tagNonHumanStory of YOU: Arachne's Cave

Story of YOU: Arachne's Cave


You are a lad in a forest village.

Once upon a time, the Elders said that Dark Elves had befriended a human seamstress to work for them. Yet the bindings she made caused pain to many as slaves were taken with them. It was said that the god of the earth and sky, Perun, struck her down, cursing her to weave forevermore, in the shape of an Arachne, or "drider".

What you heard is irrelevant. What you know is there is one in the forest. Your parents warn that if you don't show respect to dark elves or her either will snatch you away. Svetlana, the village orphan, had disappeared when she went outside to collect mushrooms and berries. Your childhood friend Dark Elf, when asked for, simply smiled and said "She is in good hands." with a wink.

Next week, just when you hit your 18th birthday with a nonexistant party of working your ass off like a miserable Slavic peasant you are, you passed a dark elf caravan wagon. There she was, Svetlana, pouring wine, with a leather collar around her neck, but healthy and well-kept, on a mature dark elf woman's lap and holding her wine cup. She shyly waved at you, only to elicit a warm nuzzle and caress on her neck by her new...owner? Such was life in the north.

Her owner, a tall dark elf with black skin that bordered on purple, relaxed on a long Misrani divan, being rubbed with scented oils on her ankles and limbs by a cadre of slaves: beautiful human youths: girls and boys tending to her every whim, pouring wine and serving her grapes. She slyly grinned at the poor boys' plight; who clearly looked flushed, trembling with erections which strained their thin clothes.

You approached with respect and asked the dark elf lady if you could give her her dead parents' locket. This made Svetlana squeal with joy, and her owner nod and smile, taking it with a genuine reverence. She cradled the locket in her ebony hands, and then putting it on the happy girl's neck and giving her lips a long, passionate kiss.

"Poor girl cried for days when she didn't have it on her."

You couldn't focus from the fire that rose from your groin. Your first sight of a kiss was between a human girl and her dark elf owner, woman-to-woman. The rest of the servile boys were,likewise, tormented by the teasing. Adolescence had passed for them, yet each are strained to the bursting point.

"Where will you go...lady?" You remembered your manners barely. When she responded, her eyes were focused on your blush and the tent you are pitching. Worse: Svetlana looked at your shameful erection as well with a gleam in her eye.

"Hmm...trading honey and seal meat with the Selkie clan up north...I think I'll be back some months later. Some of the well-groomed boys here will be sold to them, as husbands to poor, pent up Selkie-girls who deserve some warm human love." The boys nodded, anticipation of joy clear in their eyes. "I will keep Svetlana though...Anon, wasn't it? Your name?" Her gaze penetrates you.

"Yes ma'am." You respectfully reply, your heart uneasy.

"You can visit her if you like and try my tea..." She grinned, eyeing your body. "She spoke about you..."

Dark Elves of the Northern Forests make no secret that they traded human slaves to other monstergirl clans, and openly bought orphans from orphanages and kept runaways found by them, grooming them to servitude to the monsterkind. They sell human youths as gifts and husbands after taming them with heavy bondage, and you heard that people rarely returned from tea-time with a dark elf.

With no men of their own, monsterwomen did not simply live an idyllic life of low ambitions, but openly compete for husbands amongst humanity. Life is hard ever since last male monster died a century ago. And here you are, standing before a dark elf, sharp, long ears poking under her long mane of ivory white

Unless you had business, an invitation was a clear declaration of "May I inspect your body and attitude?" She clearly intends to enslave you and make you Svetlana's mate. You think it would be exciting, hopped on youth hormones slowly fading after you passed your childhood. But then, you have a family to look after, now that you are an adult of eighteen.

You gulped, nervously excusing herself to deliver the fish to your village. Her mocking laughter could still be heard when you left back for home.

You lost your way thinking about Svetlana's new life, and forcing to trek all the way back across the hill. Distractions...distractions...a big mistake indeed... The smell of rain and grass, combined with flowers and your lust confusing you, made you lose your path.

That wasn't the mountain path to your village. Your stomach is in knots.

The air is dark, and you are tired, your legs exhausted. And the howls of wolves aren't assuring either. You start running until you are exhausted, and crawl into a cave that you think is empty. Inside is strangely warm, no lights, and no sound. Good! No wolves' spoor, no smell of bear, you tuck yourself inside the warm cave, and lay down your blanket. Quietly praying to Perun, you lie down for sleep, your dagger in hand...

