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Steven and the Cheerleaders


Author's Note: This story came from the 500 word challenge I participated in, that was posted on the Author's Forum (the title was Carpooling Cheerleaders). Later, most all the stories were collected and turned into a submission here at Lit. under the name: Coming Together and titled Transportation Challenge. It is full of 500 word stories by many talented writers here at Lit. I recommend it to anyone. This story idea is my own and I felt the need to expand it. I hope you enjoy. Please vote and comment if you feel so inclined. ~ Thank you, Red.

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Steven stared at his sister. Her bottle-blonde curls were matted to her forehead. His palm pressed softly against her brow and shook his head. "What time do I have to go get them?" he asked, as he pulled his hand away and wiped the sweat on his jeans.

"The game starts at seven, but we need to be there by six-thirty. Pick up Sally first, then Jessica, and then Danielle." Tabitha rolled over, pulling the covers up to her chin. "Thanks Steve. I appreciate it."

Her brother sighed and muttered, "You owe me," before walking out of the room, closing the door behind him. The young man made his way downstairs, grumbling about how his weeknight was not busted. He'd come home from Ball State, hoping to catch up with a few friends, instead he was greeted by his sister . . . a sister with a bad case of the flu. His parents would be gone most of the night, celebrating their anniversary, so he couldn't count of either one of them doing Tabitha's bidding.

He glanced at his watch and figured he had a few minutes to shower and change before heading out to pick up the first of his sister's co-cheerleading team. At that moment, the only thing he was thankful for was, the fact he only had to pick up three, not all seven. A shudder ran through him; all ready he could imagine the high-pitched squeals of the perky blondes and brunettes that had been a constant presence in his life, since Tabitha joined the team, four years ago as a Freshman.

Steven stripped down and started the shower water, eventually climbing in and washing the tension from his six-hour drive home. He thought back to the last time he'd seen the three girls, he'd been guilt-ridden into picking up. It had been seven months ago, just before he left for his final year in college. The girls had spent the night with Tabitha and he'd gotten little, if any sleep. They had spent hours giggling, laughing, and doing all sorts of gymnastics in the room next to his. Eventually, he broke down, grabbed a couple sleeping pills from his mom's medicine cabinet, cursed the females and buried his head in his pillow. Sometime in the middle of the night he'd woken up with a full bladder and made a dash to the commode. On the way back, he heard several moans and whispers from behind Tab's bedroom door. He stopped and pressed his ear to the door. His face grew warm as he imagined what those sounds could have meant.

He knew it unlikely that the four girls were doing what his perverted and horny twenty-two-year-old mind was conjuring up. But, he couldn't help but wonder. Then he felt something smack him in the head; spinning around he glared at his sister, refusing to let his gaze roam across her lush figure. "Like what you hear?" she asked, pushing past him and rolling her eyes. "If you're nice, maybe someday you can watch." She'd opened the door and slipped in, not giving him a chance to see what or who had been moaning and whimpering.

A heavy sigh left Steven's lips as the memory of what he'd dealt with privately in his room, faded away and his shower water turned cold. He shivered, quickly rinsing off the remaining suds that covered his hairy flesh. The thought of buying his parents a new and much larger water heater flittered through his mind while he dried off. Quickly he donned a pair of white Jockey briefs, socks, jeans, worn sneakers, and a blue muscle shirt. He stopped off at Tabitha's room, refilled her glass of water, rinsed out the small wastebasket she'd been using to dispel her unsettled stomach and then left her sleeping.

He knew his truck wouldn't work for himself and the three cheerleaders; he took Tabitha's Tahoe keys from the hook and one of his Bon Jovi CDs. It wasn't long before Bad Medicine was ricocheting off the interior walls of the vehicle and Steven was on his way to Sally Tucker's house.

Twenty minutes passed before Steven pulled into the gravel driveway of the Tucker residence. He admired the lithe form of his sister's friend, silently wishing that the cheerleader didn't have the high-pitched squeal that often erupted from the squad. It was really the only issue he had with the whole carpooling idea. He knew how these three girls behaved when they got together, at least how they behaved outside of the bedroom. His cock shifted slightly at the thought that had occupied his mind in the shower earlier. It continued growing with each step that Sally took toward the SUV. The typical tiny and tight cheerleaders' uniform, hugged her small breasts and slim hips.

