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(This is not a fiction. This is a faction. I keep its copyright. After edited it will be published by a well-known magazine. So read it but do not use it all or partially. OK?)

I'm three months old pregnant wife. This is the interesting story of my pregnancy. I'm sure you'd like this long story.

Three years ago when I met husband I was a college student in a beautiful Mediterranean port city. He was a senior exchange student. During a party we met and danced. He is blonde with blue eyes and I am a brunette girl with dark emerald eyes. We attracted each other but nothing happened between us, because I was virgin and coming from a conservative catholic family. We met several times and only kissed a few times. That was all. Just before returning home he asked me to marry. I told him to ask my family rather than me. They accepted him as a son-in-law. Then for wedding I went to USA to marry him. After wedding parties my family returned to our homeland. Now, I'm 22 years old housewife and my husband is 27. He is a deputy manager of a medium size company. He is very clever and he promotes the exports of the productions to the Middle East Countries. In a short time his bosses made him a partner to the company. I'm not a girl like Playboy pets. But wherever I walk in alone or with my husband many people (men or women) turn their faces towards me. I do not want to be modest, but to tell the truth I have very attractive body and I'm very sexy girl. I'm not a skinny girl I have big breast and long legs.

Following wedding we made our first love in a seaside hotel during the honeymoon. I was shocked more than my husband, because there was no bleeding. I was sure that he did not believe in my words about my virginity. But he preferred to play a role as he accepted. He is really good guy. I really LOVE him. During and after the honeymoon we happily made love in every occasion. I want to tell the TRUTH, he was THE FIRST MAN in my pussy. Even first time in my life I saw a dick that was his dick.

As a fact I'm a real horny woman. Before our marriage I was masturbating three or four times every day. During the first year of our marriage we did not want to have a child. So I had been on pills. Second year we changed our mind and wanted to have a baby. I stopped taking pills. We could not have a baby during the first year in spite of stopping the pills. I suggested my husband to take him and me to the doctors to find out the reasons of our infertility problem.

After check up we understood that he was a healthy guy, but I had the problem. The problem was about my hymen. It was in very deep and very elastic without any hole. And I was still virgin in spite of our two years marriage. It was big surprise for both of us. You could not believe how my hubby was happy when he heard the news about my hymen. Since that moment he felt comfortable with that reality about my virginity.

Doctor suggested us getting rid of the problem with a minor surgery or trying a harder intercourse to take the virginity. I objected the first alternative. I told my husband and doctor: "As a woman I want to feel the differences between virginity and womanhood during the sex with my husband. I believed that the blood was a seal of the marriage as a Mediterranean catholic girl. Since my childhood the blood was my fetishism as a virgin girl. I do not want to have an artificial solution."

So we left the doctor office. Believe me my husband was happier than me. When we entered home, he fucked me; sorry he fucked me harder, right away. The result was same. Nothing changed I was still virgin. Since then we continued to fuck in every position just to solve the hymen problem. We spent five months without any solution. He had a psychological problem. He thought that he was not a capable husband to fuck his wife. I reminded him what the doctor said about many similar examples of my case. I tried to convince him not to worry. He seemed that he believed what I said. I really love my husband. He is a great, understanding guy. I like his making love to me. Even when we were watching TV together I like to lick his dick rather than sucking. His dick is a kind of ice-cream con for me. I had never seen any cock but little John. So it is a kind of fetishism for me to lick his dick in every occasion. It seems to me it is very handsome toy. I really enjoy kissing and then licking his dick.

One day I admitted the hymen problem to my best friend, Henrietta. At the beginning she did not believe in what I told. Several days we discussed what to do or how to handle the case. She asked advice from her experienced mother. Even Henrietta suggested using some dildos or my fingers. I objected, because I wanted to solve the problem through natural way. I mean not artificially, but natural fucking.

One day when we were talking about the problem I noticed that Henrietta was very nervous and trying to say something. Suddenly she excused and said: "I have an idea!" I asked what it was. Her face was blushed but she slowly started to talk. "Maybe! Maybe! I mean, maybe John (my hubby) has a problem. If you want and if our husbands accept, Andy (her husband) can screw you to take your virginity!"