Sleep comes easily. Pity you didn't hear a snicker and skittering chitinous legs as you sink into sweet sleep.

...it's warm.

The blankets are warm...and snug...

...did you even bring silk blankets?

Far too snug! You try to take some off, only to futilely bump into something silky.

You are wide awake now. There is something snug wrapped around your body, completely immobilizing you. You feel a warm silky coccoon...

A coccoon. Your entire body is in a silk coccoon, snugly squeezing you as a suspended ball.

Spiders! FOREST SPIDERS! You thrash in panic, only to fail miserably and hear a raspy, female chuckle and a joyful exclamation:

"My my... The fly woke up?"

It's a raspy voice with a deadly, feminine tone. It must be an Arachne!

You try to talk, only to elicit muffled screams. To multiply your terror, chitinous legs tap around your coccoon. It must be a massive spider-woman which are rumored to plague the forest. You start squealing, only to realize your mouth is webbed as well.

One by one, ebony legs skitter next to you as you freeze from fear, red from lack of breath.

"Good morning, little snack. Slept well in the middle of my living room? Right after stepping on my weavings and ruining it all?"

Oh boy. You invaded an Arachne Lair AND ruined her artwork, and slept on her floor. It's one of those unlucky days, you'd be lucky if you left this encounter alive. You burst in fearful tears and sob under the gag. The Arachne giggles.

"And I am so hungry..." She slowly skitters and hovers over you, her strong ebony legs nailing you under her. Your heart beats wildly, and you start gasping and sobbing.

Sensing your impending death, she chuckles. "I am going to do what hungry spiders do. You start crying.

"Shh-sh-sh-sh..." She repeats shushing you gently, her breath on your nose and face. Her teeth are sharp, checking your skin so closely that you are panicking wildly right now.

"Relaax...." She hisses.

Your panicked mind realizes that actually she is very beautiful(From waist up). Multiple eyes like red rubies blink in unison on her human face, human body from waist up, and...a deadly spider body. She is nestled around your legs, her own clasping you like a jewel as her lower body's hidden part produces silk, to be woven around her into beautiful linens...

She keeps wrapping you up, and starts removing your clothes under the silk coating with quick, dextrous hands diving into the coccoon like water and taking them out without dropping you. Your boots, dagger, and hat, and your cloak is gone!

At this moment, all you can do is sob and plead when the gagging part of the coccoon is removed, gasping for air.

"Monster lady, pp-p-please don't eat me!" Is all you can bleat in fear. Her smirk and frown drives you into deeper terror.

"Who said I eat flesh, boy?" Her cocky grin softens.

Wait. Her voice isn't mocking anymore, but sounds offended as hell.

"B-but.." You stammer, your fear slightly deflated.

"But?" She crosses all her four arms and frown at you, stripping your confidence by the second. Almost like a baby, you squeak, seriously off-guard and devoid of confidence:

"Aren't you a monster? Isn't that monsters do?" Her gaze turning ice cold indicated you didn't say what you should. Good Job, Gaffe Master.

"I'm a woman!"

She sounded hurt when she corrected you. "Women of my species have desires and souls just like your soft human women...How do you even imagine I'd kill and eat youth." Crossing her arms, she glares at you angrily and sighs. "It always comes to this. Monster, huh?" She sniffs. "I was joking a little with you. It's lonely in the woods."

You feel like a dick now. She squats on her lower body, looking at you with disdain and contempt. You turned her off, and she stares sullenly at the outside. Even though a moment before she teased you with a possible death, the way she spoke was definitely displayed she was hurt.

"But..." You stammer.

"But what..." She replies with a low, disinterested voice, still looking away, squatting before her fireplace dug into the cave. You explain her the story of the Eternal Spinner.

Another Big Mistake. One of the things an inexperienced youth is sure to do. You can feel Perun's laughter in your mind, reserved for morons like you.

She is not amused. Suddenly she rips off your restraints with her claws, drops you and growls.

"Get out."

You feel like an asshole now, your heart heavy. She looks away, and starts to collect her silks, intending on cleaning up once you are gone.

With a sad face, you slowly get up and start gathering your items.

You hear a sob.

She is crying. Now you really done it. Your heart has a twinge of sorrow pulling it. Sighing, you try talking to her, only to be pushed away and have the word "Out!" repeated. She really looks angry, about to break down.

