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Almost 30 years ago, I was riding high on life. I had money in the bank and was pretty darned close to paying off my mortgage. My first erotic novel was selling rather well and I had just gotten out of a relationship that was pure poison. All in all, things were looking up and I was in a pretty good place.

When I received a call from my agent, I had no idea things were about to get better. "Hey there Gil," Tom said to me over the phone. "Are you perhaps interested in picking up a little extra cash?"

As I said, I was close to paying off my mortgage, I wasn't there just yet. "I might be, Tom," I answered. "Just what did you have in mind?"

"This is going to sound pretty out there," Tom said to me.

"Like the job you got me as a script assistant on the Saturday morning kid's show?" I grumbled. "I still have nightmares about Smurfs."

"This is almost as weird," Tom sighed. "Given the success of your first erotic novel, Moondance, a friend of mine has asked me ..."

I waited for the other shoe to drop.

"... He asked me if you might be interested in a job writing scripts for Adult Films."

"Porn?! You want me to write scripts for porn movies?" I asked, shaking my head.

"Don't dismiss it so casually," Tom told me. "Adult Films are moving closer to the mainstream and they're doing big budget stuff these days. They want better scripts, not that cheesy stuff you're used to seeing. Have you seen the women that make these movies today? Man, they're hot!"

I told Tom that I had not and that was the truth. While I was dating Brooke, I avoided even looking at other women and that included on film. I hadn't seen an adult film since Suzie Superstar some years earlier and I knew all about the tragic turn Shauna Grant's life had taken.

"It might be moving closer Tom, but it sure as hell isn't there yet," I answered. "If I do this and the publishers get wind of it, or worse yet, the public, I'm finished as an author."

"You wrote all those really cheesy Beeline novels a while back," Tom answered. "What's so different about this?"

"I wrote those under a pseudonym and it was to put food in my mouth," I told my agent and friend. "No one would associate Adam Baum with Gil Kirby. And hey, none of my novels were cheesy. I did the best I could in the time I was given." That much was true, I had turned out a dozen novels in just under a year. I will admit I had a great time doing them and it's good preparation for a fledgling writer because you have to think fast and work steadily to keep up.

"How much money are we talking about?" I asked Tom. He rattled off a sum that was really good by 80's standards and not bad by today's. Now I was tempted.

"They read your novel and they really want you," Tom told me. "Listen, why not meet me tomorrow and we'll drive to the set and you can talk to them. If you're still feeling ambivalent after that, don't do it. No one is going to force you, I just hate to see you turn down a paying job."

I hate it when Tom's being logical, even all these years later. We met the next afternoon and drove to a set in Encino. Everyone was nice and friendly and I was almost convinced. "It would help if I knew who the star of the movie was," I told the director and producer. "Who I am writing the script for."

"That would be me," a soft voice came from behind me. I turned around and for the first time, I saw the lovely face of Ginger Lynn. The Illinois-born blonde was just starting her career at that time and had yet to achieve the fame she would in a few years. Nonetheless, she was lovely and soft spoken and wearing a tiny bikini and heels. She sat down in a chair beside me and introduced herself. All I knew at that time was she was petite and almost shy and very pretty. She asked me a number of questions and you could tell she was quite intelligent.

"Why don't you and Ginger go to lunch and talk?" Tom suggested to me. "She's done filming for the day, maybe it will spark an idea." If they were trying to sweeten the pot, the lovely Miss Lynn was like honey. She nodded and indicated she was game so I agreed. She went to change and my eyes followed her all the way. She was barely 22 and I was only a few years older myself, yet she seemed to have a youthful freshness to her. I admit it, I was smitten. It was hard not to be, Ginger was a lovely young woman.

Ginger came back about ten minutes later looking so lovely it was hard to believe that she was in the adult entertainment business. She was one of the first in a coming trend of gorgeous women to do porn and had only done a few films as yet. The Ginger I lunched with wore a pretty yellow, gauzy sundress and a constant smile. She was charming and funny and I liked her even more by the end of our meal. I knew that I would agree to write the movie. I would have done anything for the chance to see Ginger just one more time.

As it turned out, I needn't have done that. "Could we have dinner tomorrow night?" She asked me. "I'm done early and I don't get a lot of free time. I really enjoyed our afternoon and I'd like to see you again, Gil. You're attractive and smart and not once have you talked down to me."

"Why would I, you're absolutely lovely and intelligent," I told her, which was the truth. She smiled and took my hand and I told her we had a date. Truly, few men could have resisted that lovely smile of hers and that soft little voice. She was a charmer. We agreed to meet at a then-popular steakhouse that was close to where she was filming. She would take a taxi and meet me there.

Our dinner that night was fabulous and so was the one after and the one after that. Before I knew it, I was dating Ginger Lynn although I got Ginger Lynn Allen, her civilian guise. It was making it easy to write a decent script because I got to know the lady every well. One balmy night in July, that knowledge turned biblical.

