tagLoving WivesStepping in the River, Twice Ch. 02

Stepping in the River, Twice Ch. 02


When Jenny came in it was around 9:30PM, Philippine time. She was dressed in a calf length sleeveless cotton green dress. The hemline was moderately low enough to make a curious man want to see more but not low enough that she would expose herself. It was the side of the dress that was cut low enough for me to tell she wasn't wearing a bra. Wearing a bra was something she didn't really need to do because of her height and tits that road high on her chest.

I wondered why I'd never noticed her simple beauty before. Then again, I never shared a room with her before or saw her dressed in any way except business professional. For that matter, our discussions in the past consisted of me saying "Hello is Margo in the office?" She was the professional receptionist who had always kept things professional.

"It is simply too hot to wear underwear in this country." She must have caught me trying to peak down her dress. "Don't worry Matthew, as much as I'd like to fuck you blind, I will respect your need to suffer. Besides I don't ever want to be the reason you return home feeling guilty, so I'm moving to a single room down the hall." As she spoke Jenny was packing her bag and toiletries.

She was removing herself, not because she didn't trust me, she'd just admitted she'd always wanted to fuck me. I was surprised and a little flattered. After all I am a testosterone driven male.

What could I say? Jenny was clearly smarter when it came to my emotional turmoil. She knew I would not need to lie to Margo about who slept where and with whom. Jenny would be a companion for meals and shopping. She would listen to me if I needed to think through a thought or emotion. We would share a sight-seeing adventure and that was all.

It was Thursday and Jenny and I had just finished a meal. We decided to see a pirated film that was playing in a funky bar in what probably was the red light district. Jenny was interested in the bar from a "business" perspective explaining how she might learn something as she looked for work where she could use her newly earned MBA. I'd heard that the movie Oblivion was playing so agreed to sip a San Miguel and get cool.

The MBA business perspective was something I didn't understand and made no sense unless she was planning to move to move to the Philippines and open up a bar.

Once we were in the bar, enjoying the air conditioning, Jenny disappeared after about a half hour. She was getting into a conversation with a couple of ex-patriots who were sitting at the far end of the bar. When I finally looked around for her I saw her sitting in a high-backed booth with the two ex-patriots and three Filipino dancing girls.

The scene was surreal and immediately held my attention. I became a voyeur, of sorts, and could not take my eyes off of the unfolding scene in the booth. All three of the dancing girls were topless and seemed to be having the time of their lives trying to get Jenny to take off her lose fitting peasant blouse. The ex-patriots appeared to be in their early fifties and both needed a shave. I guessed by the tattoos on their arms they'd been Marines who decided to retire in Boracay.

The dancing girls were all touching Jenny, feeling her long dark hair and picking at her blouse as if it would magically fall off. The men were buying drinks for the girls and Jenny, who looked like she was drinking hard liquor. When one of the men reached over and slowly pulled Jenny's blouse down one shoulder I thought she would slap him and pull her blouse back up.

Jenny just laughed and looked at her bare shoulder and the blouse that seemed to rest at the top of her nearly exposed breast. I have to admit I was getting turned on by the scene in front of me and had forgotten all about the pirated movie playing behind me. I realized as I watched Jenny that should someone pull or push the remaining part of her blouse off of its shoulder, she would be topless and exposed for everyone in the bar to see.

I was curious to see if Jenny would let it happen. Would she expose herself?

I didn't have to wait much longer as one of the dancing girls sitting on Jenny's left, the side where her shoulder was already bare, seemed to move close enough to whisper something in Jenny's ear. Whatever it was Jenny laughed. The dancing girl sitting to her right then pushed her hair back and slid the remainder of her blouse to the side. I watched as the material slid to her waste and the dancing girl lowered her head to kiss Jenny's neck, then her exposed nipple. Her nipples were long, hard and clearly belayed how excited she was.

If it hadn't been for the sound of a noisy sound system and the large flat screen TV behind me, the bar would have been silent. I noticed everyone seemed to be watching the show that was unfolding in the booth where Jenny was the star. As much as I wanted to see what would happen next a part of me realized Jenny had come with me because she cared for me. She'd started out as my protector but now was playing the role of the seductor.

