tagGay MaleSteve's Letter

Steve's Letter


The concluding chapter of "The Adventures of Urlen".

After my return home I wrote by hand to Steve and Anne to thank them for their hospitality. Knowing that Anne did not use a computer I also e-mailed Steve to say how much I had enjoyed meeting him so intimately again. Ten days later I received a remarkable letter back from him. He must have typed it quickly into his computer in a kind of "stream of consciousness," then gone over it later to make it more coherent. He sent it as an attachment.

Here it is.

Dear Urlen,

It was great to get your letter and great to see you again after all these years. I still can't get over how easy it was to "turn the clock back" as you put it and I've been thinking about it and re-living it in my head for the whole of the past week. I'd never forgotten you, of course. How could I when you stood out with your flaming red hair, your unusual name and your wonderful long dick!

Before you arrived I had wondered if we might revive past memories of uninhibited sex but I never dreamed it could be so good. We didn't have a lot of time to talk (we were too busy for that!) but I think I told you - in case you felt I went rather over the top - that I've hardly indulged in that kind of thing since I got married. You asked me about it and what I said in reply was only barely true. For a long time after Anne and I had the kids I just led a "normal" life. Anne was never very keen on sex and I had the occasional wank, of course. I still remember what it was like the first time I did it (to see if it still worked) after I was circumcised. The days following the op were pretty unpleasant, but the time came when the pleasure of doing it outweighed any discomfort. I'd always held my dick quite low down and after a week without an orgasm I came off like a rocket. Seeing my knob sticking stiffly up into the air for the first time free of its foreskin gave me a thrill too. I'd never actually seen my knob before.

It was after the boys had left home and we had moved house that I had my first experience with another man since all that time ago. I happened to be alone in the house and he was one of those travelling salesmen who sell subscriptions to popular magazines. His pitch was that if he reached his sales target he would be sent to University by his employer, so I was doing him a favour if I took out a subscription. He was quite young - about twenty-one I'd say - and as black as the ace of spades. He was smartly dressed and very slim, with fine features and dark brown eyes. His sex appeal was amazing and I found myself very turned on by him! I wasn't interested in buying any of his magazines but I was interested in him (!) and when he was stood sideways I could see the outline of a most gratifying package in his trousers. Maybe he noticed the direction of my eyes because he put his hand to his belly and made a kind-of grunting noise saying "Ugh … I'm hungry. Haven't had anything to eat since breakfast."

Well, it was five o'clock and there was home-made cake on the table, so I offered to make him some tea and cut him a large slice of cake. He asked after my wife and I told him she wouldn't be back from her meeting for an hour or two. After he had eaten he asked if he could use the bathroom and I said "Have a bath if you like." He looked at me for a moment, pondering if I meant anything significant by it, then said "Could I? I'd like that."

"Be my guest" I said, and I showed him upstairs to the bathroom.

As you know, Urlen, there's no lock on our bathroom door and after I had heard the bath-water stop running I thought I would put my head round the door to ask if there was anything he wanted. I suppose I really wanted to see him in the nude but I convinced myself at the time that I was just being a good host. So I opened the door and was greeted by a cloud of steam; and maybe that's why he didn't notice that I was there. He was lying back in the bath with his head craned slightly forward looking very intently at the enormous dick that he was stroking with his right hand.

Now I'd never seen a black dick before and was curious to see what colour the knob was. Maybe that's because I hadn't seen my own knob until I was circumcised at twenty three. Well now I knew! Mine was much paler than his and looking at him, so engrossed in coaxing sensations from his magnificent instrument, I felt mine begin to stiffen at once.

I must have moved because he looked up and saw me standing there, my attention riveted by his massive dick. And instead of covering it with his hand and looking confused, he just said "Ah!" and then a broad smile lit his handsome face. "Caught in the act!"

As he still made no move to hide his dick I moved forward to get a better look. "You got a good'un there," I said, covering with my hand the tent now erecting itself in my jeans.