"Tab called about five minutes ago. She sounds horrible. Thanks for doing this," Sally said, breaking into Steven's thoughts. He shrugged his shoulders and she pulled the door closed, buckled up and tossed her pom poms and gym bag to the floor.

"She's pretty bad. Been throwing up most of the day. Surprised she mustered the energy to call you," Steven told her as he backed out of the drive. He turned left at the next intersection and headed to Jessica Daniel's home. "It's just to the game right? Tab said you'll all have rides home."

"Yeah, just the game. We girls usually end up getting a ride from one of the players or someone in the crowd." Sally lifted both her legs and propped them on the dash board. "I do hope she's feeling better by next week."

"Oh? Big game? Or big plans?" Steven asked, trying his best to ignore the way the skirt rode up the remaining inches of her thighs, exposing a pair of red panties. He coughed, thinking he was almost sure girls were supposed to wear bloomers or something under those tiny skirts, not red, lace lingerie.

Absentmindedly, Sally dragged her fingernails over her thigh, itching her flesh. "Damn spiders," she hissed. "Derrick was cleaning out his closest and I think he disturbed a nest of those eight-legged freaks."

He glanced at her leg, shifted in his seat and gave himself a mental chastisement. "They're usually dead or hiding this time of year. Sure it was a spider?" he asked, taking another look at her leg before pulling into another cheerleader's drive.

"Yeah, pretty sure. See." She pushed her skirt high and turned slightly, offering Steven a good look at the red lines she'd made with her nails. In the center of the trails was a small, slightly raised dot. "It itches like a mother."

Steven swallowed and nodded his head. "It looks like it." He glanced away, wanting nothing more than to adjust his growing package. He noticed movement out of the corner of his eye and waved to Jessica. She waved back, rewarding him with a big toothy grin. Her lips, covered in a sheen of glimmering burgundy, accented the perfect smile he remembered her for. Her hair swung back and forth in a high-topped ponytail. Once she settled herself in the backseat, Steven was off again, this time heading deeper into the country to pick up Danielle Waters, the final cheerleader in his carpooling chore.

"You're a safe driver, aren't you Steve?" Jessica asked. He heard her seatbelt release and chuckled.

"Yeah, I'm a safe driver. You're in good hands." Inwardly he snickered as he thought of what he'd be having in his hands, once he got the cheerleaders to the game. He wasn't seeing anyone, nor was he interested in any former girlfriends either. Realistically, he knew he'd be stroking alone that night, but he'd have a sexy cheerleader bouncing on him, in his mind.

Jessica's hands were suddenly on his shoulders, her breath against his ears. "Thanks for taking us to the game," she whispered, leaving a soft kiss under his lobe. She sat back and propped her legs onto the seat across from her.

Steven grunted and then whispered that it wasn't a big deal. He couldn't help but move his hand to his crotch, and mutter, "Excuse me. Gotta itch."

Sally glanced at him, smirked and then winked. "I bet you do." She giggled and then turned to talk to Jessica about the various cheers and moves they would be doing during the half-time. Steven spent his time glancing at Sally's chest, the material of her little vest stretching across her firm globes, looking in his rearview mirror at Jessica's full lips, and driving down the dirt road that would take them up to Danielle's farm house.

When the last cheerleader slid into the Tahoe, Steven was cursing himself for ever agreeing to help out his sister. Danielle was tall, muscular, but still all woman. She was a farmer's daughter. He admired the way she moved as she too opted to slide across and then lean in and kiss him as a way to give him thanks for the lift. His cheek burned where her lips had pressed into his skin and he knew his cock was straining to be released. "No problem," he answered back, tightening his groin muscles, trying to relieve some of the tension.

As the three girls chatted amongst themselves, Steven tried to think of what movies were on at the town's cinema. He wanted . . . needed . . . something to distract him. The next few seconds happened quickly, Steven cursing and the three girls either screaming or gasping in shock. The "popping" sound was muffled by the music, the passengers and the car itself as the tire exploded and the SUV swerved to the ditch. Its driver corrected the spin and pulled the vehicle to the side of the road, then shut off the engine. "Wait here," he muttered, slipping out of his seat and shutting the door behind him.

