tagMatureStephanie and Her Friends Ch. 09

Stephanie and Her Friends Ch. 09


So up to this point I had met all six girls, seen all of them completely naked, had watched pretty much every combination of them playing with each other, fingers and tongues, solo, twos, threes, flashing, teasing, tickling. I'd had sex with four of them, and was continuing to do so on a somewhat regular basis, but hardly ever knowing in advance who would be dropping by on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or weekend evening. Once in a while my visitor would be able to stay over and have breakfast with me. Those were kind of special times that I really enjoyed. All had sucked on my cock, and I'd returned the favors to all of them. I'd had anal sex with one of them -- Lane -- the adventurous one, and she spring me that if I could set it up, she'd be interesting in doing two guys at once. And finally, the sisters. I was severely conflicted about my relationship with these two. I had really bonded with Stephanie the older one, and felt a lot of ownership of and responsibility for her evolving sexual experiences. Then I met Abby, who I didn't at the time know was her sister, and felt a similar, but yet somehow different and stronger bonding to her, like I needed to be even more protective and careful with her. Life could not possibly be better, could it? And then to totally complicate my life, my neighbor Steve, married, and several years younger than me, figured out enough about my gaggle of girlfriends that he confronted me and I had to explain away what was happening.

That was Monday evening when Steph came over for another talk and a little play time. I got an e-mail from Steve with a couple of pictures of his brother that he mentioned was single and might do the threesome thing. I was having some reservations about all this. I was very apprehensive about bringing someone else into the group that I did not know at all, and had no idea if he was good guy, a player, a predator, how kinky he might be. Once he was introduced to one of the girls, what would prevent him from bringing in other guys, or from going after the other girls. OK, I'm protective, maybe selfish, and possibly jealous of what might happen, and to be in a situation where events would be totally out of my control. But, on the other hand, any of the girls could meet a guy at any time and tell him anything or do anything anyway, so I guess I had to trust them to some degree. Anyhow, I had to figure out some way to vet this guy, and I had to have another discussion with Lane.

I sent an e-mail back to Steve thanking him, and asked him to tell me a bit about Ryan. The response came back that he was an engineer, graduated near the top if his class, had a good job, paid near the top of the pay range for what he does (some sort of complex mechanical stuff to do with high tech materials fabrication). He'd had two serious relationships, but both kind of fizzled, and Steve said there was no evidence of it being anyone's fault, just didn't click. He had his own house, drove a Beemer. He included Ryan's e-mail address. "Contact him if you want."

I wasn't sure about this at all, so I thought maybe what was in order here was to talk to Steve's wife Laura, I mean who better to know the dirt on a guy than a sister-in-law (OK better would be ex-wife or girlfriend, but I had no access to one right now). Though, I didn't see how I could talk to her privately without Steve knowing. I couldn't just invite her over for a glass of wine in the evening leaving her husband at home, and I didn't really want Steve to know that I was end-running him by talking to her without him. I'm sure he'd be putting a different spin on things than Laura would.

So I figured the best bet would be to call her in the afternoon after she was back from teaching school, but before Steve got home.

I called on Tuesday around 4, but no answer, and didn't want to leave a message, and I didn't have her cell number to all directly.

Wednesday's call got an answer. "Hi. Laura, this is Gene from next door."

"Oh, hi. What can I do for you?"

I got up and closed the door to my office. "There is something I'd like to talk to you about, and it's kind of tricky, and I'm not sure where to start, and it's a bit personal. And most of all I don't want Steve to know about the conversation, at least not yet."

"What is it? Something wrong with Steve, is he in trouble? Is he up to something he shouldn't be? You're not going to tell me he's fooling around or something, are you?"

"No, no, no. nothing like that at all. I need some information and I need your opinion on something. It doesn't directly affect Steve, but it's something that you should be able to help me with."

"I'm not getting into any trouble here with Steve or anyone else, am I?"

"No, if what I learn doesn't work out, no one will know."

"OK, what do you need?"

