Stepdaughter's Christmas Gift


"I remember from sex ed that this is the shaft," she squeezed to illustrate, "and I think this is called the head". Her thumb flicked my spongy purple knob to indicate, "and these must be your balls in here" She used her free hand to squeeze my sac a bit too harder, but only for a second, "but no one ever mentioned this tab of flesh right here" a fingernail scraped the flab running under the glans tying it to the shaft, "what's that called?"

"The frenulum" I squeaked, my voice having vanished.

Emma giggled. "That's a funny word, no wonder no one uses it."

She gave the frenulum one more caress for good luck, and then pumped my shaft again.

"You're leaking." More giggles. Good thing my wife was soundly asleep.

With one delicate hand Emma fondled just the head of my aching cock. With her other hand, she began stroking up and down my shaft gently, with great care and concentration, that tiny tip of her tongue teasingly poking out of each corner of her mouth in turn. My eyes though kept staring at the way her her firm young tits swayed. The slow rhythm might have lulled me to sleep, except for the way my balls were screaming for release.

"Emma, if you keep that up, I'm going to explode. My sperm that is. I'll have an orgasm and my seed will spurt out."

"Oh, goodie" She was bouncing up and down like a little girl. "I'd love to see that. But if you spurt, will you still be hard enough to fuck me?"

"What? Hold on there girl, you never said anything about fucking. You wanted to see Santa's cock as your Christmas gift. Now you've had a good look, I think it's time for all good little girls to go back to bed so Santa can finish..."

I stopped as that word hung in the air, realizing what I had just said.

Emma chuckled her knowing growl, the one that sounded just like her mother, my wife.

"I think Santa is about ready to finish but that he wants me to help him polish his pole," she said out loud what we both knew she had to say. She gave my still rigid cock a firm pump in emphasis. A bubble of fluid gurgled out the tip. "You don't really want me to stop now."

Without waiting for my reply, she lowered her body from the waist. Her mouth descended smoothly over my erect cock, her jaw slack so that she took all of me in without effort, her hand withdrawing from the shaft to the root, to my balls. I was shocked into silence by her eagerness - no tentative licking around the slit for this girl - who I realized I had just thought of as 'my girl'.

"You didn't learn that in sex ed," I blurted out, my fingers instinctively grasping handfuls of her hair. By that time, she had closed her lips tightly around the very base of my shaft, and proceeded to circle around my diameter with the tip of her tongue. She proceeded to slowly raise her head, swirling her tongue around my flesh as she rose.

Her face wore a dreamy expression. "I figured that Santa might like it if I licked him like a candy cane."

Emma followed this with another girly giggle. Her fingers continued to massage my scrotum.

"What else might Santa like? I've never done this before, I could use some advice."

"Lick the whole thing some more. Make it dripping wet with your saliva before you put it back in your mouth."

Emma ran her tongue all around my cock, kissing the tip, and then the root, and then all over the shaft, rubbing her lips on my flesh.

"I like how it has that silky outer layer over the hard candy inside, Santa" Emma announced. "Am I doing good?"

"Yes," I whispered, once again praying that her mother would not come down to investigate the noise, that if she heard anything she would assume I was just playing Santa.

"What should I do next" Emma asked, her beautiful grin shining across from just behind my erection.

"You already know- lick me like your candy cane."

Emma complied, lowering her mouth along my cock, first bathing the head while holding my shaft just enough to steady the part she was tonguing. She licked it more like an ice cream cone than a candy cane, but I was not about to complain. Emma moaned as her lips grazed the spongy tip of my helmet, tasting the precum.

"This tastes better than any candy cane," she said, gently splurging up my offering before licking all over the head, as if not wanting to miss a drop.

About the third time that she teased the frenulum with her teeth, she asked, "Will you cum a lot if I suck you now?"

All I could do was nod, but that was all the encouragement she needed. Taking about half my length into her mouth, Emma began bobbing up and down a few times, taking more with each motion, until she was closing her lips around the base. She started to suck hard, careful not to let her teeth bite down, but scraping just enough to heighten the pleasure.

As much as I wanted to enjoy more of her naturally talented tongue, I was almost ready to explode. I would love to see if she liked the taste of my sperm, and whether she would swallow, but knew enough not to shock her, in case she really was as inexperienced as she claimed.

"Emma, darling, I'm getting close, if you want to see me spurt, you better watch, and don't take me back in your mouth right now." I warned her. "I think it might be a big blast."

"Oh, goodie, great gobs of goo," she giggled, her tony fist pumping me purposefully as her eyes focused on my slit. I was startled that somehow, she knew my favourite sexual expression. She had not heard it from me. Had she been talking about my sex life with her mother?

It was too late to worry about the morality or complications of the situation. Emma stroked the edge of my scrotum with a finger and I came. The first blast still startled her. She jumped back slightly as the strand shot up into the air, splattering her chin and spraying a fine mist over her chest. I watched enthralled as the moisture slid down that slope and dangled off her nipple. While I was distracted, Emma managed to close her tiny fist over the slit on top of my cock and captured the rest of my seed in her palm. She proceeded to lift her hand upward, staring at the sliming viscous sperm. To my utter amazement, she lifted it all the way to her mouth, where her tongue flopped out and slurped almost every drop from her hand. What she missed with that first massive effort she daintily licked from her flesh. I desperately wanted to push upright and lick her tits clean, but restrained myself.

