tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSteven's Long Night

Steven's Long Night


Chapter 1

It was just after four o'clock on a Friday afternoon when Steven Saunders walked into his house after a long week of work. He had no idea that this afternoon was going to change his life forever. His day had gone about as normal as a Friday could go and he had absolutely reason to think the rest of the afternoon was going to be any different. As far as Steven was concerned he was just going to relax with his wife Beth, maybe watch a movie and if he was lucky, make love. All that changed when he walked around the corner into the living room and saw the woman sitting in the chair that his wife usually sat in. Steven stopped as the attractive woman turned and smiled then leaned forward and stood up.

"Hello, you must be Steven" she said as she stepped around the coffee table towards Steven and offered her hand to shake. Steven was momentarily shaken by her sheer size when she stood straight up. She was huge, Amazon huge, and she towered at least a foot over him. "My name is Audrey, it's nice to finally meet you."

Steven was confused, he knew that he had seen this woman somewhere before but he couldn't place her. He also knew that if he'd seen her in person he would have remembered her for her size.

"Are you a friend of my wife?" Steven asked as he shook her enormous hand.

"Well, I have a feeling that we are going to be much closer in a short while." Audrey said with a sly smile that made Steven suddenly uncomfortable. "I do find it hard to believe that you don't remember me though, considering all the times you masturbated to my videos on the internet."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Steven was shocked that this woman was talking to him like this. " Where the hell is my wife?"

"You have been hacking into my site with a stolen password for several months Steven." Audrey could see from the look in Steven's eyes that he now remembered where he had seen her. "So now you remember. Did you think I was going to allow you into my site for as long as you wanted without any compensation. Did you think..." Steven wasn't hearing anything Audrey was saying because his mind was still reeling from the fact that she was right. He had gotten the password and screen name from someone he didn't even know in person but talked to online in a chat room. The site he was visiting was really kinky porn, with bondage, foot play, tickling, and his personal favorite, face sitting.

"Your wife is with my two friends and she is fine. We haven't hurt her we just want to play. She's in the bedroom." Steven had come out of his daze long enough to hear that and he immediately turned and rushed down the hall toward the bedroom. He was trying to work out in his head what he was going to tell Beth when he burst into the bedroom and gasped at the sight. Beth was there on the bed wrapped like a mummy. He had seen videos and pictures online of women in this kind of bondage. She was wrapped from neck to ankles in heavy duty plastic wrap and that was covered, every inch, with duck tape. She could only move her feet and her head, barely. She also had a ball gag firmly fastened in her mouth. The look in her eyes was one of terror, and Steven rushed over to the side of the bed to undo the gag. Beth looked relieved as Steven started to undo the strap behind her head but just as he pulled the ball out of her mouth, Beth yelled. "STEVEN LOOK OUT", but before he could even react the strong arms of Audrey wrapped around Steven with one arm stuffing a ether covered rag over his nose and mouth. Steven struggled for a moment but the ether quickly blurred his vision and consciousness slipped away. Before he passed out completely, he saw two more women walk into the bedroom, then everything went dark.

Chapter 2

Beth had been out earlier that day doing errands and returned home around two o'clock with three bags of groceries. As she parked her car in the garage she didn't notice the white windowless van parked just down the street. She carried the bags into the house leaving the door open behind her and as she walked back to close the house door, she was surprised by a well dressed, pretty black woman with a clipboard standing on the top step.

"I'm sorry to bother you miss, my name is Stacy and I'm with the census bureau, and your name was one of hundreds picked for a special offer. All you need to do is to answer some questions for me and you will receive a special prize of a dream vacation getaway. Would you be interested?"

Beth thought that sounded like a hell of a deal but had one observation, "You said that my name was chosen but I haven't told you my name yet."

"Oh I'm sorry are you Beth Connor, I just assumed..."

"Of course I'm Beth Connor" Beth smiled a playful smile "I just wanted to keep you on your toes. You said your name is Stacy right?"

Stacy nodded.