I was shocked. I looked at her face. She was sincere. She added, "Forget it! Forget it! Please forgive me for this stupid idea!" before expecting my answer. I told her "Why not! It might be! Anyhow we are good friends, your husband is an honest and healthy young guy!" My answer shocked her. Then we discussed the details. I agreed to talk my husband first. If they agreed we could do it. She told me that she already talked with Andy. He was ready to help! But it took four days to convince my hubby. When he turned the lights to green I called Henrietta right away to give the good news.

Then four of us met in our home to discuss the details. We fixed the day accordingly to my special periods. It was following Saturday. That afternoon my hubby went to play golf. Henrietta went for shopping.

Andy came with flowers. We were acting like the first date of the teenagers. We danced several moments. We had danced many times before, but it was different that day! We were very nervous. He was holding me very close to him. I was feeling his hard on my legs. He was kissing my neck, and then licking my eardrop. First I kissed him. Then our very heavy French kiss followed it while he was playing with my tits over my dress. Five minutes later we were walking towards to the bedroom while kissing. I did not turn on the lights in the bedroom. The indirect lights from outside were romantically reflecting to the room with a romantic music. We started to strip each other. After taking off my bra we speeded it up. We behaved like horny college couple. He was licking and sucking my 38C tits. I was holding his dick in my hand. It was almost same size of my husband's dick but fatter. When we were on our king size bed his dick was already in my shaved pussy. I did not understand why he hurried to put his dick in my pussy and he had a very early ejaculation. It was big disappointment. He excused.

But less than ten minutes he had another erection. This time he slowly pushed it in my pussy. It was exciting to feel a foreign and real hard dick in my pussy again. It took half an hour to unload his come. I had two orgasms within that period. After that fuck I felt myself as the happiest woman in the world. But suddenly I realized that there was no bleeding. I told him to stay on the bed. I went to clean myself then to bring some cold wine. We chatted and drunk wine. We kissed each other. I sucked his dick. He licked and ate my pussy. Then he fucked me again. It was 45 minutes long hard fucking. But nothing changed! He left home without success. We were depressed. I called his wife and my hubby to give the first report. They were upset. Honestly talking I very much enjoyed that fucking as a horny woman with him. I was almost going to ask him whenever he wanted he could come to fuck me. But at the last moment I stopped talking.

After that experience we did not discuss the case with my husband. But one day John came home with his buddy, Bob. He was marine, athletic and handsome guy. They are use to play golf together. He is taller than my husband. After the dinner with wine, hubby asked me to talk in the bedroom. He suggested if I still think to solve the problem, Bob was at my disposal. I hesitated. I was tipsy. I asked him if he mentioned anything about the case. He said yes and that's why he was here. I said OK. We returned to the living room. John told Bob that he had an emergency call from his office. He'd be back about three hours later. Then he left.

I filled up his glass with wine. He asked me to sit next to him on the coach. I did. He put one of his hands on my mini skirt and the other arm on my shoulder. When our glasses were empty, his palm was already covering my pussy inside of my panties and his other hand was unbuttoning my shirt. Of course his lips were on my lips. I helped him opening my legs to feel my wetness. I held his hands and pulled him to the bedroom. Please believe me we were not walking, we were running. When we entered the room we were already naked. He stood up behind me. His dick was touching my asshole and his fingers were playing with my tits. He pushed my hands over the bed and slowly entered his dick from my back. Wow! It was wonderful feeling. Another stranger's dick was screwing my so-called virgin pussy. It was the third dick in my life. It was a little bit bigger, younger and harder than my husband's and Andy's dicks. He speeded it up. It was working in my hot pussy like a piston in an engine. I believed that he'd be successful, because he had a strong dick. Ten minutes later there was a thunder and several lightening in my brain. A heavy rain followed the thunder in my pussy. It was wonderful fucking. His come was dripping down from my pussy over my long legs. But unfortunately, nothing changed! My hymen was still resisting like an iron curtain.