"Yummy" Emma giggled. "My gift from Santa sure was tasty."

I pushed myself up onto an elbow and did my best to look as serious as I could with a Santa hat titled over one eye and my hard cock flopping against my thigh.

"And now it's time for all good little girls to go to bed."

"But I'm not so good, and I'm not so little." Emma emphasized her point by starting to stroke my weapon back to fullness.

Emma planted a long but gentle kiss on my penis, licking all the remnants of my orgasm from the tip. This made my head spin, and I was in no condition to object as she reached over and took my hand in hers, guiding it to the cleft between her legs.

"See how wet I am, Santa? That's because I know that Santa brings very special gifts to naughty girls."

My fingers were trembling as they grazed the soft fullness of her swollen labia, and then up and down her slit before Emma finally thrust my fingertips into the puckered folds of her hungry cunt.

"Don't worry Santa, I still am a virgin, but I've had enough fingers and toys up there that I know you won't hurt me."

She paused, bending low to look at my cock from different angles, admiring its renewed girth.

"I think you'll grow back big enough that you'll still find me tight." Then another fit of giggles caused her pelvic muscles to twist around my fingers, drawing me almost wrist deep into her cunt. "Though the cucumber I tried last week might have been a bit fatter, it wasn't nearly as warm, and it didn't move very well."

Emma took a half step back, still holding and admiring my cock. I was almost fully hard again.

"But not here, I don't think - the counter is too high, and was okay as long as you were just laying on it, but I want a good fuck, which I think might involve moving around. Falling to the floor might hurt."

"We can't very well go to your room - your Mom is asleep, but we don't dare risk her waking up and hearing us fucking across the hall."

Only after I said those words did I realize that I had again given up resisting and simply accepted the fact that I was going to fuck my stepdaughter. Apparently, Emma already knew that. She was looking around, trying to locate the perfect spot, all the while keeping her palm tight enough around my shaft that she could pump me slowly, building and maintaining my hardness. I felt my hips rising from the counter-top, fucking her fist.

"The couch?" I croaked.

"Hmmm.... it's a narrow ass piece of furniture, I never did like it." Emma replied. "I know, Santa - since you're giving me another gift, we should fuck on the rug in front of the tree - the one between it and that chimney you came down."

I did not get a chance to respond because Emma tightened her grip around my cock and used it as a handle to tug me forward, until my ass slid off the counter top. I landed neatly on the balls of my feet, stumbling only slightly as Emma led me back toward the tree, just as excited as a six year old on Christmas morning. Her young curvaceous ass bounced just about two feet ahead of me, a feast for mt eyes, and a treat guaranteed to keep my balls tight and my weapon hard. Each time I pulsed back to full fatness, Emma rewarded me with a squeeze of her palm.

Once we were in front of the tree, Emma dropped to her knees. She planted a slow luscious kiss on the end of my cock, lavishing the slit with the tip of her tongue, and followed up by raining a plenitude of gentle kisses along the shaft while her fingers remained curled around my girth.

"I think I like this gift, Santa, I may have to play with it a lot," Emma laughed, then teased my flesh with her teeth, nibbling first one side of my cock and then the other.

With her free hand, she dug my balls out from their nest behind the flannel of my jammies. She shocked me by opening her mouth wide and sucking on my balls, first one and then the other, and then somehow fitting both in her cheeks, as if she was about to swallow me. Electric shocks shot through my cock. No woman had ever worshiped me like this young virgin, not even her wanton mother, my wife.

I felt a big drop of precum surge up the shaft, no doubt dangling right before Emma's eyes. I felt her mouth relax into a smile as she spit out my scrotum and swiftly slurped up my seed.

Up to that moment point I had not had a chance to fully appreciate Emma's nude body, since she had been tight up against me when she had stripped. Her tits were like perfect teardrops growing out of her chest, topped by those tasty nipples I had already sampled. Her stomach was tanned, flat, muscled yet still feminine, fine fuzzy hairs glistening in the lights of the tree. Her waist was a delicate indentation, widening out into those unmistakably womanly hips, ample yet supple.

I realized that I was barely breathing. I knew that I had to fuck this angel, virgin though she was, stepdaughter or not. I had to bury my hardness deep within the cleft where her hips met.

A brief image of her on all fours, me fucking her doggy style flashed through my brain, but she had already laid back on the hearth rug, her legs spread, the fingers of one hand caressing herself from nipple to clit, while her other hand guided my cock forward toward her treasure.

"I want you to fuck me with this big cock, Santa," Emma moaned. "Please, please, put this big cock inside of me. I promise that if you do, I'll be a good little girl next year."