"Come on in" Beth said, "just let me put these few groceries away then we can get to work"


From that point Beth remembered turning her back on the pretty black lady who called herself Stacy and the next thing she knew she was waking up completely immobilized with a gag in her mouth. Then the questions started. Beth was told that she needed to answer questions and answer them truthfully because her husband would later be asked the same questions and their answers should match or else. Or else what she didn't get told but Beth was so scared at this point that she did what she was told.

Chapter 3

Steven was rudely awakened with the strong smell of smelling salts held under his nose. He instinctively tried to bring his hands up to push the offending odor away but found that he couldn't move his arms. He twisted his head from side to side and blinked his eyes repeatedly to clear his vision, and wake up. He was naked, and held hostage in a wooden kitchen chair. As he looked at his bindings he realized he wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon. His arms were attached to the chair arms with plastic wrap and duck tape and his legs from ankle to knee were the same. They had also wrapped his chest to the back of the chair and his thighs to the seat. His penis and balls were left out and uncovered. The three bitches had left nothing to chance.

As he looked around the bedroom blinking his eyes from the brightness he saw the helpless look of fear in his wife's eyes. The two women that Steven had seen just before he was knocked unconscious and the tall Amazon that he had already met were in the bedroom also.

"What the fuck is this shit about?" Steven spat.

Audrey tossed the salt capsule into the trash can by the dresser then turned toward Steven. "Does your wife know about your surfing habits Steven?"

"Shut up" Steven snapped. "Let us go and we'll forget this happened"

"Oh no Steven, you see I figure you owe us for at least a couple months of using that stolen password to pleasure your little pecker."

Steven stole a quick glance at Beth and saw a flash of anger in her eyes. Then decided to deny it.

"What the hell are you talking about? You have the wrong man" Steven knew his wife would never understand, she hated porn and the porn Steven liked was way over the top.

"Just let us go and we won't call the cops"

"We'll let you go after you have learned your lesson, and your wife needs to know how perverted you really are." Audrey said smiling at the helplessness of Steven. "So we have decided that we are going to play a little game and what happens to you and your wife is going to be entirely up to you." She paused to let it sink in then added "Earlier today, Stacy and Carla asked your sexy wife some personal questions, ten to be exact, and they wrote down her answers. It's time to see how well you know your wife Steven. For every question that you answer right, nothing happens to Beth, but if you get any wrong, your wife will find out the hard way what kind of stuff you were stealing off our site."

Steven decided that he had enough of this shit and he called their bluff. " I'm not playing your ridiculous game you stupid bitch, now fucking untie me or I'll see to it that all three of you ugly whores go to prison for a long time."

Audrey smiled slightly and shook her head back and forth, "Oh Steven, I was really hoping that you would agree to play for your wife's sake but I guess we'll have to show you what happens when you don't do as we say." She looked to the short fat woman who was standing by the door and said, "Carla, would you give a demonstration please?"

Carla must have weighed in at close to four hundred pounds or more and she walked over to the side of the bed next to Beth. She was wearing some super stretchy pants that looked to Steven like they were about to burst at the seams. On her top she only wore a bikini that barely contained her massive melons.

"Stay away from her you fat bitch" Steven tried to sound like one of those tough guys from the movies that always beat the bad guys, but it didn't work.

Carla smiled and looked at Audrey "how long?" she asked

"Start with 20 seconds, that should make an impression"

Carla reached down and unhooked the ball gag in Beth's mouth. "I like to hear my victims beg for mercy." she said coldly.

Beth looked bewildered and scared as she looked to Carla and Steven "What are you going to do to me?" Then to her husband "Steven... Do something"

Steven for his part tried to twist out of his bonds but there was nothing he could do except watch as the heavy woman climbed onto the side of the bed and swung her thick left leg over Beth's chest so she was straddling her. Beth became frantic as she was staring up into the largest ass she had ever seen, let alone been this close to. She twisted her head from side to side to avoid what she still didn't believe was going to take place. Carla however had done this before and was ready for anything that Beth would try. She folded her feet behind her in what Steven thought was an amazing display of flexibility in a woman of her size, and planted her chubby soles on both sides of Beth's face so that Beth couldn't turn her head away. Then as Beth started to scream, she planted her huge ass right on Beth's face. As soon as Carla was sitting she pulled her feet out so that she could put more weight on Beth's face. The scream became muffled and then stopped altogether. This was the kind of thing that Steven had been watching online and now he was watching his wife be smothered. It was kind of exciting, but he knew that what he had to do now.

