Stolen Ch. 03


Sky woke as Hawk rolled away to get up, he glanced over his shoulder and smiled when he saw she was awake. "Get up and cook something for us to eat." he told her. Sky sat up and pulled the edges of the tattered shirt together, Hawk was watching and eyed the soft curves of her breasts that showed above where she held the material together. "You better go put your dress on or you might be a distraction," he told her.

Sky hurried to the bathroom and gladly changed into the red dress, ignoring her need to go to the toilet she went to the kitchen and to look for something to cook.

The front door stood ajar and she walked to it uneasily, there was no one in sight outside and she poked her head out cautiously to look around, there was nothing to see but several other small buildings and a narrow dusty road. Realising this could well be a trap to catch her attempting to run away and the fact she had no idea where she was caused Sky to sigh softly then step back inside and go back to the pantry, breakfast would just have to be scrambled eggs and toast.

Annoyed mutterings approached the door and Hawk cursed angrily. "You didn't lock the God damned door, now I'm going to have to go track her down." he snapped angrily. "I thought the door shut behind me. Look I'll help you, she can't have got too far. We were only outside twenty minutes at the most." Jake apologised, he swung the door wide open and both men stopped as they smelt the cooked food and saw Sky standing by the stove. "I could only find eggs and bread." she said softly, Hawk came over and looked at the food and knodded. "Can I go to the toilet?" She whispered uneasily, Hawk glanced at the door then back at her. "Go on then. Then you can come have some of this. We'll have to go get more food at one of nearby towns." Hawk said, he watched as she hurried off to the bathroom and turned his head to look at Jake. "You take her and your just asking for trouble." Jake warned. "Her picture would be circulated by now for sure, and that dress will stand out a mile."

Hawk merely shrugged and helped himself to some breakfast, Jake grabbed his plate and dished out his share and watched amused as Hawk dished up the left overs on a plate for Sky. "You'll spoil her." Jake warned. "No, she can clean up." Hawk declared and looked up as she came back into the room, she sat down where he motioned and began eating when the men dug in hungrily.

With breakfast finished Hawk disappeared into the bedroom and reappeared shortly with an arm full of jeans and a couple of t-shirts, he tossed a pair of worn denim jeans at her and a large t-shirt. "Try them on." He ordered, Sky glanced at him then pulled the jeans on resignedly. They were a bit to big but Hawk used a length of string to tie them around her waist, he pulled the dress off over her head before she could object and tossed her a loose shirt, he shook his head in dissatisfaction and tore another shirt into strips, he gripped her shoulder and pulled her to him roughly. "Take the shirt off." he ordered, she complied knowing it was useless to fight him and he quickly bound her breasts tightly. "That hurts!" she complained but he caught her hands when she would have pulled at the strips of cloth. "You want to come with me?" he asked, Sky knodded and looked at his face trying to read his intentions, he pulled the t-shirt down over her head and studied the effect of the bindings. Except for the long hair and soft face she would nearly pass for a boy if people didn't look close. "You'll wear sunglasses and a hat with your hair hidden up under it and wait with the vehicle. You take it off, speak or attempt to runaway and I'll belt you within an inch of your life. Okay." He growled as he pressed his face close, Sky took a step back and eyed him nervously. "Well?" he demanded. "Okay." she finally whispered.

He glanced down at her feet and wondered if he would be able to find her a pair of boots. "Try these." Jake said as he offered Hawk an old pair of joggers.

Sky pulled the old joggers on and laced them up tightly, they were still a size to big. "Hey." Jake tapped her shoulder and Sky looked at him anxiously, scared he'd decide to talk Hawk out of taking her along. "One wrong move from you and I ...will... make sure you never do it again." he promised softly, he saw the fear in her eyes as she knodded. "Remember, okay?" he said softly. Sky watched him walk away and swallowed hard, she knew there would be no chance of escape.


Sky sat in the old station wagon where Hawk and Jake had told her to stay, she supposed she should be thankful she was in the shade but the torture of seeing people near by and not being game enough to call for help or try to escape was tremendous. Inside she could just see the shape of the men as they selected groceries they wanted, always one of them faced out the window and she knew they were keeping a watch on her. When they finally came out with their purchases they began loading it into the car on, Sky turned in her seat to watch them and soon Jake was returning the trolley to the store. Hawk got into the passenger seat beside her and Sky hunched down when he glanced her way. The ride back was long and hot and dusty but Sky was relieved to be away from people where she would be tempted into doing something that would only get her into trouble off Hawk.