We were having wine at my condo and Ginger got this look in her sky-blue eyes. She put down her glass and flashed me a smile as she put her hand on my knee. "We've been going out for weeks and you haven't made a pass at me, so I'm making one at you. Take me in the bedroom and fuck me, unless it bothers you because of who I am?"

"That would be hypocritical, don't you think?" I smiled and took her hand. I hadn't asked to sleep with her because I didn't want her thinking out relationship was entirely about sex. I genuinely liked Ginger. She slipped out of her pretty blue dress and for the first time, I saw her slender, petite body totally naked. Remember, I had not yet seen a Ginger Lynn film. Now I knew what all the fuss was about and I could tell she would be a superstar. She kept on her heels to give her a bit more height and we kissed. She had full, soft lips and was an excellent kisser. She was also very eager, making short work of my clothes.

"You have a pretty good body for a writer," she complimented me. "Some of my co-stars haven't been this nice. Let me suck your cock, I love having cocks in my mouth."

I love hearing a woman talk dirty and Ginger was good at it. She also gave a great blowjob and my cock was ready to fuck her. I was considerate enough to know you don't have a partner as hot as Ginger and not eat her pussy. I looked into those azure eyes of hers and she asked me to eat her cunt. I didn't need to be asked twice. She was calling me all sorts of filthy names while I was licking her blonde-fleeced snatch. It didn't even bother me that her stiletto heels were digging into my back as I ate her pussy. I just figured they would be war wounds and she tasted so good, I didn't care.

Ginger just plain loved to fuck. We did the standard Missionary at first and those heels were still digging into my back. She was crying and gasping and moaning for my cock, it really was thrilling. I loved the way she fucked, sweetly yet with passion. She wasn't a one-fuck either. We no sooner finished making her cum in Missionary when she got on all fours and asked me to do her Doggy style. Then we fucked side-by-side with me dick in from behind and we finished wither Ginger really riding me for all she was worth. She was glad she didn't have to film the next day, because we were at it well past midnight.

I would have loved to have made Ginger and I a regular thing, but her career kept her too busy for that. The film I wrote for her was well received and when I was asked to do another script, I jumped at the chance. I hadn't seen Ginger in a few months and was already plotting our reunion, both in bed and out.

You know what they say about the best-laid plans ...?

It turned out that I was working with Miss Lynn, yet it was Amber Lynn I was writing for this time out. She was new in the business and they wanted something to showcase her. I had been recommended from my previous work and again, it was suggested I get to know Amber over lunch at the company's expense. Amber sidled up to me and whispered in my ear "Or we could just skip lunch, go back to my place and fuck."

That, in a nutshell, was the difference between the two Lynns. Ginger is quiet and Amber is brash and outspoken and doesn't take life too seriously. Over lunch, she showed me her layout in Penthouse and talked about her life, which had its share of tragedy. Only a few years earlier, she had developed this "rockin' little body" as she put it and some friends, Ginger included, suggest that she make the best of it. "I love making movies," Amber told me. "I'll probably be doing this years from now, I can't imagine ever getting bored with sex."

I was on the horns of a dilemma. I really enjoyed Ginger and felt a degree of loyalty to her, even if it was misguided. Yet I also liked Amber, who was just fun to be around. She was also sexy as hell in a leather mini and low-cut blouse and stiletto heels. Ginger liked to sit quietly and talk. Amber loved the attention and signed autographs almost until the time we left the restaurant.

"I meant what I said earlier," Amber said and nipped my ear. "My place isn't far from here and my neighbors are used to me being a bit wild. Want me to bring you home and rattle the walls?"

I laughed. There was almost no subtlety to Amber, but I found it refreshing. I gave her a kiss on the lips and shook my head. "I'm on a deadline with the script and as much as I'd love to make a mattress squeak with you, if I do that, I'll never want to get out of bed. I'm also afraid you'd leave me too exhausted to work," I grinned at her.

She laughed with me. "That's true, I have been known to do that."

"How about next week?"

Amber shook her head and sighed just a bit. "I can't baby, I'm on the road dancing next week. I make a lot of money working and I want to promote my career. Shit, this sucks. I wanted to fuck your brains out and see if what Ginger said is true."

I smiled. "Ginger told you about us, did she?"

"Fuck yeah baby, the `Lynn sisters' have a little friendly rivalry going on, but don't worry about it," Amber said as I drove her back to her place. "I am going to get you in bed and it'll be sooner, rather than later." We reached her apartment and she got out of the car and kissed my cheek. "Ciao baby, keep it hard for me."

If I wasn't turned on during lunch, I was now. I went home and had an idea for a few different scripts and amalgamated them all into one script. Amber had me so turned on that I was nearly done by that night. I was a bit pissed at myself. Here it was Friday night and I was now ahead on work. If I'd taken Amber up on her very sexy offer, I still would have been done on time. I thought about dropping by her place, but what if she had someone there? A woman like Amber Lynn does not lack for company if she's looking for it. I decided to spend the weekend fine-tuning the script so I could turn in a first-class piece of work on Monday. I also took the time to pour over my notes for my next novel. Tom had called a few days earlier and told me that my publishers had declared the first one a success and wanted another. They had even coughed up a small advance.