Steven stood outside, glaring angrily at the blown left rear tire. He eyed it and then shook his head. "She better have fucking replaced it," he said to himself as he walked to the back of the Tahoe and knocked on the window. Sally unlocked the trunk and Steven opened its hatch. "Fuck "

"What?" the three girls asked, all turning to look back at him and the object of his wrath.

"When did she put the donut on?" he asked, looking up at the three women.

Sally shrugged her shoulders. "I think it was about three weeks ago or something. She was fuckin' pissed too. She called your Dad and begged him to come out and change it, but he refused . . . something about her responsibility or something like that. Why?"

"Because she just lost the fuckin' donut too. Dad's like that. She was probably told once to get this tire patched and then have the shop change the tires out, but obviously she wasn't in a big hurry." He shut the trunk and leaned against the vehicle. Steven pulled out his cell phone and grumbled as he walked a few feet North, then South, East, and then finally West. He heard the doors to the Tahoe open and turned to see the Sally and Jessica with their own wireless phones out.

"You're not going to get a signal out here," Danielle told them. "There aren't any towers this far out and you know the one in town is shit. The best bet is to just wait till someone comes by."

Sally spun around, her phone gripped tight in her fist. "That's because we're in the middle of nowhere!"

"Ease up," Steven told them. "I've got a bar, maybe two if I'm lucky."

The three girls grinned and eagerly waited for him to get through to someone. Eventually, they could see him growing frustrated as his voice raised and he repeated various words. They all hoped the signal had been strong enough to get the situation across to the listener. Once he hung up, he walked back to the three women.

"Well?" Sally asked, her arms folded under her breasts and her gaze searching his face.

"Tabby's gonna send mom and dad out after they get home," he told her.

"When will that be?" Sally's voice showed her annoyance, as did her stiff posture and her crossed arms.

Steven shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know. It's their anniversary. I know they had dinner and dancing planned, probably a nice drive or a movie."

Danielle sighed. "Well, there goes the game. Noone's liable to be down this road, unless they get lost. We could walk back to my place, but it'll be dark by the time we get there."

"And cold," Steven added.

"Yeah, that too," Danielle agreed.

"So we're stuck here for God knows how long " Jessica said, uncrossing her arms and reclaiming her seat. Steven and the other girls followed suit. An hour passed and then another before Steven leaned his seat back and closed his eyes. Silently he begged the Lord to grant him Sainthood when he died, because he had not yet killed the three perky females. Their time was spent talking about what celebrity was sleeping with who, and who was the newest pop star to go into Rehab.

Hours later, Steven found himself roused from an uncomfortable position in his sister's Tahoe. It took him a moment to remember where he was and who he was with. He wasn't sure what had awoken him as his eyes fluttered open. He listened to the shuffling of the girls and assumed they too had fallen asleep. He was wrong. The whispered words of "shh" and "quiet" and "he's gonna wake up" made Steven turn his body so he could better see what was going on. He first noticed that Sally was no longer in the front seat. This made his brow rise, knowing that the woman had to have climbed into the back with the other girls. He shifted again, feeling his skin grow warm as he heard the distinctive sound of a low primal moan. Immediately, his cock jerked in response.

Steven glanced at the back seat. With the aid of the moonlight he saw three creamy flesh-toned cheerleaders free of their little uniforms, wearing nothing but their bobby socks and sneakers. His breath caught in his throat as he watched the preppie girls go to town on each other. The bench seat was full of flesh. Danielle's long and well-shaped body lay across it. Jessica was on top, going at her from a sixty-nine position and Sally was sitting on her knees on the floor board, sharing Jessica's meal of Danielle's bushy cunt. His eyes were bugged out. His cock straining and his lungs starving for air. Yet, Steven said nothing, just enjoyed the sight of the moon and stars illuminating the wicked trio.

"Shh, Sally; he'll wake up," Jessica whispered.

Sally moaned and took a longer and deeper swipe of Danielle's pussy, battling for possession of the young woman's clit with her friend, Jessica. Jessica giggled when she heard Danielle grunt loudly. "She's gonna come soon," Jessica whispered. Steven reached down and pulled his zipper. Slowly he inched it down, his gaze never leaving the wanton display. A part of him wanted to turn on the dome light, show the girls he was awake and spotlight everything they did. Another part liked the dark shadows that kept a lot of their sexual exploits from his prying eyes. The sound of slurping, munching, and sucking only drove his imagination to further heights. He pulled his cock from his brief and started to stroke in time to what he knew was Jessica and Sally's feasting.