Seven large bikes stood in front of the cabin and the two men surveyed them with pleased grins on their faces. "Hey! What the hell do you lot think your doing here?" Hawk yelled. A tall blonde man came to the door with the red dress in his hand, he grinned as he saw Hawk and Jake. "Which one of you wears this little number?" He asked with a wide smile as he walked over to greet them. "Hawk my man, Jake...." he looked at Sky and wasn't surprised to see long blonde hair cascade out of the cap as she took it off. "Hey there cutie, should you give the bum the flick, I'll give you a ride anytime you like." he said smoothly.

Sky darted Hawk a nervous look and the blonde man saw the bruise on her cheek clearly. "Renagade you old bastard! Man is it good to see you again, this is Sky she's my woman so don't think you can lure her away." Hawk said with a laugh.

Renagade studied Sky closely for several minutes. "Hey isn't she that teenager that disappeared over by the coast?" Renagade lowered his eyes to study her body speculatively. "Yeah, I wanted a woman, she was with an older red head and we grabbed the wrong one in the dark." Hawk said.

Renagade shrugged. "Tough. You got food there Jake? Ole pal ole buddy ole mate, boy am I starving."

He wondered over to the rear of the car and began looking in the groceries, Jake lifted several bags of groceries and handed them to Sky. "Take them inside and start putting them away." he ordered. Sky glanced towards Hawk, he knodded and she turned around and headed inside, the men in the kitchen eyed her with interest but she went to the pantry and began placing tins and jars on shelves.

Hawk, Jake and Renagade placed more bags beside her and she glanced up at Hawk, he merely ignored her and walked away with his mates. Sky turned back to her task and soon she had all the bags emptied, she shut the pantry and looked at the bags in front of both the fridge and the freezer, Hawk glanced up from were he was looking at a paper one of the others had bought with them and frowned. "Don't just look at them, put them away!" he snapped.

Sky turned to the bags and opened the freezer.

Wilson studied Sky as she went about her task, he licked his lips as he thought about getting her alone, he glanced at Hawk and saw Renagade watching him, irritated he turned his attention back to the piece of wood he was carving.

Hawk saw Sky had put everything away and motioned her over to him, he picked up the red dress and glanced around idly, Wilson was sending hopeful glances at Sky and Hawk smiled to himself. "Come on," he told her, Sky followed him to the bathroom, he shut the door behind her and smiled as he looked at her. "Change into the dress. Don't you go waving your arse around any of the guys, you belong to me and you only open your legs for another man if I say to. Understand!" Hawk warned her, Sky knodded and reached for the dress, Hawk held it out of reach with a smile. "Undress then I'll give you the dress." his voice was slightly husky.

Sky lowered her head but began to undress reluctantly, she was stripped down to her jeans when the door opened and Renagade stuck his head in. "I hope I'm interrupting." he smiled. "She's just changing." Hawk said as he glanced at his friend, a wide grin spread across Renegade's face and he looked at Sky where she stood with something clutched to her chest. "I thought I'd just warn you mate, watch Wilson he's been eyeing her and licking his lips pretty well, he'll make a real mess of her if he gets hold of her." Renagade said flatly. "I've noticed." Hawk admitted. Renagade looked at Sky and sent her a friendly smile. "If anyone gets to friendly and Hawk ain't here you come to me, I'll see you looked after." he told her.

Sky looked at him uncertainly. "Yeah, that's right." Hawk told her. "Come on I ain't waiting all day for you to change."

Sky glanced at Renagade again then lowered her head and let the t-shirt fall from her hand, she fumbled with the string at her waiste for a moment before it came free and the jeans slid from her hips, she looked at Hawk imploringly and he handed her the dress slowly. "Hmm, nice, real nice." Renagade said softly.

Sky pulled the dress on hurriedly and stood with her head hung in humiliation, Renagade came in and shut the door softly behind him. He took her by the chin gently and lifted her face so he could study her features, he looked at Hawk with a frown. "You shouldn't hit her, she's got a real sweet face and nice skin. You don't want to mark her up any. She learning to do like she's told?" Renagade asked as he looked across to his friend. "She's learning pretty quick. Took her with us to town today, she done as she was told." Hawk said.

