Stoning Emma


A/N: I can't believe there hasn't been a story featuring Emma Stone yet! So here's my first story and my attempt to fill that void. Sorry that it's a bit long. I deeply appreciate all comments and feedback!


I sat alone at a table in the corner of room. From there I could see everything. A bunch of dolled up college girls sat at a table over to my right. I could hear parts of their conversation from where I was. They were ragging on the stupid guys that screwed them over, the slutty girls who they deemed everybody hated. But nobody hated them. How could anybody hate them? They were gorgeous. It must be a privilege to even have been looking at them, to say I've seen them.

They never broke each other's gaze when they talked. Not once did they look around the room. They seemed oblivious to the fact anyone else was even in the room. They just assumed there was nothing worth looking at other than each other.

I could see a group of college guys across the room playing pool and drinking some brews. They weren't the gorgeous gym jocks, just average guys. But I could tell they were wild, crazy people at heart. But not a single one of them acted like it. Not in the presence of the goddesses across the room. They seemed to be so subdued, watching their every move so they didn't do something stupid. They all pretended to be focused on the game, on each other. But I caught every single one of them glancing over at the girls at least once. I felt sorry for them. I knew their dreams had a near zero chance of coming true. They should've just done what any other group of college guys would've done in this situation. Made a whole lot of noise and pissed off everybody else in the room. Besides, hot girls dig assholes.

I was so focused at watching the invisible tension between them that I hadn't even noticed the girls had broken their conversation. By that time they had all turned around to face the front of the bar, looking at some kind of commotion that was causing everybody to crowd around. Must've been important, if they decided to acknowledge there was a world around them. But even then I was only mildly interested, and I stayed in my seat to observe.

The crowd seemed to be moving, though, and parting like the red sea. Everybody on the outside was standing tall, trying to see what everybody on the inside was so damned excited about. And then I saw Moses, who was causing this rift in the crowd. That is, if Moses was a gorgeous woman with curly scarlet hair. She had a wide grin on her face and shook their hands as she walked over to a table not too far away from me. She was still smiling and meeting the slew of people who came over to her. Some people looked as if they were in shock and gonna pass out as I saw them mouth "I'm your biggest fan". The woman looked very humbled and touched as each new person approached her, confessing their love. And that's when I recognized her. I'd seen her in a couple of movies, and all I could remember was that she's hilarious. And sexy. I just had no idea what her name was.

I looked over to my right and saw that the table that was previously occupied by the bunch of beauties was now empty. They couldn't handle not being the centre of attention. I couldn't hold back a laugh, and I quickly looked around the room to see if anyone heard me. But I was alone. Everyone, except for me, was with Ms. Moviestar. Who, to my surprise, was looking at me. Maybe she was the only one who heard me laugh.

She had just finished signing an autograph when she dropped her pen behind her. I couldn't tell whether it was on purpose or an accident. But this allowed her to turn away from the crowd in front of her, and she used this opportunity to roll her eyes at me. I replied with a chuckle and a huge grin. The worst and best thing about being famous is the fame, I guess. She picked up her pen and returned to her fans. But the next time she looked at me, I got up with my drink and went out the door at the back, which lead to the front deck at the bow of the massive cruise ship we were on. It was an invitation without words, and I was very interested to see whether she would accept.

There was nobody else out on the deck, and for good reason. The temperature had plummeted, and with the breeze it was damn near freezing. But there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and the moon was nearly full and lit up the sky and the ocean around the boat. But it was still freezing, and I was rubbing my forearms in a futile attempt to stay warm. I sat out there for several minutes, sipping on my gin which I had barely touched. Afraid I might freeze to death; I gave up on waiting and turned to go back inside. But there she was, ten feet from me, leaning on the railing. I mustn't have heard her come out over the sound of the wind in my ears. I cleared my throat.

"Managed to escape, did ya?" I asked her, trying to be clever.

"Had to kill a few people, but it was worth it," she said with a desperate laugh. She had a raspy, husky voice, but it was still very feminine.

"It's alright, I'm sure they died happy," I replied. For a moment I stood in silence. It was hard to get a good look at her in the dim light. "I'm Jack," I said, extending my hand. My name wasn't Jack. I don't know why I lied. She seemed confused, though, as if she didn't know how to respond. Maybe she'd forgotten how it was to be normal, to have somebody not know her by name.

