabooStep Dad & Daughter Ch. 02

Step Dad & Daughter Ch. 02


The second time we made love was the next Saturday. I worked Sunday thru Thursday nights so Friday was the night spent fucking Vicki's mother, Brenda. She worked Saturdays and left for her job early in the morning.

I woke Vicki up by running my hands under the blankets and pinching her nipples. When she opened her eyes she whispered,

"Is Mom still here?"

I smiled. "No baby, she has left... it's just you and me."

Vicki got up and went to the bathroom. I followed and while she was on the pot peeing I stroked my cock in front of her. When she was done I rubbed the purple head of my cock on her face.

"Daddy... you need to shower first... I can smell Mom on your cock."

"That's why I wanted to wake you sweetie."

I kept rubbing my cock over her lips. When I pulled back, she licked her lips.

"Well Vickie, you just tasted you mom's pussy juices... now suck me!"

She resisted but I held her head and forced my meat into her mouth.

"This is what will happen if we are to continue." She nodded acceptance and continued to suck my cock coated with her mom's cunt cream.

It was so perverse to know she was tasting her mother. I got rock hard as she got into licking and sucking, I pushed deeper into her mouth until she began to gag. I held her head right at the gag point and felt her throat clenching around the head of my prick. It has to be one of the best feelings a man can have. I took her back to her room and had her lay down with her head over the edge of the bed. I entered her mouth from above her head, bending my knees and rested them on both sides of her head.

This position opened her throat allowing me to get most of my cock in her mouth with out her gagging. It left my hands free to play with her nipples and pussy. It was fantastic to feel her strain against my cock as I flicked a finger across her clit. It was so erotic...

I wanted to push the envelope and see how far she would go. I pulled my cock out and let it hang on her lips. I pinched one nipple and her clit at the same time, not too hard, just enough to increase her excitement. Her reaction caused me to cum, I let go of her clit and nipple and holding her head, let my sperm flood her mouth. I watch her throat as she struggled to figure out what to do...Finally she swallowed (something her mother hated to do). After I finished cumming I sat down beside her.

"Now you have an idea of what Daddy likes...where do we wanted this to go with this relationship?"

"I am willing to go with the flow as long as no one else finds out about us Dad."

I ran my hands over her body and explained, "Your mom and I are into a Master/Subservient relationship and if you want to continue that's what we will do also."

"I don't understand, what does that mean Daddy?"

I explained it to her she became visibly nervous. I went to our bedroom and got the book "Screw the Rose Give Me the Thorns."

"Here, read this and let me know if you have any questions and if you wanted to continue. I finger fucked her to orgasm and left her to clean herself up and read the book. Several times over the next few days she came to me with questions about the book. I told her how her mom and had done things which seemed to help.

"What about anal then oral?"

"Your mom always washes my dick before she sucks my cock after anal."

"I don't know about doing anal at all... It will really hurt."

"If you are to become my sub all holes are available for use....and that is how it works. For me it's all or nothing."

"What about the first time Mom and you did anal?"

"Your mother initiated it by climbing on top of me and inserting my cock in her ass. She had previously had anal with other men. I had never butt-fucked a woman before."

"I enjoyed swallowing you cum Daddy. I have given blow-jobs before but only as foreplay. You were the first to cum in my mouth ..... When you made me suck you after you fucked Mom, it both bothered me and turned me on at the same time."

"Was it tasting your mother's juices or being forced to taste that turned you on?"

"Both!" she replied. I knew then that she would do anything I asked. She could play the role of resistance but if I forced her, it wouldn't be long before she was enjoying it all. A week later she came to me.

"Daddy, I want to continue our relationship as your subservient."

I smile and kissed her. When I got home from work the next morning I woke her and told her to shower. "We are going shopping."

While she showered, I picked out what she was to wear. As we would be out in public and possible seen by family or friends I let her wear a bra under her tank top but didn't leave a pair of panties out for her to wear under her above the knee skirt.

"Daddy.... what about my panties?"

"No panties... I want you open for Daddy to touch."

We lived over an hour away from the nearest porn shop. As we drove, I kept my hand under her skirt playing with her clit until she was ready to cum. I pulled off the road and made her suck my fingers. This happened three times until we arrived at the porn shop.

"No way am I going in there," she said. I took her by the hand and we walked in like a couple. Her face was flushed with embarrassment which turned me on. The first items we looked at were the dildos. I made her pick them up and look at them to see which one she wanted... She decided on one a bit bigger then me and a lot thicker, it was eight inches long and at least three and a half inches in diameter. She picked out a pair of clover leaf nipple clamps because they looked cool.

