tagFetishStories of Women in Control Ch. 03

Stories of Women in Control Ch. 03


After that summer, I had some experiences with anonymous women on the subways. One time, when I was taking the train to Manhattan I was sitting woman across from an older woman wearing a short pink skirt. She looked at me, licked her lips, and spread her thighs. She kept doing this, giving me peeks at her panties. My cock was getting hard, and I began licking my lips to show my appreciation. I was nervous because we were on a train, but we weren't surrounded by people, so I touched my cock through my pants. Every once in a while I squeezed it. But I was too nervous about getting caught to rub it on the train.

I kept looking at her tongue licking her lips, and her legs and panties. She had small breast, and I kept thinking how much I wanted to suck her nipples. There were a few people around, but I was still shocked when she stood up and started rubbing her cunt against the pole in the train. I couldn't even wait to go home to jerk off. When I stepped off the train I awaited for the people who had gotten off the train to leave the station. Then I jerked off, right there in the deserted subway station.

Another time I was on a crowded train during rush hour. This woman who I was standing behind kept "bumping" against me. I started getting hard, but I was afraid because I was young and naïve. I thought her bumping was accidental and that she'd make a scene if she felt my hard cock rub against her.

She was dressed in a conservative blue dress, down to below her knees. She had brown hair. She had a large ass, not a model body, a regular woman, I'd guess her age was in her late thirties. She saw me no doubt as a young boy who she could tease with her ass. And she did.

The next time she bumped her ass against my cock I mumbled, "Sorry."

She replied, saying something like "no problem," and smiled.

The way she looked at me was hot. I realized she was doing it on purpose so I began bumping her back, rolling into her with the motion of the train. It felt so good to slowly push my hard cock against her big ass.

Then the train stopped at a station where a lot of people got off. Seats opened up. She bent down to get a small bag that was between her legs. As she bent she pushed her ass solidly against my pants, I could feel her big ass press solidly against my cock, and I'm sure she felt my hard cock pressed against her ass. She kept her ass there for what seemed like eternity in heaven though it was probably less then a minute. She then picked up the bag, got a seat and took out some knitting needles and yarn along with something she was knitting. She continued to knit as I gazed at her, my head swimming in fantasy about what I wanted to do, my cock throbbing, as frustration at the failure to cum built up inside me.

I eventually got to my stop and walked home, although more then twenty minutes had passed since her hot ass had pressed against my hard cock, my cock was still hard as a rock. As soon a my cock was out of my underwear, as soon as my finger touched the head of my cock, before I could even stroke, cum poured out of it. Within ten minutes I was hard again. all night long I got hard and stroked off, thinking of her. Realizing that even though she was no long present she had the power to make me stroke my cock.

These two incidents led me to go on trains in search of women to rub against, or sit across from and rub my cock through my pants while they watched. I would seek out women who were into it. If I found I woman I thought might be interested I'd casually drop my hand to my crotch and quickly brush over it, as if by accident to test the reaction. I could tell if they were into it because those who were would encourage me, like wrapping their hand around the pole and stroking it up and down, stroking their leg with their hand, licking their lips, etc. Once I was certain they were going along I'd discretely drop my hand to my lap and squeeze and stroke my cock, but because of the public setting I could rarely be blatant. The idea that it was our little secret, that I didn't want others to know what was going on only added to the excitement. It was very rare for me to cum on the subway because of the need to be discrete. If people entering the train sat too close I'd have to stop or be very discrete. After these incidents I'd go home and jerk off using my hand to squeeze my cock.

There was never any conversation during these encounters, although one time I was seated next to an older woman who used her cross word puzzle to encourage me, tapping her pencil under various words such as "good," "excitement" followed by "builds" and then "need" followed by "release." She could tell I was getting excited and at that point she pointed to the word "together," and she put her thumb in her mouth and sucked it, I began squeezing and rubbing my cock through my pants. That time I came. I guess she could tell because I saw a slight smile out, and she used her pencil to tap the word "relief," and then went back to doing the cross word like nothing ever happened!

One time I returning home from work when I saw a women in the station who gave the signs she into it. I let my hand fall briefly to my pants area over my cock to see her reaction. She took the initiative. "Hi, where you going?

"Home how about you?" I replied

"I'm just" she began, and before completing the thought she stared directly at my crotch, "hanging out" she replied, as her eyes remained fixed directly on my crotch area.

We made small talk till the train arrived. I stayed there as the train pulled out, then I looked at her, as it left the station, saying "do you mind if I hang out with you?" she smiled and looked at my crotch and nodded as she began running her hand up and down the supporting beam in the deserted subway station...

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