"Emma," she replied, accepting it and trying to smile. Now I remembered her name, Emma Stone. She was a rising star, and had become very famous, very quick. She let out a big sigh and returned to gazing at the sea. She seemed exhausted.

"What brings you out on a cruise in the middle of the Mediterranean?"

"Well I needed a break, you know, from the taxing and frustrating life of an actress," she said sarcastically, turning to me.

"Well it's seems like you've come to the right place," I replied, grinning.

"Yes, definitely," she scoffed, flexing her hand as if it was sore. She sighed again. "Christ, I thought I was gonna be pretty safe half way around the damn world."

"You're quite the star now I guess, aren't you?" I stated. She shrugged. She looked like she needed a massage. Or a bottle of liquor.

"Want the rest of this?" I asked her, offering my glass of gin. She looked me in the eyes.

"Is that gin?" She asked. I nodded. "I'd love it," she said with excitement. She grabbed it from me and proceeded to chug the whole thing, not taking a break once. I could imagine the drink burning the whole way down. When she was finally finished, she started in a massive coughing fit. Probably a little stronger than she expected. She spluttered and coughed for several seconds before she could finally breathe again.

"So what brings you on this magnificent ship?" she asked weakly, still regaining her breath.

"Well, you see, us normal people have this thing called 'Spring Break'," I replied sarcastically. "So I'm just taking a break you know, from the taxing and sleepless life of a student," I stated mockingly, flexing my hand to boot.

She smiled, and seemed to be a little less tense. "And what might you be studying?"

"Visual Arts," I replied, with a straight face. That too, was a lie. And again, I had no reason for it.

"Interesting," She said, nodding. There was a small silence. "So, Picasso, if you're on Spring Break, where are all your drunken friends?"

"Fucking their drunken girlfriends would be my guess," I said matter-of-factly. Like last night. And the night before that.

"What, a funny, handsome guy like you doesn't have a girlfriend?" She asked, genuinely confused.

"No, he doesn't," I confirmed.

"So... what?" She asked, giving me a playful smile, "You've been sitting in the bar alone each night, trying to pick somebody up?"

"Sounded easy at first," I shrugged, "But after multiple failed attempts, I gave up. Then I learned watching other people fail was more fun than me actually trying." Which reminded me; she interrupted what could've been the greatest rejection of the week. Desperate college kids versus the super models. Bummer. "Pretty pathetic don't you think?"

She was fighting a smile. "Most people would say yes, but I'd have to agree with you."

"Thanks," I said sarcastically. "But you're opinion doesn't count." She shot me a curious look. "You don't have to deal with the fact that you're just as bad as they are. You can get anybody your heart desires," I said smartly.

"Awww," She said in a condescending tone, "Is Picasso lonely?" She asked rhetorically, with a huge smile. For a long moment she stared at me with a devilish grin across her face. Then, she started to walk towards me very slowly, and very seductively, putting one foot in front of the other. Her hips swayed from side to side with each step.

"Well... uh... it's not all... that bad," I said stammering like a fool. "Y-You know—"

"Shhhhhhh..." She whispered as put her finger to my lips. She was so close I could smell the gin steaming from her breath. I saw her eyes close, and in slow motion her face got closer and closer to mine. Her lips started to part ever so slightly as she leaned in, inch by inch.


We both snapped out of our trance and looked back to see a guy in suit standing with the door to the bar partly open. We didn't move a muscle.

"Emily Stone you get your slutty ass back in here!"

I looked her in the eyes. She said nothing, and instead gave me the "I'm so sorry" look. She started to walk away from me. She mouthed "room three-one-four" and made the numbers with her fingers, before she turned around and dashed towards the man in the door. Before I knew it, the door was closed, and she was gone.

For what could've been minutes, I stood there motionless. In our conversation, I hadn't noticed the cold wind but it was back now in full force. Maybe I was frozen.

I hadn't kissed a girl in months, and I knew that I could've kissed a million other girls and never had a kiss like that promised to be. My dick was semi-hard just from me imagining what could've been, but wasn't.

In my depression, I nearly forgot about the light at the end of the tunnel. The ray of hope through the darkness I had been plunged into. I had a room number. I had hope. I took off.