Before I knew what I was doing I found myself standing beside the booth waiting for Jenny to open her eyes, to look at me. When she did a languid smile seemed to come across her face. Without making a scene she kissed the two dancing girls sitting on either side of her then winked at both ex-patriots before pulling her blouse back up to cover her exposed breasts. Yes, they were devilishly beautiful breasts not too big but large enough to tell everyone she was very much a grown woman.

It was hard to hear because of the sound system. Meaningful conversation was impossible but everyone at the table seemed to understand that Jenny was with me. They let Jenny climb out from behind the booth, taking my hand in the process. Then she wrapped her arms around me, kissing me full on the lips. It was a semi-long passionate kiss and I could taste the orange juice and vodka, lots of vodka, on her breath.

"Thanks." Was all she said into my ear as Jenny's arms went around my waste, letting me lead her out of the bar. "Take me home kind Sir and make sure I get tucked into bed safely, okay?"

When we exited the air conditioned bar we were greeted by the evening heat and humidity which, oddly, felt good.

Once we were back at our hotel I walked Jenny to her room, not wanting to go in with her, not wanting to be tempted by her beauty. But she would not let me go, insisting I put her to bed, just to make sure she was "safe." Once inside the room Jenny let all of her clothes fall to the floor. With shorts and blouse on the tiled floor she was gloriously nude and clearly one of the most desirable women I'd ever seen. Was she seducing me?

She tried to pull me into bed with her but I managed to resist, kissing her forehead before pulling the sheet up to her neck. Even her neck was beautiful!

"Good night Jenny." I whispered in her ear before turning to go back to my room.

"Good night Matthew . . . I told her she had nothing to worry about . . . I told her so."

Who had Jenny told what to? Did I hear her right? Was she talking about my wife Margo?

Before I left Jenny's hotel room I thought I heard Jenny snoring softly. I wondered why Jenny had really come with me. It was puzzling, unless she was here to also test me? But why would Jenny need to "test" me? Was she really working with Margo? Had I been set up as part of an elaborate way to see if I was faithful to my wife and marriage?

I decided I did not like my line of thinking. It was the kind of thinking that caused depression and anxiety. Once back in my room I gave into my own exhaustion and slept. San Miguel was proving to be a wonderful sleep aide.

Fried duck eggs, garlic rice, heavy pancakes made with Chinese flour, mango syrup, calamansi juice (similar to lime), and rice coffee all tasted very good. It helped I was famished after days of not eating right and long hours of mental anguish as I tried to figure out what had gone wrong between Margo and me.

I was half finished with my breakfast when Jenny joined me. She was wearing a pink tank top and loose fitting short sleeved shirt that was unbuttoned. Jenny was casual but fashionable. She was an enigma I probably would never understand. There were things about her I would never comprehend, and that was okay.

"Jenny, it has been wonderful having you here, even if it has meant sleeping in another room. I do, however, need to ask you something and I'd like you to be honest with me."

Jenny looked a little puzzled as she sipped her rice coffee and nibbled on a fried pastry. Don't ask me what the pastry was. Yet she was also smiling.

"What's on your mind?" Jenny had discovered the plate of ripe papaya, mango, water melon, guava and pineapple and was beginning to eat with her fingers. In the Philippines eating with your hands is referred to as Camayan and is perfectly acceptable. I don't think I will ever get the hang of eating steamed rice with my fingers but Filipinos have it to and art.

Watermelon and guava juice ran down her chin to drip on her clean tank top. She hadn't noticed so I didn't say anything.

"Jenny, you and Margo are friends, yes?"

"Ah, huh. I've known her for 5, maybe 6 years."

"That's not the question. I want to know if you two are the kind of friends that share confidences and engage in hushed girl-gossip designed for each other's ears only."

Jenny used her clothe napkin to wipe away remnants of fruit juice that had collected on her chin. She then looked me square in the eye before speaking. I could tell she was debating what to say or at the very least how to say something.

"I won't lie to you Matthew, we are very good friends and I have been reporting to her every night." I wanted to be indignantly angry, but wasn't. There it was confirmation. It also reinforced her Boss' assertion that Margo was "testing" me, trying to make me jealous and spice up our marriage.