"Yeah - it feels good," he said. "If you'd come in a little later, I dunno what you might have seen."

"I'm sorry to think I might have missed the show," I said. "Don't mind me. Carry on. I'd love to see a dick like that shooting its load."

He looked down at it again and his fingers moved the dark, supple foreskin up and over the glans and down again – something I was never able to do myself when I had a foreskin. The knob was a lovely shape - less pointed than yours or mine, Urlen - with a broad, dished curve to it. I wanted very much to put my hand on it, so I said "Can I?" and moved my hand closer to his.

"Be my guest," he said, mimicking my earlier invitation to him.

Heck! It felt wonderful - the first time I had felt anyone else's dick for years. Well, you probably know the feeling, Urlen, as it may have been the same for you. It was both soft and stiff at the same time, if you see what I mean. My shaft's thick at the base and tapers a bit towards the top but his was thick all the way up. Not as long as yours, Urlen, but thicker, and with a bigger knob. He was obviously proud of it, putting his hand over mine and moving it up and down to work the foreskin to and fro over his knob.

"Do it like that," he said, as he lay back in the bath, still smiling with satisfaction. After I had stroked it for a couple of minutes he sat up and put his hand over the bulge in my trousers, feeling for my cock and running his fingers along its length.

"Hmnn … not bad," he said, as he reached for my zip and undid it with agile, brown fingers. To help him, because I was as anxious as he was to get my dick out into the open, I undid the top fastening of my jeans and pulled them down with my underpants in one quick movement. My dick sprang out and he put his hand on it to feel it. Then he said "Come closer" and as I moved to the edge of the bath he leaned forward and put his mouth over my knob. His lips were soft and his mouth moist and it gave me the most wonderful feeling to look down at his slim body with its great dick while he ran his tongue over my knob and gently sucked me.

"You first?" he asked, taking his lips off my dick.

"I don't mind," I replied.

"OK. You first, then me."

I moved even closer to the edge of the bath so that my dick was pointing in the air above his body which was partly submerged in the warm water. This time he soaped his hand, then put his fist round my shaft, low down as I like it, and pumped me while he sucked with his mouth. It was a great feeling and though I don't usually cum quickly (not nearly as quickly as you, Urlen) I was so hot and turned on that I hardly had time to warn him before the pressure was building up in my cock-root and I knew I was about to shoot.

"I'm going to cum," I gasped, and he just had time to take his lips off my knob and to quicken his stroking before I came all over his belly. My spunk looked a brilliant white against his dark body before he washed it off.

"OK," he said, while I stood, still dazed by the force of my ejaculation, "Your turn to do me." And he lay back in the bath, his magnificent dick a magnet to my willing hand!

It took some time for him to cum, but it was worth waiting for. The volume of spunk in his first spurt was amazing. It jetted onto his flat stomach and lay there in a kind of curl, the shape of a question mark. There were several more spurts as well. I wondered if his spunk would be darker than mine, but it was just as white - just the same, really.

When it was over he sighed, smiled again and said "That was fantastic."

I agreed and asked him if his sales visits often led to encounters like this. "Just occasionally," he said. "It has to be safe - and I have to like who I'm doing it with."

I felt he had paid me a compliment and before he left I wrote him out a cheque for six months' subscription for one of the magazines. I asked him if he was likely to be coming back and he looked doubtful and said he was unsure, from which I reckoned that he almost certainly wouldn't.

Well, Urlen, he didn't, and after the six months were up I didn't re-subscribe, but he had reminded me of what I had been missing, if you see what I mean. I never knew his name and I don't suppose he ever had any intention of going to University but what we had done had been good fun. I think it affected the way I got involved with another man about a year later but I can't be sure, and I've never forgotten his superb dick or the arc his spunk made in the air as it spurted onto the skin of his stomach. I've re-lived that event many times in my head - and with my hand too. The memory has been worth quite a few wanks.

