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Stocking Passion


I have always had an intense passion for stockings; garter belts and spiked high heels. I adorable wife of 11 years, Donna loved to cater to my passion for them and she always wore them when we made love. Donna is 5'1 inch 122 LB of pure passion. She has small breasts but legs and ass to die for.

Donna had a very good friend who was also our neighbor. Her name is Karen. I had met her a number of times and she was a very attractive redhead. Since they were both housewives they spent a great deal of time together during the day and talked a great deal about everything including sex.

One day the conversation turned to garter belt and stockings. Donna told Karen how much they turned me on and that we never had sex without her wearing them for me. Karen stated that she and her spouse were the same way with one exception that her spouse became very submissive when she wore black stockings. That he would sometimes make love to her feet and loved to cum on the stockinged feet.

Karen also told my wife that they had had a few swinging experiences. Donna was fascinated with this concept and wanted to know all about the experiences. This conservation's when on for months but Donna never told me about any of them. Finally they decided to get Joe and me together for a session. Everyone knew about this but me. Donna told me that we were going to get together and go out with Karen & Joe for drinks. My wife never wore a garter belt when we went out socially but this evening she wore a pair of 5 inch spiked blue sandals that I just adored her in.

We were all going out together and I was very aroused looking at my wife in those heels. She let me stroke her legs while we waited for our neighbors to arrive. When the arrived, Karen was also dressed in a pair of 4 inch black pumps and black pantyhose. It was the first time that I had ever seen her in other than jeans and a sweatshirt.

It forced me to think of her sexually for the first time. I had never met her husband Joe; he was a towering man of 6'4" and 200 LB. I found him to be a great guy. We went to a private club that they were members and had a wonderful time talking and dancing. The conservation after a few drinks turned to sex. It was casual and fun chat.

They ladies excused themselves to go the ladies room and as they left the table, Joe told me how much he loved my wife's heels, it was hard not to like them the way her tight ass swayed as she moved away for the table. I agreed and told him that I only wish I could get her to wear a garterbelt and stockings rather than those boring pantyhose.

This sparked Joe to tell me how sheer stockings turned him on and all of a sudden we had an instant report with each other. Our conversation continued only styles of stockings and lingerie that turned us on the most. We even kept it up after the girls returned and they began to join in.

It was a rush to hear these two gorgeous women discuss our favorite subject. They even made a bit of fun at both of us at how easy we were sexually when they worn them.

We began discussing adult movies that we found that we all enjoyed. I told him that I had quite a few Swedish Erotica tapes at home that featured sexy women who always wore black reinforced heel and toe nylons.

Joe had never seen any of them and suggested that we all go back to watch some of them. I thought that this was a great idea. We all settled into my family room, I prepared another round of drinks and put on my favorite tape. It was a great video of Seka and another unknown actress with the famous John Holmes.

This was the first time that we ever watched porn with anyone and it was a very erotic experience. I could see that my wife was getting very turned on and so was I.

After about 20 minutes of watching the tape, Karen stated that she and Donna would look just as good as those women in stockings and garter belts. Then Joe chimed in why don't you prove it. It was a dare and the girls took us up on it.

They both when up stairs to get some of Donna's outfits, I thought I would go crazy. When they came back they were both holding handfuls of lingerie and then they started to remove their clothes. They decided to dress each other and I could not keep my hands off my cock.

Karen selected a white garter belt and fastened it around Donna's waist and as she sat in a chair across from us Karen slowly placed the black stockings on her legs and fastened them to her garters. Then she slipped her spiked heel sandals back on her feet. Donna then placed a black corset on Karen and proceeded to place black RH&T nylons on her and fastened them to her garters.

There were no shoes that fit Karen so she stayed put her pumps back on. I hated seeing those sexy reinforced stockings hidden by the pumps but everything else looking incredible.

They both stood in front of us and rubbed the hand all over their own bodies and spent a lot of the time stroking their stockings. Karen told us to remove our clothes and show them how excited we were looking at them. I broke my zipper getting my pants off.

When Joe was naked my wife went crazy looking at his cock and I was just as impressed. He had the largest cock I had ever seen. It was almost 10 inches and thick as my wrist. My 6-inch was minuscule next to his and I have never had a harder cock then that night.