I picked out her butt plugs. One for everyday use and one for training her. The every day plug was metal, about one and a half inches in diameter. The training plug is seven inches long, tapered from small to over two and a half inches thick. I gave her the money and made her walk to the counter and pay for the items herself. The cashier checked her out pretty hard before he rang up the sale.

While we were leaving the parking lot I ran my hand up her leg to her pussy, she was soaking wet. Ten minutes later we came to a rest stop. Parking, I took the metal plug out and told her to wash it and join me at the picnic area. While she was gone I went thru her purse and found some hand lotion.

Upon her return we went to the dog walk area which is screened from the road and picnic area. Once out of sight I had her give me the metal plug and bend over and touch her toes. I spread her feet apart and lifted her skirt. Kneeling behind her, I licked her butt crack and shoved the tip of my tongue in her ass hole. She was shaking like a leaf from the fear of exposure and feel of my tongue rimming her ass hole.

I stood up and squirted some of her hand lotion down the crack of her ass. I took the pug and slowly inserted it in her butt hole. I kissed the back of her neck helping to relax her enough to accept the anal invasion. I stayed behind her as we walked back to the car. I wanted to watch as she got used to the feeling of a plug up her ass. It was an awesome thing to view. I played with her pussy on the drive home. Half way home I pulled out my cock. Vicki bent under the steering wheel and gave me a blow job at seventy miles an hour.... What a rush.

Vicki was running late but before she left for school I told her,

"You are to leave this plug in until I take it out tomorrow morning... Understand?.... If you have to take a shit, reinsert it after!"

When I got home the next morning Vicki was already up and in the shower so I had to wait until my wife left for work to remove Vicki's plug. I lifted her skirt and pulled the plug out... making a popping sound.

I stuck two fingers in her ass, "Clamp down!"

I slid my fingers from her ass like they had been buttered she was so stretched. We had about a half hour before she left for class. I decided to take her anal cherry before she had to leave. I dribble a bit of oil so it ran between the cheeks of her ass.

"Kneel on the bed." I pushed the head of my cock against her. As the head of my cock entered her extended hole she said, "Dad, I have to go to the bathroom."

"No you don't.......Just stay where you are."

I worked my rod in slowly until my thighs were touching her hips. I reached under and played with her clit, sliding my shaft into her tight honey hole. She shook at first then pushed back against me. My balls hit her swollen pussy with each lunge. Vicki began to wiggle her ass as she ground back. Damn, she was a fast learner. Vicki fell forward on the bed.

"Play with yourself... pinch your clit..."

I spanked her ass as I rode my cock in and out of her 'no longer virgin ass.' Between the spanking and her fingers her hips ground back on me. I could feel her anal ring tighten and relax with her spasms. Beginning to cum, I grabbed her by the hair pulling back like a horse's mane. I buried myself deeper and deeper in her. A few more pelvic thrusts and I exploded in her anal alley.

"Oh Vicki... cumming deep in your ass is fantastic!"

"Yes Daddy... Yes.... Oh... I can feel your hot cum.... shoot up in me!"

I laid snug in her butt-hole. She continued to masturbate until she came, squeezing my cock out of her ass as she did.

"Now clean my cock!"

With my cum dripping down her butt-crack and running down her leg she went to the sink soaping a washcloth, like a good obedient daughter. After she washed my semi-hard cock she took it between her lips, licking and sucking until I became erect again. Vicki finished me off with a quick blow job, swallowing every drop of my cream before getting ready for school. She was her mother's daughter. I had fantasized about having both mother and daughter at the same time but when I hinted about a three-way, her mother went ballistic.

One of Vicki's friends knocked at the door. I ran down and let her in and told her Vicki was getting ready and would be with her shortly. Being tired from my night shift and two good cums, I went to bed.

Our relationship continued and grew more lustful. Not only did Vicki do everything I demanded but came up with creative ideas herself. She really got turned on when she sucked me after I fucked Brenda. Vickie urged me to fuck her mother Saturday mornings right before she went to work so Vicki could lick and suck her "Mom's fresh juices." We really got it going one Saturday when I shot my load in Vickie right after fucking her mom and she tasted the love juice mix of the three of us.

Saturday was the day we played and fucked until Vicki move out on her own a year later. We continued our alliance when we could. She moved back home several times over the next three years and things picked up again. Vicki left home for good at age twenty-two. Today we live in different States and don't get to see each other as much as we would like. However, when we do get together, we are able to pickup where we left off. Vickie is one hot and wild woman.

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