tagGay Male"Straight" Cruising Local Park Pt. 03

"Straight" Cruising Local Park Pt. 03


So far, I have been very lucky with my adventures. The next time would be no different.

I had to drive my daughter to a friends house, for a birthday sleepover, that was about 30 miles from my house. It was the weekend, and I had been doing some work around the house, and was all sweaty, so I decided to take a shower before we left. When I got out I threw on a pair of athletic shorts and a T-shirt, without any underwear. It made me a little excited knowing that I was wearing these loose shorts and going out in public. After putting on some socks and tennis shoes, we headed out.

It had been raining really hard, so when my wife called my daughter, she told her that the traffic was really bad, and the 45 minute drive was taking a lot longer.

We finally arrived at her friends house, and the friends dad came out to my truck to say hi, and make sure I knew when to pick her back up the next day. My daughter got out with all her friends, with barely a "bye dad" as she ran into the house.

I stopped by a gas station right after I left their house and bought a pack of smokes and a fountain drink. It was one of the larger type stations right off the interstate, so I noticed a few truckers in there. I caught some of them looking at me with what appeared to be attraction, and I remembered that I wasn't wearing any underwear and was swinging pretty freely, and apparently obvious. This really turned me on.

When I got back into my truck, it had stopped raining, so I pulled up the hook up site on my phone. I noticed about 3 cruising spots within 3 miles of where I was, so I decided to check them out.

The first park I checked out was empty. I mean, no one, not even non cruisers were there. Oh well. I still had plenty of time to waste before heading home. My daughter unwittingly created that excuse for me when she talked to her mother earlier.

The second park Ient to seemed to have some promise. When I arrived I passed a truck that had backed into a spot in the back of the park near the boat ramp, and I could tell that the guy was definitely waiting for some action. I needed to take a piss, thanks to the drink I bought a litle while ago, so I decided to go to the bathroom before heading back to the guy in the truck. To my surprise, he pulled out behind me and followed me to the restrooms, where another guy was already parked in his car, obviously looking for some action as well. As soon as I parked, the guy who followed me did as well. I took a few seconds to look around, and another truck pulled up, and a guy got out and walked to the restroom. I had noticed a small group of people at a nearby picnic table, so I decided to wait a couple minutes before heading to the bathroom. So many people must have spooked the guy that followed me, because he pulled out and left the park completely. The guy in the bathroom came out, and the guy in the car went in. At this time I had to pee so bad, I just went in not caring if anyone saw me, because I really did have to pee...badly.

As I started to walk into the restroom, I seen the guy in the truck who just walked out drive off in the direction of the boat ramp.

When I entered the restroom the guy from the car was standing at the only urinal with his pants pulled down past his beautiful butt cheeks, stroking. He looked over at me and acted surprised, and pulled his pants up and walked towards the door. I went up to the urinal and finally relieved myself. As I finished I looked behind me and the car guy was standing at the door with his pants back down stroking his really nice cock. I turned to show him my cock, and while stroking, walked right up to him. He definitely seemed very masculine and "straight" like myself. He was very hot. We started to stroke each other, but after about 45 seconds, he pulled away and said he was too nervous, and left. I was kicking myself for not dropping to my knees before he left to taste that nice cock and grab that perfect ass while I sucked him, but apparently that wasn't going to happen. I left the restroom, and when I got to my car, he pulled out and left. I cruised back over to the boat ramp area, and the 2nd truck guy had backed into a spot in the back. But after seeing him get out of his truck earlier, and my brief encounter with the hot car guy, I just wasn't attracted to him, so I left the park.

I pulled the hook up site back up, and seen that a guy had posted that he was meeting another guy at the third park in about 15 min, and said anyone was free to stop by and join in. I decided to check it out.

When I arrived, the park seemed like the first one I went to, because there were no picnic tables or anyone around, but there were 4 vehicles already parked, but no one in them. I figured the guys must already be there, but I had no idea where they could be, because the parking lot was surrounded by wooded areas.

I see numerous small trail entrance's, so I picked the most obvious and largest one and headed in. There were different trails once I entered. It was really muddy from the earlier rain, and was a little difficult to walk through. My shoes got stuck in the mud a few times, and my legs were getting sore, so I decided to walk back to my truck exiting through a different entry. When I came out I noticed a big white truck had pulled into the parking lot, and was parked near the wooded area near the other side of the parking lot, but not pulled into a parking spot. I got nervous, and started walking towards my truck, which was now about a hundred yards away. While walking back to my truck, I noticed a younger, maybe 28-30 year old man walk back to one of the cars that was already there. He came out of the entrance that I had gone in at, but was apparently down a different turn than I had taken when I went in.