I spent most of Saturday night and late Sunday morning polishing up the script and completing it and then working on outlines for my new novel. I kept flashing back to Amber and it kept making me horny. I thought about watching one of the films the studio had sent over for me to sample. I had some Swedish Erotica to sample, a film called Yellow Fever that looked interesting and Talk Dirty to Me 3 all on hand. I was about to slip a tape into my VCR when the doorbell rang.

"Hi there, sexy man," Amber purred in her sexiest voice as she threw her arms around me. This certainly was a nice surprise on a Sunday afternoon.

"Hello to you too," I smiled, giving her a kiss on the cheek and inviting her in. "It's great to see you, but how did you find where I lived?"

"You're listed in the phone book, dummy," Amber laughed. I smiled and laughed with her. "I took a chance that you might be done with the script and maybe I could get a peek?"

"I finished it on Friday night," I said. Amber looked at me with those pretty eyes of hers and shrugged as if to say "we could have been having fun". I decided to take a risk. "Did you really come over here to read the script or did you have something else in mind?"

She walked back over to me and smiled and said "I could have something else in mind if your mind is dirty. Like maybe you and me fucking for the rest of the afternoon before I have to go away for a week?"

"Are you prepared to spend the afternoon fucking?" I asked this pretty young sex star.

"Baby, I'm always prepared for fucking," Amber laughed as she led me to the bedroom. She was stretched out on my bed like a sexy cat and she seemed impatient to get started. I got the impression that sex was very important to Amber and that it was part of her reason for living. I made short work of my shirt and Amber was impatiently tugging at my cock. "I'm so fucking horny," Amber told me when my pants dropped to the floor. "Let's do everything until we're either too tired or too sore, or both, to do any more!"

At that moment, it was a bit hard to decide just who I liked more, Amber or Ginger. Both the ladies certainly had their merits. Ginger was soft and sweet until you got her in bed and she opened her mouth. She was a bit more slender than Amber, who had curves and was taller. Both were blue-eyed blondes and those are still my favorite. Amber sucked my cock and there I spotted another difference. Ginger was quiet during oral sex, but not Amber. She almost gulped and slurped my shaft until it was gleaming. Then she spread herself out on my bed and hiked her short skirt. She had come prepared -- no panties! "I usually get what I want," Amber grinned as I went muff diving. "Eat me Gil, eat my pussy," she groaned before going silent. Ginger liked to talk in bed, not Amber. Aside from moans and movements of her body, she was silent. That's okay, I was concentrating on where I was, between soft, silky, tanned thighs.

I love oral sex -- giving and getting -- and I loved that Amber had come prepared. Her heels were drumming on my back and she was so damned WET! Once I got her ready, she removed her pretty blouse and her tits spilled out. "I normally wear sexy underwear," she told me in a husky voice "But I thought it would save time if I came dressed to screw."

"I appreciate your thoughtfulness," I smiled as Amber climbed on top of me. Ginger was a bit more passive, Amber a bit more aggressive. That was their style in bed, totally. Ginger could talk the talk and was a great lover, but Amber walked the walk and fucked all out! She really gave me a workout that afternoon and when she left at 8 PM, after pizza and a final fuck, I was beat. I would need a week off just to recover from going to bed with Amber Lynn.

I didn't get it. Ginger called me on Wednesday and asked me if we could have dinner. Dinner consisted of Chinese takeout and Ginger in a black teddy. She spent the night and she was wilder than before. She gave me a blowjob and she described a girl-girl scene with one of her new co-stars, a blonde named Stacey. "She's not the hottest girl I've ever been with," she said as she throated my cock "But she's tall and very easy on the eyes. That's one of the nicest things about this business. If a girl likes girls, she doesn't have to go looking because the girls come to you."

I smiled and nodded. I wondered if Ginger would ever bring a girl over and share me? A threesome would have been a kick, but that probably only happened in the movies I was now writing. I was being selfish. Ginger was now wrapping herself around me and giving me a hot fuck. Why did I need another woman when I was in bed with someone like her?

Amber came over Sunday again, back from her time on the road. She wore a maid's uniform and expensive fish net stockings and heels. We spent the entire day fucking and she attended to her "boss" in every way possible. As she wasn't dancing or filming Monday, she stayed the night and I made breakfast the next morning. It was only fair.

For a while, it almost seemed as if the lovely Lynn ladies were in a competition. I wasn't dishonest, each knew about the other. I continued writing scripts until my own work began demanding more of my time and then, it was over. By then, Ginger and Amber were both contract performers and other people were writing their films, with input from the ladies themselves. I spent a few more nights with both of them before our relationships faded out.

Not entirely though. I get a Christmas card every year from Ginger and Amber's life had some twists and turns before it straightened out. She still does an occasional film. I've even helped (anonymously) with scripts and I like her "method of payment". Amber had predicted years earlier that she would never completely tire of the lifestyle and, bless her heart, she was right about that. Luckily for me.

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