tagGroup SexSteve's Birthday

Steve's Birthday


Steve woke up, his hand sliding across the sheets. Finding himself alone in bed, he opened his eyes and squinted at the alarm clock. Five am. Listening, he heard the sound of his girlfriend, Cassie, and their roommate, her best friend, Sarah, giggling in the bathroom. What are they doing, he wondered sleepily. He hoped she was coming back to bed, it was his birthday and he wanted a nice birthday fuck to start his day.

He didn't even realize he had fallen back asleep when he began drifting up out of a dream. Fighting to stay asleep he tried to hold onto the dream, a dirty, horny dream, he felt so wet and warm, and so damn good, he struggled to hold onto it. A smile curled his lips as the feelings continued, when a feminine giggle touched his ears and his eyes opened. He wasn't dreaming, he was awake, but felt the same. Glancing down, he could hardly believe his eyes. Was he awake?

Sarah's long blond hair was mixed with Cassie's auburn tresses as the two of them licked and sucked at his cock.

"Wh-what the?" he muttered, his breathing coming fast.

Cassie glanced up at him, a sexy smile curling her wet lips. Crawling up to him, she kissed him deeply, her tongue slipping into his mouth. "Happy Birthday, baby," she whispered. "For your special day Sarah and I are going to be your willing sex slaves. We will do whatever you want us to do," she purred, nuzzling his neck. "We have a bunch of kinky toys to play with and we want to use them all."

Rising up on her knees, she gazed down at him, squeezing and massaging her full tits. "What do you think?" she asked, a wicked gleam in her big green eyes.

His gaze slowly roamed over her scantily clad body. A pink slave collar adorned her neck and pink mesh thigh high stockings covered her long, shapely legs. On her feet were dangerously high pink heels. Glancing down at Sarah, who was gently caressing his cock with her fingers and staring up at him, he saw that she was similarly dressed but in black.

"Oh God, yes," he groaned. He had fantasized endlessly about having both of them and now it was happening. This was better than any dream.

Cassie giggled and slid back down his body to rejoin her friend. Steve adjusted the pillow behind his head so he could watch the two of them. A low moan slid through his lips watching the two of them sliding their lips over his length, their soft fingers fondling his balls and caressing his thighs. The combination of sight and sensation overwhelmed him and with loud groan he came, filling Cassie's mouth with creamy fluid.

When he had finished, Cassie leaned over and began kissing Sarah, the cum she was holding in her mouth smearing over Sarah's lips and dribbling down both of their chins. Steve could barely breathe as he watched them rise up on their knees, kissing deeply, their tongues dancing as his cum mixed with their saliva and slid down their chins, dripping onto their breasts. The two girls pressed against each other, the cum on their tits mingling as they embraced.

Sarah broke the kiss and bent her head to Cassie's tits, licking and sucking the cum from them. She cupped the lush mounds in her hands and suckled on her friend's hardened nipples, drawing them into her mouth as Cassie gazed down at her, her eyes glazed with lust.

Steve's cock was rock hard again as he then watched his girlfriend's head dip down to Sarah's tits to clean his cum off of her, suckling her nipples and licking at the soft flesh.

Their lips met again in a frenzy of kisses, tongues dancing, mouths sucking, soft gasps and moans slipping from their soft lips as their bodies writhed against each other.

"Oh God," Steve moaned, his hand wrapping around his cock as he watched the two.

Finally they parted and both turned to him. "Well, Master, what is your desire?" Cassie asked him, her voice seductively low.

Stroking his cock and staring at the two, his mind filled with the fantasies he had about the two of them. Which one to choose, he wondered. With a wicked smile, he ordered Sarah to fetch a spatula from the kitchen, a hard plastic one. When she had returned, he ordered Cassie onto her hands and knees.

"Spank her," he growled at Sarah, lacing his hands behind his head.

With a wicked smile, Sarah gripped the spatula and brought it down on Cassie's ass, leaving a red mark. Cassie cried out loudly, but didn't move. Sarah giggled and continued to punish her friend's ass, turning it bright red.