"What the fuck does reporting to mean?" I knew what it meant. I just needed to hear it from Jenny.

Food was no longer of interest to either of us. I pushed my plate of half-eaten duck eggs and longonisa to the side to give Jenny my full attention. I think I was upset but not angry. Maybe frustrated and hurt?

"Matthew, there is no need to get upset. Relax. We talk every night. I tell her you are okay and that you have been a gentleman. Yes, that means I have affirmed that you have been true to your wedding vows." I knew I'd been true to my vows. That wasn't the real question.

"One last question Jenny and no bull shit response. I need to know the truth regardless of how painful it is. Has Margo cheated on me with Stan?"

She did not hesitate. Jenny leaned across the table and said, "No, she has been painfully faithful." I wondered if Jenny was lying. "Even her kissing Stan was a set up to see how you would respond. She had not forgotten your lunch date and took advantage of the timing to see how you would react. Jenny wanted to know if you would fight for her love. She believed your marriage was getting a little complacent, you know, routine. Jenny was also beginning to feel old and taken-for-granted. She thought kissing Stan was a harmless way to find out how much you loved her."

Jenny stopped speaking as I sat back in the comfortable restaurant seat, slouching. I was trying to figure out which had felt worse, seeing Margo kissing Stan or knowing she was doing it to "test" my commitment to her and our marriage. "Matthew, no one has been hurt and I think you love Margo more than you know. I also think Margo completely misjudged what you would do. You also need to know I warned her that what she was planning to do could backfire on her." Jenny was trying to reassure me that everything would be okay but this additional information raised more questions and concerns.

"Jenny, I guess I see things very differently. But I need to ask you something. Would you have fucked me the other night, before we moved to separate rooms, if I'd come on to you? When you came on to me were you prepared to consummate your lust or was all of that simply part of the test? Where were you supposed to draw the line and say, sorry Matthew but fucking each other is something I can't do?" Jenny was suddenly not the self-assured travel companion who had listened to me poor out my mental anguish, anguish I'd believed was very real.

Jenny sat back in her seat. She fidgeted and looked out the window where it was already 95 degrees with humidity of near 100%. It was going to be a very hot day.

"Come on Jenny; let's go back to my room. I've changed my mind and want to lick, kiss and suck on long hard nipples." I was now the one testing Jenny, testing her resolve, testing how far she would take things. Jenny turned her head to look me in the eye and glare the look of an angry Banshee. "Jenny, save the angry look for someone who might actually believe you." From the look in her eyes she was hurt. Too bad.

I was angry and hurt with both Margot and Jenny, who'd I'd confided in and felt safe with, would conspire to test my resolve. Without further conversation I signaled our waiter who immediately came to our table with the check, which I signed with my hotel room number, then tossed then pen on the table flippantly. The waiter did not deserve to be treated with that kind of disrespect but the gesture was designed to let Jenny know conversation time was over.

I left Jenny sitting at the hotel restaurant's breakfast table. When I walked away I was lost in thought about how Margo had doubted my love for her and decided to test it. What ever happened to talking about what bothered us? That evening would be the last night in Boracay before catching the red-eye flight home tomorrow, Saturday. I was more than ready to get back to the States even if I had no idea what had really happened to my marriage and I wouldn't know where my marriage stood until Margot and I talked.

I flitted the day away by walking around Boracay, eating Satay prepared by street vendors and stopped to see a movie-theater movie (don't ask me what the move was, it was Filipino-made and in Tagalog). It was more a way to hide and get away from the heat of the day. I was clearly not looking for conversation and did not want to see Jenny wondering what she might be saying to Margo. I was back in the hotel before the sun went down and ordered room service for water, San Miguel and a shrimp salad.

Then I gave in to the need for sleep not bothering to undress of slip under the pressed cotton sheets. It was a pounding knock on the door that woke me around 5:30AM. I tried to ignore the pounding until I realized whoever it was had no intention of leaving me alone.

I was mildly surprised when I opened the hotel room door to see Jenny, wearing a short terry cloth robe. Her face was scrubbed of all make up giving her a little-girl look that, under other circumstances, would have been a sexual turn-on. I was, at that moment, seeing Jenny as Margot's ally and accomplice.

