Straight Guy: Big Dick Syndrome


After the fifth rope, Tyler slid his cock back in the stranger's mouth. The stranger, without instructions, seemingly just following the natural assumption of the cock sucker, closed his mouth and resumed bobbing, although much slower... as if milking any last remnants.

Tyler asked me, like he had at the sauna, "Need a blow job, Jerry?"

While the answer was definitely no earlier today, somehow the answer wasn't as simple this time.

My cock was rock hard, it was dark which meant I really couldn't tell too closely who was sucking me and he couldn't really see me. My answer showed my trepidation as I replied, "I don't know."

"Trust me," Tyler said, "it will change your life."

I replied, "That's exactly what I'm worried about."

"Like I said before, dude, you haven't really gotten a blow job until you have had an eager married man like Dave here worship your cock," Tyler said.

"I can't," I said, somehow hearing his name making it more real.

Tyler pulled out and asked, "Do you want another cock to suck before you go home to your wife and kids?"

"Yes," Dave answered, glancing towards me.

Tyler said, "Go ahead, dude, give this nice man your cock."

Oddly, the way Tyler said it, as if I was doing the guy a favour, made me feel obliged to do it.

As I pondered my options, Dave moved to me and wordlessly pulled my boxers down.

I could have stopped him.

I could have protested.

But I didn't.

I watched, paralyzed with indecision, as one married man took another married man's cock in his mouth... my cock.

Yet, the moment his warm mouth took all my hard cock in, I closed my eyes and let the pleasure take control.

My wife, the rare time she goes down on me does it for a minute, maybe two, not sucking to completion since before the 'I dos'. Now she just sucks long enough that I begin to relax and really enjoy the blow job and then she's done.

It's a double standard. I eat her until she comes, yet she reluctantly sucks me for a minute, maybe two and implies she is doing me a huge fucking favour.

Also unlike my wife, he deep throated me with ease, as he began slowly bobbing. Each forward bob took my entire cock inside his warm mouth, his tight lips, and I was in heaven.

I didn't know a blow job could be so good.

Tyler commented, when I groaned, "I told you man, men know how to suck cock."

"His mouth is like a tight virgin pussy," I responded, not opening my eyes, just allowing the pleasure to course through my very being.

"And they don't gag, whine or expect anything in return," Tyler added. "They just want a cock in their mouth and usually a load down their throat."

I didn't respond, instead moaning again as Dave, after a couple of minutes of slow build, began bobbing faster.

I hadn't had a fast blow job since college and that was from a drunk Becky, who used her teeth and gave the worst blow job I'd ever experienced.

This was the opposite. His mouth was like velvet. His bobs were smooth. His hunger was insatiable.

I knew I wasn't going to last long.

Although the idea of coming on someone's face was appealing, I hadn't shot a load down a throat since before marriage and the opportunity was too good not to take, having come this far.

I warned, "I'm going to come soon," as I felt my balls boiling.

Dave somehow went faster as if telling me it was not only okay to come in his mouth, but he wanted it.

And in less than fifteen seconds I gave it to him, a couple days load of cum rocketing out of me and gliding down his throat.

College girls who tried to swallow usually gagged the moment the first spray hit their throat, but Dave kept sucking aggressively, swallowing every drop of my seed with ease... something I had never felt before.

When my load was completely withdrawn by this expert mouth. I suddenly felt like I was going to pee and I pulled out. "I have to pee."

Tyler laughed, "That's when you really know you have gotten a first-class blow job."

Dave said, oddly, "Thanks," as I hurried to the bathroom, almost tripping on my underwear.

I didn't say anything, as a sudden guilt washed over me. I had just cheated on my wife.

I closed the bathroom door, flipped the toilet seat open and immediately began pissing as I scolded myself for my weakness.

I also pissed everywhere, my cock somehow not shooting one stream.

I held my pee and sat down to finish so I didn't make a bigger mess.

As I sat there, I wondered what Carol would say if she learned I had let a guy suck me.

Part of me smirked at how she would be relieved that she didn't have to do it.

Yet, the logical me knew she would feel betrayed and unloved.


Dammit! Why couldn't I have just stayed in bed?

Shit! Why couldn't I have just said no?

I mean, although rare, I occasionally got hit on by hot women, hot younger women, and I had no problem saying no to them because I love my wife and I would never cheat on her.