Renagade stroked her cheek with the back of his fingers and ran his thumb across her bottom lip. "Any time you decide to sell her give me a yell, I'd be interested in her." Renagade offered as he turned away.

Sky glanced at Hawk and waited for his instructions.

Hawk followed Renagade from the room and glanced back at her, she followed willingly when he motioned and when the two men went out to the shed were the bikes were housed she followed thrilled to be out of the cabin.


Renagade sat on the edge of the bed closest to the door as he pulled first one boot off then the other, behind him he could hear Hawk in the dark murmuring quietly to the girl Sky, they were in the far bed and even from across the room he could hear her softly crying. There was the sound of a hard slap and a muffled scream from Sky. "Open your legs!" Renagade heard Hawk order and he turned to look towards them. "There's others in the room." Sky protested faintly and received another slap. "Looks like another lesson in what happens when you refuse to do as your told or say no!" Hawk said fiercely. There was the faint sound of a struggle then desperate little whimpers. "I'll be good! I'll do as you say! Please don't hurt ..!" Sky's begging ended on a scream of pain and Renagade could guess from the sounds and what he could see in the dimness that Hawk was indulging in anal sex even though Sky clearly didn't want him to.

The muffled screams from Sky continued until Hawk groaned deeply and was silent, Sky could still be faintly heard crying and after several minutes Hawk was murmuring to her soothingly once again.

As Renagade lay back in the bed he thought about the pretty teenager Hawk had as a slave, how he was treating her in his bed. Ren rolled onto his side trying to get comfortable but the erection he had made it difficult. He knew if he asked Hawk the guy would probably let him use Sky but he had no wish to take her by force, and from what he had heard it was likely the only way she would submit to a second man having sex with her that night.

In the morning, he told himself, he would have a chat to Hawk and offer advice on how to train the girl into a slave he could be proud of instead of having her end up just another broken creature used for sex and general cooking and cleaning.


Sky put the frypan on the stove top and turned the element on so she could start to cook breakfast for Hawk and herself, she looked back over her shoulder when she heard yet another person come out of the bedroom. "Cook me some food while your at it Blondie." Ren said and Sky glanced at Hawk. "Yeah you can cook a feed for the old goat." Hawk said and pushed a chair out from the table with one booted foot. Ren sat down and watched as Sky got more food out to cook, he couldn't help but notice she was moving carefully, obviously sore from Hawks attentions the previous night and earlier that morning. "Jake or Brad about?" Ren asked Hawk. "Jake's outside somewhere, Brad's still asleep on the lounge." Hawk answered. "Ain't asleep, yous make enough noise to wake the dead." Brad said as he sat up to look over the back of the lounge. "Come on boyo, your going for a walk. Brad you watch Blondie there would you." Renagade stated as he got to his feet and headed outside, Hawk got up and followed him silently. Ren waited until he was well away from the cabin before he stopped and leant against the side of the shed. "Little Blondie in there is to sweet to go slapping around and treating rough, every guy who sees how you treat her will figure she's up for free and some bastard will end up fucking her up bad. You've only had her what, four or five days?" Ren asked. "Three nights, third day today. Grabbed her just after dark three nights ago." Hawk told him. "And you took her to town yesterday?" Ren asked shocked. "She does as she's told, too scared not to." Hawk said. "I've punished her a couple of times for disobeying me or telling me no." "You've fucked her up the arse even though she has begged you not to." Ren stated.

Hawk grunted annoyed, put like that he wasn't too happy with it. "Among other things." He admitted. "Was she broken in when you got her?" Ren asked. "No, I had to break her in." "Want some advice? Be gentle with her and make her a pet, don't make her a way to get some folding money." Ren said softly.

Hawk was silent for several minutes as he studied his friend. "I got some business I got to attend to, it'll take several days I'll think about what you said while I'm away." Hawk said. "What will you do with her? Going to chance taking her with you?" Ren asked. "Want to watch her for me? She can warm your bed for you while I'm away."