"I have an acquaintance, it's a woman, that is looking ... oh my ... not sure how to say this ... is looking to meet a man somewhat younger than me, if you know what I mean. Steve had suggested that Ryan might be the kind of guy she'd be interested in. I know very little about him, other than he's single, and he's had a couple of serious relationships, and does date now and then. I thought you might be able to provide a woman's perspective on him, his relationships, his old girlfriends, you know, how is he in how he treats women."

"Oooohhh. Wow, That's not what I was expecting. OK. First, he really is a good guy. Everything I've seen says that he treats girls well, he's brought several over here for visits, cookouts, that sort of thing. They always seem to like him, he's polite, good sense of humor."

"What about his ex-girlfriends, do you know how and why they broke up?"

"First one was a little before my time, so I'm not sure, but I never hear him say anything bad about her or their relationship. I get a sense he felt quite sad when he mentioned her. The other one I knew, a really nice girl, I don't think he was in love or anything, and it slowly cooled off. I think at the end she had found someone else, but let him down gently and I think they see each other casually at parties and stuff. I think they are friends."

"So not an abuser, predator, wife beater, one night stand kind of guy, or anything like that?"

"Oh, no, I'd really be surprised if he had any of those sorts of tendencies. As to one night stands, yes, I'm sure there have been a few of those. Steve has kidded him about it a few times. OK, my turn to ask something. Who is this woman you are trying to set up? It's not any of your hot young friends is it, not the one from Monday night?"

Oh, no!!! She knows something, This is not good. Did Steve talk to her and tell everything, or just something, or did she see something? I hesitated; I stammered a little, "No, no, it's not her. But it is one of her friends, one of the other girls."

"So, tell me, what is going on over there. I'm not spying or anything but I can't help but notice the cars parked at the curb, different ones, and sometimes they are still there in the morning. You've got to come clean here. If I'm pimping out my brother-in-law to you here, I think I deserve some kind of explanation."

"Has Steve told you anything about our conversation the other night?"

"So he's talked to you and didn't tell me, interesting. I do need to talk to him then, but, no, if that's what you're thinking, no, he did not rat you out.

Oh boy, I'm busted now. The question is how much should I tell, and how much do I really need to tell her.

"Look, it's one thing to tell another guy, Steve, what has transpired between me and the girls, but I don't think I can do the same with you."

"Come on, I'm an adult, I know what sex is, I mean I presume there is something sexual going on, so come on you can tell me. You're a single guy, you're entitled to have relationships with whomever you want."

I hesitated, not saying anything, so Laura continued, "OK. How about I ask you some questions and you answer, OK?"

"Sure, go ahead, but I might choose not to answer some."

"That's fine. OK, How many? And how old are they"

"How many what -- how many girls or how many I've had sex with?"

"Ooohhhh, more than one. Answer both."

"OK -- Six girls all together, and I've had sex with four of them. They're going to community college and a couple are seniors in high school, 18 and 19."

"You're fucking kidding!", she exclaimed. "What are you some kind of stud? I can't believe this. You're right next door to me, and you're banging teenagers? You're going to have to tell me how you stumbled into this, because I can't see how this could happen. I mean you are a good looking guy and everything, not too old for someone like me, but you have to admit, you are kind of old for them."

Here, though, I was definitely going to skirt the whole truth.

"I met them completely by accident, and I think it was very unintentional. They were together at a coffee place near my office, and they were teasing each other and fooling around. They started to stare at me, one of them flashed me. A week later, same thing happened, but this time I got handed a pair of damp panties, and an e-mail address from one of them. I sent an e-mail, and one thing led to another, and now I am somehow a BFF with six girls. I still can't believe it. Look, it's not like it's happening everyday. I get together with one or two of them, maybe twice a week, and this has been going on for a few months, since end of summer. We've had one amazing weekend away, all of us, and it was incredible. They had as much fun with each other as I had with them. Last week, one of the girls said that she'd be curious about another older guy, but maybe not as old as me. Her college crowd is all around her age, young and geeky, or jocks that are too full of themselves, and I think they just don't want to put up with them, and if they get involved with one of them and word gets out, well, you know..."