And if you asked me if I would ever cheat on her before today I would have adamantly said no and meant it.

If you would have asked me if I would ever let a man suck me I would have laughed so hard.


Yet, that is exactly what I had just done.

I washed up, including cleaning my dick, and returned to the room.

The lights were all off, Dave was gone and Tyler was snoring.

Wow! No guilt at all. How could he possibly just go to sleep?

I struggled to find my underwear in the dark, but eventually did and returned to bed exhausted and guilt-ridden.

I tossed and turned for over an hour as my guilt overrode my exhaustion.

Eventually, I fell asleep promising myself I would never allow myself to do that again.

Next morning, Tyler acted like nothing happened last night, not saying a word.

Although he did walk around naked again.

We had breakfast together and didn't talk about it.

We went to a keynote and didn't talk about it.

We split up to go to break out sessions where I wondered if he planned to go to the sauna place again... both nervous and excited about going there again.

We met up for lunch, where we didn't talk about it.

And when the day ended, we, me anxious and guilt ridden and Tyler relaxed and casual as always, ended up back in our hotel room.

I was both happy and sad he didn't suggest going to the Steamworks place. Sad because part of me wanted to see more gay sex, to see Tyler get sucked again... and as I thought about it, my cock got hard. I wondered if I would let another stranger suck me again if given the chance.

Which, of course, was why I was also happy he didn't suggest going. The reality that I was thinking of allowing a stranger to suck my cock meant I had gone too far.

I called my wife while Tyler began getting undressed in front of me. I tried not to check out his cock while I began chatting with my wife, but it was virtually impossible.

It was like a magnet was in his cock that drew my eyes to it, even as I tried not to do it.

I also couldn't understand why looking at his big, flaccid cock made my own cock harden.

He said, "Going to take a shower."

I nodded as my wife babbled about her work day... me, as usual, only vaguely listening as I wondered, yet again, what it would feel like to have Tyler's cock in my mouth.

I had never considered sucking a cock before these past couple of strange days.

I had never seriously considered cheating on my wife.

And I definitely hadn't even remotely considered allowing another guy to suck my cock.

Yet, I had done all these in the past twenty-four hours.

I sighed as guilt again washed over me again.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed as I finished chatting with my wife who was getting ready to take the kids to swimming lessons, when Tyler walked out of the shower.

This time he had a towel, although it was over his shoulders and not remotely covering his now clean cock.

I said goodbye to my wife even as I felt my mouth betray me by watering at the thought of sucking that beautiful cock.

Tyler walked to his phone and called his wife.

As he started talking to her, he walked over to me and stood directly in front of me.

His cock was now dangling directly in front of me, and just a few inches down.

As he told his wife about the conference he pointed to his cock while staring at me.

I couldn't believe it.

He was expecting me to suck his cock... while he chatted with his wife.

I couldn't believe the gall of him.

He somehow knew that I was curious about sucking his cock.

I couldn't believe how he could see past my firm denial.

He said, talking to his wife, "Sometimes you have to just go for it."

Hearing the words and feeling they were meant for me, my body moved of its own consent, even as my head spun with the consequences.

I lowered myself to the floor, on my knees, and now was staring directly at his thick cock.

He put his flaccid cock in his right hand and offered it to me.

He continued his conversation with his wife, a conversation that seemed to be with her and yet at me. "Just go for it."

I should have stood up and walked away.

I should have punched him in the balls.

Yet, after only a few seconds of hesitation, my mouth watering, I felt my body moved forward as I figured what the hell and opened my mouth and took it in my mouth.

He said, "Yes, it will be hard, but definitely worth it."

I couldn't believe his words as I felt his cock harden in my mouth.

I couldn't believe I had a dick in my mouth.

I couldn't believe how natural it felt to have a cock in my mouth.

I only had a couple of inches in, but I wanted more. I wanted to get him hard, I wanted to feel his full stiffness.

I slowly bobbed on his cock as it continued to get bigger, to get harder.

"The harder it gets, the more you've got to work at it," he said, which made me smirk. He was definitely using innuendo at me while talking to his wife.

I kept bobbing, getting used to my mouth being stretched and filled in such a taboo way.

And although I couldn't fathom getting all his cock in my mouth, I wanted more. I needed more.