So you see, when you came to see me last weekend, I was hoping we might have some fun!

Now the second man I got involved with I met in the pub we went to. He was also some kind of travelling salesman (in agriculture, I think) and was actually staying at the pub. He was a great character with a fund of funny stories but there was a serious side to him as well and he was interested in many things, including sexual politics. We got talking and enjoyed each other's company. His name was Lawrence but he said "Call me Loz." He was about my own height with dark curly hair and a wiry build. Not sexy to look at but quite striking-looking. He said he could eat or drink anything without putting on weight and we certainly got through a few pints that evening. At one point we both wound up in the urinal together and I looked down to see what he had got but all I could see was a yellow stream of piss. He told me he was divorced and had two daughters but he didn't seem keen to be pressed on what had happened to his marriage. As he was staying in the area for ten days we both felt it would be good to meet again for a drink, so we made a date for the following weekend.

He was in the bar, already into his first pint when I got there and soon we were chatting away as if we'd known each other all our lives. He was so relaxed and cheerful that I wondered why his marriage hadn't lasted and this time when I asked him he was more forthcoming. Looking me straight in the face he said simply "I wasn't cut out for it."

"How do you mean?"

He paused, hesitating whether to go on or not. Then he took the plunge. "I discovered I preferred sex with men, that's what I mean." Then, after a pause, "And my wife found out."

I was surprised - and interested too. "How did she find out?" I enquired.

He laughed, a trace of bitterness in his voice. "She caught me in bed with a fella. After she divorced me I got a new job and now I do a lot of travelling."

"And do you have a lot of casual affairs?"

"Not a lot. Depends on who I meet. I'm not the promiscuous type. If I like somebody …." His voice trailed off and he looked at me appraisingly. I'd told him I was married; now he was wondering if I was interested in a bit of excitement.

I was! My dick had already started to stiffen and I put my hand in my pocket to hide the growing bulge. He noticed of course - and thrust his own hand deep into his pocket. "We could go up to my room, if you like," he said. "I've only got an average size cock but it's in good working order and I'm clean."

"I'd like to very much," I replied. "Maybe mine will be big enough for the two of us."

I don't know why I had to boast like that, Urlen. Yours is much bigger but you once called mine "a big gun" and I know it fires well. And I do enjoy the feel of another man's hand on it.

There's not much to tell about what happened in his room that you can't guess. At first I felt a bit strange taking my clothes off with a comparative stranger, but he made it easy for me. We lay down, at first with our underwear on, but we soon kicked that down to the bottom of the bed as we warmed up. He was uncut but what he lacked in inches he easily made up for with technique. Combined with his admiration of my dick and its stiffness, I was soon feeling really hot. Neither of us wanted anything anal but he was an expert in achieving the best possible orgasm. He held off until he realised from my grunts and shallow breathing that I could hold out no longer, then asked me to speed up my stroking of him. We came off together, I think, but as I had my eyes shut I didn't see him spurt. There was a lot of spunk lying around in little pools when we had finished.

When we had washed and gone downstairs for a final pint he said he had really enjoyed meeting me (as I had him) and how about meeting up mid-week for a repeat session? AND we did - AND it was just as good as the first time.

It's a pity I haven't seen him again, but I'm hoping he might be back sometime.