Steve breathlessly watched the two, their naked tits jiggling as the blows were struck and received, the soft cries of mingling pleasure and pain coming from Cassie's lips and the small smile playing upon Sarah's. He knew Cassie loved a good spanking but didn't know how Sarah felt about it. It didn't matter because he was in charge today.

"OK, that's enough," he commanded. Breathing heavily the girls looked at him awaiting his next instruction.

"Ooooh, that was harsh," Cassie pouted at her friend.

Steve couldn't help but smile. "Now it's payback time. Cassie, spank Sarah."

Sarah's eyes grew wide and she bit her lip as Cassie laughed gleefully, grabbing the kitchen utensil from her.

"On your hands and knees, bitch!" she teased.

With a worried look she assumed the position and Cassie happily brought the spatula down on her ass.

"That's it baby, turn her ass red," Steve murmured, again entranced by the scene in front of him. He didn't know if Sarah was enjoying herself, but was surprised to see that Cassie was. She was totally submissive to him and was happy in that role, so he wasn't expecting to see her enjoying being the dominant one. However, her being that way with another woman was very exciting and his cock began twitching with need.

"OK, Cassie, stop," he instructed. "Check her pussy, is she wet? Did she enjoy that?" he asked.

Eagerly he watched his girlfriend touching the other girl's pussy. Watched as she slid her fingers through the lips, and dip inside her, causing Sarah to moan softly. With wide eyes he watched as she brought her glistening fingers to her lips to lick the juices from them. "Yeah, she's wet. I think she liked it," she purred, sucking on her fingers, staring into his eyes.

He watched as she cleaned off her fingers and sat back on her heels, awaiting his instructions. "Knees and elbows, both of you, side by side, asses facing me, thighs spread wide" he commanded.

Gazing hungrily at them as they took their positions, he stroked his cock trying to decide which one to fuck first. Their firm round asses sticking up in the air, red from their spankings and the pink of their wet pussies peeking out at him was a gorgeous sight to behold. Grabbing Sarah's hips, he drove into her, filling her with one thrust.

"Oh yeah, you are wet. You liked that spanking didn't you?" he growled over her cry of surprise. He pulled back and rammed in hard when she didn't answer. "Didn't you?" he repeated.

"Yes, Master," she meekly replied.

Liking being addressed as Master, he laughed, plunging back into her, fucking her hard, feeling the warmth of her freshly punished ass against his stomach. Having jerked off countless times to fantasies about having Sarah, he couldn't believe he was now inside her and not only that, but Cassie was right next to him while it happened. He pulled out of Sarah and moved over to Cassie and drove his cock into her.

"Oh yes," she sighed, loving the way he filled her.

"Yeah, you like my cock, don't you, baby?" he grunted, driving into her.

"Oh yes Master, I love it," she cooed, pushing back at him, meeting his thrusts.

Abruptly he pulled out and fed his cock back into Sarah, gripping her hips, plowing into her. He alternated between the two of them, a few thrusts each, loving their cries of disappointment when he left them and delight when he returned.

Fucking Cassie, he asked Sarah, "Where are those toys you mentioned? Get them."

Sarah reached over the side of the bed and picked up a bag, dumping out the contents. Steve recognized the logo of a popular adult entertainment store on the bag and now knew where they had been going when they said they were birthday present shopping. He stared with wide eyes at the assortment of dildos and plugs that now lay scattered about. There were also leashes for their collars, nipple clamps and two pairs of leather hand cuffs. A couple bottles of lube filled out the collection.

"My, my," he drawled, holding up a particularly wicked looking anal toy. "Knees and elbows," he ordered Sarah.

As she resumed her position, Steve picked up a thick dildo and pushed it up inside her pussy. Pulling out of Cassie he also filled her with a dildo. Grabbing one of the bottles of lube, he squirted a healthy dollop onto Cassie's tight asshole. Sighing with delight, she wiggled her ass at him. Steve knew she loved taking it up the ass and he loved giving it to her. Usually he would open her up a bit first, using his fingers, but as it was his birthday, he wanted her as tight as possible and began to push in with his cock.