Strangely, I wanted to be a good cock sucker.

Soon it was completely hard and he said, "Hard works pays off."

As I began bobbing faster, taking about half his cock in my mouth, he said, "I'll call you later, baby. Jerry wants to get something to eat."

And God did I.

I wanted to get him off. I wanted to taste his cum. All my curiosities overwhelmed me as I gave in to them.

Even as I tried to understand what would make me think such things.

As he tossed his phone on the bed, he groaned, "You're a natural, Jerry."

The simple sentence was both offensive and flattering. Yet, I didn't say anything as I focused on the big task at hand.

He continued, "I knew you were a cocksucker the minute you saw my cock."

I wanted to ask how, since I sure didn't know it myself.

But I was so intoxicated with the feeling of sucking his cock I wasn't going to stop to ask a question.

Yet, he answered my unspoken question, "You see, almost every guy will suck cock given the opportunity. And those that don't suck cock are natural tops."

I wasn't sure I was buying the theory, although there seemed to be some real evidence his theory had some merit as I sucked my first cock.

"Some are just cocksuckers and others are bottoms, loving a cock in their ass," Tyler added.

My eyes went wide and I froze. Even though I currently had a mouthful of cock, I didn't see myself as gay. But a cock in your ass, that was definitely gay.

"Don't worry, Jerry," he laughed. "I don't think you're a bottom, and I seldom top a bottom."

Seldom? That meant he did sometimes fuck a guy.

"Get sucking," he ordered.

And I did, even as my head spun with his words.

"It will be good to have one more cock sucker at the hospital," he groaned.

My eyes went big again as I realized the obvious implication of his words. I also wondered who else at the hospital had sucked his cock.

"That said, I think you may be my new favourite," he said, "it's obvious you are loving being on your knees."

I hadn't thought about it, but frustratingly, he was right. It felt so natural to be on my knees. It felt so good having his cock in my mouth. And my completely stiff cock agreed.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and said, "I kind of made you suck my cock. Do you really want to keep sucking me?"

I looked up at him, suddenly feeling empty, and admitted, likely sounding rather pathetic, "Yes, I really want to suck your cock."

"Good," he said, "Because I don't want to force you. I want you to want to. I just knew you wanted to, but felt you likely wouldn't unless coerced."

I didn't respond with words, but with action, as I leaned forward and took his big, juicy hard cock back in my mouth.

"Nice," he groaned, as I resumed bobbing.

I bobbed the best I could, slowly taking more and more in my mouth.

"You sure you've never sucked cock before?" He questioned as I took about six inches in my mouth.

I slightly shook my head in response.

Adding another shocking revelation to this crazy week, he revealed, "Christ, it took Barry a month to take that much of my cock in his mouth."

Barry was a fellow doctor... and my best friend.

I couldn't fathom him sucking a cock.

Yet, before yesterday, I couldn't have fathomed I would be sucking a cock, either.

He continued, "No worries, Jerry. You will be a great addition to the company's cock sucker club."

I was again worried he would reveal this to my colleagues, yet he again answered my concern before I could share it.

"Don't worry, Jerry," he groaned, "what happens at work, stays at work."

That didn't comfort me much. Yet, at the moment all I cared about was his cock.

I kept sucking.

I kept bobbing.

And eventually I had almost his entire big dick sliding in and out of my mouth... although not all.

"Such a good cocksucker," he groaned, before adding, "I'll be using that hungry mouth of yours regularly."

At the moment, those words should have terrified me, yet they did not. Instead, they excited me. I could have this cock in my mouth again.

"Ready for my cum?" He asked.

I moaned on his cock like a cum slut, not slowing down, in response.

"A fucking natural," he laughed, before grunting and saying, "Here comes my cum."

And then I eagerly swallowed another man's cum. I gagged as his cum sprayed on my throat and moved off his cock which meant the second rope splattered me right in my open left eye.

He laughed, as more cum hit my face as I closed my eyes, "We will have to work on that."

I just allowed the surprisingly warm cum to coat my face, only a little going in my open mouth, feeling satisfied and dirty and yet wanting more cum.

Unlike my wife or ex-girlfriends who complained that cum tasted gross, I found it satisfying although relatively tasteless (just a symbol of a task well done)... although the texture did indeed take a bit of getting used to.