"That sounds funny to me, I mean a hot 19 year old should be able to get anybody she wants, any time. Just a sec, you said one or two, you mean you've had more than one at a time? And they have sex with each other?"

"Oh, yes they do, and yes, more than one a few times. They are really special group, and oh, yeah, do they ever play with each other. They have absolutely no qualms about getting each other off or going down. Like I said, amazing."

"Wow, this is getting better all the time. You have to tell me more, I'm going to come over to your place tonight and we need to talk."

"Look, maybe you should talk to Steve first. I'm getting real uncomfortable here, and I don't know that I can go into any more details with you about this."

"OK, but I'm still going to talk to you. I'll call you."

And she was gone. Well, that didn't quite work out the way I thought it might, or the way I wanted it to. But, anyway, it looked like Ryan was going to be an OK guy, so now the problem was how to approach him, and how to set up introductions to Lane. Going to really have to think on this one, because even though Laura gave him a thumbs up, you never can tell.

So at about 7:30 that evening, there is a knock on the front door and as I open it, Laura slips past me and into the living room and sits down. "Hi, stud!", she says with a big grin on her face.

"Come on, you shouldn't be here by yourself. What's Steve going to think?"

"He knows I'm here, he's got the boys out at their cub scout meeting, but he said he'd pop by later, but I couldn't wait. He filled me in what happened and how you got there. I still can't believe it. And you want Ryan for a threesome, wow, these girls are kinky, aren't they?"

"Not sure kinky is the right word, but yeah, it's weird. You wouldn't believe how comfortable they are with each other, their bodies, and of course sex. It's amazing to watch."

"Yeah, maybe I'll have to invite myself over sometime," she said with a big grin on her face.

"Huh?" I exclaimed with a very surprised look on my face.

"Tell you later. So show me the package. I need to see this thing that can keep all these girls coming back for more."

"Well I can tell you it's not the package, there is just something that has clicked between us on an emotional, trust, friendship level that somehow makes them think that I am just another one of them, one of the group."

"OK, that's fine, but I still need to see it."

She came over to me, knelt down in front and started undoing my belt and pulling down my pants and shorts.

"Laura, no, you can't be doing this."

"Its OK, no sex, no fucking, but I just have to see this. Thinking about you and those girls has got me just a little horny"

"What would Steve say?"

"I'm not telling him, but I think he could be OK if it's just a blow job. I really like doing these. Who knows, maybe I can show the girls a thing or two."

And out it popped, half hard, and she immediately sucked it into her mouth. Her left hand was at the base of my cock stroking that part gently, and her mouth slid back on forth over the head of my cock, and her tongue swirled around the head. Damn, she was good. Steve was a lucky guy.

Suddenly she pulled back, and stood up, "I need to do something here, just hang on a sec." She undid her jeans, pulled them down below her knees, then resumed the position on my cock. I looked down and could see that she was working her pussy and clit with her right while her left was back on my cock, and her mouth continued to stroke. It did not take long at all, probably not even four minutes and I let her know I was cumming, but she kept going and within seconds I was filling her mouth with semen. She continued so suck and pull all of it out of me, then pulled off and swallowed.

"Here, I need just a couple more seconds," as she flopped back on the couch and continued to rub her clit in a circular motion.

"I can help you with that,'' I offered.

"No, not right now, I'm too close," and soon she was stiffening up, tipped her head back, scrunched up her eyes, and let out a long squeal. She then relaxed, and sat still for a few seconds, before standing up and putting her jeans back in place.

"Wow, I needed that!!!"

"Care to explain this to me, and how I'm going to deal with Steve after this. I mean, you've put me in a really uncomfortable position here. You could have just fucked up a nice friendship and neighborly relationship."