He was parked right next to me. I got into my truck and decided to smoke a cigarette and try to assess the situation before making a decision on what to do next. The guy parked next to me pulled out after about 5 minutes, and left the park. Within a few moments a gold SUV pulled into a spot right behind me, and a guy about 55 got out and walked around the wooded area I had just been in. I said "what the hell" and after about 30 seconds decided to see if this guy knew where the action was, and followed him. When I started to go around the wooded area, I realized that the guy in the big white truck parked, go out, and was following me like I was the older guy. I would look sideways, but I didn't want to turn around and alert him that I knew he was there, so I couldn't get a good look at him.

The area the older guy had walked to was a part of the park that had been closed, apparently quite a few years ago. Since I was following at a good distance, I had lost sight of him until I came to an old abandoned picnic area where I seen him talking to a much younger guy who was sitting on a table. I guess it spooked the older guy, because he walked away, right past me and back towards the parking area.

I wasn't attracted to the younger guy, at all, so I walked past the picnic area onto a smaller, and pretty overgrown trail. The guy from the white truck was still following me, and passed up the younger guy as well.

I decided about 20 yards later to walk off the trail and act like I was peeing, to figure out what this guy was all about.

He turned off the trail and walked by me and turned to check me out. I finally got a good look at him, and wow, was I impressed. He was wearing a cap (with a tractor logo on it), a white T-shirt, cargo pants and tennis shoes. He looked to be a few years older than me, maybe 45 or so, and extremely attractive in a rugged, country boy (but oh so much a man) way. This very masculine guy was checking me out, so I started to stroke myself while he watched. He then nodded at me and turned and walked through an overgrown grassy area to a small picnic table. He definitely knew his way around. I followed, and had pulled my pants up, but still hand my hand in them stroking slowly. When I got to the picnic table, he stuck his hand down my shorts and started stroking me. He looked at me and said,

"This isn't a good spot, do you want to follow me?"

I was so hot for this guy, that I just nodded and said "yes, yes...where ever you want to go."

I walked off back towards the parking area, and right past the young guy still sitting in the larger picnic area, obviously waiting for some action to come to him.

Before we rounded the wooded area and back to the parking area, he cut back into the same section that I had been in earlier. He said the best place was down the trail I had already been down, but that he thought it looked a little muddy.

I told him that I had already been that way, and that it was really muddy, an that's why I exited that area further down where he seen me exit earlier.

He said, "that's ok, there is another good area on the other side of the parking lot."

He walked out and across the lot, and I waited a few moments before following him, just in case anyone was around. The gold SUV was gone, and other than our trucks, only two other vehicles were in the lot. A little red car, and a blue SUV.

He asked me if I knew who was in the blue SUV.

I told him "I don't know who is in either of those vehicles."

He then told me that the young guy we walked past in the picnic table area was in the little red car.

Now I knew for sure that he had been out here before. The younger guy was already back there before I got here, and way before he got here, so he must have seen him on a previous visit.

We walked about 20 or so paces into the wooded area on the other side, and he told me this was a good spot, because we could hear if any vehicle's pulled into the lot, and a good view in all directions in case someone came walking through. It was also up a small incline and there was no mud. The tree coverage was good enough that the ground was only slightly damp.

So I pulled my shorts down to my knees and started stroking. I told him I was a little nervous, so it might take me a couple minutes (to get hard). Still not completely sure I wasn't being set up or something by some under cover cop or something, because I had yet to see his cock.

That concern was quickly dismissed when he dropped to his knees, took off his hat and swallowed my still limp cock. I immediately started getting hard. He would look up at me with his beautiful blue eyes, while bobbing on my cock. He was really good. He sucked until I was hard, and kept going. He was grabbing my ass and pullng me into his mouth until I got the hint and started fucking his mouth. When I did, he pulled his hands off my ass, and started playing with my balls. I was in ecstasy. He then started rubbing my taint and seemed like he was trying to get near my asshole, but my shorts wouldn't let me part my legs much. I then leaned to my side and pushed my shorts down to my ankles, and bowed my knees out so he had access to my hole. He definitely took the cue, and spit on his finger and started rubbing my hole, eventually slipping the tip into me.