She had already left the bar by the time I ran through it, but I didn't care. She had told me her number for a reason. Maybe I'd see her again. Maybe she'd let me know who the fuck head was that cock blocked me. Cock blocked us. I exploded through the door and flung my shoes off as I raced over to the phone. I frantically dialed her number and listened in the receiver. All I could hear was the gentle ring of a call trying to go through and the frantic beating of my heart.

"Hello?" A hoarse, familiar voice asked questioningly. Who else was she expecting to call her?

"Hi... Emma, it's me, from the deck? I'm in five-sixteen if you wanted to join me," I said. I have no damn idea why I invited her up to my room. My mind was already jumping to ridiculous places. I can only imagine how desperate and moronic I sounded.

"Oh... right. Um, listen," She started, and took a long pause, "I don't really know how to tell you this, but all that happened out there tonight... was a... how do I put this?" She took another pause, shorter this time. "It was all a game, you might say. I wanted to see if I could trick you into believing you had a real shot with me." She chuckled. "And believe me, the look in your eyes when I leaned in for that kiss—you were sold. But c'mon, I'm an actress, for Christ's sake. Didn't you ever think about that?" I couldn't even respond. My lips couldn't move. No breath could escape. "And that guy that 'broke up the moment?' He's my friend. I told him to watch from the window and come break us up when I made my move. He thought it was hilarious, if you were wondering. Anyways, it was better that way. I wanted to take to blame off me so you wouldn't freak out and throw me overboard or anything." She let another long pause ensue, leaving her words to ferment in my brain. "So... sorry to break your heart and all, but you know, keep at those girls and maybe one time you'll get lucky. Cheers." Click.

I didn't even bother to think about it, about anything. I picked up the receiver and dialed another number.

"Room service," a voice chimed out from the other end.

"Hi, I'd like a bottle of vodka please, the one with the gold flakes in it. No, not a glass, the whole bottle. And yes, I'm old enough... Jesus." I threw down the receiver and collapsed on to my bed. After a long moment of lying there, not thinking of anything, I made an amazing realization.

I wasn't even that upset, really. How could I be? She was right. I was nuts for thinking I even had a chance to get with a girl from Hollywood. She played it perfectly; I thought for a few minutes that we were having a nice conversation. I thought she seemed to be somewhat amused by jokes. I had never really taken to the time to think about how ridiculous it was that I was talking to a movie star.

There was a knock at the door. "Room service," a high pitched voice sang out. They had gotten there pretty damn quick, I don't think I had been off the phone for two minutes. But I didn't even really want the vodka anymore. I half rolled off the bed and lumbered over to the door. I swung it open and immediately froze.

There in the hall stood a beautiful woman with curly auburn hair that fell just past her shoulders. Freckles spotted her nose and cheeks and dotted her light coloured skin. But what really stood out were her sparkling jade-coloured eyes. I had never been able to fully appreciate them in the moonlight. They were the perfect mixture of green and blue.

"Emma... what are you doing here?" I asked, confused.

"Listen, I've got something to say," She replied, looking at the floor.

So she came in and explained everything, like how the guy in the door was really her dad. She had promised her family that she'd join them for vacation once a year, and he was just pissed she chose to spend it "being a slut". And yes, he frequently called her a slut. I didn't ask if he had a good reason for it. He was in the room when I had phoned, so she had to pretend to make me look like a fool. She was glad I had told her what room I was in, because it was not like she could have really asked. She managed to convince her dad she was going back to her room for the night, and immediately came to mine.

The vodka came halfway through her explanation, and we continued to drink and talk for a bit. I told her some good rejection stories from the bar the previous nights, and how she had interrupted what could've been the best one yet. She said she knew what girls I was talking about when I mentioned them. She saw them huffing and puffing their way out when she was coming in. She told me how she used to go to school with a group of girls like that. I stayed away from Hollywood talk, like all the movies she's been in and what not. I assumed she just wanted to be normal for one night.

After a few glasses of vodka each we both started to get a bit sloppy, and that's when she decided she wanted to talk about something else.

"You know what, Picasso?" she asked, spinning my chair around so I faced the small hallway that lead to the door. "We never really got to finish what we started." She sat down side ways on my lap. "And I like you Picasso. You're funny, and you're pretty cute," she said, rubbing the side of my face. "So, I'm going to give you a little treat for breaking your poor little heart." With that, she got up and strutted out to a spot maybe ten feet from me.