"No, I don't think so. Let me explain a bit. Steve and I have an understanding, and before I go any farther, we aren't swingers, and we don't swap, and we don't have lovers or affairs on the go. When I was in college, I was pretty much a LUG -- you know what that is. I dated some guys, but I had a pretty regular relationship with a couple of girls, my roommate from freshman year that continued on through the years, and a couple of others that I connected with from classes we had together. I met Steve in my senior year; he was a grad student at the time. I didn't flaunt it in front of him, but he pretty much knew what was happening, and seemed to be OK with it. We dated some, and after we both graduated, we got different jobs, our paths didn't cross often. I probably had three or four boyfriends after that, but was still seeing a couple of the girls now and then when they were in town, as they got jobs a couple of hours away. Problem was, the guys eventually kind of got wind that I was still "LUGging" even though it was well past graduation, and didn't really want to deal with it. So, I decided that with the next guy I met that looked like a prospect, I'd shut it down with the girls. Well, as you can guess, the next guy was Steve. We bumped into each other, we started dating again, it all clicked really nicely. I knew real soon that we were going to work out together, and we eventually got married. Before it happened, he wanted me to come clean and tell him about the girls. I did tell him the whole story, and he asked me if I still had the need or desire to be with them. I told him that I was very fond of them as individuals, and very much liked the physical relationships. So he told me that it was OK if I continued, but had to be very occasional, had to be absolutely discrete, and no one could know. He did say that I had to tell him what happened afterward -- he's a bit of a voyeur, I guess."

"OK, wow, that is quite the story, this looks like it might take a while, get you a drink? Red?"

"Sure, go ahead, I'll keep talking. So I get together with one or the other of them when they are in town on business or shopping, probably only twice a year or so. That went on for several years, then, and I can't remember how the conversation started, but somehow I let slip that if I was having a little fun and excitement for old times' sake, wouldn't it only be fair if he could do the same. I remember it being really funny because he thought I wanted him to go find a guy to fuck around with. So we came to an agreement, same rules, very occasional, discrete, no one knows, and he tells me about it. And one extra rule for him. My girls were long time friends, we had been doing this for a long time, they are all married with kids too. But with Steve, I told him, that no repeats. And we both agreed that there was too much of a danger of an emotional involvement, either on his part or on the women's that would be way too hard to avoid, and could cause some damage."

"So he's been playing around?"

"To the best of my knowledge, only three times. All when he's been on business trips, and one of those was a three nighter, which he asked me for after the first night. No emotional attachment, it's just that she was a whole lot of fun, as he told me afterwards."

"So how about you, you've fooled around too?"

"Only with the girls. You are my first contact of the male of the species under this arrangement. So, I think he's going to be OK with it, but we'll probably have to tread lightly for a little while until I work it out with him. This kind of violates one of the rules, because I can't see this being a onetime thing, unless, of course, he goes ballistic and shuts this down, but I don't think so. He's a pretty reasonable, level headed guy. I guess we're going to find out how much."

"You said it's not a onetime thing."

"Come on now, after what we just did can you see any way that being next door to each other, me knowing what you are doing with your harem, me being a closet lesbian, that there is any way we could walk away from this?"

"I see what you mean, but we've got to be careful, and think it through carefully."

"I agree. Steve and I thought through the current relationship pretty carefully, and it evolved over a long time so we got comfortable and trusting about it. This will have to work the same way. We have to make sure everyone is ready for what happens, is OK with it and understands the rules. That's where getting Ryan into this worries me a bit. Not that he'd do anything bad to anyone, but I just don't know if he could handle this kind of situation without it getting out. Oh, and in case you haven't figured it out yet, I'd love to play with your girls, and now, I kind of think I'd like to play with you too, but those are going to have to wait until I have my talk with Steve. Hey. Look I probably need to get back. I'll catch Steve before he gets home, should be in about 20 minutes. So in the mean time, come over here, I want to show you something."

She pulled me in front of her, about two feet away, close enough that I can reach out and touch her. She started slowly undoing her shirt, peeled it off, stood there for a few seconds, letting me look at the low cut bra, and what had to be at least 36C boobs.

"You showed me yours, so I think I should show you some of mine."

She reached behind and unhooked her bra letting it fall to the floor. "Feel these for me please. So you'll know what's waiting for you later."

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