With a sad look, you approach her. "I'm sorry. Believe me, I thought...the story was real." Her eyes are teary, her voice hoarse as she angrily rants at you and shoves you away..

"How can you humans believe this? I just sell the Dokkalvar some silk and buy honey and utensils in return...I don't even buy human slaves from them. OUT!" She points at the exit.

Her cave lair is now adjusted to your eyes. It's comfortable, with luminescent fungi working as a lamp. When you try to approach her

"I'm really, really sorry. I'll do anything to earn your forgiveness." You pour out your heart to her in all honesty. "I was very scared."

She still looks away, giving the silent treatment. Desperate and sorrowful, you blurt out.

"Haven't you ever felt alone, scared, trapped, fearing for your life?"

Bullseye. She slowly turns around, her eyes teary. Slowly, she replies, her eyes softened by your plea."Yes."

You are motioned to sit with her.

"I was being hunted. I thought they'd kill me. Here I was, shivering and crying to heavens the crazed human fanatics wouldn't find my cave."

"What happened?" You ask hesitantly.

"They left. because of a rain flooding this cave. I was afraid. Afraid to die. I grabbed a floating log and shivered in this cave, afraid whether I'd be crushed to death or drowned." She hugs her own upper body as if she was cold: she wasn't.

"I know, fanatics." Is all you can answer. "They hate anything fun in life, or beautiful"

Your reply warms her slightly, though still angry. For a minute she is silent, and both of you sit side by side, morose and tired. When you turn to look at her, she merely looks away in anger.

You try to smile. She ignores, her eyes blinking nervously. Outside, the a thunderstorm explodes, and the rushing sound of water echoes across the caves

After a few minutes, you repeat. "I'm really, really sorry. Please, look, I'll pay you for the silk-ow!"

"Idiot." She slaps you softly on your head, her other arms crossed. Finally she gives a soft laugh. You find yourself laughing along with her, the tension melting into sweet laughter and even an awkward hug.

She still shoves you away afterwards. Looks like you aren't out of danger yet, so you settle next to her and sit on her couch made of wood and silk.

It's raining like hell, and you only see a water level around the entrance of the cave. Your blood freezes until your beautiful (what passes for beauty amongst arachne) hostess chuckles:

"Don't worry, it won't flood HERE. But you are stuck here until the rain fades I guess."

You smile at her, still hoping to lighten her mood. Her strange eyes and face is focused on you. "What?" You look sheepishly at her, making puppy eyes as if an underage kid expecting to be forgiven. It works, sort of.

She squeezes your cheeks with a chuckle. "Humans."

You chat with her, trying to ask and learn about her and how she lived. Then she realizes...squinting at your chest. Your tunic under your still-unremoved shirt is silken...something she made!


You are likewise dumbstruck. You had totally lost track of your memories, and likewise blurt out.


Both of you laugh, more relaxed now. You ask her how she didn't recognize you.

She shrugs and laughs, apologizing sheepishly, "Uh... you humans look so much alike, you know...? "


Both of you joke and poke fun at each other's silliness before listening to the storm. Eventually you poke just one last time, still unsure:

"Still mad?"

The arachne woman smiles at you, ruby-like eyes blinking rapidly.

"I could forgive...for a price..." She purrs happily, her body stretching, she sits in front of you with a smile that returned, a smile that she wore when she was wrapping you up to "eat".

You answer eagerly: "Anything!" Because you are the horny fuckwit she desires; not bothering to hide your intentions, you nod. This makes her laugh uproariously, fangs flashing in her cute mouth. "Oh Gods, this is hilarious. Get comfy, you stupid human."

You blink, unsure of what to do. She motions you to remove your shirt. "Let's get comfy, boy." Seeing your uneasy look. "No one has to know except me."

She wants you to strip naked before her. Your heart leaps. You are going to strip nude in front of an older woman who wants you. And that "woman" isn't even human!

It's your dream coming true, to be "taken" by a monstergirl. What you found is similar, with a twist: they have complex personalities as you do. And rape people. Heartbeats fast, you nod, slowly sitting down to strip. Her red eyes glow like rubies, her mouth curved with a predatory grin.

"Good boy." Her purr and approval boils your blood. Slowly you take off your tunic and shirt, revealing your naked chest, masculine still hairless, but now toughened. The arachne grins, slowly approaching you with a steady chitter. She looks pretty to a person that is not used to non-human femininity.