After resting for a while he fucked me again. Mission was failed!

During the third round I sat on his dick. I was riding on his dick like a rodeo cowboy. I was strongly pushing my pussy down and up just to tear off that unwanted small piece. We were not successful. Three hours later when John returned home his buddy had already left with an embarrassing face. I told him it was not necessary to feel that way, because I had really enjoyed being with him. Honestly he was better than John and Andy. I wish he could fuck me for the forth time.

Two weeks later Andy called me again. He asked me if it was possible to give another chance to him. He was sure that this time he would do what I wanted. I told him to ask my husband. He said it was not necessary to tell John and Henrietta either. He suggested if he was successful we could tell them that we'd try it again. Third time we can fuck and then disclose it after the third round. I told him that I'd consider his suggestion. I was sure he was just aiming to fuck me again rather than to solve my problem. He is 12 years older than I am. I was sure he liked my fresh pussy and my attractive body with my horniness. Anyway, he was also hoping to fuck me for the third time. In spite of his clear intention, two hours later I called him and said OK.

Following afternoon he left his office early and came to fuck me without telling our spouses. I met him in front of the door and we kissed. He immediately played with my tits. We directly went to the bedroom. After some foreplay he entered me. Wow! Wow! This time he was controlling himself and pushing his dick harder and harder and further and further in my pussy. Ten minutes later his semen were swimming in my love tunnel without crossing the border! He was blushed. But I really enjoyed it. Even I forgot why we were there and what was our aim. He went to bathroom to clean but returned with a crème tube. He put some crème on his dick and in my pussy. I think he aimed to reach further in my pussy. We had another half and hour fucking. It was really unforgettable. But no way! He again excused and left home.

After Andy and Bob, my hubby fucked me in different position almost two or three times everyday. Following the failures of his fucking I told John to go to doctor for the operation. He objected. He did not want me to have a psychological problem after that small surgery. He believed that his horny wife could be a frigid woman if he permitted that surgery. It should be the end of our marriage.

One day the washing machine did not work. I called the service to ask assistance of a repairman. A young guy, probably same age with me came to fix it. I noticed he was watching my long legs under the denim miniskirt. His semi-erection was obvious. I went to the other room and called John. I asked him if he'd allow me to fuck this guy. First, he hesitated and then asked about the guy if he looked as a healthy or filthy. I told him he seems OK. Then John also said OK but put condom.

When I returned the young guy was still working to fix it. I had taken off my panties in addition two unbuttoned black shirt when I went to see him, again. First I displayed my cleavage. He slowed his working and paid attention to my breast. Five minutes later accidentally I flashed my pussy when I sat down a bamboo chair just opposite to him. He was trembling while I was changing my legs, each time. Ten minutes later he fixed it and wanted to try. He asked some dirty laundries to test the machine. I took off my shirt and gave it to him with some other laundries from the basket. He did not believe his eyes. He blocked his eyes on my brownish tits over the push up bra. He ran the machine. He listened it. Yes, it was working. I stood up and told him to go to the living room to have some beer.

He followed me like a small dog to get some milk from its plate. But knowingly I arranged some part of my skirt in my waist, assuming that was accidental and I was not aware of it. I was walking in front of him and he was watching my naked ass. He came closer and suddenly held my ass and pulled me back to his body. I felt his dick on my ass. I did not see when he took it off from his jeans. He was rubbing it to my ass hole. I turned my face to him and he kissed me. He also wanted to enter me right there. I said no hurry. I asked him to go to the bedroom. I think he entered the bedroom before me.