Jenny didn't wait for me to respond, not at first, speaking. Instead she jumped on me wrapping her legs and arms around me causing me to stumble backwards and fall onto the bed. In the process of falling on me her robe opened revealing her gloriously naked body. When she saw me try to speak she lowered her mouth to mine and began to kiss me. It was a hungry, horny kiss that was more demanding than anything else.

I gave into my anger and hurt and began to respond to her kiss. My kiss was hard, forceful and demanding. It was not a loving sexy kiss but one that was full of anger and frustration.

It was also difficult to ignore how good she felt as she lay on top of me.

"No regrets Matthew. What we do now does not go beyond your door but I need you and I need you now!" Jenny seemed to kiss me, curl her body around mind and undress me all at the same time.

Time stood still as I gave into my own anger-driven lust. It was easy to flip Jenny onto her back giving me access to her exposed body. Without thinking I covered her pert tits with my mouth, sucking angrily at her long hard nipples until she yelled acknowledging the pain. Simultaneously I pinched and pulled her exposed nipple making no attempt to be gentle. What we were doing was pure un-restrained animal.

By the time my mouth, leaving a trail of saliva from her breasts, across her stomach to her perfectly shaved pussy, I was in frenzy. I was a shark that had come upon a school of docile fish. It was time to feed! I shot my tongue between her tight labia where I encountered resistance. Resistance? It was a natural resistance, the kind of resistance that comes from a membrane, a wall, that had never been breached by boy, man or dildo. Jenny was still a virgin? Was this her way of making peace with me? I didn't carry on my inner dialogue. Time for anger and mind-games was over.

"Matthew, make me feel complete." She whispered her words in a throaty, guttural way.

With the knowledge that Jenny was giving me something very rare and precious I slowed down and began to concentrate on making it one of the best experiences of her life. I began to make love to her softly caressing softly caressing and kissing her entire body.

"She said you were the absolute best lover." Again Jenny was guttural and throaty as she held my head in place as I kissed and suckled her perfect tits. For a moment I thought about Margot bragging to Jenny about our sex life wondering if it was all true.

With Jenny still laying on her back I knelt between her long, muscle-tight legs. Lifting them over my legs let me sit on my feet and guide my cock to the entrance of her virgin pussy where I rested the erection atop her clit, moving it back-and-forth gently. I was no longer in any hurry, wanting this to last as long as possible.

Soon I was caressing the entrance to her vaginal walls, relishing how she seemed to moan and toss her head each time my cock touched her, there. I must have teased her like this for at least a half hour before her guttural whisper said, "Please Matthew, fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

I very slowly eased into her very wet and warm pussy with steady pressure until I felt Jenny yield, felt her vaginal walls open then close snuggly around me. I was not touching her with any other part of my body, focusing on the single act of entering her for the first time. Once I was all the way inside I stopped all movement to give Jenny time to adjust, to begin to move beneath me. What she did from that moment on would tell me how to proceed.

Jenny did not have me wait too long before she began to buck against me. I needed no further encouragement and responded.

"Cum in me Matthew!" Her throaty voice was almost horsed as she pulled me to her. I don't think I'd ever cum so much as I did that first time with Jenny. With her long legs wrapped around my waist I wasn't going anyplace and had no desire, for the first time since walking in on Margo and Stan, to be anyplace else.

It would not be until much later that our combined blood, sperm and her sexual discharged christened the bed. I hoped there was thick padding beneath the sheets then decided it didn't really matter. No one had died. In fact, just the opposite had occurred. In many ways the act liberated me from thinking Margo was the end-all. For Jenny, she was now free of virginal constraints that had kept her from pursuing relationships for many, many years.

Yes, Jenny and I made love two more times before showering. We'd ruined the once pressed cotton sheets making our last day in the Philippines most memorable and very satisfying. If nothing else my anger seemed to have abated significantly and I had no idea what Jenny now meant to me but being given the gift of her virginity left me feeling, well, good about myself. I was also wondering what Margo meant to me? I decided that, at that moment, it didn't really matter.

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