For a brief second clouds skated across the moon. A groan of frustration left his lips, but just as quickly the wind pushed the clouds away and Steven's eyes adjusted to the soft glow that silhouetted the interior of the SUV. The moonlight spilled over the three naked girls that were teasing and stroking each others' full hips, narrow waists, and upturned tits. His cock jerked to attention as he saw Sally's hair, free of her ponytail, in the clenched fist of Jessica, who was pushing the woman's face deeper into Danielle's pussy. His cock jerked in response. His gaze shifted and he watched Danielle's mouth move from one of Jessica pussy, to her ass. Jessica growled low, as her hips began to rise and fall with the motion of her friend's tongue thrusting in and out of her tight hole.

Jessica's eyes caught Steven's; his earlier grunt a sure sign he'd been watching. Their gazes held and she winked, before licking one of her fingers and gliding it down Sally's upraised ass. He listened and watched the perfectly formed dames fondle and stroke, lick and suck. In time his balls tightened and his seed coated his shirt, soaked into the material, causing his stomach to become sticky with milk.

"Gonna car pool more often?" Jessica asked, grinning, before diving back into her shared meal.

"Hell yeah " he answered and then heard Danielle's voice grow raspy as she cried out she was coming. He would have liked to see the other girls drenched in fluids, but he knew to turn on the lights would ruin the moment. His cock remained half-mast as Jessica came, giving her creamy froth to Danielle's hungry lips. Sally, he knew was the only girl not to come, and he felt bad for that, wondering if he'd have the chance to make her squeal in pleasure. Much to his surprise though the anal fucking that Jessica had been giving the perky Cheerleader was enough to make her climax and more heady perfume filled the interior of his sister's SUV.

When Steven felt the three had recovered, he coughed and warned them the light was coming on. All three giggled, but waited for the invasion of privacy they were more than ready to welcome. They all blinked back the dots of lights that danced in front of them as the dome light flickered to life and cast a soft glow across the juice-laden faces. Steven shook his head in wonder at the three women. Their bodies slick with juices that either covered their faces of their cunts. Thighs glistened with cream; even the saliva from Jessica's ass fucking of Sally seemed to have its own halo of light surrounding it.

"Is Tabitha a part of this little club?" he asked, though he already knew the answer. All he had to do was think back to the sleep over they had had the night before he took off for college. Their grins were also the confirmation he needed. "How long you four been fucking? And are there others like you?" He chuckled and shook his head in amazement. "I know a couple of fellas and ladies who would love to make your acquaintance."

Sally giggled, and shimmed her way back to the passenger side, bucket seat. Her ass was in his face and Steven swatted it playfully. She laughed and then changed her mind, occupying his lap instead. "We've been playing since forever," Sally told him, purposely wiggling her bare ass over his semierect dick.

Steven groaned and grabbed her hips, pulling her back and then pushing her slightly forward. His cock was wedged nicely between her cheeks and the moisture of her pussy began to slither across his shaft. "Tab's gonna be pissed she missed this," Sally whimpered, pushing one of her hands between her legs and finding the young man's dick. "She wanted to be here when we all fucked you."

"Sally!" Jessica hissed. "You weren't supposed to say anything." She rolled her eyes and then shimmed over to Danielle, both girls happily snuggled into each other.

"Fuck," Steven muttered, when he felt Sally's fingernails graze his dick. He lifted her up, just enough for her to wrap her delicate digits around his meat. "Tab wants to watch. . .ooh fuck Sally that feels nice."

"Good," she said, "this will feel nicer." She aimed his dick to the entrance of her sex and then settled herself down onto the hard meat.

"Ooh yes, it does," he agreed, as his dick became nestled in the warmth of her pussy. He pushed her hair out of the way and began to nuzzle her neck, sucking and nibbling on the skin as his hips thrust slowly upwards.

"Yes, she wanted to watch and that's not all," Danielle said, watching Sally ride Steven's cock. She pushed her fingers against Jessica's clit and began to finger her friend. As she did she told Steven how badly his sister wanted to fuck his brains out, and so did all of the girls.

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