"Clean me off, Jerry," he ordered, I noticed not calling me names like he had the Craigslist cocksucker.

I opened my mouth and he slid his cock back in it and I retrieved any last specks of his cum already craving more.

When he pulled out a minute later, he said, as he moved away, "Ready to go for dinner?"

"Sure," I nodded, suddenly feeling awkward on my knees, my face covered in cum.

"Great," he said, "I'm starving."

I stood up, my cock rock hard again, and headed to the washroom. Thankful he didn't notice the impact sucking his cock had on me in my pants.

I looked in the mirror. I looked ridiculous.

I washed the cum off my face and noticed my one eye was slightly red... the one I had gotten cum in. I washed my eye as best I could, curious what impact cum could have on the eye.

I went to pee and returned to the room.

Tyler asked, "Ready to go?"

"Sure," I nodded, again having mixed feelings. I felt guilt for what I had just done, and yet even more guilt at the thought I would definitely do it again.

We headed out for dinner where we again never chatted about what had happened until I said, as we waited for the bill, "Fuck, my eye is itchy."

He chuckled, "Yeah, looks like some of my cum hit you right in the eye."

I responded, deciding to joke about it, "Yeah, I guess I should have swallowed it all."

"Well, practice makes perfect," he quipped, before adding, "I shoot more cum than most guys, I think."

"It was a lot," I said, talking about his cum feeling so surreal and yet weirdly natural.

"The itch will go away by the morning," he reassured me.

"Good," I said, just as the bill arrived.

He asked, once we were alone again, "Do you want more practice?"

There it was... the question that would forever determine if I was a one-time cocksucker or a forever one. Yet, I didn't even hesitate as my cock hardened in my pants again, "Yes."

"I knew you'd love it," he said confidently.

"How?" I asked, curious to know myself.

"How one reacts to seeing a big cock usually tells the story," he said, before adding, "plus your mouth was practically watering in the sauna while I got head."

"It was not," I protested, even as my cheeks went red.

Tyler asked, "Is your cock hard right now?"

"Maybe," I shrugged.

"Meet me in the bathroom in two," he said, standing up and walking away.

My eyes went big.

He wanted me to give him head in a public washroom.

That was too much.

I didn't move. I wasn't doing that.


After less than a minute, which felt like 100, his big cock refusing to leave my head, I stood up, feeling dirty, and headed to the washroom.

As I did, I got a text:

Hurry up!

It's empty in here.

Last stall.

I reached the bathroom that had three stalls and went directly to the final stall.

Tyler was standing, his dick already out and semi-hard.

"I love getting blown in public places," he said.

I stared at his cock and began to move to it, the magnetism in his thick rod again drawing me to it, even as my brain set off alarm bells about the potential consequences of his last sentence.

"You should probably close the door," he laughed at my eagerness.

"Oh, right," I said, feeling silly at my insatiable desire to suck.

I quickly closed and locked the door, turned around and dropped to my knees. I took his semi-erect cock in my hands and stroked it as I leaned forward and took it back in my mouth.

"Oh yeah," he groaned, "such a natural."

And although the words were silly, I did feel like a natural. It was like I had found a skill and passion for something I had never considered before. Yet, once the flame is kindled it burns bright.

I swirled my tongue around his mushroom top as his cock again hardened in my mouth.

"That's it," he said, "worship my dick."

Again his words were bizarre, who would have thought I would be worshipping a dick, but there I was on my knees doing exactly that.

Once it was completely hard, I began slowly bobbing back and forth and after just a few seconds the bathroom door opened and two voices were talking.

I froze, my mouth half full of cock.

"Keep going, cocksucker," Tyler ordered, using the derogatory name for the first time towards me.

And although I was petrified of getting caught, my need to suck, to obey, overrode my fear. I resumed sucking as the two men talked about sports, completely oblivious to what was happening in the last stall.

I bobbed slowly, not wanting to make any slobbering sounds that would give me away as I tried to concentrate on Tyler's dick.

Soon they were washing their hands and Tyler surprised me by grabbing my head and beginning to fuck my face... something I had only done once to a girl (Beth at prom, and she sure didn't appreciate it). I couldn't not make slobber sounds as his cock roughly filled my mouth, even gagging once as my eyes went big at both getting used and the idea strangers may hear us.

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