"Let me help you out." Her hands have a slightly harder texture than human skin, owing it to the flexible chitin on her arms. As you are stripped slowly, her hands make occasional touches on your armpits, your belly, and fingers brush on your back and chest: monstergirls with four arms tend to do this.

"Lovely." She smiles kindly at you: you feel safe, her toothy glare is gone, now she just savors the moment while inspecting your body. You might as well lie back and relax since she had you in her four arms anyway.

"Yum." When your peasant breeches are slowly pulled away, the fabric strains, and goes down easily when your cock pops bare in the cave for her to see...She gazes at your hairless, revealed genitals with barely concealed lust. "I know I landed some major prey tonight. So hard already?"

Slowly she cups your hairless balls, slowly kneading them: her warm hands send a massive wave of pleasure, moreso when another arm softly caresses the tip of your penis and two other arms massage your crotch and belly. This is beyond sane for a first experience, a woman whose lower half is a spider, and has four arms that can

You are about to burst. Your manhood now can crush rocks, and she is mesmerized by it, thirsty for male essence. Still, the arachne, her ruby gems of eyes gleaming, keeps her haughty air. "Humans..."

She purrs, her 6 eyes, 4 smaller ruby orbs around the 2 large ones, on a face that is surprisingly human otherwise, open and close in synchronization. Her ruby red lips close on your cheek, giving warm ,electrical pulses. Her fangs make you flinch, but she assures you, whispering wetly in your ear. "They aren't lethal. Relax." Her mouth closes around your throat, and you feel a pinprick as well as a warm mouth close on your neck, and her breath tickles your skin before you feel two fangs penetrate your throat, akin to a vampire's!

A warm feeling mixes into your veins, energizing you. You don't even realize she re-cast you in a warm coccoon, more comfortable this time, like a hammock.

"See? Feels good, no? My kind doesn't kill anymore." Her smile is sweet, and she gazes on you with immortal lust, her lips curled up. Your vision blurs, your body feels hot. So you give her an awkward hug as she unhooks her strange, dark-silk top, revealing melon-sized, well shaped breasts. She giggles when your increasing heat betrays your calmness, and you start giving her soft, large, ripe breasts soft kisses with your hands grasping each marble-colored round orb, completely losing yourself to the poison.

"Pervert. You kiss an old lady' s breasts and get harder than a rock?" Her teasing belies the twinkle in her eyes. "Though...I think it's a compliment." Her hands, all four of them, caress your cheek , your face, your shoulders and your chest. "I still am firm, am I not, boy?"

You nod eagerly, earning another, soft kiss on your lips that tastes like heady wine.

"How old are you?"

She giggles at your answer.

"Just the right adult age when boys go crazy and chase skirts, hmm? And what made you chase a lonely lady whose half is a spider?" The way she asks you bears no malice. You answer as best as you can, explaining your story. You got lost, and you found this cave.

"Tsk tsk tsk... You just barge in a lady's house and want to lie with her?" Her mischevious face is full of joy. "...so vulgar. So human. The way I like it." She raps her fingers on your chest like a spider, tickling and arousing. One finger softly twists a nipple, eliciting a moan from you. Her eyes gleam with an evil flare.

"Sensitive to pain? Don't let Dark Elves hear that..." Some primitive instinct in the back of your head screams at you to run away. Her gleaming eyes notice and you are pinned down tighter, which in return makes your heartbeat faster. She giggles again, nipping your ear, her hot breath howling in your sensitive ear and giving you another jolt.

Breathily, she gasps, loudly and breathily kissing your neck. "Last human visited me ages ago. So forgive me if I hurt you a little: I'm a bit pent-up." When she notices your panic stiffen your body, she starts rubbing your chest and shushing you like a big sister.

Sliding around you, she purrs and laughs and kisses, making out, kissing and nibbling your ears, your neck for gods know how long. Her fangs slide and poke your skin every time she kisses you, enraging your erection further. You see her, from your bondage prison of silk, lean over, kissing your belly and her wet lips slide down across your belly and to your crotch.

Slowly, the Arachne's mouth opens, and from what you can see, the moment her head loses your sight, a wet, sucking hole engulfs your cock. You feel her mouth close around it as you knees shake from your first blowjob, from a dominant monstergirl no less! You can only gasp and moan as she rythmically pumps her throat, back and forth, for a few minutes.

Slowly, the arachne keeps fellating you ever so gently, her mouth suckling your entire length without pause, making you squirm in waves of pleasure.

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