This was going really fast, and soon I felt like I was gonna cum, so I stepped back a half step, and he stood up. I acted like I was looking around making sure no one was around, but I really just wanted to slow things down so I didn't shoot my load before I could see how far this could go.

I looked down and seen him unzip his pants and pull his cock out. It was only semi hard, and not very long, but a decent width. So, with him standing at my side, I leaned over and started sucking him. Apparently he's a grower, not a show'er, just like me, because in no time at all his cock went from about 4 inches in my mouth, to about 10 inches and sliding down into my throat. I kept sucking the best I could with my limited experience. Then I felt him start to rub my ass lightly. It definitely felt like he was testing me to see how receptive I was, so I turned slightly so that my ass was closer to him. He got the idea, and spit in his hand and put it on my hole. After rubbing his spit around my hole, he inserted a finger into me and was fucking me rapidly with it as I was sucking on his huge perfect cock.

I then stood up, again, pretending to check out the area. My real objective was to turn my back to him a little more and see what he would do. He moved closer to me and started rubbing my hole again.

I moaned and bent slightly forward. I heard him spit into his hand again, this time rubbing it all over his cock and rubbing his cock on my hole, almost as if he were still making sure I was ok with where this was going. When I grabbed the side of a tree and bent over more, he knew he was reading my signals right, and began to push his cock into me. It was tight, but as soon as his head got past my sphincter, it was smooth sailing. I reached down and pulled my shorts over my left foot/shoe, and spread my feet far apart. He started fucking me harder and faster. It seemed to last forever, but at least ten minutes.

I was stroking so fast. His cock sliding in and out of me felt so good. I couldn't hold it any longer and started spraying cum all over the ground. He must have felt my ass clenching his cock, because while I was cumming, he started grunting, and I could feel his cock throbbing inside of me. We just stood there not moving for a couple minutes, then he pulled out of me. I really had the urge that I wanted to kiss this guy, but he seemed so straight, and I knew some guys were completely against kissing. They think THAT is what would make them gay. So I chickened out, and we both got fully dressed.

As he was leading us back to the parking lot, he turned and said, "I am definitely going to be looking for you anytime I come up here".

I replied "I will be looking for you too".

He then exited the wooded area and walked to his truck. I waited a few moments and walked to mine as well.

As I pulled out and started to drive away, I drove past his truck. He was standing beside it trying to look like he was cleaning it out. I wanted so bad to stop and give him my cell number, so that he wouldn't have to wait until we both happened to be there at the same time again, but I chickened out, and just drove by, out of the park and headed home.

Right before I got home the wife called me, and asked why it was taking me so long. I reminded her about what my daughter said to her earlier, and told her that the other side of the interstate was backed up worse than our side, so after I dropped her off, I had taken the longer back road way home to avoid the backed up interstate, but that others must have done the same, because it was backed up as well. She bought it, so I continued on the now cleared interstate.

I then felt a wetness between my ass cheeks. His cum was seeping out of my ass. I reached into my shorts and between my legs and scooped up some onto my fingers. I know it came out of me, but I had to taste it. I wanted to know what his cum tasted like. It looked clean, so I sucked it off my fingers. It was so good. I mean, the taste wasn't that great, but I liked it... a lot. I was so turned on again, that I stuck two fingers back into my ass and fucked myself for the last few miles until I got home.

When I got home, I kissed my wife and started fondling her. Apparently she was in the mood for a change, and we went to our bedroom and I fucked her. The only issue, is that the whole time I was fucking her, I was just concentrating on the cum in between my ass checks, and the load that was still inside me, and how it felt getting fucked just a little over an hour ago. That's what led me to some difficult conclusions.

The next day I decided to...continued in part 4.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/20/18

Very hot and fun. Good point about kissing being the gay indicator.

I am bi and like making out with both men and women. All I ask is that they be fit, sane, and enthusiastic. Sex is so wonderful with the right people, man or woman! I look forward to more from you.

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by Csucker6409/17/18

Me too

I fucked my wife straight after sucking a guy off

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by Anonymous09/16/18

I know how it feels

I too know the feeling of fucking your wife after you’ve been fucked yourself — nice! Looking forward to Chp 4.

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