"Okay dammit I'll answer your questions!" Steven yelled but Carla didn't move to get off. Instead she smiled and wiggled her ass some more.

"How much time left?" Audrey asked.

"Eight seconds" Stacy answered.

"She gets the full twenty Carla."

"Oh yeah" Carla grinned.

"Jesus Christ" Steven groaned.

The last few seconds seemed to drag on forever, but finally Stacy said "Okay" and Carla leaned forward off Beth's face. Beth immediately sucked in huge gulps of air like someone who had been trapped underwater. Her face was red and her eyes were wild after the embarrassment and fear she was put through.

"Good News Beth" Audrey said cheerily, "Your husband has decided to play along. As long as he gets the answers right you wont have to go through that again."

Beth, still catching her breath, was still wondering why this was happening. "Why did she do that to me?"

"Because" Audrey said matter-of-factly "that seems to be his favorite kind of porn. We're just giving him what he really wants." She looked at Steven "Isn't that right Steven?"

Steven looked away, ashamed and pissed. He was trying to suppress his feelings, he knew his wife well enough to know that she would probably never forgive him, but he was also kind of excited by all of this. His wife looked so sexy in bondage and the face sitting was incredible. He wondered how he could stop his erection if she did it again.

"I'll explain the rules for our little game" Audrey said. "For every question that you get wrong Steven, your pretty little wifey will get her face sat on."

Beth groaned.

Audrey continued "As long as you get the answers right everything will be fine, but for each wrong answer, Carla will start with thirty seconds and add five more on each wrong answer. There are ten questions so the time might really add up."

Steven glanced at Beth and saw that she was shaking her head back and forth and sobbing.

"There's more" Audrey continued, "Carla will be naked and Stacy will be taking care of you at the same time."

Stacy growled at that and both her and Carla started to disrobe.

"Steven," Beth whined "Don't let her do that to me again Steven."

Steven looked at his wife and then looked away.

"Let's get on with this shit" Steven mumbled.

"One more thing Steven" Audrey said "If you cum before all the questions are done, the three of us are gonna ride Beth's face all night long."

"Ask the damn questions already!" Steven nearly yelled.

"What is your wife's birth date?'

"That's easy June 12 1975."

"Very good. Question two." Before Audrey could ask the next question, Stacy, the sexy black woman, kneeled down in front of Steven and took his flaccid penis into her hands.

"What town was your wife born in?" was the next question.

Steven was distracted but answered correctly again.

"Only eight more questions to go Steven." Audrey smiled. "Maybe this will be over quickly." Steven didn't believe that for a second.

Question three was another easy one and Steven, with his penis expanding thanks to the expertise of Stacy answered it correctly.

"Number four-What was the name of your wife's twelfth grade English teacher?"

"What...What kind of question is that? I don't remember my own English teacher why would I know hers? You can't ask me that."

"I just did Steven, besides, we asked your wife to name her most influential teacher and she chose her twelfth grade English teacher. Now if you really know your wife, you should know the name of the teacher that she admired the most."

Steven thought about it. It was hard to concentrate with his penis being manipulated by a hot black woman. She was definitely experienced at stroking a cock. Steven wanted to answer but really couldn't remember so he said the name of his high school baseball coach hoping that might work. As soon as he said it he heard Beth groan and he knew that he was in trouble.

"Wrong Steven, that's thirty seconds of smother."

Carla seemed happy as she once again, this time naked, climbed onto the bed and swung her fat leg over Beth's head. Beth started to freak out.


Carla just smiled and said " You might want to hold your breath dearie" Then she paused for only a second giving Beth a chance to start to suck in a lung full of air before she once again clamped her feet on either side of Beth's head and plopped her beach ball buttocks down. Steven had an unobstructed view and was amazed as he watched his wife's face get completely swallowed in Carla's fat ass.