"Oh, oh God," she gasped as his head spread her little hole and popped inside.

"Oh yeah," he growled with pleasure. "So fucking tight."

Gripping her hips, he began filling her tight ass with his cock, spreading her wide. He went slow and easy, gauging by her whimpers and moans when she was ready for more. "Oh baby, your ass feels so fucking good," he moaned as he pressed in the final bit and his cock was buried inside her. Sliding back slowly, he began a slow rhythm of strokes, gently fucking her asshole.

"Oh yes, oh yes," she groaned, "give it to me baby, fuck me, fuck my ass."

Steve gave her a few last thrusts before turning his attention to Sarah. "You ready for me, Sarah?" he asked, lubing her ass and sliding a finger inside her. He actually didn't know if Sarah had ever had anal sex before. She seemed as sexually open-minded as Cassie and he had overheard a couple of their conversations about sex but didn't know about this.

His question was answered by her response. "Give me that big cock of yours baby, fill my ass with it," she demanded.

Drawing his finger from her, he gripped her hips and aimed his cock at her hole. With a hard thrust of his hips, he was inside her. "Oh yeah!" he growled, her tight ass clutching at his dick. Forcing himself to go slow, he fucked her the same as Cassie, going slow, gradually filling her before he began stroking her and then full-on fucking.

"Oh God yes," she cried as he slammed into her, ramming his cock into her ass. "It feels so damn good!" she exclaimed, flinging her hair back, pushing back, meeting Steve's thrusts.

With a loud groan, he pulled out of her heavenly tightness and pushed his cock back into Cassie's eager ass. She was hot and tight and he was in paradise. Alternating between the two of them, he couldn't believe he was doing this, fucking them both in the ass at the same time. And they both felt so damn good and from their uninhibited cries and dirty encouragement they were loving it too.

Ramming his cock deeply into Cassie's ass, he abruptly grabbed her arms and pulled her upright. She trembled against him as she shook the hair from her eyes. What was he doing, she wondered.

"Sarah, come around in front of Cassie," he ordered. When she was in place, facing the two of them, he instructed, "Slap her tits," he instructed.

Sarah smiled and happily slapped Cassie's tits, turning the pale flesh pink. Cassie gasped and squirmed in Steve's firm grasp. She loved having her tits punished and with the addition of both of her holes being filled, she came almost immediately, crying out loudly.

"Pinch her nipples, tug them, shake them hard," Steve laughed, knowing Cassie loved this.

Sarah again happily followed his instructions, bruising her friend's pretty pink nipples until she begged for mercy.

"Slap them some more," he relented and watched as her hands smacked against Cassie's perfect tits.

When her breasts were a dark pink he ordered her to stop. "Grab that strap on," he said.

"Oh God," Cassie whimpered, guessing what was coming.

"C'mon baby, move those hips, fuck my cock," he whispered in her ear. A loud groan slipped past his lips as she complied, sliding her ass back and forth around his dick as they both watched Sarah strapping on her massive cock.

Steve could feel Cassie trembling against him as Sarah knelt before them, her thighs spread, stroking the large dildo standing erect in front of her.

"Pull the dildo out of her," he told Sarah.

Sarah reached between her friend's thighs and slowly drew out the thick toy. Cassie moaned softly as it left her, leaving her feeling empty.

With a wicked glimmer in his eyes, he instructed Sarah, "Fuck her."

Cassie began to writhe against Steve as Sarah approached her, the big dildo bobbing in front of her. "Oh God," she whimpered.

Sarah pressed against Cassie, their thighs and breasts touching as Steve eagerly watched over Cassie's shoulder. Sarah leaned back and holding Cassie's hip with one hand, she used the other to guide her big cock into Cassie's tight pussy. Thrusting her hips, she pushed the dildo deep inside her friend.