Sky's scream from within the cabin halted the conversation and Hawk swore beneath his breath as he headed back towards the cabin in a hurry. Inside the cabin he found Sky standing near the stove, one cheek with an angry red hand mark on it, the eggs she had been cooking spilt on the floor and Brad between her and one of the other men. "What tha hell's going on?" Hawk demanded as he walked in. "Matty tried to help himself to some of the food ... " Brad started to explain. "That little bitch tried to stop me taking it so I back-handed her." Matty said with an angry frown.

Hawk looked at Brad, he had meant to be watching her so she done as she was told and no one interfered with her. "I'd put several sausages in for her to cook and was laying on the lounge again, didn't know Matty was there until the skillet hit the floor and she screamed when he hit her." Brad said.

By now all of the men were in the kitchen waiting to see how Hawk handled the situation. "Sky is mine! You want her to do something talk to me but I am telling you all now. Ain't none of you get to fuck her. If I go away and leave her here, Ren will be watching out for her. The next person who hits her deals with me." Hawk said angrily, he glanced at the food sizzling on the stove and looked at Sky. "Sky, don't let that burn." He warned and then looked toward Matty.

"You clean up the mess on the floor, if you hadn't messed with Sky it wouldn't be there. Sky, you don't have to cook more eggs." Hawk said to her evenly.

Sky turned the sausages and moved out of the way so Matty could clean up the spilt eggs, he gave her a dirty look but she avoided his eyes and waited until he moved away before going back to the stove, seeing the food she had first started to cook for Hawk, Ren and herself was ready she looked at Hawk. "Hawk, it's cooked." She said softly. Hawk got three plates and moved to the stove, he dished up the food leaving Brad's half cooked food in the frypan. "Take your plate to the table and sit down, Brad yours ain't cooked yet." Hawk said as he headed to the table with the two plates.

"Damn I forgot knives and forks!" he swore as he set the plates down, Sky put hers down and headed towards the cutlery draw without being asked, she got two knives and forks out and looked back at Hawk uncertainly.

"Do I get some for him?" she asked faintly with a glance at Ren.

"That's Renagade, yeah you might as well." Hawk said evenly.

Sky got another set of cutlery and headed back to the table. "Sure hope you were cooking my eggs over easy." Ren said. "Hawk likes his eggs scrambled not fried." Sky said faintly as she glanced at Ren uneasily, he gave her a friendly smile. "I'm sure whatever a pretty little thing like you cooked would taste good." Ren told her with a smile. "Hey, I'm right here, don't go thinking you can charm my woman away from me." Hawk said gruffly but clearly there was no animosity between the two men.

Sky glanced at Hawk to find him watching her, nervously she dropped her gaze before darting a quick look at him once again. Hawk watched her as she continually avoided his gaze, finally he cleared his throat noisily and she flinched nervously before looking at him frightened. "Jake and I got business we've got to go take care of. You're to stay here with Ren. You mind what he says, do as your told, sleep in his bed and let him fuck you. If I hear you gave him any trouble you'll get what for." Hawk said firmly.

Sky looked at Ren terrified, he was watching her closely and she dropped her gaze to her unfinished food, suddenly she felt sick to her stomach. "Something wrong with your food?" Hawk finally asked.

Sky glanced towards him but didn't raise her eyes above his chest before turning her attention back to her plate and picking up a piece of cold bacon and putting it in her mouth.


Sky watched as Hawk packed the last of his gear into one of the packs on his bike and turned to face them. He looked at Ren where he stood with both arms around Sky's waist from behind to hold onto her and force her to stay with him, she had been keeping very close to Hawk as he prepared to go away for a few days. "Don't worry about her mate, I'll look after her." Ren said. "I wish Brad would get back before I leave." Hawk commented. "We'll take care of it." Ren promised.

Hawk paused for several minutes while he studied Sky then gave a curt knod, he approached close to her and when she looked away nervously he took hold of her chin and forced her to meet his gaze. "Your to stay here with Ren, do as he says and don't give him no trouble." Hawk ordered sternly. "Take me with you please! I'll do whatever you tell me to! Please take me with you!" Sky begged tearfully as she struggled against Ren's hold on her.

Ren was well aware that for Sky it was more comforting to know the one who had such control over her, and even though Hawk treated her roughly he was still preferable to someone she didn't know. "You're staying here!" Hawk said firmly before moving back to his bike. With a quick glance at Jake he pulled on his helmet and gloves before straddling his bike and kicking it to life.

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