"Now let's give Beth some good vibrations while she's stuck under Carla's sweaty bottom." Audrey picked up a small gadget and turned a dial. There was a buzzing sound that seemed to be coming from between Beth's legs under all that tape and plastic wrap and Steven saw her squirm.

Steven looked up at Audrey, "Your fucking deranged."

Audrey laughed "Oh come on Steven, relax and enjoy yourself, this is your fantasy come to life and all you have to do is sit back and watch. Can you imagine what it must be like to be your wife right now? Completely immobilized, vibrator buzzing away on her clit, and four hundred pounds of smelly ass smothering her. I say smelly because Carla is really the deranged one. Do you know that she enjoys this so much, torturing her victims, that she doesn't wash herself down there for days. Your poor wife is gonna smell like ass for a long time after we're done here."

Steven knew he should say something, yell at her, tell her he would kill them all when he got free, anything, but Stacy was expertly stroking his cock and he was starting to like it, a lot.

"That's thirty" Audrey was now keeping track of the timer and Carla leaned forward enough so Beth could take a breath but just barely so that the deep breath so sucked in was the foul smell of Carla's unwashed ass and pussy.

Beth let everyone know too. She coughed and made a gagging sound and then said, "Oh Steven make her stop doing that, she smells so bad." Steven noticed that her face was damp with sweat and her hair was plastered to her forehead. Not her sexiest look but a hell of a turn on Steven thought.

"Question five is - What is your wife's Social Security number?" Audrey asked.

Steven knew Beth's Social Security number, he was sure of it. He had written it before many times and he started to recite it in the right order too, but somewhere in the middle he lost track, it may have been the fact that as he started to call off the numbers, Stacy wrapped her thick black lips around the knob of his cock and sucked the entire length of his seven inches into her throat. Steven sucked in his breath this time. He had never been deep throated before and this first time was incredible. He lost track of the numbers and suddenly didn't really care. He looked at Beth and she looked at him. "I'm sorry babe."

Steven briefly wondered if Beth would ever forgive him then he shook his head, "I can't remember it."

Carla clapped her plump hands together three times and Beth started crying "Oh please, please no, I can't hold my breath that long I'll die."

Carla reached around and caressed Beth's face lovingly as if she was starting to feel some sympathy. "It's okay honey, I won't let you smother... yet." She looked into Beth's terrified eyes and smiled a wicked grin. "If your running out of air just lick me a few times and I'll give you a quick breath." Beth shook her head slowly back and forth while looking into Carla's eyes "I can't, I've never done that and it smells." Carla just continued calmly, " Deep breath now honey here it comes." and gently lowered her pillowy ass cushions onto Beth's tear streaked. This time Beth didn't try to turn her face away, she just looked up into the depths of Carla's crack and she sucked in one last lungful of air as her face and most of her head disappeared from view. Audrey started the stopwatch again as Steven moaned loudly. He didn't know what she was doing to his cock but he was sure that if she kept it up he would not last through all ten questions.

Chapter 4

The buzzing on Beth's clit was just a minor annoyance at the moment but in the back of her mind she knew if it kept going it could become a problem. The most pressing problem was the oversize ass that was presently attached to her face. The ass was so large in fact that when Carla sat back completely, Beth's ears were sealed to so that she couldn't hear a thing but her own heart beating in her head. It was claustrophobic to say the least. She tried to count the seconds away in her head but was counting too fast because she reached thirty five seconds and Carla didn't move. The thought of licking this big smelly ass crack in order to get a breath made her want to vomit and she hoped that she wouldn't have to do it. Suddenly she felt the weight shift and a rush of cool air hit Beth's face as Carla once again gave her a breath, Beth caught her breath more quickly this time and looked over to see Steven leaning back with his eyes closed in obvious ecstasy. This made her angry. He was the one who got them into this predicament, he shouldn't be enjoying himself while she was suffering.

"STEVEN" She yelled and took little satisfaction when he jumped as much as his bonds would allow. "You need to stay focused. Don't you forget about me."

At that Carla giggled and started to sing "Don't don't don't don't - don't you...forget about me."

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