I had no real choice except to fall softly to my knees, my elbows instinctively cushioning my landing. I rubbed Emma's wet slit, watching her petals flower before finally slipping a finger inside, eliciting a deep moan from my stepdaughter. Her hips rose from the floor, responding to the pleasure created just by me fingering her.

"Santa, this is great, but I've been fingered before, I want your cock."

My hips thrust ineffectively forward, thrusting my cock in search of her honey pot as if I was an inexperienced teenager, not a middle aged man newly married to her mother.

"Let me," Emma giggled, like how many thousands of teenage girls had in how many thousand back seats. Suddenly, her first time felt so much like my first time.

Her hand lined the tip of my cock up with the wetness of her slit and she coached me, using one hand to guide my length along the slit so that my tip tweaked her clit, while her other hand grasped my ass, controlling my thrust. After two or three of these slides, she twitched her hips somehow, and about two inches of my cock slipped between her labia.

"Ohhhhh, Santa," she cooed, "that's sure no lump of coal."

The next thrust easily allowed my entire length to slide into her wet but tight cunt. I paused, marvelling at the sensation, unable to recall when I had last fucked a cunt which fit so much like a glove, her muscles already trying to milk me. I was glad that I had come once already, because I knew that for this deflowering to be as special as my stepdaughter deserved, I had to have enough endurance to keep fucking her until she climaxed.

"Oh, Santa, it feels so amazing, having the gift of your fat cock stretching my pussy."

The hand that had been guiding my ass now fluttered up my back, bouncing along the spiny ridges with just enough pressure to thrill, not tickle. With each beat, the current ran through to my cock, which pulsed in rhythm.

Emma curled her fingers in the thick hair on the back of my head and forced my face toward hers. Our lips meta; our mouths opened; our tongues twisted like two tango dancers. Her hips started to twist like her tongue, corkscrewing her cunt around my cock, pulling my meat even deeper into her tightness.

"Fuck me faster," Emma demanded, loudly enough to startle me. If she was too loud, she might wake up my wife.

"I need your hot white cream to fill up my virgin pussy," Emma exclaimed.

I slid my hand over to cup her left tit, clamping two fingers around her hard nipple, hoping that this might encourage her orgasm. As if reading my mind, Emma slipped a few fingers between our bodies and started to strum her clit as I continued thrusting into her, maintaining a steady pace, feeling her cunt stretching around my girth.

"Make me come. Santa, make me come for the first time with a cock inside of me. Be the first man to ever make me come."

Emma grabbed two handfuls of my ass, her fingernails biting into my flesh, pulling me even harder and deeper within her. I basically couldn't move, but the contractions of her pelvic muscles around my cock was motion enough. Soon her hips were adding to the effect, humping up off the rug and thumping back down.

"You have to come too Santa. Somehow it won't feel like I've really lost my virginity unless you pump your cream deep into my womb. Otherwise, it will be too much like when I play with my veggies," Emma still managed to joke even as she thrashed wildly about.

"What about..."

"Silly, Mom put me on the pill before I went overseas. But don't tell her I didn't get lucky over there, she'd be heartbroken. Sometimes I think her dream life is one big series of dirty romantic movies."

"And here I thought I was her dream lover."

"Shut up and fuck me," she laughed again.

I kneaded both of her breasts, trying to tip her over the top by twisting each nipple in a different direction. This made her bite her bottom lip. Remembering how she had earlier fingered herself as we fucked, I moved one hand down to her pearl. She liked how I teased that even better, groaning her appreciation.

A Christmas bauble jingled as my hip almost brushed against the tree. Suddenly I pictured Emma climaxing so forcefully that she might buck me right off of her, sending me flying right into the tree, causing it to come crashing down, waking her mother. Between the chatter about dream lovers, and that image, I decided that it was time to finish this interlude, no matter how demanding Emma chose to be. We were pushing our luck.

Emma moved a hand back up to draw me into an even more furiously energetic lip lock, and her left leg hooked around my right calf, forcing me to fuck in a fresh rhythm.

We wrestled each other, my cock slamming deep into her tight cunt, her leg and hand pulling on my ass and my leg to keep everything going like a carnival ride. Without warning, her tongue still twisting with mine, Emma came. Our teeth knocked together so hard that it was like I was swallowing her scream. Her climax made her muscles clench like a fist, and then release. This caused my balls to shoot yet another load, until I felt empty, my shrinking organ sunk deep in her cream depths, my cream oozing out onto the rug. Exhausted, I rolled off of her, laying between her and the tree.

"Oh, Santa, I hope every day is like Christmas from now on," Emma smirked, ruffling my hair.

"Merry Christmas, Emma," I moaned in response. As my breathing returned to normal, my thoughts turned to that juicy cum filled cunt. My tongue wet my lips in hopes of being given the opportunity to sample Emma's cream pie.

Before that thought had even fully formed, Emma bounced upright with coltish energy, scooping up her T shirt and dropping it over her well fucked body, and then bounded up the stairs, leaving me struggling to not doze off under the tree.

Santa still had more gifts to unpack, but he had just received his best Christmas gift ever.

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