Donna got down on her knees between Joe's legs and started to suck that monster cock. She was licking it and looking at me at the same time and asked me if I loved watching her suck another man's cock. I told her yes and I wanted her to make him cum all over her face and mouth, with that she started to suck him as if she was possessed. His cock was too large for her to get down on him deeply but seeing her work his head with her mouth was a sight I will never forget.

I got up and sat Karen on the sofa and began to lick her sweet pussy with my eyes never leaving my wife's cock sucking. I love to eat pussy. Nothing makes me happier than bring women to an intense orgasm with my mouth as I caress a silky stocking as I do it.

It did not take very long for Karen to have her first orgasm with this entire action-taking place. Things were getting closer with my wife and Joe and I wanted to see him cum into her mouth. I told her to take it all and make him cum for me. I positioned Karen leg to his face to intensify the action. Donna's hand was gliding up and down his huge cock as her mouth continued to work that massive head.

My eyes were fixed awaiting the climax. I watched as his ass rose off the sofa and his guttural moan let me know that he was filling my wife mouth with his load. She pumped and pumped his cock milking every drop from his body. When he finally relaxed, my wife looked at me and showed me his copious load of cum in her mouth. To this day, I do not know what possessed me but I pulled her face to mine and kissed her deeply sharing that cream with her.

It was my first ever taste of cum but it would not be my last.

It was my turn to put on a show for them. I began to fuck Karen slowly as our spouses watched. Her pussy was not as tight as my wife's for the obvious reasons but I was soon to know how I was to be used by her.

Karen begged me to slip my hard cock up her ass. I had never had anal sex and I was a bit hesitant at first. She was so wet that my 6-inch cock slipped into her so easily. Karen pleasure was beyond description. She began bucking like a wild horse while playing with her clit, screaming for me to fuck her faster and harder. I gave her all that I had and before I knew it I was depositing a huge load of cum into her sweet ass.

After I had cum, Joe lay on the floor and Donna sat on his face and as he licked her he rubbed his hands all over her nylons. She was grinding her cunt onto his face and I could see that his monster cock was coming back to life. Joe brought Donna to orgasm and then pushed her down to enter her pussy. I could not wait to see that engorged cock sliding into my wife's wet pussy.

She took it real slow and for a moment I did not think that she would be able to take him. She did take him all the way. She had never been filled with so much cock and I could see how much she loved it. Their rhythm increased and Joe rolled over into a missionary position so he could fully enjoy her stocking clad legs while her fucked her.

Donna must have had 3 or 4 orgasms and the combination of her tight pussy and stockinged legs was too much for Joe to hold off and he filled her pussy with him cum. For the second time that evening, I had a desire to suck his cum out of her pussy. Her cunt was wide open for his large cock and my face was buried between her legs lick and sucking his cum out of her.

Karen sat on the sofa and spread her legs and told me to make her cum with my tongue, which I gladly obliged all the time stroking those silky nylon stockings. Karen wanted me to fuck her in the ass again. I pulled down onto the floor into the missionary position so I could also enjoy her nylons as I fucked her ass. It was a long slow session before I could hold back no longer, then shot my second load of cream into her ass.

As we were all resting, Karen told me how great that felt as she loved anal sex but Joe's cock was much too big for her to enjoy it. We all talked about swinging and they told us of a few of their experiences. Karen told me that she had even made love to a woman for Joe at one of their sessions. I looked at Donna and ask her if she could make love to Karen but she did not want to.

Karen asked her if it was all right to just tease her and stroke her to get us hard again and she agreed. Karen proceeded to stroke her hair and back, and then she started to stroke her nylons and the tops of her thighs. Well needless to say Joe and I were ready again and we all made love again.

When they left around 4:00 A.M. Donna and I talked for a long time about the evening and how we each felt about it. We decided that we would do it again and went to sleep exhausted.

We had many sessions with Karen and Joe over the next year and a half and they introduced us to other couples and we went to parties with up to six couples. It was a hell of an experience but with it brought many problems and in the end contributed a great deal to our divorce.

Even with all that I have to say that I enjoyed the sex and still fantasize about that first night and a great many stories to follow with them and others.

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