He was horny I was wet. He had long but thin uncut dick. It was like a long fountain pen. It was my first uncut dick. I slowly pushed its skin back and kissed its head. Then I took his young dick in my mouth. I was speechless. He was like a stallion just behind the horny mare. I was afraid he should come in any minute. In fact he unloaded his semen to my mouth. It was enjoying. I did not tell him anything about my problem. But I was sure he'd be successful. Again, he fucked my wet pussy with his same hard on. I was feeling that he'd hit the target any moment. I was feeling and counting while his dick was approaching the iron curtain. Ten, nine, eight,…..four…Yes, yes… Three… Keep going. You are doing well. Two…Yes, yes… One…. Zero. He unexpectedly unloaded his come without hitting the target in his condom. I enjoyed his fucking but I hated it missing the aim at the last moment. After resting for a while I told him why I let him fuck me. He was surprised. I asked him if he wanted to fuck me again. He said he had to go back, because his boss would be upset if he was late. And he promised me to take my virginity tomorrow. I accepted his proposal. I told the entire story to my hubby.

Next day during the lunch break he rang the doorbell. I had almost forgotten what we talked yesterday. He had only 90 minutes. We directly went to the bedroom. He did not put any shorts under his jeans not to spend time to strip or to put it back. He displayed his childish and beautiful erection. We kissed. He sucked my tits. I did not suck his dick, just kissed and licked while I was praying to be a woman rather than a married virgin girl! I felt his palm on my pussy lips. He was playing with the pussy lips. Then he inserted one finger, then two, and three in my wet pussy. He started to penetrate his fingers in my pussy. He was slowly forwarding inch by inch. I was really enjoying. Suddenly I realized that he aimed to solve the problem with his fingers rather than his uncut handsome dick. I asked him what he was doing. Innocently he said solving the problem with his fingers. After hearing what he aimed I pushed him back and stood up. I yelled him to leave home right away. He was trying to cheat me. It was not a fair behavior. He wanted to excuse and then continued to kiss me. I did not listen him. I prevented him to kiss my lips again. I was naked and pushing and kicking him towards the door. He was walking back while he was trying to put his jeans on. I shut the door behind him. I noticed that he left without his shirt. I threw the shirt from the window. Then I cried and cried for hours. I told my husband what happened. After that event I did not let my husband fuck me more than three days. I was terribly disappointed. In fact if he did not attempt to cheat I was sure he was going to be successful. Stupid guy. He missed a big chance!

Three days later I asked John to have a serious talk. I told him to take me to the doctor for that operation. I also added that I gave up to see any blood during any sex, including monthly bleeding. I was surrendered. I was ready for doctor's assistance. I really wanted to kiss my baby in addition to the little John as quick as possible. He listened me very carefully. When I finished my request he went to the computer room and returned with a file. He put it on the coffee table. He started to talk. He said:

"Honey! Everything is not finished yet. Give me another chance. I communicated with several unknown guys by the Internet. I asked several guys who had long and fat dicks to make love with you. I told them it'd be making love not fucking. It must be a romantic relation rather than a professional fucking. I told them about the problem. I got answers more than four dozens guy. I eliminated most of them. I have five candidates to present you. Two of them are white and three guys are black. Each one has a sufficient huge dick at least ten inches. I'm sure they'd be sufficient but no idea about their efficiencies. I believe a long dick would make you happy. They are between 26-39 years old guys. They are all bachelors. Take this file read our communications and look at their pictures, including their dicks. Make up your mind. Choose one or two or maybe all of them. I'll take you to him or them to make love with you. I know what you feel. Please excuse me what I did before getting your approval"

When he finished. I was speechless. He kissed me. I kissed him. I thanked him for his kindness. Before looking at the file I took him to the bed. We had not fucked three days until that moment. I was feeling horny. I was feeling myself as a slut. I did not hesitate to rape him there. It was probably the best fuck of ours. He fucked me again with his same hard on. Then we slept. After the breakfast he went out. I had forgotten the file. I remembered when I was showering. I was excited. I played with my pussy. After having a strong orgasm I sat down under the hot water without moving about five minutes. I felt good with the hot water. After dressing I went to the living room to study the file.

The first guy was a tall, handsome and from our city. His communication with my hubby was rather slanged. I noticed that he was not well-educated man. But he had 11 inches long cock. It was like a hammer. Among the several pictures of him there were about five pictures of his cock from different angels. First time in my life I saw a dick that was 7 inches long the little John. So I did not believe and compare the size of his dick. I thought it was a joke. At the same time I was getting wetter.

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