Her back was to me, and she started to hum a playful tune. She swayed her hips to the rhythm of the song, and her round ass pulled tight to her knee length tube skirt with each swing. She must have been unbuttoning her shirt with her hands, because she when she turned around her white blouse was wide open, revealing most of the black lace bra underneath. She started to walk towards me very slowly, stilling humming some kind of tune, and let her shirt fall off her shoulders slightly, displaying her milky chest and her dark bra. Then she stopped, and reached down to unzip her skirt with one hand while reaching inside her shirt with the other. Her skirt fell to the floor and she continued to walk towards me, humming along.

Her shirt covered her ass just enough to make it seem like she wasn't wearing anything underneath. As she got to me she pulled up her shirt ever so slightly to show her matching lace panties underneath. She spun around and lifted her shirt up at the back to unveil her perfect, round ass being hugged by her undergarments. She rubbed her ass slowly and tantalizingly. She returned to swaying her hips to her tune as she had before, and after a few moments her shirt fell off, and she stood before me with nothing but her underwear on. She turned around to face me, as she squished her boobs together. She rocked her hips and stared me in the eyes as she reached behind her back and undid her bra, and let it fall to the floor.

Her tits were fairly small, but they were perky and had cherry red nipples. She began to rub her nipples and her boobs, and looked at me with a grin as she bit a side of her lip. She then worked her hands down to her panties and turned her back to me again. She played with the elastic at the sides, pulling them down to cover half her ass. She let me stare at her remarkable bottom for several seconds before pulling her underwear back up. She spun around again and returned to rubbing her boobs, but started to move towards me, slowly letting her humming die down to nothing and making the space between us even closer. In the silence I could hear my sharp breathing as I struggled to process the scene in front of me. She leaned down to my face before she spun around and sat on my lap, and right on my raging hard-on that was only being restrained by my jeans.

She started to move her hips from side to side, slowly at first, but then picked up speed. Before long she was fully gyrating her hips on my crotch, her bum furiously massaging my cock through her tight jeans. She leaned back on to me, and led my hands up to her breasts. Needing no further invitation, I began rubbing and squeezing her nipples. She started to breathe heavily with me as she continued to move to her ass from side to side and all over my crotch. I started moan from the pressure of her bum and thighs attacking my member. After a while she began to slow down and eventually stopped. And a good thing too, I nearly blew my load down the leg of my pants. She turned to face me with a seductive grin.

"Picasso, I need you to bang me with that hard dick of yours," she started, "I'm so fucking horny I think I might die if you don't." I just looked and her and gave her a full teeth smile.

She too busted out a huge smile, and ripped me up off the chair and threw me onto the bed. She flipped off her panties, exposing her rosy, clean shaven pussy. I pulled off my shirt and she pulled off my jeans. She crept up to my boxers slowly pulled them off. My six inch dick sprung out from underneath, and I could feel it pulsing, dying for Emma's sweet love canal. I was almost in disbelief that it was actually going to get it, too. I wasn't going to fake it so my friends wouldn't think I was gay; I was actually going to do it. I watched as she slowly crawled up the bed, towards me. She stopped and inch before my face and she stared me in the eyes. She had a playful smirk on her face and she was biting one side of her lip as she had before.

"This is going to be fun," she purred, and with that she plunged onto my dick.

Her pussy was incredibly wet and incredibly warm, and I moaned loudly as she collapsed on to my lap. For a moment we didn't move and we just stared at each other. Then she bent down and met my lips, and slowly stared to bounce on my cock. Her lips were warm and soft, and we were furiously kissing each other as she started to pick up speed. Soon she was going too fast to continue kissing, so she sat up and went even faster. I reached down and grabbed her ass as she repeatedly bounced up and down on my dick. Her skin was unbelievably smooth, and I with one large cheek in each hand I helped her along. She started to moan in her hoarse voice, and she pulled her hands up and began to rub her nipples. After a few moments she slowed down and leaned down to kiss again. After we finished I flipped her over on to her back. Her legs stretched out over each of my shoulders, and her bright pink pussy was glistening with her juices. She looked at me longingly, and without waiting any longer I buried my dick in her vagina.

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