The only other occasion I've had sex with a man, except you Urlen, was with someone you know - or will remember. He was the flyhalf of our rugby team - the fella with hair as fiery red as yours. We used to call you "The Red Devils" because you went around together but his real name was Wallace or Wally. I met him a few months ago at a conference. He's a big shot in the industrial world these days, but his hair - what's left of it - no longer has much colour. (Unlike yours.) He was the best player in the team, but moody and a bit cocky. He told me when we met that when he was young he was much taller than the other boys in his class at school and that he thought his dick was enormous. Then, when he stopped growing, they all caught up with him and overtook him and he realised he was only an average size. The cockiness, however, remained. He was a very talented sportsman - and clever too. After University he continued to play rugby but his build was too small for the major teams so he gave up and pursued a career in industry. He married and had a much-loved daughter, but relations with his wife became strained and though they stayed together for the sake of their daughter they led increasingly separate lives. He told me he'd had some fairly casual experience of sex with men at University and that he was still "interested" so long as it was safe. In fact he told me that when you were eighteen and in your last year at school, the two of you used to travel on the coach in the dark back home from away matches. You used to put a coat over your laps and whack each other off under it. I'd never have guessed. Must have been fun!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, we landed up on the bed in his room together. It's true he's only average in size now (I was a lot bigger) but he was interesting to look at because, as you will remember, he's circumcised and his dickhead is a kind-of greenish colour. It was also incredibly stiff, with almost no flexibility of skin on the shaft under the knob - and he came off in no time at all. I hardly had to touch it! Funny how different we all are! I think he enjoyed doing me, but after it was over he became moody again and found it difficult to relax. I don't really want to see him again but it was an amazing coincidence that he should have reminded me of you not long before you actually wrote to me.

So now you know what I've been up to. As I said at the start, it was great to meet you again and it's been quite therapeutic for me to get all this off my chest to someone who I know will understand and not judge me from a narrow or prejudicial point of view. I think you're right about men being naturally bi-sexual and that their interest in other men is inhibited by social controls. Nature and nurture, I suppose. People like us who find out at an early age just what fun sex with another fella can be are probably less inhibited

I do hope you get your life sorted out and that we'll be able to meet again. "Turning the clock back" was a fabulously enjoyable thing to do. For me it rekindled all the excitement of my first time with you all those years ago. I'd like to think we can keep in touch - and touching once in a while!

All the best, and thanks for coming …. And cumming.


PS While I've writing this the bulge in my trousers has hard to contain, so now I've finished I think I'll get it out and give it what it wants.

There was a PPS too in his small, neat hand-writing. "Wow, what a wank …."

In romantic novels everything ends "happily ever after" and the loose ends are neatly tied up. But real life is not like that. Even when Elizabeth Bennet marries D'Arcy we know that she will continue to jump to the wrong conclusions and he will occasionally be stiff-necked with pride. Contretemps will arise. Bingley, so easily led, will not find much leadership provided by Jane and they will "drift" without much purpose to their later lives.

It is not "tidy" being bi-sexual. A foot in both camps can be uncomfortable as far as the world is concerned and takes some getting used to. Nevertheless, like Steve, Fred and Chris and countless others the world over, I continue to regard it as an entirely natural state of being - a state many, perhaps most people would admit to were there less ignorance, less inhibition and less prejudice about sexual orientation in society. I'm glad Steve agreed with me. Dicks are so important to us men that what other men have and do with theirs is of natural interest to us, unless we consciously or unconsciously repress that interest. It seems to me extraordinary that society deems such an interest to be wrong!

Three weeks after Steve's letter arrived my wife phoned to say that her elderly lover had died and that if I was still prepared for her to come back, she would do so in due course. Our daughter was overjoyed and even our son, wrapped up in his own life, expressed pleasure. A month after the funeral she was back home. Rebuilding our home and our lives together was hard work at first. Much had necessarily to be left unsaid but there was an earnestness to do right by each other. I wrote to Steve to tell him and he e-mailed me back to say how glad he was for me. Maybe the only "tidy" thing in the whole sorry saga was that I had started and was, maybe, ending with him. Chris and Fred, both of them married men who understood bi-sexuality, were pleased for me too; and Jeff, when I went to see him at the Builders Merchants, shook my hand so vigorously to show his understanding that I would have kissed him had we not been a public place.

As the years go by I shall hope to see them from time to time but there will be no new men. Older, sadder and wiser now, my "Adventures" have come to an end.

See "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen - perhaps the most widely read novel in the world.

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