"Oh God, oh God," Cassie gasped as Sarah ground against her. Their lips met in a deep, wet kiss as Sarah's hips began pumping, tentatively at first and then with greater speed and urgency, fucking her friend deep and hard. The kiss matched the pumping of her hips, getting more frenzied as Cassie's arousal increased. She was straining against Steve, trying to get more of the cock in her pussy, when he suddenly pulled back and slammed into her ass, reminding her he was there.

She tore her mouth from her friends as her head snapped back, a cry of surprise bursting from her kiss-swollen lips. Helplessly she knelt between them as they plundered her body, invading her from both sides, causing climaxes to roar through her body, making her tremble and shake, unable to think clearly, she could only cry out incoherently.

Her body jerked and spasmed in Steve's strong hands as he ruthlessly fucked her ass, while Sarah cooed and caressed and kissed her while also fucking her pussy with abandon.

Cassie's mind was spinning, she couldn't think, couldn't differentiate between the two cocks fucking her, could only ride this incredible wave of sensation assaulting her senses, relentlessly driving her to climax over and over until she could bear it no longer.

"Please," she gasped. "No more, please," she pleaded as yet another orgasm claimed her, causing her to spasm and shake.

With a roar, Steve came, driving his cock in deep, pumping his cum into her ass. "Oh yeah baby, oh fuck yeah," he growled as ropes of cream filled her.

Sarah pulled out and collapsed backwards onto the bed, gasping and trying to catch her breath. With trembling fingers she unbuckled and discarded the strap-on.

Steve pulled out of Cassie and gently lay her trembling body on the bed, leaving her to recover. Turning to Sarah, who lay on her back, her eyes closed, his gaze hungrily swept over her body. He had jacked off to so many fantasies about her, he could scarcely believe that he had finally had her.

Carefully he lay between her spread legs and speared her glistening pussy with his tongue. He chuckled at her surprised gasp and gently slid the dildo from between her soaked lips. He then buried his face between her thighs. Wrapping his arms around her thighs, he kept her spread wide as he feasted on her dripping wet snatch. He stiffened his tongue and poked it inside her, listening to her moaning her pleasure. She stiffened and then writhed against him as his lips closed around her clit, sucking on the small nub.

He was relentless in his assault on her pleasure center and refused to release her until she had cum at least three times. His face smeared with her juices, he finally unwrapped his arms from her legs and rose over her trembling body, kissing her lips, tenderly at first and then with mounting intensity, thrusting his cum soaked tongue into her mouth, letting her taste herself on him.

Suddenly a low grumble sounded in the room and with a laugh he rose from Sarah. "I seem to be hungry," he announced with a smile. "Back to knees and elbows," he commanded.

When they had again assumed the positions, he grabbed two of the anal toys from the bed. After spreading a generous dollop of lube on Cassie's well fucked asshole, he began to push the toy inside her. The bulbous tip of the 8" dildo began to spread her and she sighed happily. Her sighs turned to gasps as she felt the toy's soft ridges getting wider.

Steve chuckled as he continued to push it inside her. It was 1.5" inches wide at the base and she cried out loudly as it continued to spread her.

"Oh God," she gasped as its ridges caught and pulled at the tender flesh of her asshole.

With a last push, the toy was in all the way. "That's it baby, it's all the way in," Steve assured her. With a slap to her ass, he picked up the next toy and lubed up Sarah's ass.

Her toy was also 8" long with a bulbous head but instead of progressively bigger ripples, it had a thick shaft with a small ball in the middle and three big ones at the end to tease her tight hole.

Sarah gasped as the head passed through her hole and then relaxed as she felt the shaft sliding in. "Ooooh that feels good," she moaned as the middle ball gently spread her.

Steve pushed the toy hard to get the final three balls inside her, chuckling at her cry of surprise.

"Oh, oh, oh," she whimpered, trembling on the bed, her ass clenching tightly around the invader inside her.

With a sharp slap on the ass, he ordered, "Go make me a breakfast fit for a king."

"While wearing the anal toys?" Cassie asked anxiously. "...Master?" she quickly added.

"Yes, with exactly what you have on now. You may add aprons if you like," he conceded, snuggling beneath the blankets, intending to nap as they prepared his meal. It had been an exhausting morning.

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